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I think he has a lot of great points. Balance is important and considering more angles and perspectives. Truth is often not black and white.

I think I still am basically a "moderate liberal libertarian" but also a "progressive" "green" "conservative" "democratic socialist". I don't care. It makes sense. Labels are just words and labels, what matters is your words! Policies and idealogies, thing you support and believe in. Who cares about labels and cliques and groups etc. Greatness resides within but the environment also affects and develops whats within as well. Don't try, just be, and accept and keep learning and going forward, backwards, all around, it's okay. Hold on, let go. Fall down, get up.

I found what looks to be a really good and interesting book that aligns with Islam quite well in my opinion but I'm just starting out still and learning. It's not perfect, but it's very good and interesting. Actually led to important evolution including the raw food and vegan movements. Can search for "herbert m shelton human life it's philosophy and laws". Found at my parents Christadelphian Ecclesia, very old and going to waste. Thankful I found it. I read Shelton's autobiography and saw that he died from Parkinson's disease and looked up it and found I have some very similar symptoms to the disease.

In a lot of pain some days (back pain - affects hamstrings, hips, muscle imbalances from sitting at a computer and also being a delivery driver and bending/lifting etc. but I also have a birth defect in my lower back (one vertebrate not connected)). Having to stretch (yoga is great) and do exercises every day and trying to correct my posture and probably even my gait. I'm not really unhealthy in physiological sense (metabolism, cardio is okay but not great anymore, blood tests are very good etc.) but body is structurally unsound and hurting. I believe I have Covid-19 right now - my Dad has it, but think I got it before anyway, so doing okay. Gut microbiome is unhealthy too often as well, diet, it's so hard to eat truly healthy in our society and costly. Sugar is bad, believe I have too much candida albicans (a fungus). I think its very crazy that brown rice costs more than white rice for example. It's no Bueno. Trash. Just like all this plastic and synthetic chemicals in the environment and getting into the food chain which ends and accumulates at the top. Which is us humans of course. Things adding up and progressing into disease and sicknesses - like my back - or depression which they want to treat you, first thing mostly, with some pills (Google scholar the long term effects of taking antidepressants and also look at some of the development of the mental health industry and how they/we didn't know or still don't know all the effects of taking pills - is hard to prove one specific thing such as a chemical in the human body or brain is the cause of this or that.).

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