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Respectfully Disagreeing - Bunch of Interesting Vids

Not very familiar with Ben Shapiro all that much but I really liked a lot of what he said. Disagree with some of his politics but that's okay. Notes:

~37 minute mark, After Shapiro's remarks on conservatism: I agree with a lot of what he says there but disagree on implementation within the Capitalist society where capitalism has effects. Propagating down onto all society and at/to the individual level.

-More democratic socialism ideas which could put checks and balances at the community level in place. Because in reality inside a/the capitalist world - money is power.

Agree on many points especially in the first 20 minutes or so and thought he did a great job with his word choices.

America is a pretty nice place to live and be born in:


Controversial and/or Depressing, Angering but Interesting Videos (Lots):

Ecclesiastics 1:18.

Studied King Solomon a bit recently. Is interesting and good. It's like I've lived Ecclesiastics to a degree as a former "new athiest". Lots of truth and good knowledge in the Bible (as there are lots of good in a lot of things). Knowledge... can equal suffering but also, what are we without knowledge? You could just be a monk but what would that do really?

Great Vid:

JRE vids - lots of cursing but these are quite good IMO.

Are my ideas bad??? or would turn into bad? I'm questioning my UBI idea quite a lot recently. I don't really like the idea of people sitting around forever and not doing anything with their lives, that's not good...or destroying their lives and bodies with drugs and alcohol etc.. Hmm. but it could also solve a lot of problems and give a lot of people more opportunity and options and the 4th Industrial Revolution is coming and will only be increasing (automation, etc.) with time. Is it too early? Would it be, unfairly advantageous to American citizens compared to other people of the world and just help America continue to be on top? I know all my ideas and things (ideals) mostly only work best if they were all implemented together IMO, and is that realistic? But I also disagree with some of the things a Bernie Sanders type would be for (going that far left), but only mostly because I believe in economics and capitalism and realize the situation of the U.S. and world and the federal reserve. So IMO unless you change that or advocate for a change at least (propositions), and just advocate for more federal control and federal easements via taxes, without a change to the economic reality, would it not cause inflation and therefore just increasing the level of competition between individuals/members of society? How much to tax the rich and the corporations? How much is possible to get done in that way given reality anyway? How much wealth do we need really? Is good to a point for sure but also...I don't know, seems like it could be bad if too much...could become possibly unhealthy for society and its individuals...(think of our colleges, still quite good in the world). Hmm. I like a lot of socialist things and ideas of course (more community, opportunity, etc., fairness, leveling the playing field) but I don't know about you know...everything. "Having the cake and eating it too" so to speak.

Maybe he and those people are right though and a UBI wouldn't be good? What's really wrong though is the system - the stock buybacks, putting profit above people and planet, "dividing and conquering", people as consumers to be manipulated, etc.. I love Bernie, love a lot of people, love Americans, love the poor, the global south, just common people around the world and nature/the environment.


These videos make me feel very unpatriotic. I had a nice fourth of July and its fine to be a bit partriotic, it's natural to like the people and the land and country where one grows up but I don't like blind nationalism.

Hmm...I don't know everything but I definitely don't like all this war and terror and wish we would just chill out more. Fight the drug cartels if anything, like that would do anything though really either (they would just grow and go somewhere else).

#FreeAssange Documentary I watched, was pretty disturbing and depressing...I think it might be removed now or something...Thought it was a Vice Documentary but anyway...

This sounds very good, thanks Biden ->. Agree with Twitter comments that why isn't Congress tackling more issues like these?

A lot of these things are exactly what's needed, and how to go about change from the top, that costs nothing in tax dollars and helps the average person and small business owners.


Other stuff:

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