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Some videos and started an interesting book

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

This is so good on so many levels.

Some interesting videos of people who lived abroad for many years and came back to the U.S.

I haven't seen his other video about the positives.

Another video here:

This is an interesting video and pleasantly presented:

I think it's really interesting in High School how they graded on conduct. I think that's a really good idea that I don't know if it ever was done here in the U.S. but it seems like a good idea. I need to possibly add that to the education section of my site. I also thought of another idea - about having teachers randomly getting graded by the students (like twice a semester and random timing of the survey). I think this would be great as it would give schools and parents, kids, and the teachers themselves more feedback on actual teacher effectiveness.

Started a really interesting book -

Check it out. I agree with a lot of it. Very modern - talking about the upcoming age of A.I., China, financial engineering employed by us in the West since we became the leaders (rise and fall of empire(s)). I definitely needed this right now - validating my own views in a lot of ways when it feels like I'm so alone; but, I know I'm not alone and even large corporations, etc. are with me or would be with me on many issues. Is just a matter of ironing things out. I believe my current stances on some things are too authoritarian for sure in ways, but also, I know I'm just a person, not even a politician, and the act of politics is bigger than one. I believe in democracy and the power of group cooperation and thinking and diplomacy (and definitely peace). My tax plan for example as of now probably does go too high (I think so too, but profits are just "profits" but still...yeah, I know...). My site and stances aren't perfect enough yet, perspective (especially modern, world wide thinking/systems thinking) always is good. I agree with a lot of it though and think a lot of my ideas would help immensely as we proceed...

Have a good one everybody.

Also Bill Gates on 60 minutes last Sunday was good. I agree. Saw news of the same message again on nightly news a few days ago. My reaction: ABOUT TIME the climate crisis gets covered more on the news with the respect and severity it deserves! How long have scientists been doing years of research and telling us?! Now just because Mr. Gates is speaking out on it a lot it gets some press - Okay. Our mainstream media is so bad about educating us about science and tech happenings etc. but especially science! So biased towards headline news and ratings. Very bad effects on the culture and society and our understanding of the world (World News). I did my own research and reading into climate change more back in 2014-2015 and came to very dark conclusions which often I used as an excuse for myself "climate change is going to wreck stuff anyway". Poor mentality! I know better now - about a lot of things - dopamine addiction for example, more rules and things to beat procrastination etc. Maybe this blog and taking this action helps me psychologically as well - but I still feel like I don't do enough (studying, reading, etc.).

Elon Musk on A.I. a bit and Gov. Constraints in Capitalism. - I agree, heard about his take on AI a few years ago that really opened my eyes/mind and agreed that Gov. has to develop policy with the help of smart people like him. Also agree Gov. is way too slow-acting with many "stupid" rules etc. and that more true capitalism (true being the key word) is truly more "progressive" for society.

Very good podcast! Makes sense of why Gates is pushing the severity of climate change now at this time and not earlier...

Update 8:35 p.m. CT: /\ Is "Awaken with JP Sears" Episode 120 - "You'll Own Nothing and Be Happy About It". Agree with what JP says pretty much on this episode, pretty much everything...especially about manufacturing consent, fear and love, and true happiness. - I believe in a more fair and more democratic society/government. An economy where things are measured by real human progress and advancement. Placing a great great value on education and building towards a sustainable green smart economy and communities. Not some 1984 Brave New World One World Government crap ruled by a few people - MAYBE a one or big government body (or maybe not, maybe just use existing bodies) that operates on democracy and listens to representatives from every Nation State. Towards a circular economy. A real and simple stock market where businesses can't invest in themselves or do much of anything with the companies money, except invest in their own company and employees. I think individuals investing in companies is fine and okay. Simple investing/stock markets. Simple, easy to read laws and terms of service agreements, etc. etc. Competing with China with real competition via education! and true advancement and capitalism and democracy. Not having the government take over health care and all these things but setting rules etc. to protect individuals. Anyway...yeah.

Another good video by Russell:

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