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Searching for the Truth

Not feeling well, have a flu but anyway, yes, just searching for truth about matters such as in Bucha, etc. I'm sorry, I might have too much anti-U.S. Government sentiment that I've gained over the years. Fed up (who isn't) with all the putrid stinking corruption in our government and anybody complicit in not trying to work to end all this big money corruption in our government, then I really don't trust em to be honest.

Is not right. Hilary isn't right either - her connections in Ukraine paint a hugely dark cloud over everything I feel the U.S. is doing now, which is going full ham on trying to keep ahold of power and dividing up the world and going against anyone who disagrees. Is not good. Our economic system and our actions since world war 2 and especially since Reagan became President are nothing to be super proud of and to hold ourselves up as like some saintly country (Putin and Russia, definitely not either) with great world leadership and this "exemplary example" of Democracy and capitalism is wrong.

2 x 2 meeting today with India, I watched some of it, it was fine, all good of course to meet and discuss where the relationship is at and all and to make peace. We definitely need it if we're going to start sanctioning China. India should stay strong to their country and not get suckered into any bad deals or anything though by us.


Anyway...on to war stuff....and searching for truth. Just a bunch of vids. So much info out there...


Jake Tran Vids (other videos kind of)

I like a lot of his take on things.....don't follow every word of anyone though, use your own judgment and knowledge.


NICE!: Wise - would be nice to live in a different kind of peaceful world. I think most people agree wholeheartedly...

Nice, yeah, I would say I believe in some type of you know, populism and political and social science implementations, and capitalist environmental socialism...


Watched the first few it...that's good. CDC Under Review: Month Long Probe Into BOTCHED Pandemic Response Kicks Off The Hill 17K views

This is what I was wanting to see and look up, just real people talking about what happened, there has to be quite a few if not hundreds of people who witnessed what went on.

- At the same time, yeah, people acting as soldiers in these situations can turn into monsters. I fear myself in ways as well in circumstances and situations.

- I don't like the media shoving all this down my throat 24/7 - almost feels like a conspiracy and a psyop to try to get everyone on board the U.S. and West train or in-line. That's seemingly what they are trying to do and to force, probably because they know Russia is making really smart and strong moves that undermines the dollar's strength and because of China coming up as well BUT it doesn't excuse soldiers from acting very poorly and mercilessly and inhumanely.

- I wish my country was upright.

- In our foreign policy and actions towards the wider world. It's always upset me whether reading Chomsky or Klein etc. or learning about things while in College and to this day (lots of environmental-related things like documentaries etc., can be quite maddening). The lack of morals and integrity, it'll come back to bite ya...

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