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Slavery - Pt. 2

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Bismillah Arahman Arraheem, al hamdu lillah rabbil alameen -

S.A.W. - Islam - Everyone is born equal in the eyes of the creator, and only He SWT is all-knowing.

there is no justice that i can make for this topic in this short time

1:25 and no words are enough to describe how valuable and how emotional these last days of the prophet

1:33 there is no man that exists on the face of the earth no human no creation of allah whose last days are

1:41 more moving more important more valuable than the last days

1:46 of the best creature on the face of the earth

1:57 brothers and sisters in islam the messenger of allah who came to the

2:04 all of mankind li nasi to all people

2:10 the final of his messengers the one with whom his death meant

2:16 that it will mark the last time any wahey any inspiration will come down

2:21 onto earth no more Quran no more no more revelations

2:33 was going to cease at the death of this final messenger

on the

3:38 12th month

3:43 in the tenth year of el hijra

3:49 the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam delivered his last sermon

3:55 in public to the largest amount of people in

4:02 called the farewell pilgrimage

4:07 and i wonder what the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam is going to address the people in this final important sermon to

4:12 the public it is a long sermon and i'm sure that you know most of it

4:18 but to highlight the most important parts of it

4:24 after praising allah and sending his prayers and blessings unto his messenger the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam

4:31 said to them behold learn these words that i'm going to tell

4:36 you and pass them on to those who are absent

4:43 those of you who are here today pass them on to those who will come later those who will come later are us and i'm

4:49 going to come to that and share allah in a bit more detail later on the

4:54 prophet alaihi wasallam commanded them to lend him a very attentive ear

5:00 and told them that they are not to practice

5:07 ever again to enter into the land of the arabs

5:15 and medina and its surroundings and he also said that iblis has given up

5:22 on causing people in these lands to make shirk as a whole as a nation

5:28 but it is the minor sins that iblees or the shaytan will continue to

5:35 do to whisper into the hearts of muslims and the prophet sallallahu alaihi

5:41 wasallam warned us of these minor sins from taking them for granted

5:47 for he said the majority of my ummah that enters hellfire temporarily it is because of this thing

5:54 called he is very careful and caring about us that he is explaining to us do not take

6:00 minor sins for granted at least feel guilty about them and you'll salawat wipe them away yes but don't feel as if

6:07 they are something normal for you it doesn't matter then he advised us

6:14 to worship allah and obey his messenger he said that i have left you on a clear white page its night is as clear as its

6:22 day no one will er offered except those who are soon to destruction

6:27 the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam then addressed us in the form or the advice

6:33 of abandoning nationalism and racism

6:39 our different colors our different backgrounds our different genders

6:44 he said the attribute of jayahiliyah in relation to tribalism and nationalism

6:51 is long gone for me and i have placed it underneath my feet today he said this in the holy land

6:57 in the sacred month in the time of hajj he said leave it for it stinks it's

7:04 a stinking carcass and i have placed it beneath my feet

do you remember the state of islam could not flourish until rasul assalam broke

8:15 the enmity between the muslims and made them brothers and sisters

8:21 he called in medina and then he named us a very special name

8:26 you are an ummah for the first time someone a nation has been called umma do you know where ummah is derived from my

8:32 brothers and sisters in arabic the terminology is not there is a word before just

8:39 before it's called um you all know what um means right mother but the word um is even derived

8:45 from another word before it

8:50 which means when you make a center of attention or an objective before yourself

8:55 and when the mother gives birth to its child to her child all the center of attention is on the

9:01 mother right and when the child is born the child the baby is looking for its mother

9:06 the whole world stops because the mother has given birth so she was called um and you my brothers and sisters were

9:12 called by the prophet um

9:18 it means that you might as well be from one mother we are like truly like from one mother

9:24 and so we should treat each other as such the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam

9:30 went on advising more advice he said to the men look after your women

9:37 care for your women do not oppress your women be dutiful towards them and you will

9:44 know the hadith of the prophet

9:49 the best among your men is the one best to his wife and i am the best among you to my wife

9:55 why is the rasool i'm giving these strict advices in his last sermon

10:00 yet today we find many muslims not taking them as a very serious matter

10:06 because after being one ummah and adhering as one unity

10:12 he knows that our generations and our children and our ummah

10:18 generation after generation cannot flourish cannot be leaders without looking after the most important

10:27 educational institution that exists for them and she is their mother for she spends

10:32 most of the time with them and subhanallah between you and i i find that my daughter and son my

10:39 children they learn from their mother quicker than what they learned from me i think you can agree with me there's something

10:45 about the voice of the mother she says a few words and they've memorized it masha'allah

10:50 there's something about them and men complain that women talk a lot is that not right

10:56 when they talk a lot it's because they give a lot of detail explanation to children who also talk a lot this is a

11:02 positive thing actually we should not look at it as a negative thing took so much importance about caring and

11:09 nurturing this mother for allah created her from you and she

11:14 is an amman when allah created the from the rib of adam alaihissalam

11:20 adam salem became incomplete and he finds his completeness with his

11:25 wife and his wife finds her completeness with her husband we found our find out complaints with

11:31 our mothers with our daughters with our sisters and they find their completeness with their fathers brothers sons and

11:37 husbands if we don't do that then we can never

11:42 prosper as an ummah at all the other important advice that rasul assalam told us is about

11:48 in his final sermon why why such you know simple matters to us today but

11:54 they were so huge the prophet saws needed to leave it with us as a bequest is it not the result

12:01 of most of our countries today third world countries dying of hunger and starvation poverty

12:08 and oppression is the result not primarily because of usury and interest yes it is

12:14 and the leading money makers are the capitalists and they survive and thrive on interest and

12:22 and brotherhood and sisterhood between the muhajirean and the ansar you remember when he did

12:28 his hijra he had to break one thing very quickly and that is the practice of usury

12:33 because

12:42 they used to charge them interest and this is how they kept the war going they used to supply them with weapons

12:48 and when they couldn't pay them off said they used to say don't worry you can pay us later with interest

12:54 this oppression creates classes of people and hierarchies

12:59 and creates slavery said leave it usury and

13:10 repeating the brotherhood saying behold the blood the honor

13:16 and the wealth the property of every muslim is as sacred as this day

13:21 of ours is this month of ours as this holy city of ours if not more even more sacred than the kaaba itself

13:29 the blood the honor and the property of the muslims towards one another

13:37 gave more advices along those lines but the most highlighted advices are

13:43 adhering to allah ... making sure brotherhood and sisterhood in islam,

13:49 caring for our women and looking after the honor the blood and

13:54 the wealth of one another these advices were simple

14:01 yet the Muslims today how far we have gone off track in these matters we ask Allah to forgive us and to set us

14:08 straight on a straight path again and to bring prosperity and leadership to the ones who will inherit this earth

14:15 in righteousness his last sermon by pointing his finger upwards and then

14:21 pointing to the people saying

14:28 bear witness that i have informed them bear witness that i have informed them he kept repeating it several times until

14:35 the people wept they felt the strain the tension

-- The Holy Quran 77 - 88. 55. 56. - it is like humanity is in the last juz - but of course, only Allah SWT knows all.

Bismillah Rahman Raheem

Surah 77 Those Sent Forth by Mualana Muhammad Ali

28: Woe on that day to the rejectors!

29: Walk on to that which you called a lie.

30: Walk on to the shadow, having three branches

31: Neighter cool, nor availing against the flame

32: It sends up sparks like palaces

33: As if they were tawny camels

34: Woe on the day to the rejectors


30a. According to I'Ab, the address here is to the people of the Cross (RM) the believers in Trinity , and this may be the reason for calling their punishment dhi thalathi shu'ab - a shadow having three branches. The word zill used here means properly shade or light of the sun without the rays (LL), but the word is extensively used to carry a number of other significances, such as covering, protection, a plentiful, or an easy state of life (T, LL). The three branches of it are the three characteristics thereof stated in the verses that follow.

33a: They reject the Truth and seek comfort and ease in material benefits. They are given a shade, but it does serve the purpose of shade. It is devoid of the coolness of shade - they cannot find solace in it. Nor does it avail them against flames, which stand here for the distresses of life. More than this, what they mistook for ease and plenty is itself a source of distress. Sparks arise therefrom, not the tiny sparks of an ordinary fire but sparks big as palaces. In fact, the very palaces which they make for their comfort turn into sparks, which set fire to all around them. Perhaps there is a deeper reference here to the modern implements of destruction on account of their magnitude and extensive destructive effect. These sparks are further compared to tawny camels, which is true not only as regards their colour but also because of the succession with which these big sparks follow one another, like camels walking one after another in a line.

- Our culture - predicated on Christian values - has went so wrong. The normal now is extensive cursing, backbiting and talking about others, highlighting people's faults, - slandering and arrogant boasting - struggling for the material gain and fleeting happiness. May Allah forgive us of our sins and trespasses and may we do good to others and the environment. - I mean, even if we give up a lot of things and struggle in the way of righteousness there are always going to be people who are probably struggling harder and it may not even be by their own hands but because of the inequality of the world. Is like uh, there are just so much drama all the time that people in our country especially, they can't live without it. Can't accept anything against themselves. Like we/they are so high and mighty. How hard do we even have it here and in these days? But yet, yes, our government and others want to hide the truth of the Quran (never have seen a Quran before on a U.S. bookshelf and still have yet to have seen one) and the truth of doing good deeds, that there is a purpose in life and so much more (they cover up)...and it's the WHOLE TRUTH as is - as it says, everything we do, say and possibly even think, all will be brought forth if Allah SWT would not forgive us (the Prophet SAW said, ablution or wudu, and praying five times a day, is like cleaning oneself five times a day, would you see any dirt and filth on a person who does as such?)

Comment I like:

When you put ‘it’s the Qadr of Allah’ in every situation you go through, you’ll see everything from a different perspective and you will get through every hardship you face

"One day your actions will visit you, so don't be surprised when you see them."

Seek help with Allah, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that He Hears you and will answer you.

We are the products of our past, but we don't have to be the prisoneres of it .

“Oh servant of Allah, dont grieve as Allāh is always there even if the whole world turns against you as long as you obey Him, He will never forsake you.” May Allah turn your hardships into blessings.


Surah 79. 80. 81.

83 Al-Tatfif : Default in Duty

Bismillah Rahman Araheem:

1: Woe to the cheaters!

2: Who, when they take the measure (of their dues from men, take it fully,

3: And when they measure out to others or weight out for them, they give less than is due.

4: Do they not think that they will be raised again,

5: To a might day? -

6: The day when men will stand before the Lord of the Worlds.

8: Nay, surely the record of the wicked is in the prison (referring to the written book or record which they can't escape from)

9: It is a written book.

10: Woe on that day to the rejectors!

11: Who give the lie to the day of Judgement,

12: And none gives the lie to it but every exceeder of limits, every sinful one;

13: When Our messages are recited to him, he says: Stories of those of yore!

14: Nay, rather, what they earned is rust upon their hearts.

15: Nay, surely they are that day debarred from their Lord.

Surah 85 Al-Buruj : The Stars

Bismillah Rahman Araheem

1: By the heaven full of stars!

2: And the Promised day!

3: And the bearer of witness and that to which witness is borne!

4: Destruction overtake the companions of the trench!

5: The fire fed with fuel - (Fire = war)

6: When they sit by it

7: And they are witnesses of what they do with the believers

8: And they punished them for naught but that they believed in Allah, the Mighty, The Praised,

9: Whose is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. And allah is Witness of all things.

10: Those who persecute believing men and believing women, then repent not, theirs is the chastisement of hell and theirs the chastisement of burning.

11: Those believe and do good, theirs are Gardens wherein flow rivers. That is the great achievement.

12: Surely the grip of thy Lord is severe.

13: Surely He it is Who creates first and reproduces;

14: and He is the Forgiving, the Loving

15: Lord of the Throne of Power, the Glorious

16: Doer of what He intends.

17: Has not there come to thee the story of the hosts,

18: Of Pharaoh and Thamud?

19: Nay, those who disbelieve give the lie -

20: And Allah encompasses them on all sides

21: Nay, it is a glorious Qur'an

22: In a guarded tablet


Cities After...Climate Change Series: The Circular Economy - Pt. 4

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Must watch - I can't believe this is history and real life. The morality and decision making are in the gutter, the toilet, the sewer - of course it has to be some evil people high up who are controlling and using people and systems of power, right? Google etc. and all the rest who are censoring and controlling etc. - can't be just, that ignorant to just obey everything from the Western Media superpowers and the Pentagons etc. right? I thought the high ups were "smart" and "progressive" and read books, always learning and "open-minded"?

I feel like I have to be "the man" or "the one" or something to try to wake the whole freaking world up and start a butterfly effect of different ways to think about the economy and a "peaceful and progress-full world" or something...ridiculous. Ribbillfili (O Allah, please forgive me - it's a good opportunity I suppose (of course), I'm just very shy! and don't talk well and maybe the Gov. or some billion dollar corporation would just have me killed anyway but...yeah...).

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