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Rhetorical Abstracts vs. Actuality (reality). Freedom & Anarchy vs. Centralization & Order.

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Caution: These videos can lead to much anger, sadness, etc. without circular thinking that can then lead to inspiration and action (belief in self, which is powerful) it can be quite depressing. Personally, I'm thankful for my religion.

Recently added to my site, and my site itself needs some changes. Is not all bad - my ideas (ideals) about things but in practice, things like a UBI could, and I believe, would lead to more social decline most likely ( Look at the United States today. Look around. I was just visiting family in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the amount of wealth and opportunity we have here (ease of life) is incredible. An Afghanistan would be amazed by it all (the nice vehicles, the shopping, the restaurants - etc. - all thanks to the capitalist system advancements of society + others things (politically and internationally)). It's not that bad as some may make things out to be (truly!) but at the same time, people do have a right to be upset about the gross (actual) inequality and the way things are, and where possibly we are headed and what past (mostly in the last 50 years) politics and the media, etc. have done.

What kind of society do we truly want? Do we really want the government to be in charge of all healthcare for example - free healthcare for all - that is not a bad thing to wish for at all obviously but is there a better way for the government to craft and create a fair and good healthcare system without the government being the conduit through which all healthcare would be provided for (and also, thus, create, a more personal and fair, just system without having to centralize power and increase taxes "unfairly" for others) ...this would be my proposition and stance. It is the more Republican-sided argument, true, in that is in arguing for personal responsibility and "freedom" on an issue, that is very personal, but then what is reality and the effects of the actual legislation that Republicans put forth? What do things actually do? They seemingly create legislation so that people and corporations can overly profit and monopolize systems (make it very hard to compete with the bigger companies and establishments) - setting up rigid systems and regulation (via taxes, laws, etc.) - but also, regulation and rules (legislation) can and is, also the very thing that can also protect and serve the individual - the law of the land.

Almost everything has negatives and positives. Remove thinking about things and/or issues as negative and positive and what do you get? In my experience, more clear-minded thinking about the actual consequential effects. - Negatives and positives are relative to scope and perspective.

On a big picture level, for example, a lot of what Republicans have done recently is often good for the American people in the big picture and at that American societal level - for the short term (economically when thinking about America's position in the world, the ease and security of life in the United States, etc.) even if one might disagree about the ethical consequences of the actions or the health of the planet and therefore, also the United States, in the long term.

This kind of thinking - opens up the mind truly - as one then ponders over what the future holds The short term things create more power and a better position now, which is also a good thing in the long term, but also, the government is in much debt, which isn't good, especially with regards to the climate and federal climate action. - What are the actual effects on the world and the foreign countries? In the short term, in the long term? etc. etc. - Things tend to balance out.

No one can predict the future and how things might unfold and unravel. It's nice we have all these huge companies as assets, that is, in the United States, but why then, can't or don't they pay their fair share of taxes as they are so profitable and an asset? - But yes, they could then move headquarters to a different country, which would then not be good for the U.S.

Would it be good to have a Great Reset if it would help the planet in the long term and probably, also result, eventually, in people rising and rebelling up again to take back control? - and also recognizing the need to live in harmony economically with the planet and being in a more globally healthy planet (as science and technology, human understanding and progress march ever onward). As the Quran predicts and Muslims know - these things are not surprising and things go in waves (up and up and rising to crests, that roll and come crashing down and sinking down and down, possibly for a long time, until ascending again).


Some of what I personally think:

That progressives are right about a lot of things, and (we = American people) have a right to be angry about a lot of things. I think: the Federal government is too big and slow (big isn't necessarily bad, but think of the Government in terms of everything that surrounds it - all the money spent on influencing, lobbying, election cycle spending, over-reach and power creep) (slow isn't necessarily bad, slow is steady, steady is fast and smart, but I do think Congress for example and the filibuster needs to be changed).

That there is much so much divide right now between Republicans and Democrats and progressive vs conservative that it would be better to remove these labels from ourselves and from other people and start developing and seeing things for how they are better. Theodore Rosevelt was a progressive, conservative (of land and nature), Republican for example. How conservative are the policies really (of so-called, conservatives) if they don't actually decrease government size and spending yet believe in decreasing taxes for corporations, etc. and give away personal powers and freedoms to the government and the private sector (free market economy)? I believe the 4 four-category framework (in the 2nd dimension) is a better indicator for true political beliefs with left, right, liberal (up), authoritarian (down) as a pretty decent framework to use. I am up and to the left a little (I've been tested as, long ago, need to do another test but am truly still developing/learning).

To go about conveying that is quite hard in these times and I also see a lot of potential good in going down more; that is towards more authoritarian-istic federal government programs or policy designed from the left-leaning side such as those in support of income equality measures and personal freedoms but am now seeing also that that could be bad as well - for the country and its future (an overreaction to developments of the past _ years and my own age and perspective, as many of us young people are much more "socialist" and authoritarian) as over-spending by the government on domestic issues and wanting everything to be "fair" and/or handed to us could create the eventual downfall and ruin of a country as well. I see a lot of good in conservative ideologies and may be trending more that way - but people with the current American political ideologies may see that as authoritarian and supporting the old ways which enables so much transgression of power to corporations and "the establishment". That is why it's important to include liberal conservatism. I know what I believe though and the type of things and society I would like to be a part of making - developing that through government action via a politician is much easier said than done though. As is crafting "perfect" legislation (in creating, perfectly, the effects that a piece of legislation was intended to do) as well, as many things have positives, but also negatives - "there is no action without a reaction" is true. But; Good foundations is what we have obviously, as those things have stood the test of time (so far anyway) (cool interesting link).

I like the test from a lot better.

Update: 10:45 p.m.

Saw this video about halfway through (warning, has a few curse words):

And while showering, thinking...what is wrong with my proposals, my ideas and ideals? The UBI specifically. No doubt it has it's dangers and drawbacks but all in all, I like my ideals, especially when brought together as a whole. I'm challenging myself to think of better proposals and ways to think about things right now...Challenge. Myself! Is best. - What about healthcare and Medicare for all proposals? Well, that's fine. It might be best and better. It's okay to disagree, and I agree that the reality SUCKS. WHY if, we, are the best and smartest country in the world (right...???) that we have such sucky horrible systems? Why then, don't we have the best and smartest systems in the world? Why don't we, as a human race, living on this planet, have any responsiblity (response) to the world and Earth, as a whole and for us, to hold ourselves, and each other, accountable, for us and it? Do we not rule this planet?

- Why then, don't we have the best and smartest systems in the world? -

As another example: That is was I want for the medical system in the U.S. and I believe, personally, and maybe I'm wrong, and that's okay, -- that for such a personal issue, that it is only fair for a person to take some responsibility for it. That yes, bad things can and do happen to people and we might not understand it, but for us to be strong and deal with things the best we can. It's not negative in my opinion, to recognize that there is negativity and bad in this imperfect world and that all life on it is only temporary. Just imagine a fair and just system, it's not that hard. Systems are connected and interconnected though, true.

I would like and love a political revolution. That is what I am hoping for and what I am trying to create.

Reality and money for me, are calling out (a mundane job :( ), and hopefully, it works out and I can choose wisely. It seems like, this is more important but...that's the world for me and where I'm at in my journey. Just a guy, an imperfect limited in knowledge, wisdom, etc. and battling time as all of us do - death will overtake all, no matter what) discovering religion, working on this site, bettering myself but almost broke, have a B.S. degree but whatever, no experience, no connections, almost no hope of fulfilling my dreams of doing purposeful environmental work because no one will take a chance on me, (theres still hope) probably won't ever be anything politically because this country's love of money and unforgiving dog eat dog capitalist, consuming, obsessed (fashion, sex, money, drugs, self-improvement motivational sayings and positive self talk things (so big now at least on my social media, nobody has real conversation I see hardly on Facebook anymore, where all so busy doing us, -> me too), UFOs and aliens, 24/7 News about another mass shooting, and another cop killing so and so, and violence everywhere, woooooh, and meditating to not think about anything, yay, and stocks and crypto so one can make money without doing any real work, yay...) culture (greed) and corrupt crazy (arrogance) world... I say: Allah Akbar (God is the Greatest). Assalum alaikum wa rahmetullah. Assalum alaikum wa rahmetullah (peace and the mercy of the Lord be upon you) S.W.T.



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