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Updated: May 27, 2023

Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem


Don't take all of this as 'The Truth' or anything. Only the Qur'an (Allah S.W.T.'s word) and what Allah's messenger S.A.W. did and said is truly the best guidance for all humanity I believe. Am just trying to learn and do good, make people think, coming towards what is good and/or best. Good intentions...that is all, not trying to judge anyone or cut anyone down. Is very easy to be hypocritical. Things would have to be explained more via me (all kinds of things but I have my understanding, not saying that it is infallible or something though).

Blogging Theology 9.6K views Dr. Ovamir Anjum is the Editor-in-Chief at Yaqeen Institute and the founder of Being a “Good Person” is Not Enough: Why Ethics Need Islam

um I won't launch into a full critique of liberalism there's so much of it is out there

1:34:25 um but liberalism has become ethics to end all ethics

1:34:31 um this is how I will summarize the position of uh Aleister McIntyre whose

MacIntyre’s After Virtue applied to today.

1:34:38 critique of liberalism called after virtue I think is one of the most interesting

1:34:43 ones McIntyre was a philosopher McIntyre is a

1:34:51 philosopher a 20th century British philosopher who then later moved to

1:34:57 America and I believe is still alive at Notre Dame very old though probably in

1:35:02 his 90s he started off as a Marxist and then later becoming Aristotelian and then a

1:35:08 Thomas Aristotelian and a Catholic Christian um whose critique applies to a broad this

1:35:18 broad post-enlightenment Western thought generally and

1:35:25 um what he argues is that

1:35:30 today in the modern West no moral argument

1:35:36 can be resolved and this is not because people aren't good philosophers it's not because

1:35:41 people aren't teaching enough philosophy in school this is not because people do not uh are not interested in ethics

1:35:49 anymore not at all in fact it's because the foundations the

1:35:56 rational foundations that are necessary for any disagreement to be resolved have

1:36:01 disappeared from the West in the way that modern westerners starting with uh

1:36:08 enlightenment philosophers have constructed the idea of rationality and

1:36:15 individualism of liberalism and so we witnessed this

1:36:22 um you know whatever debate there is an abortion debate for example uh people

1:36:28 will try to bring utilitarian arguments people will try to bring uh you know the

1:36:34 definition of life itself you know whereas when does Life Begin uh people

1:36:39 will try to begin the importance of uh Choice um and and so on but all of these

1:36:46 arguments they are often grounded in um either one or two things either

1:36:52 they're grounded in a philosophy that the other person the other group does

1:36:58 not identify with there's no reason for anyone to uh to for example if it's a

1:37:04 Biblical argument if you can prove biblically that you know there is a soul

1:37:09 and so on um and that in that case while uh

1:37:15 liberals including Progressive Christians liberal Christians have no reason in fact in principle they keep

1:37:21 that are out of public argument on public debate but then you might have somebody arguing

1:37:28 in the name of choice in the name of convenience and and choice over body

1:37:36 um and again other people have no reason to believe that human human beings own

1:37:44 their bodies and um who who owns the bodies of your

1:37:50 family your community the state the nation state and in fact in many ways

1:37:55 all of these different agencies claim ownership off your body and

1:38:01 provide protection of your body so which one you're going to go with there is no way to resolve this debate

1:38:10 but basically every side is going to Simply say this is ultimately they're

1:38:15 saying this is my religion This Is My Religion there is no rationality possible it's just that your

1:38:21 interpretation um so what ends up happening in real life is that people often go with one of

1:38:29 two postures to resolve debates not rationally not

1:38:35 ethically not through argument not through by pointing to agreed upon goals

1:38:41 and principles or teleologies but rather either inertia so conservatives are

1:38:46 likely to say we've been doing this it's worked for us we have we are the winners look we won

1:38:52 this war that war we have this much wealth that uh it could be have

1:38:58 accumulated we are the top of the world to continue doing that make America great again uh you have to uh you have

1:39:06 to stick to what we were doing or you would say No in fact we were horrible we were terrible we were racist we

1:39:11 committed genocide of Native Americans we enslaved an entire people for so long

1:39:17 we were we have waged colonial wars uh we have been at War for hundreds of

1:39:23 years um against people that have not done nothing to us so we are terrible horrible people The Establishment and

1:39:31 that um we have to wage war against this

1:39:36 establishment that has engaged in these absolutely horrible acts for so long so systematically and so the only thing we

1:39:45 can have now the only way of uh ascertaining any kind of Ethics is by

1:39:52 simply listening to the weak to the oppressed the deprived and and reciprocating their rights and perhaps

1:39:59 compensating for their uh for some of the wrongs so basically claims of who

1:40:05 has been wronged uh and then sort of reciprocal logic to say that we could

1:40:10 try to fix that but um this means that there is an endless uh claim and there is no basis for

1:40:18 evaluating various claims of wrong there is no way to creating hierarchy of who is more wrong who is less wrong and who

1:40:25 has done more there's no way to evaluate how uh sin and crime uh uh passes from

1:40:34 generation to generation or from one class to another one person to another all of these ideas that societies

1:40:42 um you know determine based on and elaborate philosophical and sometimes religious

1:40:49 systems all of those things are gone and they're fundamentally hollowed out by liberalism

1:40:54 by the idea of individual autonomy um and

1:41:00 um this idea uh again similarly in all of these debates if you look at the basic tenets of


liberalism individual autonomy and no harm um and secular public reason none of

1:41:12 them actually give any guidance because let's go with the most famous principle

1:41:17 the important principle Central principle is Do no harm that you could do whatever you know you have complete

1:41:24 autonomy to follow your desire right there is no desire that's wrong so you could be whatever you could want to be

1:41:30 if a person who is born as a male wants to be a female you have perfect desire

1:41:35 you have a desire and that desire is serious that desire needs to be

1:41:40 fulfilled and liberal ethics uh have no way to say that there is an order a

1:41:47 natural order that you must sub you must subordinate your desire to and so your

1:41:52 desire is valid and legitimate and so long as you're not doing anybody any harm uh you have not only they um you

1:42:00 know you have the right and the privilege and to to um uh Express that

1:42:06 desire and then take another step and and help other people who are expressing their desires

1:42:11 right um now you could say that

1:42:17 everything is now put in the principle of harm because how you define harm is a

1:42:25 matter of how you define the human personality how you define uh you know uh the the rights that we ought to have

1:42:32 that when they are uh violated then you have harm and then you bring in all

1:42:38 assumptions of all the silent assumptions of a culture when you're defining harm so one person say that you

1:42:46 simply calling me by the wrong pronoun is a harm and the other person will say well no me in fact condemning you in

1:42:54 fact condemning you and your God and your prophet and your values all of this is free speech and that is not harm so

1:43:01 ultimately you have no way to uh to decide but

1:43:07 um a but effectively power because if you don't have reason then all that's left is power

1:43:14 um so some people will use various forms of power that they have and effectively

1:43:21 that becomes jungle law and that's the end of rational ethics that's the end of ethics

1:43:27 um so that's the kind of argument Alistair McIntyre has made and I believe that that's a A fitting uh description

1:43:35 of modern culture so I will end then with some final

1:43:41 Reflections on uh how we can find an Islamic alternative out of the the

1:43:49 malays the ethical malays the ethical nihilism in which the modern world finds

the quranic phrase that when um that in the prophet of God there is

1:44:38 who hopes for God and the day of judgment and the final and final life

1:44:44 um for them it is there is an uswa there is a role model in the life of the

1:44:49 prophet salallahu and not only Prophet by prophetic Ethics in the Quran

1:44:56 um what I'm trying to get at is not just the ethic or the conduct the prophet Muhammad but of all the prophets through

1:45:04 Whom The Prophet Muhammad himself is instructed philosophically what that means is that

1:45:11 um where what is the foundation of ethics

1:45:17 post-modern critique has leveled the field by showing The Emptiness of

1:45:24 Enlightenment reasoning that was that claimed that by getting rid of religion

1:45:31 and past and Superstition uh and bringing in reason and science we're

1:45:37 going to build life on an objective foundation that

1:45:43 delusion has been destroyed by by Modern Life and post-modern philosophy

1:45:49 represents that attack against this idea of reason with capital r as as the

1:45:56 objective uh you know as the objective standard as a new God

1:46:02 so what has now it has ended the possibility along with that has ended the possibility of ethics

1:46:08 which used to be based in religion in the past um

1:46:13 it and then it tried to ground this he ground that in reason and science

1:46:20 that has gone and what is now left as Nietzsche saw it coming we have drunk up

1:46:26 the sea we have wiped off the Horizon we have turned up and up to down down to up

1:46:32 we have Unchained the Sun and we are left with uh that is the global global

1:46:40 North or west is left with no way to define right from wrong

1:46:46 I say ethics then either has no meaning and it has become

1:46:52 clear as a result of this great civilizational dialectic the ethics either has no meaning or its meaning is

1:46:58 a reflection of the creator in the created by an act of choice

1:47:06 and um I don't provide uh perhaps more more

1:47:13 would be needed to bring out this idea in a later presentation but it is

1:47:19 reflected in the prophetic Hadith God is beautiful and loves Beauty which is to

1:47:24 say that the ethical ideas that we Embrace are those that are the beautiful attributes of God that are reflected in

1:47:33 or to be reflected in God's creation but the modality of this reflection how

1:47:39 to do so how to reflect being God's creatures being the creatures of the perfect infinite infinitely good

1:47:47 infinitely perfect being Allah um this is this reflection is taken to a

1:47:55 huge new level a new height when you go from being mere creation to a special kind of creation one with

1:48:03 will that chooses to submit as creation - servants - which is a key word for human

1:48:10 beings in the Quran a bad right from being passive reflection as

1:48:17 all creation is to active reflection of divine attributes as only human beings

1:48:24 are as well as the Unseen creation the Jinn according to the Quran

1:48:30 Allah says in the Quran I have not created except so that they become

1:48:36 my servants as uh they act engage in ibada

1:48:43 so um the prophet Muhammad and the prophetic

1:48:48 model in the Quran is that movement from being

1:48:54 a creation to being servants um and that is

1:48:59 the most uh fundamental I believe

1:49:05 fundamental uh ground for being ethical for what is good

1:49:10 and how that is done in the Quran through the teachings of the law the

1:49:16 Sharia as well as of a form of the good in the way that

1:49:23 things are done in the way that the good goodness is internalized

1:49:29 um that is uh the subject matter of Islamic tradition of

1:49:36 ethics and spiritual purification and Good Conduct so that's where I will

1:49:43 leave our discussion today and perhaps come back to it in a later discussion to


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Climate Emergency Forum • 15K views Dr. Peter Carter, Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez discuss biodiversity loss and the fact that we, as an animal, are dependent on other animals to survive and thrive and how, in many complex ways, we are upsetting the balance of the ecosystems on which we depend.

This video was recorded on July 26th, 2022, and published on July 31st, 2022. Some of the topics discussed:

- The collapse of our biodiversity is bad news but that we can choose to look at this in a slightly different way by realizing that the actions of support that we do to prevent the loss of biodiversity today could have more beneficial impacts than ever before.

- The fact that we are in the sixth mass extinction.

- The insect apocalypse and how it was discovered, its magnitude, and its many causes.

- The difficulty for plants and animals to adapt to the more extreme weather events and fluctuations caused by climate change.

- This loss of biodiversity is not just a loss of species, but also a great loss in the numbers of plants and animals of the species that are still around.

- With the loss of biodiversity and the loss of species and the migrations, we're also getting lots of viruses that seem to be more resilient to human attempts to try and mitigate. - and more. . .

thrive θrʌɪv

verb 1. (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.

2. prosper; flourish.

Peter: I want to remind everybody,

0:02 the human species, of course, is an animal. - We are special, we shouldn't be or think of ourselves as just like an animal...I believe anyway, but I understand what he is saying as well.

0:06 We need to learn that.

0:07 We don't see ourselves as other animals do, but the human

0:09 species is the most dependent animal on the planet.

0:14 We depend on all the others, all the others.

0:18 And we are very different in that regard.

0:21 So if we don't respect that and don't understand that, I think

0:27 we're probably doing ourselves in, frankly.

Regina: Hello everyone and welcome to another

0:54 Climate Emergency Forum.

0:57 Today we are going all in on a

1:00 truly,truly important topic, one that so often gets lost in

1:05 this climate discussion.

1:07 So I kind of want to get you in the mood for this, kind of put

1:11 on your little woo woo, your little spirituality

1:15 because it's no joke.

I mean Homo sapiens, out of there.

2:04 Because too often, too often, for whatever reason, we put

2:08 ourselves front and center.

2:10 And for as sapiens or knowing as that we like to perceive

2:15 ourselves as being, we seem not to be able to live

2:19 well with others.

2:21 So many other species get along.

2:24 Yeah, sure, they hate each other once in a while.

2:26 But we do that too.

2:28 But as creators, we are also destroyers.

2:32 And I look at the Great Barrier Reef, you know,

2:34 this amazing, amazing structure that doesn't destroy living

2:43 beings in its path, but in fact, creates a place

2:46 for more life and harmony.

2:48 Wouldn't that be amazing if we could build with that in our

2:51 sights?

2:53 And, you know, we don't, we don't hold the patent on

2:58 thoughts and feelings.

2:59 We are not the only living beings on this planet who have

3:03 thoughts and feelings.

3:04 We are not the only living beings, as a matter

3:06 of fact, who love their children, who want to

3:08 protect our children and love our families.

3:12 But too many of us treat other living beings on this planet as

3:17 if they are a nuisance, as if they're fun to use to torture

3:21 and kill because we enjoy it.

3:24 And this is something that we really have to look deeply at

3:28 and understand why are we doing this?

3:31 And we have to stop, if only for the selfish reason that it

3:36 will inevitably affect us.

3:39 Now, some of you may heard of the calamity recently

3:44 in Japan of the green sea turtles,

3:48 the endangered sea turtles, that were found

3:53 stabbed to death.

3:55 This was just so chilling for me because I know that man is

4:01 the great predator and we kill each other.

4:04 But to kill endangered turtles in such a violent way.

4:09 And why?

4:10 Well, because these green sea turtles get caught in

4:15 fishermen's nets, and that is just a nuisance.

4:20 And, you know, people in Japan were upset by this, as well

4:24 they should be, but they also had a great deal of empathy for

4:29 the fishermen having to deal with these sea turtles.

4:33 There are so many endangered species on this planet.

4:37 Let's not even mention the many thousands of other species that

4:42 we have already made go extinct.

4:45 The thing of it is, it doesn't have to happen.

4:49 Right now, there is a collapse of the bluefin tuna.

4:54 And if the bluefin tuna goes or if even continually to

5:00 steadily decrease, what's going to happen is we are going to

5:03 see an increase in squid.

5:06 And what's the problem?

5:08 Well, if we see an increase in squid, we are going to see a

5:12 decrease in the sardine population because guess who

5:15 likes sardine?

5:16 squid.

5:18 What will this happen?

5:19 It will further endanger dolphins, seals,

5:22 blue whales.

5:24 Now.

5:25 Is your sushi really that important?

5:28 I want you to think about it.

5:43 I found myself saying very frequently that life is

5:46 collapsing all around us because it's been so

5:50 obvious to me.

5:51 I'm fortunate enough to live in South coastal

5:54 British Columbia, which has long been reputed to be one of

5:58 the most biodiverse, richest areas in the world.

6:03 But it's collapsed in my lifetime, and it's

6:06 a terrible, horrible thing.

6:08 And I know people don't like to sort of listen to bad news.

6:14 But I like to suggest that to look at it in a

6:17 slightly different way, to realize that the actions of

6:22 support that we do today could and should have probably the

6:27 greatest benefit for our species that's ever existed.

6:32 And we each and all of us have the opportunity to do that.

6:36 Now, most people, I'm sure, will have heard of

6:38 the sixth extinction.

6:40 That's been around for a long, long time.

6:42 I remember in 1988, I think it was a conference of biologists

6:48 and conservationists, and they did a vote on sixth extinction.

6:53 And about 80% of them said, Yeah, we think we're

6:57 in the sixth extinction.

6:58 In 1996, Richard Leakey, the famous anthropologist

7:05 working in Africa, he wrote What is still the book,

7:09 in my opinion.

7:10 I reread it recently and it's amazing book.

7:12 So he wrote the book called 'The Six Extinction Patterns of Life

7:17 and the Future of Humankind.'

7:20 And it wasn't just a scientific book.

7:22 He wrote it with another author.

7:24 I can't remember now, but he wrote it very much.

7:27 As Regina, you've introduced a topic which is, there's a

7:32 profound spiritual, ethical, moral aspect to this.

7:36 And our civilization has been avoiding that, which has

7:41 allowed us to bring biodiversity, as we

7:43 call it, to this point.

7:45 Biodiversity, of course, was a term coined by E.O. Wilson.

7:50 Interestingly enough, he was an entomologist.

7:53 And one of our topics here today is is

7:57 the insect apocalypse.

8:01 Now, probably nothing has been more shocking to the

8:04 world of science than the insect situation.

8:09 Which was suddenly out of nowhere, discovered a few

8:12 years ago by what you'd call amateur naturalists and

8:16 followers of flying insects in Germany somewhere,

8:20 and they published, and of course it hit the headlines.

8:25 The scientists, being typical scientists were a little bit

8:28 reluctant to accept it.

8:30 And they said, no, we've got to you know, we got to have a

8:32 close look at this.

8:33 But it didn't take very long for another paper to

8:36 come out, which actually looked at insects in

8:39 their tropical regions.

8:41 And much to everybody's greater shock, found that

8:45 insects were declining rapidly in tropical regions as

8:48 well.


8:58 And I always thought because it's actually small and they

9:00 reproduce rapidly, that they would,

9:02 they would survive anything.

9:04 So how wrong I was because the insects still are

9:07 not surviving us.

9:09 So there's been several big, big, big papers come

9:12 out since.

9:12 And basically it's confirmed about 50% of insects are in

9:17 decline and the causes have been well pinned down,

9:24 very largely agriculture, very largely at that our modern

9:30 version of agriculture in which we use chemicals

9:34 and pesticides.

9:35 We clear sort of clearcut the land.

9:37 We don't leave wood lots and trees and hedgerows like

9:41 we used to.

9:42 And very definitely they found a big difference between

9:46 insects in those regions and insects who they managed to

9:50 find some natural regions and study and they're much,

9:53 much better off.

9:54 So that's terrible news.

9:55 But I mean, there's a big chance scientists have given us

9:58 some direction to go, which I think we are going, which is

10:03 reforming agriculture and making agriculture a lot

10:06 more nature friendly.

10:08 So thanks.

10:10 Regina: Thank you, Peter, and thank you for

10:12 bringing up insects.

10:14 As we said in the beginning of this show,

10:16 extinction is forever.

10:19 So whatever insects that are gone, we can't bring

10:23 them back and you know, insects are the

10:25 basis of everything.

This loss of biodiversity is not just a loss of species,

12:43 not just a reduction in the number of species on

12:46 the planet.

12:46 But there's also, along with the extinctions, there's also a

12:51 great loss in the numbers of plants and animals of the

12:54 species that are still around.

12:57 The ecology of the biosphere is

13:00 completely changing rapidly.

13:02 There's lots of habitat destruction,

13:05 both direct from humans, but also indirect from the

13:09 changes in the weather patterns that are occurring.

13:13 There's a change in what biologists call the phenology

13:17 or the timing between different species in an ecosystem

13:21 is very important.

13:23 The food supply of, for example, birds doesn't

13:26 appear at the proper time then there's mass mortality

13:30 of that species.

13:31 So it's all linked together.

13:32 It's all connected together.

13:34 There's a field also called biogeography that looks at

13:38 those interactions and all that is changing.

13:41 Books have to be rewritten in that field, biogeography as

13:45 well as in biodiversity.


15:15 So anyway, you know, biodiversity is collapsing,

15:18 as Peter says, life is collapsing all around us and we

15:22 have to change our thinking.

15:24 Like part of our thinking, part of the human relationship

15:27 with animals has been based in the past on fear.

15:30 Fear of nature.

15:32 Fear because it was the unknown, you know, it was

15:36 we were we were in small bands and small locations

15:40 and nature was, seemed to overwhelm us at times.

15:43 It was eat or be eaten sort of mentality.

15:45 And part of that is still in our nature.

15:48 And we need to change our thinking and we need we

15:51 absolutely need decent biodiversity and other species

15:55 on this planet to survive ourselves.

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as I said the financial system's collapsing the government's politicians bankers and the media seem to be lying

7:40 to people about everything and everything's a Crisis crisis was followed by the great financial crisis

7:47 followed by covid which was a crisis and then we had uh Biden's World War III

7:54 with Ukraine and this is all a disguise to uh hide the greatest economic plunder that

8:01 has taken place in history now what's caused the banking crisis

8:07 that's coming now with Silicon Valley Bank and the other Banks Regional banks of the United States

8:14 two things lack of leadership and lack of enforcement of existing regulations it's a failure a major failure uh for

8:22 them to understand counterparty risk and contagion and risk management we had a operation

8:29 um and an account we were had an investment actually private Equity investment in a Silicon Valley uh tech

8:36 company that was Astoria it was a reasonable amount of money that we had in Silicon Valley Bank

8:43 and unfortunately with several of the meetings I had with them they were less than impressive they were unable to make

8:49 international payments which were basically as simple as you get with the international banking I had eight people

8:55 on the call which is unnecessary to have you could have had a couple people we closed our accounts at Silicon Valley

9:01 Bank in 2017 because I think they were the most incompetent institution I've ever dealt with in my 43 years on Wall

9:08 Street the city of London and working in Tokyo in global investment Finance

9:15 so as um Alexander was saying when I came on that the Federal Reserve chairman Powell

9:20 made us a little bit of Rumblings when he spoke last week after they raised interest rates to five and a quarter

9:27 he said the banking system in the United States is sound and resilient and within

9:33 two hours two Banks Regional banks failed after he went off air so I mean it's just another example of you know

9:40 one of the worst people on the planet is a woman named Janet Yellen I don't know if you know the history of Janet

9:46 Yellen Janet Yellen the most incompetent person in the world

9:52 20 years in the Federal Reserve banking system never got anything right inflation is

9:58 transitory inflation is transitory inflation is transitory oh I lied sorry so you know what happens she gets

10:05 promoted to become the treasury secretary by Biden the the more things you can get wrong and the more

10:11 incompetence incompetent you are the more upward you get you get promoted right and that's the way that it goes in

10:18 America now and I don't I don't know how this ends but I think it ends really badly I mean

10:24 the Regional Bank crisis will spread throughout the world because

10:30 if the United States sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold that's the way that it works and I think

10:36 the next Crisis is going to be a crisis of liquidity because right now we're starting to see a liquidity crisis while

10:45 in the background we have the the most significant cost of living

10:50 crisis in information that we've ever seen and as we have the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the ons all of these

10:57 institutions are lying about inflation because in the United Kingdom for example if they had to uh this is the

11:03 real numbers of inflation they they wouldn't they be

11:09 bankrupt with all this uh entitlement programs that they have to pay that's why people who are receiving Universal

11:14 Credit they have a bunch of children and so they get more payout they have to

11:21 suppress the inflation rate because if they had to pay the true inflation rate it would blow up the already hot too

11:28 high debt and it would make repaying the debt impossible because the The Debt Service

11:34 the interest on the existing debt would be impossible to pay given the revenue streams coming in that's why taxes have

11:41 to go up in the in the United Kingdom they have no choice but to raise taxes on everything and everybody and this is

11:47 a real problem because we're in a recession and people aren't making enough money and we the real rate of inflation in the

11:54 United Kingdom is probably 20 and they're grossly understating what it is we've had the highest the highest rise

12:02 in uh food costs that we've ever had in UK history or 55 years they say but it

12:08 is actually the highest in history and you know they're they're the media is

12:13 totally dishonest there's no such thing as fake news it's actually actually outright dishonesty is what it is

12:20 because because what happens is you have political activists that are that are uh

12:25 running the media right now rather than journalists that report two sides of a story

12:31 and allowing the people to decide and it's really unfortunate and my voice gets canceled you know I have I had a

12:38 bunch of followers on Twitter but when the woke people were running the room they deleted like 50 000 I I got taken

12:46 off LinkedIn I had 50 000 followers on LinkedIn and one day I went in I was

12:51 gone but you still exist anymore it doesn't really matter because I'm on Google so whatever you know so there you

12:58 go you get canceled you know it doesn't matter I I don't really care I think I think it's all good fun but I

13:05 think I think there are real problems and we've got to go back and we've got it we've got to look at how we got how

13:12 we got to where we are right now and and what caused the issues and this is all identity politics

13:18 ESG and Dei diversity equity and inclusion I mean this all happened when

13:25 Obama came in and he said it was going to change America forever

13:30 and he really did he changed America and it's more like cultural Marxism now I mean if you if you think about what's

13:36 going on and the platforms that they're running they want to have a distribution of income you've got a guy in the White

13:41 House no matter what you think of the election his election Biden's election I mean

13:48 you've got a guy who's incontinent he wears diapers he can't speak a sentence he doesn't get anything right he's a

13:54 gaff machine he's he's incredibly uh can't even have have a news conference

14:00 so so what what do we have we don't know who's really running things in Washington and that's kind of a problem

14:06 and his sound bite now is he wants to he wants to

14:11 finish things off that's his sound bite finish things off I'm not sure what he wants to finish off

14:17 finish America off it's like and the Mantra build back better or get brexit

14:23 done I mean the problem with all the politicians is they're coordinated on this same page and somehow the build

14:30 back better Mantra came from if you look and think about who did that I I'm not

14:35 sure but you saw Boris Johnson you saw Prince Harry you saw Casey three King Charles III that is kc3 you had uh

14:44 everybody he's a host of people look at my Twitter feed and you'll see that that video uh it's it's absolutely insane

14:51 what's going on and so how do we get out of that people need to

14:56 get angry and unified and say look I'm not going to tolerate any of this anymore because I know that I can't feed

15:03 my family I know inflation's higher than people are reporting it is wages are going down

15:08 and we're not even talking about property bubble in residential property and commercial property that the banks

15:14 are on the hook for because when you have a five percent we've got interest rates have gone up five percent

15:20 basically from Flat zero or negative interest rates real negative interest rates were zero everybody who has arms

15:28 adjustable rate mortgages and there's not just Residential Properties that have that you've got uh commercial

15:35 people who have those exposures as well so the commercial exposures are going to

15:40 be reset in a couple months it's going to be you're going to see a massive wave the banks are going to be

15:46 on top people are making putting their head understand Making Believe oh no everything's fine nothing's gonna happen

15:56 for the decline in Sterling you know now Sterling is up at 126 today which is ridiculous grossly overvalued so I don't

16:05 I don't know why we're up at 126 but I I think I think we're going to see a

16:10 decline in Sterling I think that all Global markets are going to reset but I think what we're looking at in the world

16:16 now is uni unipolar world going into a multi-polar world and the US has always

16:23 been the rules-based order and you're going to listen to us or you're going to be canceled or we're going to declare

16:28 war in your country and we're going to depose you and now I'd say over 85 percent of the world population is against that so you

16:36 know the sanctions that are going on are are Boomerang on on the west and and the

16:42 false narratives about Ukraine are just ridiculous this is just Ukraine is just another money laundering scheme that has

16:49 Ukraine has zero path of Victory and and a lot of my stuff has been canceled and

16:56 censored heavily because all of the information if you mention Ukraine or put it in a tweet what happens is the

17:02 the uh Ukrainian intelligence of contact everybody in the world and said anything

17:08 has to be considered disinformation misinformation or or uh

17:13 fake news anything that they don't like so you consider anything that doesn't come from our office to be fake news now

17:20 this is not democracy we need to our we are free people we should have our

17:26 sovereignty the king should guarantee our sovereignty everybody should be we're Sovereign individuals that's why

17:31 we left the European Union right we should have a choice in something but we don't and these are some of the issues

17:38 we can flesh out in the next hour Mitch you've covered a huge amount of ground let's let me first of all Begin


Alexander Mercouris • 153K views Russia Victory Day, Big Putin Speech, Massive Missile Strike, Bakhmut; Syria Rejoins Arab League, Syria War Ended Topic 840 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH...

today is 9th May the day when Russia celebrates Victory its victory over Nazi

0:07 Germany in the second world war a Victory which is also celebrated by many

0:15 people around the world including by the way myself

0:21 I would like to wish everybody who celebrates Victory Day both in Russia

0:26 and around the world a very happy Victory Day today I say that of course

0:34 it is a victory day that is being celebrated or commemorated

0:40 in war another war in Europe I hope that war comes to a resolution

0:47 soon but regardless of that that should in no

0:53 way detract or take away from the importance of commemorating that far

1:00 greater war that took place in the 1940s a war in which unequivocally

1:08 the good side one and the bad side lost

1:15 and had the bad sight won that war well the results would have been

1:21 unimaginable and terrible now


saying all of this need a number of further points need to be made certainly lots of Nations lots

1:35 of countries contributed to the victory in 1945 and in no case should one

1:42 detract from that having said that there is no doubt at

1:48 all that the Soviet Union and Russia which is of course at that time one of

1:53 the constituent republics of the Soviet Union its core constituent Republic Made

2:00 by far the biggest single contribution to the defeat of Germany

2:08 and this contribution came at an enormous sacrifice

2:15 on the part of the Soviet and Russian people the official estimate now is the 27

2:22 million people lost their lives a number which is almost Beyond

2:28 imagination at least it is beyond my imagination it means that there is not a single

2:34 family in Russia today which is not directly affected by the war

2:41 even if obviously the war the Second World War what the Russians call the Great

2:48 Patriotic War is slowly fading or perhaps

2:53 departing further into the past given that that is so given the enormous

3:00 contribution of the Soviet and Russian people to the out to the Allied victory in the Second World War I do find some

3:08 of the unwillingness that one increasingly finds

3:15 on the part of some people to acknowledge that fact really extremely strange and frankly

3:25 rather concerning


in the moment when the World transitions from the unipolar

9:11 Western dominated system to a multi-polar system

9:16 involving many more centers of power and civilization around the world is quite

9:22 explicit about all of that later in his speech and as we will see he draws

9:30 certain parallels between thinking of Western Elites and he's very careful to

9:36 make it clear that it's the Western Elites that he's talking about and the thinking of Germany's leaders

9:44 in the period before and during the second World War and then of course he also says that a

9:51 real war has once again been Unleashed against our motherland and again

9:57 he's connecting the fighting in Ukraine with the second world war he's making it

10:02 clear that this is a war which from a Russian point of view or Accelerate from

10:09 his point of view is being fought from a perspective of defense

that it is a war

10:17 in other words to protect and defend Russia and

10:22 that it is again a war that has been fermented and orchestrated by the

10:29 Western powers and we will come to that again shortly now can I just say that

10:35 Jeff Roberts the historian who recently was gracious enough to give us an

10:42 interview Glenn deason and myself for the Duran he is written a whole

10:47 series of pieces talking about how from Putin's point of view Vladimir Putin's

10:52 own point of view the war that has been fought in Ukraine

10:58 is a defensive one a preventative War because Putin generally and sincerely

11:04 believes that there was a major threat to Russia both from arising both from

11:12 the possibility of Ukraine eventually joining NATO and becoming if you like a

11:18 kind of forward base for NATO and also because of the danger that

11:24 Ukraine might acquire nuclear weapons and Jeff Roberts makes the entirely

11:30 valid point that this is what Putin has always said and Western commentators

11:38 seem oblivious to this they don't recognize the fact that

11:44 importance to thinking this is indeed a preventative and defensive war that is

11:51 what Putin has always said and we see that he said it again right at the start

11:57 of his speech on Victory Day and then note that he says we have

12:03 repulsed International terrorism and of course what he's referring to here again is the Jihadi Insurgency

12:11 that started in chechnya in the 1990s spread

12:17 across the entire Northern Caucasus launched attacks deep inside Russia

12:23 including in Moscow itself I was there with some of those attacks happened by

12:28 the way and he is again both linking that event that

12:37 whoa um with the wall in Ukraine he said that

12:44 Russia prevailed in that earlier War the war against the Jihadi terrorists

12:50 and he's basically saying that it will prevail in its conflict with

12:58 Ukraine and of course he's making two points he's firstly

13:04 implicitly making the connection between these two wolves because he says

13:10 he's he's often said that it was the Western powers that sponsored that

13:17 Jihadi war against Russia he said that oh he said that by the way over many

13:23 years he said that the Russians know all about that and of course he says that the Western

13:30 powers are also supporting Ukraine in its present War but of course his point

13:36 about International terrorism is intended to highlight also the fact that

13:42 just as the Jihadi fighters in the Caucasus launched terrorist attacks

13:49 across Russia so today Ukraine

13:54 is doing the same thing only it must be said so far on a much less effective

14:00 scale but again he is connecting he's tying up the threads he is making the comparisons

14:08 between that conflict in the Caucasus

14:14 that the current wall and just as again he's also talking about just as he in

14:21 the previous sentence he spoke about the fact that this is a defensive War Like the Wolf that the Soviet Union

14:28 fought in the 1940s against Germany was also a

14:35 defensive War and then he goes on to say we will protect the inhabitants of donbass

14:42 now again the topic of Don bass always comes

14:49 up in every one of Putin's speeches about the war he has repeatedly said

14:54 that one of the of the single event which triggered his decision to order

15:01 the special military operation in February 2022 was Ukrainian artillery

15:08 strikes on donbass Preparatory to what Putin claims was a intended Ukrainian

15:15 offensive against Don Bass he's spoken at many at lengths many

15:22 times about the threat to Don Bass from Ukraine he's also increasingly now

15:29 spoken about the duplicity both of Ukraine and of the western Powers over

15:36 the Minsk agreement the supposed

15:41 mechanism that was agreed in February 2015 which was supposed to be secure

15:47 peace and security for Don bass and Ukraine which the Ukrainian government never

15:55 implemented intentionally sabotaged and which it's now clear the Western Powers

16:02 were never really going to work towards achieving so

16:10 put in once again is highlighting the fact that this is a defensive War for Russia it's

16:17 a war connected to the war the second world war because it's a turning point and

16:24 it's defensive War like that war that was fought in the 1940s

16:30 he says that it's there's a continue he's drawing a Continuum with the

16:35 fight against the Jihadi fighters in the northern Caucasus in the 1990s and 2000s

16:42 who were backed by the West and he says that it's also a war to

16:47 defend the people of donbass and as I said many people tend to ignore this but for Putin it

16:54 remains Central he has never stopped talking about Don bass even though many

17:01 other people I've noticed largely have largely forgotten that the war to a

17:08 great extent is about Don bass and lastly in that paragraph he says that it's also a war

17:15 to ensure our security and here I come back to what Jeff Roberts was saying has

17:23 been saying it is for Putin a war about the security

17:29 of Russia he's made that again clear many times

17:34 he's emphasizing it he's saying it once more he feels that he had no option but

17:42 to order the launch of the special military operation when

17:47 he did perhaps he's not aware of Machiavelli's famous dictum but if you delay a war you

17:57 do so almost invariably to your disadvantage but that's clearly his own thinking

18:04 about this particular wall so as a very interesting passage and

18:10 then it he goes on to say this which is about Russia's General

18:18 attitudes he says that for us for Russia there are no unfriendly hostile people

18:24 either in the west or in the East like the vast majority of people on the

18:30 planet we want to see a future of peace freedom and stability so he is

18:38 repudiating in every conceivable respect claims such as we're getting at the


Shiekh Omar Baloch • 7.4K views

there's always a line of no return

0:29 this is where Pakistan has now reached

0:32 in regards to Imran Khan

0:34 he will definitely be killed as far as I

0:36 Allah knows life and death is in Allah's

0:39 hands

No turning back

0:41 but you don't do what has been done

0:44 without a full plan which you can see in

0:47 place right now which I'll go into some

0:49 details about

0:50 but the real question is what is the

0:52 solution to all of this for the people

0:54 of Pakistan I'll come to that in a

0:55 second

0:56 but I want to make something clear you

0:59 don't go to the point that they have

1:01 taken

1:02 without knowing that there is no turning

1:05 back I'll tell you why there's no

1:06 turning back

1:08 there's no turning back because it

1:11 justifies Imran Khan

1:13 what he was saying about going to the

1:15 court systems it justifies Imran Khan

1:18 what he was saying about the

1:21 establishment the military institutions

1:22 in Pakistan it justifies everything he

1:25 has been saying that my life is under

1:27 threat

1:29 it justifies everything I'll tell you if

1:31 there was any sincerity okay they would

1:34 have at least disclosed to make the

1:36 people come for the people of Pakistan

1:38 to make them come they would have

1:40 disclosed his location

1:42 why are you kidnapping someone

1:46 from the court system which is illegal

1:48 you're kidnapping him and then not

1:51 disclosing his location an ex-prime

1:53 minister of Pakistan not the first time

1:55 we know what happened to venezilberto we

1:58 know what happened to uh her father we

2:01 know what happened to Zeal haq we know

2:03 what has happened to previous prime

2:04 ministers in Pakistan

2:06 so this is not something new and this is

2:09 and you know the warrant that was issued

2:11 was issued on a holiday okay it was

2:14 issued on a holiday this means

2:17 everything was pre-planned

2:20 and it was pre-planned according to what

2:23 Imran Khan was fearing would happen

dear people of Pakistan get ready get

Imran Khans Funeral

4:46 ready for the funeral of Imran Khan if

4:49 you ever get to see his face again

4:51 if you ever get to see the latest photos

4:54 of Imran Khan that have been put on the

4:57 internet and every you know the the

4:59 reason to shut everything down the

5:01 internet the Twitter and everything is

5:03 because there's something that could be

5:05 leaked that they don't want leaked

5:08 it's not just to prevent protests

5:11 and then when they're doing their

5:12 protests what pictures are they

5:14 releasing this is very very very

5:16 important point and this is to help you

5:18 understand how the modern uh

5:22 surveillance State works the photos that

5:25 are being released are of PTI members

5:28 entering into military complexes and

5:31 causing problems number one question for

5:33 them is that when the people were

5:35 entering these military complexes where

5:37 is the Army did they not know that when

5:40 they kidnap Imran Khan there will be

5:42 protests did they not know that when

5:44 they kidnap Imran Khan people will try

5:47 to enter into sensitive places where is

5:50 the military

5:51 when these so-called people are entering

5:54 into these insensitive places into the

5:57 houses of these generals did they not

5:59 expect anything you're saying they burnt

6:03 the house of such and such General and

6:04 they went into such and such place how

6:07 can that how can you have what type of

6:09 nonsense is this

6:11 what type of nonsense is this you're

6:14 just trying to make yourself look like

6:15 the victim and you are playing the role

6:19 of the victim and you're trying to win

6:20 the sympathies of the people so that

6:23 what can happen maybe martial law maybe

6:26 a state of emergency of some sort but

6:28 I'll tell you what will not happen I'll

6:30 tell you what will not happen Imran

6:31 Khan's not coming back that's what will

6:34 happen the days of Imran Khan have come

6:38 to an end get ready for his janaza

6:40 prayer

6:41 get ready for his janaza prayer it will

6:44 be a miracle it will indeed I tell you a

6:48 big big big big big miracle if Imran

6:52 Khan is released at this point

6:54 because they have done everything

6:57 they have done everything you can do to

6:59 stop someone in his position they have

7:02 oppressed suppressed terranized his

7:06 followers

7:07 they have stopped the media to try to

7:10 talk anything positive about him they

7:12 have tried to control the social media

7:15 from the very beginning they have tried

7:18 to put cases and cases and cases and

7:20 hundreds of cases on him you don't put a

7:24 bogus case on someone

7:28 with the intent to let them go and

7:31 that's what this is this case that they

7:33 put on him for the event the arrest that

7:36 they did was on a bogus case a bogus

7:38 case and you don't arrest someone on a

7:41 bogus case in the way that you arrest

7:42 someone if you have the intentions of

7:44 releasing them in an honorable way nope

7:47 does not happen

7:49 so people of Pakistan

7:51 you have to get ready

7:53 for the funeral of Imran Khan

7:55 because they're going to blame somebody

7:57 someone did something and something

7:59 happened and his medical condition was

8:02 this and his medical condition was that

8:04 and then he was hurt on his leg and his

8:06 wheelchair was broken and they're gonna

8:07 blame someone and something happened and

8:10 he had he got a cardiac arrest or

8:12 something happened while he was in

8:14 custody something will be made up to

8:17 pacify the people of Pakistan

8:19 and they think that by turning off the

8:22 internet by turning off Twitter by

8:24 turning off Facebook by turning off all

8:26 these things that somehow they'll be

8:28 able to damage control they won't

8:30 because the frustration people were get

8:32 taking out on the internet

8:35 will now come out in physical form

8:37 because that's the only option left for

8:39 the people of Pakistan › 2023 › 04 › 01 › asia › pakistan-karachi-ramadan-donation-crush-intl-hnk 13 killed in crush while waiting for food donations in Pakistan's ... CNN —. At least 13 people were killed and 10 others injured Friday in a crush among people waiting for Ramadan food donations in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi, local police said. The crowd ... › 2023 › 04 › 19 › business-food › pakistan-ramadan-economy-crisis-hunger-hnk... An economic crisis in Pakistan means many are going hungry during ... - CNN In Pakistan's capital, people are lining up in the hundreds for a single bag of free flour at a government distribution center during the holy month of Ramadan, which ends this week. › a › pakistan-stampede-karachi-deaths-ramadan-aid › 32344960.html At Least Nine Women, Three Children Killed In Stampede At Charity ... At least nine women and three children were killed and several others injured in a stampede during the distribution of Ramadan charity at a private center in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi

now there's only one way out

One Way Out

9:25 One Way Out

9:27 and there it proves a point

9:29 that Dr is

9:32 kept making all his life all his life

9:36 made this point over and over again and

9:39 this proves the point

9:41 you will not get

9:44 you will not and this is the real issue

9:46 you will not get change in Pakistan

9:49 through electoral Politics the people

9:52 that have the status quo

9:55 the Sharif family the people in the

9:58 military the generals the corrupt

10:00 generals of Pakistan

10:03 the sellouts of Pakistan the corrupt

10:06 politicians of Pakistan the corrupt

10:08 bureaucrats of Pakistan

10:11 the munafix of Pakistan they who have

10:14 sold themselves out they will not let an

10:17 honest person come in no matter what the

10:21 structure of the government is it could

10:23 be democracy it could be presidential

10:25 democracy it could be parliamentary

10:27 democracy it does not matter when you

10:30 have it the structure is not important

10:32 more than the people that are in the

10:34 structure you can have the worst

10:36 structure but if you have good people

10:37 you'll have good results

10:39 and if you have the best structure the

10:42 best government structure with the most

10:44 checks and balances but if they're all

10:45 corrupt and they're all looking for

10:47 illegal loopholes it doesn't matter how

10:49 good the structure is if the people are

10:52 corrupt

10:53 doctors

10:54 spent his life telling people this

10:58 system will only bring its status quo

11:01 will only bring its status quo it will

11:04 only bring its status quo the status quo

11:06 is the jagirdar the landlords and the

11:09 business people

11:11 the status quo is the establishment

11:15 having power until the people don't

11:18 stand up against the system as a whole

11:21 the solution is not elections because

11:23 you're not going to get the election you

11:25 want you're not

11:27 because the system doesn't want it and

11:30 the system does not care about you the

11:32 system does not take dictations from the

11:34 people of Pakistan

11:36 because the elites of Pakistan have sold

11:38 themselves out

11:40 and so the only way this will work the

11:43 only way

11:44 is if there is mass protests but

11:47 protests that are peaceful protests that

11:49 give the other person the other side no

11:52 excuse

11:54 protests that are peaceful but fill up

11:57 the jails that's what they did in the

11:58 1960s in the United States the

12:00 African-American community in America

12:02 how they got their rights in America

12:05 their equal voting rights how they got

12:07 their civil rights in America how they

12:09 removed the idea of segregation that

12:12 separating the black people from the

12:13 white people you know what the people

12:15 the black people did they did protests

12:17 in America in the 1960s this is a time

12:20 where the more than two million African

12:22 Americans became Muslim in America

12:26 what did they do

12:28 they stood up and they protested and

12:31 they blocked the system and what did

12:34 they do they went to jail

12:36 fill up the Jails of Pakistan

12:38 peacefully fill up the Jails of Pakistan

12:41 let every jail be full let the

12:44 celebrities go to jail let the big names

12:46 go to all the jails that's the only way

12:49 you will save Pakistan

are full they don't know what to do with

12:58 so many people you have to what are you

13:00 going to do and now when there are so

13:03 many people in any jail you have a

13:05 stronger power than the people that are

13:07 running those jails in those jails you

13:10 get to dictate the terms from the prison

13:12 system itself look at what happened to

13:14 Nelson Mandela

13:17 look at what happened uh in in so many

13:20 countries in so many situations that how

13:23 you're able to fill up the jails and

13:25 create a change

13:26 the people of Pakistan the citizens of

13:29 Pakistan the the middle class

13:32 of Pakistan has to be ready to go to

13:36 jail

13:37 the leadership of PTI has to be ready to

13:40 go to jail but even that is not a

13:42 solution in its complete sense

13:44 the only solution for the people of

13:46 Pakistan is to stand up against the

13:49 system to block the system to block the

13:51 roads until the government negotiates

13:55 block the system do passive resistance

13:58 do civil disobedience

14:01 block the system

14:03 but to change it to what

14:07 another uh red tape system another

14:11 status quo system another election that

14:14 will bring up the same people the same

14:16 famous the same rich and the famous who

14:19 can pay for the elections they will come

14:20 up that will be your solution Your

14:22 solution will be to bring the same

14:24 corrupt people up to make way for them

14:26 again

14:27 so you remove Nua Sharif but if the same

14:31 system stays and or if you do new

14:34 elections if he doesn't win this time

14:36 he'll win next time maybe his cousin

14:38 will win somebody he's paid will win but

14:41 somebody will win that will be the face

14:43 the workers

14:46 the poster boy

14:48 of the elite of the status quo

IMF Conditions

14:52 so what is the solution the only

14:54 solution the only solution let me tell

14:56 you something do you know the IMF has

14:59 placed conditions in Pakistan the IMF

15:02 you talk about these corrupt politicians

15:05 being sincere to Pakistan the IMF has

15:08 put conditions on Pakistan that the

15:11 military must reduce its military

15:14 personnel and its expenditure do you

15:16 know that

15:18 and when Pakistan defaults so we have a

15:20 crisis now of Imran Khan and we're going

15:23 to have another crisis of the default

15:24 when this crisis comes of the default

15:27 who's going to bail you out I'll tell

15:29 you who might bill you out the person

15:31 who's going to bail you out is the one

15:32 who wants Imran Khan out and wants the

15:34 IMF conditions on Pakistan and wants to

15:37 make Pakistan a stooge of the of

15:41 whomever they represent the White House

yes you can do what I said about

16:43 protests and going to jail that oh okay

16:45 that's all good but really

16:47 the long-term solution will not change

16:49 without people of Pakistan doing tawba

16:52 without bringing what Iqbal always

16:55 wanted to bring to Pakistan without

16:57 bringing what Muhammad Ali Jinnah always

17:00 wanted to bring to Pakistan

17:02 to revive the Council of Islamic

17:04 ideology and to implement Islam in

17:07 Pakistan as it should to make Pakistan

17:10 actually stand on its feet to actually

17:13 get rid of the sellouts in Pakistan

17:17 to get rid of the sellouts in Pakistan

The Only Thing That Will Save Pakistan

17:21 and I tell you

17:23 the only thing that will save Pakistan

17:25 you don't see the behind the scenes

17:31 they plot and put in Allah is plotting

17:33 and planning and because the people of

17:34 Pakistan don't want Islam they don't

17:36 want Sharia they don't want Justice they

17:39 don't want uh to honor the founding

17:43 fathers of what they really wanted for

17:45 Pakistan because you don't want that

17:47 Allah himself is slowly bringing

17:49 Pakistan to the brink of the Hellfire

17:51 you're on the very edge and you're about

17:54 to fall down

17:55 people in Pakistan you're on the edge

17:57 and you're about to fall down and unless

17:59 there's not a serious tawba there's no

18:01 turning back


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it's one of the strengths of Islam in the West that we have so many bands of the Muslim spectrum available to us but

0:27 one thing that I've noticed that most communities have in common now that

0:33 certainly Muslims of earlier more peaceful generations would have regarded as a serious worry is that people are in

0:42 a state of agitation when I became Muslim 20 21 years ago one of the things

0:49 that attracted me and held my attention was the peacefulness serenity and

0:56 acceptance of ordinary Muslims that you would step in into a mosque for Juma

1:02 prayer and there was a genuine sense that this was an oasis of tranquility serenity and calm that was a welcome

1:10 indeed essential place of rest from their agitation and stresses of people's

1:16 ordinary lives outside and although many things have certainly improved for Islam

1:22 in the west over those 20 years the thing that I've noticed most conspicuously has been that people are

1:31 starting to lose that beautiful criterion of Muslim Ness that is known

1:38 in the Quranic vocabulary as the virtue of the radar radar means tranquil serene

1:45 acceptance of a large will and it's

1:51 alarming I think that Muslims should feel so agitated disturbed by the state

1:59 of today as well not that they should approve of today's world in fact it

2:05 would be a worrying indictment of the legitimacy of the religion if the modern

2:11 world outside were to approve of us we complain about negative stereotypes and

2:17 hostility but in fact that's always been the way of the believers against the

2:23 uncompressible legitimacy not something that we should worry in campaign against

2:28 although obviously false information has to be corrected and those religions that are

2:34 approved of and patted on the head by secular consumerist capitalistic modernity are by that very same token

2:42 really interrogated in the source of worry from the point of view of legitimate traditional perspective

2:48 because true religion is about al-qaeda it's about transcending the self is not about gratifying or discovering the self

2:55 which is the watchword of of today's world so we should be proud that the

3:01 modern world doesn't like us that's a sign of authenticity nonetheless it's

3:09 also the case that Muslims when they view this in comprehension or hostility

3:16 from the outside world don't find solace in the traditional

3:21 virtue of radar in the way that often we did we find forms of agitation we find

3:29 insecurity and the necessary consequence of that which is that instead of being

3:35 so relaxed that we're forgiving and inclusive and we see the best in everybody we increasingly judge because

3:43 the slightest difference between ourselves and the doctrine or the practice of another Muslim somehow makes

3:48 us feel even more insecure we want the religion to be an oasis of monolithic consistency that gratifies

3:55 our sense of insecurity now that's very dangerous for communities because the religion itself is supposed to provide a

4:04 sense of absolute constant assurance and relaxation and serenity that everything

4:11 that happens is by the will of allah subhanaw taala this is at the core of the Quranic

4:18 message it's a necessary consequence of tell heed that a lot is not just the one

4:25 who winds up the cosmic clock at the beginning of creation like an eighteenth century day istic God and just lets it

4:30 happen so we have to be profoundly agitated by the vicissitudes of time

4:36 Allah is the one who is not just alcoholic but oak our luck he is the one

4:41 who is constantly creating at every moment there is nothing that is not the direct

4:46 consequence of the divine power who will car hero fokaha birdie he is the one who is overwhelmingly powerful

4:52 over the actions of his slaves were marinated in tomato allure cannot la

4:58 Orana you did not throw or you did not shoot the arrows when he shot the arrows but it was Allah who did that and this

5:05 is one of the reasons for the extraordinary solidity of Islamic theology that we don't have a realm of

5:12 the action of God and a realm that is the realm of some alternative dark force

5:18 a satanic force that almost is as powerful as allah subhanaw taala that the world is a cosmic battle

5:23 between good and evil we don't see it in those terms because the message of tell hide which is written throughout the

5:28 Quran is that there's just one agent in creation now what raises us above just

5:37 being part of the scenery as it were what really makes us human is not as

5:44 some religions hold suffering but rather the ability to choose and thereby to

5:52 affirm the divinely gifted miracle and paradox of of autonomy and this is what

5:58 we referred to in our theology as CASP modern scientists increasingly point

6:04 towards a very deterministic view of the cosmos that we are all basically predictable that our actions can all be

6:10 deconstructed and interpreted in terms of our education our upbringing genetic

6:16 factors and there's very little scope left it seems for genuine human independence and hence humanity but the

6:22 miracle of Islamic religion is that on the one hand it affirms that Allah is

6:28 ala kulli shay'in qadir everything is in his hands and on the other hand it

6:34 genuinely considers us accountable and responsible for our own actions so that at the moment when we authentically rise

6:43 above our genetic programming our education and everything else and take a moral decision a decision for allah

6:48 subhanaw taala then we are stepping outside the mechanics of the universe and genuinely

6:53 becoming a last khalifa on earth and that's the moment that we

6:58 refer to as CASP we don't create our own actions there's any one creator but in

7:03 an instantaneous miraculous fraction of a second we can acquire actions and this

7:10 is from the mystery of the roar which is what sets us apart from the rest of creation collie Rojo min amri Rabi were

7:17 mayoralty 2-minute line we allow kalila they ask you about the raw the spirit say the spirit is of the command of my

7:23 lord or the affair of my Lord and of knowledge you've been given but little but we know that we all have that when a

7:29 Fe he mill Rufina allowed breathed something of his spirit his spirit into saner adam alayhis-salam

7:36 so that moment of CASP and of acquisition of actions is something that

7:41 immediately sets us up up above and beyond the world and makes us potentially alas Halawa now this

7:50 extraordinary awareness that we have of history as being the unfolding of a laurs knowledge and we don't believe in

7:58 a God who is in time we have a timeless God because past present future they're all the same to allah subhanaw taala

8:04 everything is one single cosmic act conveyor Kuan that this attitude has

8:11 historically bred amongst the Muslims a wonderful sense first of all of the necessity to act because this is the

8:18 prophetic way what call er now law act work and on the other hand a sense that

8:24 everything that happens is good because

8:30 the purposes of allah subhanaw taala are good and this virtue of rid are

8:36 historically created Muslim communities whose visitors were always struck by the

8:41 sense of contentment and serene resign accept acceptance of a large degree and

8:46 the fact that that's slipping away from us even though so many other aspects of Islam they seem to be prominent or even

8:52 coming back to us is I think something that we need to think about because it's an impugning and the compromising about

8:58 how hide to suggest that what's happening in today's world is not the direct will of allah subhanaw taala

9:05 sometimes we see in the world manifestations of divine beauty and grace and forgiveness

9:12 and that's preponderant sometimes we see in the world manifestations of the

9:17 divine rigour and wrath and this is one of the big differences between our understanding and say the Christian

9:22 understanding Christians say God is love and immediately they can't explain the

9:28 meningitis virus or concentration camps or whatever and that's a major source of loss of faith amongst them now we say

9:35 that Allah is indeed Rahman and Rahim and his alwah Dottie has those beautiful attributes and they do predominate and

9:41 at the end when good and evil are finally differentiated we will see that the Rama predominates over the divine

9:47 wrath nonetheless we also believe that Allah is al Jabar the overwhelming and

9:53 one took him the Avenger the the judge al hakam and that's one reason why

10:01 Islamic theology hangs together so well when confronted by the paradoxes of evil and suffering in the world that we

10:07 believe that the world is the endlessly subtle interaction of 99 names that

10:13 include names of rigor as well as names of beauty which also means that the perfected human being the Adamic human

10:20 being sometimes and predominantly manifests mercy and forgiveness but sometimes can manifest rigor as well

10:27 which is why the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forgave the people of Makkah but he also went to war against

10:33 them because he's the true Khalifa he has those names and he also he has within himself something of the Rama and

10:40 he has within himself also something of a Lamont Occam the Avenger that the true representative a lot of allah subhanaw

10:46 taala on earth is not just the woolie minded kind benevolent saint to always

10:53 turn the other cheek but sometimes has to uphold a large rule in the world through those names as well and that's

10:58 part of the completeness of signa muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that in him we can see manifested

11:04 insofar as possible for created mortal human beings all of the names of Allah not just the names of beauty and the

11:11 names of mercy so we look at the world and we see in some periods of Islamic

11:16 history divine providence Allah nya opening the floodgates of blessings to the Muslim Ummah

11:23 invariably in proportion to the extent to which we deserve it the Sahaba

11:28 everything they did and saw was miracles the conquests and the conversions and that extraordinary period in history was

11:35 because they merited it and other times of Islamic history we see other names of

11:41 allah subhana wa ta'ala manifested names of rigour and there can be times also of gob of constriction and the sign of the

11:53 true McMinn is that when he is given manifestations of a laurs

11:59 beauty and grace and generosity he gives thanks and when he sees manifestations

12:05 of the divine rigour he is patient he he'll sober and he is truly one of the

12:11 whole affair of allah subhanaw taala he has this virtue of a riddle which is a one of the highest of the prophetic

12:17 virtues now radar is a Quranic concept and we

12:24 can see it in the lives of so many of the great prophetic figures that are

12:29 held up for our admiration we see it for instance in the story of said in the use of alehissalaam who has a life which is

12:37 a kind of a sequence of extraordinary catastrophes followed by amazing

12:45 unexpected honouring 'he's so that after

12:50 being the the favored son of a prophet he is cast into a pit in the desert and

12:57 apparently has no hope whatsoever but he has rid our he doesn't complain to allah subhanaw taala he's taken to Egypt

13:02 hundreds of miles from his family in the desert and he's sold into slavery but he

13:09 doesn't complain he accepts Allah's will and then wakka delica McKenna Lucifer

13:14 feel old Allah gives use of McKenna a standing a position in in the world and

13:21 then another calamity befalls him and he sent to prison for several years because of a false allegation and then he comes

13:29 out again having had radar and never complained once and again the Quran says wakka delica

13:34 not Canali you suffer feel all of that comes as it were the message

13:39 for us is that if we have rid our and serene acceptance and we don't just panic a bang at the cell doors screaming

13:45 to be let out and complaining about our situation that a lot in his extraordinary omnipotence and power can