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Socialist Environmental Humanist

Voting for Biden was painful but he is the better option. I couldn't get myself to vote for Hilary (Bernie!) and instead just put it down for Jill Stein of the Green Party.

Comments I like:

Meanwhile billionaires are lining up to travel to the space

Democracy for Food, Education, Health and Home for All.Increase investment in Food instead of weapons

Someone is flying to Space on personal air craft and someone crying for hunger.........Ya Allah paralise all.... Ameen


American basically needs to bring all it's troops back home the guard our borders and quit telling other countries how to run their country when we can't even run our own country


On Second Thought...

Amazing videos, love it. I wish I made content like that. I need to. ugh. I'm sad.


Ew: Why are the worst conservatives or republicans actually always the ones who have the most clout / get the most headlines etc.


Get ready for off grid survival techno-dystopian's have fun on Mars and on your Islands with your yachts with no fish in the oceans. Actually getting away and whatnot doesn't sound bad but it's a cowardly move. So is ___ so is ____ . I know I know

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