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People Make the World (Go Round) 9-9-6

People make the world go round, - not go round actually, the creator does that, but people make and change the world. China people work work work 9-9-6. Need to get that kind of work ethic.

Sentiments like Yanasa TV said on the video I posted yesterday: Is not that I think Google and the tech giants (and Bill Gates) are bad (or evil) but there are definitive fundamental differences in beliefs, ethics and code that I don't agree with or have belief in essentially. I don't know everything they know, they don't know everything I know or think and feel.

As said in my last blog:


One of the hardest facts to grasp about climate change is this: No matter what we do now, it's almost certain to get worse in the future.

Why it matters: The time lag effect of climate change means that actions taken to reduce carbon emissions will only begin to noticeably bend the curve decades from now.

  • That gives us the power to avert the worst-case scenario for warming, but we have to come to grips with a future that will feel as if it gets worse by the year.

The big picture: Even under the most optimistic scenario for carbon emission reductions — one far more ambitious than anything the world is currently on a path for — global average temperatures are projected to keep rising until the 2050s and, while they begin to dip, still end the century higher than they are now.



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