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Painting One's Self Into a Corner

Don't have too much to say the past few weeks. Actions are best.


Today 12/02/2022:

This is the featured video of this blog post, I said a good amount to my T.V. and my phone (the Gov. is probably listening). Some of what I said was along these lines and thinking:

"Of course at this point (backing down on Ukraine would be a very bad look), Europe would be very mad at the U.S. The U.S. empire, with it's actions is leading itself into a corner - very isolationist, very dangerous if they don't win, which is looking increasingly unlikely, and historically, if they don't win and can't write the history books, it will make them look quite horrible. - The truth reveals very damning evidence against the U.S. empire.

Great conversation about the direction of where things are heading and where that may lead us.

- Obviously, the reference to playing Russian roulette is quite right - the chances of nuclear war coming to fruition are much higher now due to the actions of the U.S. empire/deep-state, um, I say anything above a 2% chance of a nuclear strike is too much and that is I believe, quite a high number even. In the video they talk about 5% odds when playing Russian roulette, you roll those chances enough times, it's obviously super dangerous and scary. Ideally, the chances of nuclear war are 0, but since there are nukes in the world, I think one would want to (ideally) keep the chances below 0.03% or so. Also I say/said (thinking now) Real-Politik is a good way of looking at and understanding things. I think humans and with time, things progress - no matter what um politics and economics one country takes, there are different ways to get to the same point...but everything matters, everything matters.

One could make the argument we nominally had more of a conservative type of mindset and culture, traditions, etc. throughout the 1900s (and earlier but thinking in this context, 1900 is a fine enough point in time to use as an example) up until the '70s and of course, things advanced. China has I would say, or one could say, a more conservative culture and moral values in their culture (in some respects, in others, one can say they are more atheist and secular humanist as well matter, they're different and I'm no China expert) but leftist economics have obviously advanced them very much in the past 30-40 years; so has opening up or becoming more capitalist - Capitalism isn't all bad, am not against, especially on the global scale, trade is good and helps alleviate poverty and gives us so much more etc. No matter what, humans need other humans, you know, - trade. Nationalism isn't all bad - a government in which the people are against is not going to stand for long (America and its allies in the West use deception, though - the lies are coming through that we actually stand for democracy and liberalism, etc., but not that we and our foundations are all bad or you know, and it depends on one's usage of the term "liberal" as in so many things, especially those big (huge actually) vague kind of words.). Everybody has an ego.

The west is increasing occidentalism (yet again) (this leads to more nationalism in countries like Russia and increases alliances of countries against the West). The West is pushing China to develop (militarily and technologically) faster.

These processes are reality, inescapable. WE (the U.S.) is painting itself into a corner. In trying to control and hold on to power, it's only accelerating the rest of the world in moving towards a multi-polar world.

- Of which capitalism, in which the U.S. pushes and endorses (and has) and it's brother or twin-current (stream) of capitalism - globalization and "neoliberalism" - has been a part of this unfolding of reality into the current state of affairs/being (China coming up for example and in a lot of ways, following the United States model).

- In another way, it is quite fascist (quite fascist indeed!) in trying to hold onto power at all costs - not caring about human life and human suffering around the world.

John Mearsheimer: The West is playing Russian roulette UnHerd 143K views Freddie Sayers meets political scientist John Mearsheimer, the world-famous proponent of realism in international relations. Recorded in London on Monday 28th November 2022. Read the full...


China Protests and COVID: Myths and Facts BreakThrough News 15K views The US mainstream media is twisting and distorting news about the recent Covid-related protests in China. This important interview with Beijing-based researcher Tings Chak, a researcher at...

Interesting, I like hearing and learning, and listening to other's points of view:

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Pedagogy of the Emancipated Laborer Democracy At Work • 1.8K views

Need to watch:

The 2022 Holberg Debate w/ John Mearsheimer and Carl Bildt: Ukraine, Russia, China and the West Holberg Prize • 51K views The 2022 Holberg Debate: 'Will Fear Keep Us Safe?' How will the war in Ukraine and other geopolitical crises impact the global security order, and what do they mean for the power of deterrence...

Now this is another really good video one should watch:

Why It's So Hard To Imagine Life After Capitalism Second Thought 150K views


Great podcast episode to check out:

Living Myth Episode 305.

Nature is divine.

Let's create a great world, a nice world.



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Pretty great:

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Hmm: ( :) )

Energy Attacks Manifest As Leg Pain? | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 9.9K views Q&A Talk Chapters : 00:00 When while reciting na’ats (prophetic praising) one gets an uncontrollable feeling of and yearning and love of Rasulallah ﷺ. Is that a tajalli (manifestation)...

Haven't watched:

Cops searched him for an hour but couldn't find a crime, so they used more aggressive tactics | PAR The Real News Network 19K views Phillip Hamm was on the road with a friend in Paducah, Kentucky when he was pulled over by local police over a busted tail light. Instead of letting him go, the officer held Hamm for over an...

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Yesterday 12/01/2022:

Haven't watched:

Prof. Richard Wolff - Crises of US Capitalism: Pandemic, Crash, and Secular Decline

Oxford Economics Society • 84K views

Really good videos these next two in sequence:

Dajjal: Has Dajjal Already Deceived US? Reality vs Appearances. Levels of Deception (Must See) Shiekh Omar Baloch • 3K views

Andrew Tate EXPOSES Balenciaga Satanists The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 57K views


This was alright, has some really good and interesting moments or statements, kind of long though:

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: How Capital Evolves Democracy At Work • 20K views

[S3 E09] How Capital Evolves This episode is part 1 of a 4-part series. Prof. Harvey explores the evolution of capital throughout history and examines the shifts to financialization from commodity...

Need to watch against sometime, is very in-depth, wasn't concentrating on it well enough:

The Codemaster | The Laws of Capitalism Episode 5 New Economic Thinking • 8.1K views

In this episode, Prof. Katharina Pistor explains the role of private lawyers in coding capital. Prof. Pistor explains how Private Attorneys are the masters of the code. Despite the fact that...


Really good, love it, enjoy the show, am surprised at how George keeps the show so good and interesting every week. Good guests. Pretty hard thing to do at times:

MOATS Ep 190 with George Galloway George Galloway • 37K views GEORGE GALLOWAY ⎹ and The Mother of All Talk Shows With guests: Larry C Johnson Former CIA officer and Li Jingjing Running Order 00:00 05:40 - 08:00 MOATS Introduction with George 08:26...

Kiev Rushes Reinforcements as Troops Face Bakhmut Encirclement, Russia Preparing Missile Strike Alexander Mercouris • 124K views

Kiev Rushes Reinforcements as Ukraine Troops Face Bakhmut Encirclement, Russia Preparing Massive Missile Strike News Topic 688 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH...

Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 1, 2022 Democracy Now! 133K views

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Earlier :

"Ukraine: War & Peace" | New SHOCKING Documentary From Igor Lopatonok Richard Medhurst 30K views

Full interview with Igor Lopatonok: Igor's Twitter: Igor's YT channel: Support the show on Patreon:...


Islam The Ultimate Peace • 244K views

Quite a good video:

This Is How America Ends

The Jimmy Dore Show 442K views Twitter user Turncoat Don has put together a powerful video juxtaposing newscasters announcements of ongoing increased government spending on the war in Ukraine with footage of other newscasters...

The FIFA World Cup opening ceremony was spectacular! ✨ | #ShortsFIFAWorldCup

FIFA 2.3M views

Should watch: The Dangers of Financialization New Economic Thinking • 100K views TIME magazine assistant managing editor Rana Foroohar’s book Makers and Takers sounds an important note of warning on the dangers of financialization of the U.S. economy. She reveals that...

Very good video:

Very good video:

Haven't watched all but looks very good: Iran Protests: What’s Happening and What Comes Next, w/ Prof. Mohammad Marandi

BreakThrough News 19K views Iran’s protests have been more enduring than previous waves. Some call it a CIA-backed color revolution while others say it is a popular movement. There have been significant incidents of...

Really good, please watch even if you're not a Marxist - they put forth different kinds and ways of thinking about things:

Using Marxism to Understand the Ukraine War - Richard Wolff & David Harvey

Democracy At Work • 24K views If you read most mainstream media’s explanations of the war in Ukraine, you hear a lot about freedom, decency, and equity. You hear personalized psychological profiles of Mr Putin or Mr Zelensky....

Very long but a good conversation. Weird, I thought Bjorn Lomberg was a climate change denier...:

This looks good, haven't watched (1 hr. long): Black Friday Special: Howard Zinn & Voices of a People's History of the United States

Democracy Now! 96K views This year marks 100 years since the birth of the historian Howard Zinn. In 1980, Zinn published his classic work, "A People's History of the United States." The book would go on to sell over...

Really nice and good videos:

I Had to Work to Read - Malcolm Mitchell APB Speakers • 23K views Malcolm Mitchell is a native of Valdosta, Georgia. As a high school senior, he was an Under Armour All-American and went on to finish in the top ten all time receivers during his playing career...

The bookish football star

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