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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Video's watched -

Good sounding video:

Mark Blyth | The Liberalism Scam 🤣

Chris Hedges Fan Club • 7.7K views

I like this - is good I believe...repost: E57: A manifesto to overthrow Europe’s oligarchy DiEM25 14K views

May 9 is Europe Day. But there’s little reason to celebrate. War rages on our outskirts, while our governments evade democracy to provide weapons for it. The far-right is making gains. The...

Looking at their channel: The day is ours: be radical, be active, be a DiEMer DiEM25 2.3K views4 months ago

This is our time. ⏩ On this year's Europe Day, DiEM25 starts anew. Read our first-ever updated manifesto on May 9th, with a new, radical vision for a democratic Europe.

Islamic video (it was alright, not really what I was looking for for depth really though tbh) : How can Ibn Taymiyya help us today? With Prof Carl Sharif El-Tobgui Blogging Theology 42K views

Good video (Islamic):


Islamic - but seriously good, TikTok has a lot of bad in it - a smart phone with just basically Google apps etc. and FB etc. (FB as a company kind of sucks though but yeah, anyway) is more than enough for a person...I'm glad I'm a muslim now and spend my time learning, etc. and doing real things and trying to be a better person.

Why TikTok Banned Our Page - The Dark Truth 🚫 OnePath Network 56K views


Hmm. I imagine the situation in reality is quite complex and has a longer history - I don't know if there are TRULY accurate and fair good books on the situation...I definitely think politicians and the media in the U.S./the West use it as a political tool against China though for sure (we're not that dumb...) when other situations like the Rohinga people - which I think is probably a much more disastrous situation and reality for the people on the ground is downplayed and you hardly hear anything about it from anyone. Of course there's people in Central America and other places around the world in really bad situations as well...

Who are the Uyghurs? OnePath Network 25K views


What China is REALLY doing to the Uyghurs | Arslan Hidayat (Full Podcast) OnePath Network 21K views The case of the Muslim Uyghurs of Chinese Occupied East Turkestan demands our attention. Our latest podcast features Arslan Hidayat, one of the foremost activists for the Uyghur Cause and Program...





Haven't watched:

Looks good:

Richard Wolff: Capitalism is holding "all of us hostage" The Real News Network 41K views

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of work and the lives of working people in drastic ways. Millions of workers lost their jobs over the past year and a half, millions more saw their...


Trans Culture War Conversation With Blaire White. Prisons, Bathrooms, Sports and Kids Kim Iversen 41K views Blaire White is a Youtuber, Podcaster and Trans Woman who is an outspoken critic of the Liberal Trans "agenda". You can find her YouTube Channel here:


His story and success are pretty amazing:

I MOVED FROM THE USA TO GHANA,I LEFT CNN BECAUSE I SAW SOMETHING I WASN'T TRAINED TO SEE Webnation Africa • 7.9K views This is an interview with an African American (Chris Lett) ,who moved from the USA to Ghana ,Chris Lett is a National Geographic Explorer, filmmaker, and Emmy-nominated journalist. Lett is...

Interesting - I like it...(though of course I don't believe in astrology stuff etc., Allah akbar - Allah is THE ONE though, of course (us as Muslims believe, so there's nothing to fear and nothing should shake our faith and Iman - one should be wary of any person's information to a degree, atleast in our Western society we are and grow accustom to being wary and trusting fully of anything coming from media sources and even the extent of knowledge or conveyance in scientific papers etc. is limited for the sake of staying on the relevant topic/hypothesis and data or arguments etc., but citations and references are used)

Cool video, good info:

Triple-Dip' La Niña Forecast - Iceland Seismic Crisis Continues - Atlantic Hurricane Season Peaks Oppenheimer Ranch Project • 10K views

US town gets Winter preview weeks before fall begins San Diego Sees Record-Breaking Rainfall From Kay Atlantic hurricane season reaches...

Good podcast, listened to about 25 or so minutes so far:

#100: It IS just in your head! It's all your fault! It's Not Just In Your Head (A Podcast about Capitalism and Mental Health) • 231 views

One Hundred Episodes! To celebrate Liam challenges Psychotherapist Harriet Fraad and Substance Abuse Councillor Ikoi Hiroe to answer the question: when IS it just in your head?

When is it NOT Capitalism? The episode covers the right-wings favorite topic: 'personal responsibility', as well as topics like self blame, maladaptive externalizations, empowerment, loneliness, the power to immiserate, joy and much more.

-----> Pretty good (Islamic video - Sheikh Omar Baloch):

Some notes and things related in my life:


Good vid's:

Nice Khutbah:

Video I did:

Other videos (I saved or to watch later):

What Happens When You REGROW Vegetables From Kitchen SCRAPS in the Garden? Self Sufficient Me 4.9M views In this video, I show you what happens when you regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps in the garden. I plant out scrap onion, lettuce, potato, celery, cabbage, tomato, and carrots and we see...

6 TOP Crops to Grow at Home to Save You From STARVING Self Sufficient Me 743K views In this video, I give you my 6 TOP CROPS to grow at home in the vegetable garden to save you from starving! Harvest Right freeze dryer website:

Is the Great Reset driving COVID and climate change policy? (Norman Fenton & Bret Weinstein) DarkHorse Podcast Clips • 61K views Great Reset and Agenda 2030. Bret speaks with Norman Fenton on the failure of academia and our medical system that COVID has revealed. They discuss how Wikipedia, the greatest encyclopedia...

MOATS Ep 173 with George Galloway

How To Germinate Cherry Seeds That Works every Time - Growing Cherry Trees From Seeds Greenthumbs Garden • 1.1M views Today I'm going to show you how to germinate cherry seeds easily and efficiently with a very high success rate. If you want to learn how to grow cherries from seeds then make sure to watch...

How Do Farmers Grow Avocado Trees? SleepyLizard • 327K views If you've been thinking about planting an avocado tree now is the time! It's much easier than you think. Follow the steps in this vid and you'll be harvesting your first crop in 4-5 years....

I don't need to buy Lemons anymore, grow Lemons for fruit all year round DIY Urban Gardening 2.5M views

Differences between Quran and Bible on Joseph's story with Dr Louay Fatoohi Blogging Theology 22K views

Sounds big:

What Putin and China are doing this week will change EVERYTHING | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 194K views

For the first time since the war in Ukraine started, Putin and Xi are meeting to advance a new international currency based on their country's commodities and resources. This is an absolute...

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