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Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem


Don't take all of this as 'The Truth' or anything. Only the Qur'an (Allah S.W.T.'s word) and what Allah's messenger S.A.W. did and said is truly the best guidance for all humanity I believe. Am just trying to learn and do good, make people think, coming towards what is good and/or best. Good intentions...that is all, not trying to judge anyone or cut anyone down. Is very easy to be hypocritical. Things would have to be explained more via me (all kinds of things but I have my understanding, not saying that it is infallible or something though).

Great video: Why Secular Ethics is Baseless with Dr. Ovamir Anjum

Blogging Theology 9.6K views Dr. Ovamir Anjum is the Editor-in-Chief at Yaqeen Institute and the founder of Being a “Good Person” is Not Enough: Why Ethics Need Islam

um I won't launch into a full critique of liberalism there's so much of it is out there

1:34:25 um but liberalism has become ethics to end all ethics

1:34:31 um this is how I will summarize the position of uh Aleister McIntyre whose

MacIntyre’s After Virtue applied to today.

1:34:38 critique of liberalism called after virtue I think is one of the most interesting

1:34:43 ones McIntyre was a philosopher McIntyre is a

1:34:51 philosopher a 20th century British philosopher who then later moved to

1:34:57 America and I believe is still alive at Notre Dame very old though probably in

1:35:02 his 90s he started off as a Marxist and then later becoming Aristotelian and then a

1:35:08 Thomas Aristotelian and a Catholic Christian um whose critique applies to a broad this

1:35:18 broad post-enlightenment Western thought generally and

1:35:25 um what he argues is that

1:35:30 today in the modern West no moral argument

1:35:36 can be resolved and this is not because people aren't good philosophers it's not because

1:35:41 people aren't teaching enough philosophy in school this is not because people do not uh are not interested in ethics

1:35:49 anymore not at all in fact it's because the foundations the

1:35:56 rational foundations that are necessary for any disagreement to be resolved have

1:36:01 disappeared from the West in the way that modern westerners starting with uh

1:36:08 enlightenment philosophers have constructed the idea of rationality and

1:36:15 individualism of liberalism and so we witnessed this

1:36:22 um you know whatever debate there is an abortion debate for example uh people

1:36:28 will try to bring utilitarian arguments people will try to bring uh you know the

1:36:34 definition of life itself you know whereas when does Life Begin uh people

1:36:39 will try to begin the importance of uh Choice um and and so on but all of these

1:36:46 arguments they are often grounded in um either one or two things either

1:36:52 they're grounded in a philosophy that the other person the other group does

1:36:58 not identify with there's no reason for anyone to uh to for example if it's a

1:37:04 Biblical argument if you can prove biblically that you know there is a soul

1:37:09 and so on um and that in that case while uh

1:37:15 liberals including Progressive Christians liberal Christians have no reason in fact in principle they keep

1:37:21 that are out of public argument on public debate but then you might have somebody arguing

1:37:28 in the name of choice in the name of convenience and and choice over body

1:37:36 um and again other people have no reason to believe that human human beings own

1:37:44 their bodies and um who who owns the bodies of your

1:37:50 family your community the state the nation state and in fact in many ways

1:37:55 all of these different agencies claim ownership off your body and

1:38:01 provide protection of your body so which one you're going to go with there is no way to resolve this debate

1:38:10 but basically every side is going to Simply say this is ultimately they're

1:38:15 saying this is my religion This Is My Religion there is no rationality possible it's just that your

1:38:21 interpretation um so what ends up happening in real life is that people often go with one of

1:38:29 two postures to resolve debates not rationally not

1:38:35 ethically not through argument not through by pointing to agreed upon goals

1:38:41 and principles or teleologies but rather either inertia so conservatives are

1:38:46 likely to say we've been doing this it's worked for us we have we are the winners look we won

1:38:52 this war that war we have this much wealth that uh it could be have

1:38:58 accumulated we are the top of the world to continue doing that make America great again uh you have to uh you have

1:39:06 to stick to what we were doing or you would say No in fact we were horrible we were terrible we were racist we

1:39:11 committed genocide of Native Americans we enslaved an entire people for so long

1:39:17 we were we have waged colonial wars uh we have been at War for hundreds of

1:39:23 years um against people that have not done nothing to us so we are terrible horrible people The Establishment and

1:39:31 that um we have to wage war against this

1:39:36 establishment that has engaged in these absolutely horrible acts for so long so systematically and so the only thing we

1:39:45 can have now the only way of uh ascertaining any kind of Ethics is by

1:39:52 simply listening to the weak to the oppressed the deprived and and reciprocating their rights and perhaps

1:39:59 compensating for their uh for some of the wrongs so basically claims of who

1:40:05 has been wronged uh and then sort of reciprocal logic to say that we could

1:40:10 try to fix that but um this means that there is an endless uh claim and there is no basis for

1:40:18 evaluating various claims of wrong there is no way to creating hierarchy of who is more wrong who is less wrong and who

1:40:25 has done more there's no way to evaluate how uh sin and crime uh uh passes from

1:40:34 generation to generation or from one class to another one person to another all of these ideas that societies

1:40:42 um you know determine based on and elaborate philosophical and sometimes religious

1:40:49 systems all of those things are gone and they're fundamentally hollowed out by liberalism

1:40:54 by the idea of individual autonomy um and

1:41:00 um this idea uh again similarly in all of these debates if you look at the basic tenets of


liberalism individual autonomy and no harm um and secular public reason none of

1:41:12 them actually give any guidance because let's go with the most famous principle

1:41:17 the important principle Central principle is Do no harm that you could do whatever you know you have complete

1:41:24 autonomy to follow your desire right there is no desire that's wrong so you could be whatever you could want to be

1:41:30 if a person who is born as a male wants to be a female you have perfect desire

1:41:35 you have a desire and that desire is serious that desire needs to be

1:41:40 fulfilled and liberal ethics uh have no way to say that there is an order a

1:41:47 natural order that you must sub you must subordinate your desire to and so your

1:41:52 desire is valid and legitimate and so long as you're not doing anybody any harm uh you have not only they um you

1:42:00 know you have the right and the privilege and to to um uh Express that

1:42:06 desire and then take another step and and help other people who are expressing their desires

1:42:11 right um now you could say that

1:42:17 everything is now put in the principle of harm because how you define harm is a

1:42:25 matter of how you define the human personality how you define uh you know uh the the rights that we ought to have

1:42:32 that when they are uh violated then you have harm and then you bring in all

1:42:38 assumptions of all the silent assumptions of a culture when you're defining harm so one person say that you

1:42:46 simply calling me by the wrong pronoun is a harm and the other person will say well no me in fact condemning you in

1:42:54 fact condemning you and your God and your prophet and your values all of this is free speech and that is not harm so

1:43:01 ultimately you have no way to uh to decide but

1:43:07 um a but effectively power because if you don't have reason then all that's left is power

1:43:14 um so some people will use various forms of power that they have and effectively

1:43:21 that becomes jungle law and that's the end of rational ethics that's the end of ethics

1:43:27 um so that's the kind of argument Alistair McIntyre has made and I believe that that's a A fitting uh description

1:43:35 of modern culture so I will end then with some final

1:43:41 Reflections on uh how we can find an Islamic alternative out of the the

1:43:49 malays the ethical malays the ethical nihilism in which the modern world finds

the quranic phrase that when um that in the prophet of God there is

1:44:38 who hopes for God and the day of judgment and the final and final life

1:44:44 um for them it is there is an uswa there is a role model in the life of the

1:44:49 prophet salallahu and not only Prophet by prophetic Ethics in the Quran

1:44:56 um what I'm trying to get at is not just the ethic or the conduct the prophet Muhammad but of all the prophets through

1:45:04 Whom The Prophet Muhammad himself is instructed philosophically what that means is that

1:45:11 um where what is the foundation of ethics

1:45:17 post-modern critique has leveled the field by showing The Emptiness of

1:45:24 Enlightenment reasoning that was that claimed that by getting rid of religion

1:45:31 and past and Superstition uh and bringing in reason and science we're

1:45:37 going to build life on an objective foundation that

1:45:43 delusion has been destroyed by by Modern Life and post-modern philosophy

1:45:49 represents that attack against this idea of reason with capital r as as the

1:45:56 objective uh you know as the objective standard as a new God

1:46:02 so what has now it has ended the possibility along with that has ended the possibility of ethics

1:46:08 which used to be based in religion in the past um

1:46:13 it and then it tried to ground this he ground that in reason and science

1:46:20 that has gone and what is now left as Nietzsche saw it coming we have drunk up

1:46:26 the sea we have wiped off the Horizon we have turned up and up to down down to up

1:46:32 we have Unchained the Sun and we are left with uh that is the global global

1:46:40 North or west is left with no way to define right from wrong

1:46:46 I say ethics then either has no meaning and it has become

1:46:52 clear as a result of this great civilizational dialectic the ethics either has no meaning or its meaning is

1:46:58 a reflection of the creator in the created by an act of choice

1:47:06 and um I don't provide uh perhaps more more

1:47:13 would be needed to bring out this idea in a later presentation but it is

1:47:19 reflected in the prophetic Hadith God is beautiful and loves Beauty which is to

1:47:24 say that the ethical ideas that we Embrace are those that are the beautiful attributes of God that are reflected in

1:47:33 or to be reflected in God's creation but the modality of this reflection how

1:47:39 to do so how to reflect being God's creatures being the creatures of the perfect infinite infinitely good

1:47:47 infinitely perfect being Allah um this is this reflection is taken to a

1:47:55 huge new level a new height when you go from being mere creation to a special kind of creation one with

1:48:03 will that chooses to submit as creation - servants - which is a key word for human

1:48:10 beings in the Quran a bad right from being passive reflection as

1:48:17 all creation is to active reflection of divine attributes as only human beings

1:48:24 are as well as the Unseen creation the Jinn according to the Quran

1:48:30 Allah says in the Quran I have not created except so that they become

1:48:36 my servants as uh they act engage in ibada

1:48:43 so um the prophet Muhammad and the prophetic

1:48:48 model in the Quran is that movement from being

1:48:54 a creation to being servants um and that is

1:48:59 the most uh fundamental I believe

1:49:05 fundamental uh ground for being ethical for what is good

1:49:10 and how that is done in the Quran through the teachings of the law the

1:49:16 Sharia as well as of a form of the good in the way that

1:49:23 things are done in the way that the good goodness is internalized

1:49:29 um that is uh the subject matter of Islamic tradition of

1:49:36 ethics and spiritual purification and Good Conduct so that's where I will

1:49:43 leave our discussion today and perhaps come back to it in a later discussion to


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thrive θrʌɪv

verb 1. (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.

2. prosper; flourish.

Peter: I want to remind everybody,

0:02 the human species, of course, is an animal. - We are special, we shouldn't be or think of ourselves as just like an animal...I believe anyway, but I understand what he is saying as well.

0:06 We need to learn that.

0:07 We don't see ourselves as other animals do, but the human

0:09 species is the most dependent animal on the planet.

0:14 We depend on all the others, all the others.

0:18 And we are very different in that regard.

0:21 So if we don't respect that and don't understand that, I think

0:27 we're probably doing ourselves in, frankly.

Regina: Hello everyone and welcome to another

0:54 Climate Emergency Forum.

0:57 Today we are going all in on a

1:00 truly,truly important topic, one that so often gets lost in

1:05 this climate discussion.

1:07 So I kind of want to get you in the mood for this, kind of put

1:11 on your little woo woo, your little spirituality

1:15 because it's no joke.

I mean Homo sapiens, out of there.

2:04 Because too often, too often, for whatever reason, we put

2:08 ourselves front and center.

2:10 And for as sapiens or knowing as that we like to perceive

2:15 ourselves as being, we seem not to be able to live

2:19 well with others.

2:21 So many other species get along.

2:24 Yeah, sure, they hate each other once in a while.

2:26 But we do that too.

2:28 But as creators, we are also destroyers.

2:32 And I look at the Great Barrier Reef, you know,

2:34 this amazing, amazing structure that doesn't destroy living

2:43 beings in its path, but in fact, creates a place

2:46 for more life and harmony.

2:48 Wouldn't that be amazing if we could build with that in our

2:51 sights?

2:53 And, you know, we don't, we don't hold the patent on

2:58 thoughts and feelings.

2:59 We are not the only living beings on this planet who have

3:03 thoughts and feelings.

3:04 We are not the only living beings, as a matter

3:06 of fact, who love their children, who want to

3:08 protect our children and love our families.

3:12 But too many of us treat other living beings on this planet as

3:17 if they are a nuisance, as if they're fun to use to torture

3:21 and kill because we enjoy it.

3:24 And this is something that we really have to look deeply at

3:28 and understand why are we doing this?

3:31 And we have to stop, if only for the selfish reason that it

3:36 will inevitably affect us.

3:39 Now, some of you may heard of the calamity recently

3:44 in Japan of the green sea turtles,

3:48 the endangered sea turtles, that were found

3:53 stabbed to death.

3:55 This was just so chilling for me because I know that man is

4:01 the great predator and we kill each other.

4:04 But to kill endangered turtles in such a violent way.

4:09 And why?

4:10 Well, because these green sea turtles get caught in

4:15 fishermen's nets, and that is just a nuisance.

4:20 And, you know, people in Japan were upset by this, as well

4:24 they should be, but they also had a great deal of empathy for

4:29 the fishermen having to deal with these sea turtles.

4:33 There are so many endangered species on this planet.

4:37 Let's not even mention the many thousands of other species that

4:42 we have already made go extinct.

4:45 The thing of it is, it doesn't have to happen.

4:49 Right now, there is a collapse of the bluefin tuna.

4:54 And if the bluefin tuna goes or if even continually to

5:00 steadily decrease, what's going to happen is we are going to

5:03 see an increase in squid.

5:06 And what's the problem?

5:08 Well, if we see an increase in squid, we are going to see a

5:12 decrease in the sardine population because guess who

5:15 likes sardine?

5:16 squid.

5:18 What will this happen?

5:19 It will further endanger dolphins, seals,

5:22 blue whales.

5:24 Now.

5:25 Is your sushi really that important?

5:28 I want you to think about it.

5:43 I found myself saying very frequently that life is

5:46 collapsing all around us because it's been so

5:50 obvious to me.

5:51 I'm fortunate enough to live in South coastal

5:54 British Columbia, which has long been reputed to be one of

5:58 the most biodiverse, richest areas in the world.

6:03 But it's collapsed in my lifetime, and it's