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Overcome. Self - Most Terrifying

Too much free time...

Hopefully, I can get hired at Walmart and do good and do good away from work learning programming and end up in a good spot. I got enough brains just need to learn more skills and gain experience. I'll be alright. Long-term thinking and planning > short term. In the short term can only work and do good and keep it up if already doing well. Yep yep...

On to darker things...

Aren't these things outrageous?:

Nothing we can do about, yeah, but knowledge is power...and also sadness and anger, discontent etc. Can be. Part of growing up I gets more exposed to the world and reality of life and things but would be nice to have a better government we can trust, media, economics, etc. etc. It causes a lot of grief and real negative effects etc. in the populace and the downfall of the society and with it the state itself.

"Dems be like, we'll give you a bone here and there". Looks like Biden is going out. They made him look terrible - and not that I like him etc. but yeah. Seems like its all set up. No way the President of the U.S. doesn't have better intel. Good luck to America and to the Dems trying to gain seats in 2022 and 2024. Jimmy Dore is right on a lot of it. They are getting some things done or trying to but is at such a slow pace and not enough. Incrementalism. That's why they (the DNC) chose Biden, and why Hilary won over just a game. A club. The big pharma donors are probably like, "we didn't pay you to do this, *cry cry, whatever*, now we're going to support the Republican candidate if you go against us".


Some intro to Islam for anyone interested:


Endless war:

So much focus on the Taliban and Afg. - But the western media hardly cares about Somalia, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, etc., - all the crap we've caused and involvements in and the reasons for it...? All those people suffering. Protest Sharia law or rule in Afg. but not with any country that are our allies such as Saudi Arabia? Never. No. They sell us oil. Allies in military and foreign relation objectives. What's the U.N. ever say to them as well? Not that it matters what they say (look at what they actually do...not that I'm an expert and they do do a lot of good things but yeah...).

Motivating and/or interesting philosophical knowledge:

Guard against the lower self...master self...use own's higher brain.

Started to watch this:

Chris Hedges and Russell Brand are on a roll.

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