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Peace and Blessings

Haven't watched all: I Died And Saw Hell | My Near Death Experience | NDE Strange Stories • 15K views


Haven't watched: Dr. Wayne Dyer Greatest Life Advice Will UNLOCK THE TRUE POTENTIAL of Your Brain Vision Clarity 386K views

Haven't watched: The Story Of Muhammad ﷺ Part 1 - The Seal Of The Prophets [BE054] Islamic Inspiration • 1.3M views

Assalamualaikum, All Praises And Thanks To Allah SWT. We Sent Blessings And Salute Upon Our Leader Muhammad ﷺ & Upon His Blessed Family & Upon His Beloved Companions... The Greatest Man...

Haven't Watched all of these:

Atheist Doctor Crosses Over, What She Sees Will Shock You (Near Death Experience) The Other Side NDE • 207K views Surgeon Dies and Visits the Afterlife, This is What She Saw (Animated NDE) Crossing Over NDE • 886 views


Assalam alaikum. Ra wahmatullah wa barakatu. My Prophet is Muhammad S.A.W. (I follow him) but this is a good video, no doubt:


- S.W.T. -


- Quran

- We have to be told sometimes, lots of times, for us to get it ("man is like a leaky bucket, very forgetful"). "You will repeat the lesson learn". And move on.



Allah.....God. "The Most High". Ar-Rahman (The gracious, the bestower, the sustainer, the creator). Ar-Raheem (the merciful).


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