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Slavery - Islam and Christianity

"Don't be negatively self-righteous".

Just looking at mostly Islamic videos and Islamic history - inspired from watching a video about Muhammad al-Fatih and it led to a lot...

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A short synopsis of an islamic academic paper on Muhammad al-Fatih:

A free book about Muhammad al-Fatih:


Mostly all Islamic videos:

(not islamic):

Good looking videos (haven't watched:):

Why You Should Pay Attention to Julian Assange Check out Nord VPN's exclusive deal: Julian Assange has a long, complicated past. But regardless of

Neoliberalism continues in national and transnational institutions, even though it has lost legitimacy as an ideology and has even penetrated progressive thinking, argues Prof. David Harvey...

(not Islamic videos :) )

Great philosophical video discussing belief in God:

More++ Islamic videos -

-- This is a really good video on an uncomfortable topic, but if Muslim and we're probably more sensitive to the issue than others (maybe), it'll be alright! I'll assure you. Just wait an hour or a few after getting back to the real world. - It is definitely a big issue right now as there is a lot of anti-muslim sentiment in the world and the United States nowdays.

Just watching a lot of Islamic videos last night (one can just call them religious videos and history though as well IMO) and into this morning - it got super interesting...

A bunch of "ManyProphetsOneMessage" videos - I really like their videos - the style of and effects and evidences and their conciseness as well.

The main proof of Muhammad’s Prophethood, peace and blessings be upon him, is and forever will be the Miraculous Qur’an which was revealed by God to him through the Angel Gabriel. God Almighty,...

Eclipses have inspired curiosity and caused fear throughout history. In this video we analyse and contrast the various superstitions that ancient cultures and religions came up with in order...

A popular attack against the Qur’an is the claim that it was inspired by occult forces such as demons, which is an argument that is typically put forward by Christian apologists and missionaries....

This video shows how in less than ten words the Qur’an describes our Creator in a way that provides an irrefutable argument for His existence. To learn more about the miracles of the Qur’an,...

Back when I was a young teenager growing up, I saw too many contradictions and things in the Bible that made me lose faith. I see that in a lot of people in the United States and them not knowing what Islam says really and is about.

Many Christians believe that the New Testament is the infallible word of God, recorded by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In this video we are going to put this notion to the...

It's Jinn and Sayton (Satan - that's how I like to say it) that lead people astray and cause all kinds of paranormal and occult beliefs etc.

Throughout history people have reported otherworldly experiences. Reports of ghosts, UFOs and strange creatures are present in many cultures, transcending language and religion. In this video...

As seen in a previous video (blog post), which was a mainstream produced video about the life of Jesus (A.S. - peace be upon him), that Jesus A.S. was raised as a traditional Jew and, pretty much everyone knows that the Jews got mad at him and planning to crucify him. The Holy Quran says - paraphrasing - "God gave him (Jesus (AS)) the knowledge and the wisdom" - he surpassed them in his knowledge from his own self - knowledge and morals coming from within maybe? and what people develop in themselves - their sense of judgment throughout their life and life experiences...- I think anyway...- It is a complicated subject to convey in words - he was of course, a Prophet and a top five Prophet at that and is the Messiah (I mean, that's pretty high, HIGH esteem...The Lord God IS the Greatest and the Creator of all that is of course).

Rewatched - Hamzu Yusuf video - Hey, he's speaking at the WEF...his words and message though, I have no problem with. As Muslims though, we do have to stand up for our beliefs and not fall into a religious pluralism trap (liberalism - just pointing the word out...). May Allah forgive us. - It is a conundrum a bit though isn't it - Muslim beliefs? Is it contradictory to say that? I don't believe it is as I believe it is the perfect religion. Actions > Words > Thoughts. We're all human.


There's an Amanah (a Trust). Follow Ibrahim AS and Muhammad SAW. Is like - Allah SWT says "Be" and it is (There is no God but Allah - there are no coincidences, everything is how it's supposed to be and we will be tested (in our society and the world given how it is - and it was different in the past, of course). *Imagining* Allah says - Ibrahim does (like an angel but with a human intellect and understanding - a genius). -> To get to that level of trust with Allah - that's amazing. There's no complaining, no questioning even really (?), is like...that is Islam - and becoming a friend of Allah SWT. To be a trustworthy and upright person - is actually very hard to do, to keep one's word and responsibilities upon everything - And doing so many good deeds, and never failing any of the tests. That's amazing and of course, we don't know much about Abraham AS other than what the holy books tell us about him and his life. There is the issue of slavery (below) and of course, Hagar was a slave and born Ishmael. -- Some of my thoughts while watching videos below is of course, a slave might not want to be freed in some of those past societies and cultures - they could end up in a much worse situation.


Right, there's a lot of overlap between Christianity and Pagan cultures - one doesn't have to be a Muslim to know that, I saw the same topic on a TBS show just a few months ago (Adam Ruins Everything). Christmas, for example, was more of a Pagan holiday that turned into a Christian holiday and then Santa Claus was invented and it's more of a commercialized/capitalist thing than anything now (its good to have some holidays and spend time with family though, that's for sure, thank God - it's nice to have a more quiet day out of the week as well and Allah SWT knows best and Allah SWT knows best for judging people - "Wa lam ya kul lahu kufawan ahad" ("there is none co-equal unto Him)) and "Iyyaka na'budu wa iyyaka nasta'in" ("Master of the Day of Judgement").

It is a sensitive topic. I have a lot of friends that are Christian but still, the truth of the reality just is. Same with global warming. Just because there are differences between people though doesn't mean there can't be love and friendship and respect.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are typically grouped together under the same umbrella of “Abrahamic religion”. This video is going to show that far from being a religion in the monotheistic...

Interesting looking video:

Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: The Trans movement surges across western civilization, necessitating the ego-centric fantasies of gender-dysph...

There are 2.1 billion Christians on the planet—roughly one third of the entire human population. At the heart of their religion is the New Testament and the birth, life, death, and resurrection...


This video covers ten insights that the Qur'an has into the hidden past of ancient Egypt, proving that the Qur'an is of divine origins: 0:00 Introduction 1 0:05 Introduction to Egypt 2. 1:49...

Other videos (did not watch):

There’s something insidious flowing through the heart of almost every economy and financial system in the world. It’s used by some of the most powerful people to take over entire countries....

Nelson Walters 12K views

The USA and the EU are full of symbols of Babylon, from their bills and coins to their statues and even to cermonies they perform. What do these symbols mean? What do you tell us about the...


Looking into the history of slavery and Islam: - Google it - There is actually a lot of slavery the Arabs partook in especially throughout parts of Africa - in Northern and Western Africa after the Prophet's SAW's death. Islam, the religion as a whole, - it's not all clean and roses etc. especially today. I mean I don't agree with a lot of Sharia law countries and those interpretations and fatwas etc. (death penalties for smaller things etc.). That's not the Islam nor the Qur'an that I've come to know.

(Note - the pics start delving into the political and some things I agree with, some I don't, but I can see people's points of view - for sure, for sure)

There is a lot of slavery in human history period. Great lecture - -

From Sheikh Imran Hosein (I like him) - "help Pakistan and it's people" - and yes, I do also interpretted that Surah and Ayat of the Quran to be global warming. - And "the cities swelling up" just as the oceans...Prophecy.

----------- The Rohingya

From Human Rights Watch -

"The Rohingya have faced decades of discrimination and repression under successive Myanmar governments. Effectively denied citizenship under the 1982 Citizenship Law, they are one of the largest stateless populations in the world.

About 900,000 Rohingya are currently living in overcrowded camps in Bangladesh, most of whom fled Myanmar since August 2017 to escape the military’s crimes against humanity and possible genocide.

The estimated 600,000 Rohingya who remain in Rakhine State are subject to government persecution and violence, confined to camps and villages without freedom of movement, and cut off from access to adequate food, health care, education, and livelihoods."

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