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Psychological Warfare Tactics

Amazing must read:

Lots of cool info, and advancing science stories/articles. Crazy cool.

New sustainable filters able to kill viruses etc.

Story in the media about MEERs:,limestone%20on%20a%20grand%20scale&text=A%20new%20method%20for%20combatting,turn%20it%20into%20harmless%20rock.

Meme stocks:

Google claims it's AI is designing chips better and faster than humans:

Regulate plastic globally! Nice.,parks%20and%20other%20protected%20areas.

We should honor our past! The intelligence of the founding fathers, the people who fought in wars by stressing peaceful international conduct, and being strong and good. The truth prevails!,Scientists%20have%20gained%20the%20best%20view%20yet%20of%20the%20brightest,gamma%2Dray%20burst%20to%20date.

Its raining plastic!:

This sounds crazy:

Wat? Cool:

This is BIG:

So much stuff going on, breakthroughs really, all the time it makes me confirm my beliefs that a lot of the newer gen are so smart and have had such good schooling and everything, etc. and humanity is on the brink of a golden age potentially, but I believe, we must do all that we can for our natural environment of our home planet now to ensure a bright and good future for all.


Also cool:

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