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Power. - Fed. Min. Wage - Conspiracies ?

Updated: May 17, 2021

Such a good video.


Biden gave his first speech to Congress a few days ago -

Good take and post:

I agree - trickle down economics is a lie. Government and authority must be good and free from outside influences and distortions. We must also deal with reality and the economic situation that the U.S. is in though, I believe. That I like these programs and initiatives but that I don't like or agree necessarily with the implementation - so much spending and from the top while also not really being able to balance the budget to pay for it. Such weak taxes and tax law's on the rich and the corporations and a seeming unwillingness for letting hard times come to us (America) or putting much of any economic federal pressures on businesses. Unwillingness to adopt for example, the European Union's Circular Economy initiatives plan(ning). Imposing federal controls like a $15/hr. minimum wage but not federal laws or control without huge spending; for businesses and states to tackle CO2 emissions and guiding the free market gently via laws and controls that would just create initiative for example.

Anyway though...the future will be interesting and we need to deal with climate and plan for a lot of climate related mitigation and disaster I believe. Spend on that front, sure, to help from the bottom up and impose upon the top down IMO, that's just my thinking...I'm worried a $15 min. wage might make it really hard for the poorer class along with inflation and possible depression or recessions coming. What will things truly cost. Of course, when you do impose from the top, such as on the environment and health for people, upon business, that can end up making things cost more as well. Its very complicated. Balance is key. Will then, these things, actually truly help the poor much and our country?

There are many on the ground level issues where you can ask, where is our EPA at? Or where is justice and common sense?

More on the $15/hr. minimum wage:

For example, in Kansas is it and will it be fair if McDonalds workers (no offense) will be starting out making $15/hr. when a person who has been at a company for years, doing a skilled job only now makes, say $18/hr.? It just causes inflation everywhere in society and so, isn't fair to older people really either. Just like student debt forgiveness. It's a contract, the end user signs on to. Don't like it, don't do it. No doubt though that the Government shouldn't be allowing businesses to be making tons of money off of it's own people though either, true. Job not treating you well or paying enough, even after some time, then move on. Etc. etc., there are a lot of opportunities for people in America in my opinion, just have to work for them (I messed up my whole life it seems like, just in 2-3 years of not doing so well (while trying to finish my Bachelors degree) is my fault though - now, have to work hard and find some decent thing or opportunity as well, or risk taking on a lot of debt going to grad school). Maybe this won't be the case, I'm no economics expert. $15/hr. is a decent minimum wage now but should it be federally mandated and imposed upon all states and businesses? Where is the choice and freedom in that? What if a person likes working at this small business and doesn't want to work somewhere where they could earn more and this mandate would close that small business as they don't have the resources, like a McDonalds, to implement cashier less future systems? What if a person wants to gain experience but possibly a little bit of money while on that training for a job? What about people on social security or retired, having to pay the bills and buying food? Big businesses are smarter than smaller ones simply because they can afford to be.

Links -




Update ~2:30 p.m. CDT: More on the EU's circular economy plan:

Look at the "SDGS's". Nice, awesome.

Almost a year ago:


  • Applying circular economy measures in Europe can increase the EU’s GDP by an additional 0.5% by 2030 creating around 700,000 new jobs.

  • The Action Plan will empower consumers through access to reliable information about products at the point of sale, including on their life-span.

  • The Action Plan includes measures to mobilize private financing in support of the circular economy, and proposes the launch of a global circular economy alliance to explore starting a discussion on a possible international agreement on natural resource management."

For businesses (the opportunities are ridiculous):,textiles%2C%20construction%2C%20and%20electronics.

9 Timely Takeaways from the EU Circular Economy Action Plan From Medium, and a business post

A 7 page summary:

To paraphrase from one of my classes videos: Industry has a track record of failure (talking about recycling but can be applied to many cases). We need heightened legislative pressure to ensure real results and a legal framework within and for the United States for true environmentally neutral economics.

The circular economy framework is the best answer, the latest science and understanding of how society should function - taking and mimicking natural systems. The linear economy which produces waste as an end product is just not sustainable, nor smart.

- Look at the recent news on climate change right now - doesn't sound cool. Stuff I thought about what scientists were saying was too weak and not right 6 years ago, turning out to be more right. Whatever though, that's just kind of bragging. Its horrible news.


Interesting, need to watch -


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