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S P I R I T - Economics - I Shall Love/Serve All Mankind/Creation

Other videos (political and whatnot, kind of unpleasant or can definitely be):

There are some really good quotes and information in this (I don't agree with everything and only Allah SWT knows the future):

Really great video. I know this (I think a lot of people do, atleast to some level), but it's explained and put into words very well.

Probably cursing in this but is good:

Ugh (Warning! Cursing!):


This is sad...may Allah Most High bless her, I'll miss her on there:

Probably some cursing but good video and information:

Another economic video, I did not watch it though (there always doing doom and gloom econ videos that I see anyway) : Brace Yourselves For The Most Dramatic Shift In The Standard Of Living In All Of U.S. History Epic Economist 96K views


(Cursing maybe):

Oh nice! (learned before sometime in college or something but forget a bit, but I never support the big name aid NGOs, I know there scammy) :

I really despise and always have, this globalization effort of multi-national corporations...I was watching some T.V. one day fliiping through channels and saw an African leaque basketball game and it looked exactly the same as American people in the way people we're talking, the way their body language was; just everything. Kind of shocking really and sad. I quit watching sports and am glad, there's so much more can do with my time here on earth with my life and I see so many people basically idolizing sports stars (and celebrities). Sports is big money and it seems their using that to export globalization (sameness) and take advantage of people's proclivity to enjoy competing and having some fun and getting some exercise (not a bad thing, that, but to just sit around and watch it is not so good at all; And only a very small percentage of the population actually makes it big and they spend their entire lives on trying to make it and getting better at the sport and in reality, only a small percentage will ever make money actually playing in sports; of course, in the United States, they also use taxpayer money to build stadiums, etc., which, while yes, it can improve the economy of the area, does it really improve the conditions for the working and middle class? the majority who pay for it? While the owners of the franchise themselves are often billionaires - why don't they pay for it? It's not owned by the people at any rate and they don't get any of the revenue it generates even if they actually paid for it....that's theft.





Just thinking about, ultimately, how Islam is the most perfect(ed) religion for all of mankind (O, if man only knew!): Environmentalism (how the Prophet lived and named everything he owned and treated it with care), the practices (peace, peace of mind), the science (real and in the Holy Quran), the building up of society (not tearing it down), the study of knowledge (and knowledge's one can say), the "trying your best and bringing it everyday" (and not being lazy and being really good within your job and work, remembering Allah, but also not being OCD (though OCD can be a positive attribute if used in the right way and for the right job) because of knowing time considerations and having experience, one learns...). Beautifying and improving things - picking up trash for instance, is definitely a righteous selfless act that's nothing but positive...holding to truth (especially in these times), and to the religion and being answerable to Allah, not to man and the world (Dunya) and craving money or attention, etc. (is all jacked up here obviously, and can truly lead people to not care and ending up, you know, on drugs, etc. or whatever).

- The prohibition of Riba - is good, great for society (is all jacked up now - there is no "fair trade" between the countries of the world) - money backed by nothing and printed so all kinds of inflation and boom and bust cycles and with our capitalism, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer - that may be a part of capitalism (Dr. Wolff), but that is interest! (and a corrupt and poor system) -> 2.5% zakat would solve a lot of the world's problems related to poor or disabled people.

Thought of this a few weeks ago:

Saw this a few days ago (very cool):


-> S.A.W.

Good video!:



Some cursing in these two (maybe not the first, I forget):


Don't agree with everything in this but it's interesting:

"I am still learning..." - Michaelangelo

I'm not the greatest. I mess up a lot. All in the world is vanity and sport (competition). All praise and thanks be to Allah. We will be returned to Allah. - > So, that's why to keep the mind calm, especially or atleast after one gets wiser and older and experienced...(IMO and learning and understanding and maybe is just me and my mind at the time and before, my mind was more calm...and so, wise in a way). Dhikr of Allah SWT. Helps the soul, lifts the soul (of the believer). And reflection on self and self-analysis of thought (but sometimes to stop thinking and negative and bad thoughts or images) and of course thinking about things of the world (systems, people and what they may believe and what they're going through).

But I am still learning...Islam is a verb; and a journey...

Good videos, one last night and then this morning:

As the Sheikh says in this video, these are spiritual (inner) videos, not outer. That's what Sufi-ism is about.


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