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Psychological Warfare Tactics

Amazing must read:

Lots of cool info, and advancing science stories/articles. Crazy cool.

New sustainable filters able to kill viruses etc.

Meme stocks:

Google claims it's AI is designing chips better and faster than humans:

Regulate plastic globally! Nice.

We should honor our past! The intelligence of the founding fathers, the people who fought in wars by stressing peaceful international conduct, and being strong and good. The truth prevails!

This sounds crazy:

Wat? Cool:

This is BIG:

So much stuff going on, breakthroughs really, all the time it makes me confirm my beliefs that a lot of the newer gen are so smart and have had such good schooling and everything, etc. and humanity is on the brink of a golden age potentially, but I believe, we must do all that we can for our natural environment of our home planet now to ensure a bright and good future for all.


Also cool:

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