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Pi Day Yesterday Patience Learning Work

Updated: May 16, 2021

Great video ->

Like he says near the end of the video - Nature isn't perfect but there is beauty in imperfection. Our world isn't perfect, it is not Janna/Heaven but that doesn't mean it is not beautiful and that you aren't beautiful and capable of so much.

Cool idea and decent thing I wrote about the number 1:

I'm continuing to learn and get better every day, thank the most High, the most gracious and merciful for without him nothing would exist nor would I and what I have learned and can remember (my brain). Thank the Most High for allowing me to reach you reader, with information and being able to pass good information along. Divine light and guidance - is the Quran, bless the Prophet and all the prophet's and their companions, friends and those who strived hard and fought for Truth (the Quran, The Bible and the Torah) to prevail.

Past the middle toward the end of the video it makes me question my socialist proposals a bit but upon further thinking I think my proposal is okay, because: We live in quite a free and democratic society and I propose even more democratization of government and society. I would set up an online voting system and people could vote on such big issues - if that legislation we're able to get passed anyway. Also, because capitalism would still exist, it would just be changing the tax bracket to tax wealth/profits more, and doing away with a lot of wasteful spending and corruption (ideally anyway) and providing a baseline level for society/people so that we can have more freedom - whether that be pursuing education, capitalist endeavors/work, creating, socializing, etc.

It is a time of change - with climate change, A.I. and automation/robotics, the connected-ness of society and the maturation of the information/internet age and wireless technologies. A time of great scientific progress and knowledge where we are really starting to reap the benefits of the fossil fuel age of advancement but also with that came a lot of wars, oppression, etc. and harm and much long-term damage to the environment. We are starting to really be able to act on and implement into reality a lot of our knowledge now...but I believe it can be better and should be better. We have so much and so much knowledge, able to do so much, let's create a great future for humanity is what I believe in.

And I know not exactly what my own fate will be in this (this website's) endeavor. I have been bad and sick in ways, especially the past few years, but am getting better every day. Took out my gaming video card in my PC a few days ago and even though I've stumbled a few times, quit intoxicants a while back as well. Hope to never do those again. It is hard. Easy ends up being harder for one though because of not taking care of yourself and your life, things can spiral down quickly. Ending up with regrets, lost opportunities and anger which only makes you feel bad and so on and so forth.

Started this really good and interesting book called "the social singularity". Has some good messages to people during this time of such political divide and PC/cancel culture and all this stuff going on.

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