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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Nice. "Don't be arrogant". Build self, and self-esteem. What does that really mean and entail though? I seem to think too lowly of myself always...probably because am judging from such high standards and think and worry too much. Perfectionism when it's just all in the mind and knowing vs. doing are different and I know this...and being is...kind of interesting sometimes, like, wow, this is reality. (And where I'm at now and what I'm doing and who I am - who am I? what...(is deep, we are not are thoughts, not our bodies, not this, not that...).

Liked these videos:

Is kind of weird, that....FB. Agree with Russell. It is complicated because of the good FB and social media does but also at the same time, what are the motives? That's what seems dirty about it.

Thought of an idea - what if we (whoever) just made a non-profit Facebook rip-off? For the whole world. Owned by all, therefore no one? Objectively of course anyway, because there would still have to be employees and everything.

Makes me question kind of the definition of "publically owned corporations". Hmm...but then that just gets into a "is capitalism really truly good?" discussion at the core. Who decides? Who is best qualified to lead, and it/corporations do work to try to please people but a lot is based on self-interest and greed and why do individuals and corporations need to accumulate so much $$$. To what ends is it good or that (profit-driven virtues that seek to always just compete, compete and dominate) actually good...especially if they are the ones shaping reality and the future and nobody has any say on the matter, except if we just desist/dropout, but if there's such you know, power and everyone, etc. using it and people like the services, etc., what's the point at the individual level of not using it? Then of course, you do have the right-wing view (American, that is and in general), that I can agree with in many cases, but the argument fails (IMO), that government is ineffective and not good with money, therefore...don't trust government, trust in the market, trust in business; but if educated more on the issue, should know that government and business work together, but of course, it's never that simple. Not all of government or what the government does is bad (nor does it have to be. Anything other than good, which is my ideal and I believe the founding fathers and creators of the Constitution tried to set it up in such a way - when people we're people, not corporations or representing interests of corporations and it's what makes America great and did make America great). Balance is good. Deliberation and processes and laws are good, but simple is good and great also. Some common sense and decency (truly without agenda; other than to aspire to higher values of justice, equality, liberty for all - which entails the whole planet and the/a future).

Simple is hard. Pure. If anybody knows how to make an economic system work without debt-based interest in the modern connected small world we live in now...(proposing loans that increase debt based on loan payback time is cool and good, but anyway..., we live in an inflationary debt-based world/economic system which is proving it's effect have a lot of negative consequences when profit is #1, driven not by people but people ran corporations where the top brass reap hugely the rewards of all labor, etc., of course...). Us Americans are pretty lucky...but at the same time, is going downhill and coming apart at the seams and I feel, honestly, maybe it should? There's a price to pay (believe so, anyway, at some point, there always is, especially when you have 28 trillion or whatever in debt) but, still, good is good, right is right. Can always work to try to change things around/start going in another direction...I think that could cause a lot of suffering and pain to some and in the short term but in the long run is better and best for the world (honestly).

How much worse could things be for most though, is 2022, what's scarier IMO is climate change caused droughts and mass hunger and migrations, etc, etc. which are probably coming so....prepare oneself. Personally, I've found much comfort in religion that has roots in all religion and goodness and truth or truths and again, goodness - love, mercy, and grace (what I can rationally understand as much anyway). Wisdom and knowledge (and learning) are pretty sweet too, and trying to practice and control self (letting go at the same time, not all things serve one very well, especially excess thinking and worry).

Videos I liked recently:

Hope this video doesn't get deleted. (canceled, ugh, I really dislike that word, it's so dumb for adults to be canceling things, if anything, we should be canceling all the senseless violent media and pornographic material and sexually undertoned ads, etc., etc., (which kids and whoever get exposed to and becomes more and more normalized), not free speech).

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