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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Is good to hear straight from the source, think/analyze as you will :

16 - March 2022, I saw the video Thursday night, 3-24-2022. I am not a Putin colluder or anything of that sort...(I could see U.S. people claiming that, my Youtube timeline follows...)

Haven't watched it all but seems good (time, it's too expensive...)

Saw some of this in the morning before work as it was live:

Obviously, I think we all should listen to Putin's speeches and hold him to account of their action in Ukraine and if they go any further than that, then that would really change things. The western response as is, has changed things in my opinion because of irresponsible reactions in the media, by our world - or actually more poignantly our western leaders, etc., but it comes as no surprise really, especially in hindsight but uh, only to a degree, some things are quite surprising still and hugely upsetting and disturbing because, you know, we're all human. Otherwise, I agree with a lot of what is said.

Responsibility: (my opinion) Ukraine's government is responsible for itself and what happens to them is/can be a result of their actions. - If we didn't have any hand or responsibility we could and should (IMO) position ourselves (militarily) for defense around Ukraine if we are really and truly concerned that this is about control and Putin/Russia's plans were expansion and control of territory, at that point, supplying arms and taking bold actions against Russia would be justifiable and the world would I believe, be united in that cause. - But that, we did have a hand and have responsibility in this IMO and so things are on high alert and much change is happening (yes, detrimental changes for people and the world and hardships unto many throughout the world in the short term). I believe also that all of these wars and military spending and unrestrained printing of money etc. is very irresponsible (as I've voiced before but I ain't anybody really, is just, is what it is) and you know, as history unfolds, we're now seeing all of this and the U.S. and its allies trying to hold on to its power basically at any cost and its exposing the nastiness. I believe things will be better in time, because people are smart and learn and things happen for a reason...

I believe we need to get to work ourselves (here in the U.S.) and in "leadership". Transparency, you know, things working out if you're truthful and right your ship, etc. Come up with solutions, etc., all these good things they try to teach us in schools or parents do, atleast in the "old times" know, anyway.....not all this pageantry and whatnot (patting ourselves on the back and constant awards and all this, is like), is pretty alright to a degree but the next day, reality is, new day, go back to work, do this do that, whatever, you know...(western or modern kind of thinking, like things, don't have consequences, everything will be okay, you can party it up and whatnot or something, nothing matters, climate change, sex, good job, lol...okay...condemn this, like this, we're awesome your not blah blah blah - bunch of babies our society/media/social media is turning us into to a degree for sure, but there is a balance of being nice and humble as well - "be a man" is good, love being a man man :). (Women, I don't know, I'm not a woman. And I believe even if I changed my genitalia and took pills to become more of a woman, that my experiences (in life) and some things inside of me (my heart) and some things biologically, would still be -< "when the crap hits the fan..." ). Life advice I got this week from a 64 year old man: "Be you." & "difficult times build character"...

"We urge the United States to take a transparent and responsible attitude by seriously responding to the concerns of the international community over its role in making biological weapons in its bio-labs in Ukraine, said the spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense on Thursday."

As said.../\ /\. ,,,"what is the relation between the U.S. bio labs and it's Department of Defense?". "If the U.S. did only biological researches and disease surveillance in the labs in Ukraine, why is the Department of Defense deeply involved?".

- If Hunter Biden, a 52 year old man (no reason to defend this GROWN WHITE MAN, should there be if you're on the "left"???) just as there should be no reason for his parents IMO to defend him (my parents would hold me to account, "it's on you" and we're dissappointed! but, no, I'm sure they would not even allow me to go that far down the gutter, they're awesome...) is innocent, then no worries, right?

Hugely upsetting end...listened to some music (not so good in many Islamic perspectives and rulings but, yeah, Allah (SWT) knows all and what we're feeling and our intentions).

Trust in Allah....Allah Akbar.

Islam - Light and goodness (to me anyway, in this dark world and times):

Some of this is just kind of news commentary and opinion, is not Islam, Islam cannot be defined in a singularily way other than "submission to Allah" one believes and does and takes actions etc and stay away from some things etc. Can be good, is good on the whole, you have to learn and act, etc. All religions etc. can have bad people and imperfect people, etc., that's why Allah sent prophets and guidance....

What I'm saying is like as such: I am not Islam. The word "deen" (religion) is my or one's religion. Everyone is different (every person, their life and events, etc). Even people who say, I'm not religious, I believe in this and this, - that is then their deen/religion. Yep, anyway...

Ew...I use to be ew and lost as well, without purpose, blindly wandering and in search (trying to find happiness, much a lot of it was about)...questioning capitalism and the world (nukes, etc. from a young age (~13 years old)...

Trust in Allah, speak truthfully, be humble do good, work, etc., get rewards, pass tests, grow, keep going always (follow the Prophet Muhammed and his example and remember his and his companion's hardships - SAW, RA, and the examples of the Prophets). Mercy. Peace and may the mercy of The Most High be upon the world. It's all going to work out.


And, actually within Islam, on the transgender issue, here's one article, anyway, the general consensus (that I know of) is that people are born male or female (obvious!) and only in very unusual and rare cases would changing one's identity be "okay" if even going that far, is better to just submit to Allah - that's the definition of Islam, and obey once knowledge has come to a person. Look at some studies etc., the people who identify themselves (a problem in itself) as LGBTQ+ are more likely to commit suicide (also totally haram, and will be punished and tortured in hell for it unless by the leave of Allah - he knows all of course and is the Most High), etc. It doesn't lead to a good life and lifestyle, and people do judge even if they are not forthcoming about their judgments and feelings (the mind is a beast, can make a person sick as well just worrying - on any thing one might worry about such as climate change for example)...the fact that we and animals have feelings, etc., (and that animals are not just ruthless eating machines for example) is one of the reasons why I turned from an atheist/agnostic to a believer:

Edit 5:00 p.m. :

Reading (listening actually via an app "@Voice Out Loud" ) Gaddafi's Green Book (can find it for free on Wikipedia).

Good info (for free, no buying an NFT required! yay...):

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