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Social (me: mental) Disintegration

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I can't even watch this. Routers? What? What a bunch of rubbish. I don't even know, can't really understand most of it. "The opposite are liars" I think is discernible - The Dems and Biden are liars, I believe that mostly, sure. He does at least bring energy to his talks, I will say that as well..."sleepy Joe". Uh, lol, suucch a horrible speaker for a guy who's been in politics forever. A lot of Dem's are so politically correct now as well (Stephen Colbert now, compared to before is like - you can tell he's different now and I think a lot of it is political and corporate) that they are so boring. I can feel that way too, social conditioning, and us people are so sensitive now. I guess, not sensitive to a lot of crap (violence, language, nudity, etc.), but are weakly personally sensitive about getting emotions hurt or thoughts and beliefs or even ways of "being" being challenged; if they are challenged and in ways that really can be challenging.

- Talk and communicate and expression is good but think and care. Is just a balance I guess as in so many things. Anger within that, can be used for good (passion!) but can also be bad when our ego's get in the way and we are just defending self but you can't really communicate and change your opinion if you can't communicate and express yourself either.

I don't know. I get to thinking so wrongly about things and the world. I mess up and it only hurts me. "I don't care", "every one for himself". I am tired of being sorry. Care for others is like caring about yourself actually. We are taught to believe a lot of wrong and backward things in this society IMO. Don't lower your self either though to other peoples level. SO do you is not bad in a way either.


Worldly stuff (crap) - Twitter : Nina Turner lost. That's kind of sad. She seemed pretty good. Dem's suck though now, and the Justice Dem's are weak and seemingly failed and/or just spineless IMO - if your elected on certain principles and things - stand by those and fight for them (and it is mean to say that but they are just words). I probably believe it that a bunch of Israeli money etc. went to the opposition as well. Maybe it'll work out okay, who knows.

I feel like, that yes, maybe anyway, that my Republican friends are right and that Trump did do some good and especially for revitalizing rural America to a degree and maybe we would be much worse off than with Hilary (probably or maybe not that much but who knows). I don't like a lot of what Trump did still though (Environmental, 2017 tax reformation that gives more tax breaks to the most profitable and very rich people and corporations, $600/mo. weekly checks (at least it's going to people I guess but meanwhile other people worked their tails off during the pandemic), the administration picks, the justice picks...) but in a super capitalist country - increasing capitalism does work. That's just simple, basic. The handling of 2020 - the pandemic, the Fed, the increase of debt and inflation, is all quite pitiful and horrible - bad IMO. And we need to fix this and do this and that (infrastructure, education, blah blah) and combat clime change and yeah...whatever, crap's sucked for a long time and is tearing the country apart and the kids (like me) don't know how to do a lot of stuff and have bad work ethic and yeah, yeah.....Of course nationalism and greed also have costs to the world, especially in these times. Is bad and evil.


I don't know how true this is for a lot of people in the country (like rural areas - Rural America is in bad shape as far as opportunity and money goes compared to just moving to a city - true enough IMO). If that's all one cares about, there is a lot of things you can do. For sure, especially if you just spend your time wisely, work, get experience, be on time, don't do drugs or drink....easy. Easily said anyway. Harder to do. Such is life.

Thinking about starting my own tech business. Would be cool if I can make it work and still live around here. Got a bunch of handyman type vids (and construction and tech, and whatever) saved to watch and learn. Be pretty awesome to get paid fairly for the work you do and can be your own boss (sole proprietor business). Do good quality work, work at own pace (going faster and feeling stress (social judgements in certain situations where people are competing against each other and doing just, repetitive or, you know, type of work) does make me more mistake prone. Everything is a tradeoff mostly. Speed can sacrifice quality or making more mistakes (IMO, which can make trying to go fast or faster, actually, slower). Anyway...

Another interesting good vid IMO:

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