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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem.


Amazing that it's Islamic knowledge (Qur'an and Sunnah) from 1400 years ago but we are still only now really learning about so many things such as all the healing benefits of honey:

Just wanting good healthy, nourishing and hydrating quite astonishing how a lot of the most well-known superfoods also happen to be on other healthy food lists...there's a few I would add.

-- I just so happened to be thinking about this and the derogatory labels other people might throw at you etc. if you happen to identify yourself politically as a "socialist" or what have a way, a different way of thinking about the ways and means of the world. What is most right and better etc. - can think about, can disagree. One shouldn't be afraid of thinking or listening - it could be that it could lead to better understanding and better ways and of course, having more knowledge about important topics. If we don't question the human systems we've built up and how things work then how would we ever change and improve upon it? - not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy it.


Neoliberalism's anti-democratic stealth revolution w/Wendy Brown

The Real News Network 19K views Half a century of neoliberalism has transformed the politics of the globe. The supremacy of free market ideology has stripped away the

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The Girl Who Saw Jibril AS

Islamic Guidance 169K views

Couldn't understand but comments are good: اکستان کا سیاسی بحران اوراس سے نکلنے کا راستہ ( Imran Khan, Pakistan's Crisis & its only Solution) Shiekh Omar Baloch • 2.2K views

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Real Islam! al hamdu lillah allah akbar - heart touching :

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Khalid Ibn Al-Walid (R)

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Celebrate Ramadan in Moderation

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Subhannah Allah - this is nice. It's sad how parents and parenting often are in America from what I see or hear anyway - and the kids themselves are then in anguish and sadness etc. and emotions going crazily up and down. The [my] inclination towards the knowledge and thinking that - if we didn't live in a society like such as this with all of this cultural conditioning (sociology), if we lived more like in the hunter-gatherer days; how would you treat your children then (your children - your flesh and blood child)? They are just little innocent kids who need love - they're people, they're learning. Don't be getting angry and yelling at them and treating them like they're an adult or something and putting them in their own room and bed etc. It's weird. After they reach a certain age then obviously can discipline more and more harshly. Have to build love and trust - act as a caretaker and a role model. Inspire good character, love, understanding, knowledge (learning), self-reliance, independence, control of own's emotions....etc.

The Sufi "way" this "Muhammadan Way" is the way. Humility is really the only way of true living - lest, you know, and well, we are, all hypocrites and sinners and not that smart and not that morally pure etc...and lest if one becomes a real you know, tyrant and hypocrite. Only Allah is all-powerful and without need - only Allah is the provider. We are just humans - but as Muslims, we are people of the hereafter, not just, of this world. Respect life - especially including human life but we/one should also recognize that death is a part of life. Everything is beautiful. Everything is the way it should be.

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Subhannah Allah - the Glorious Qur'an:

Surah Maryam (Be Heaven) سورة مريم Omar Hisham Al Arabi

Omar Hisham Al Arabi 21M views Omar Hisham القارئ عمر العربي ► Join us: للتبرع ► Subscribe

Sura/Qur'an Taha Magnificent Relaxing Recitation that Soothes the Heart

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021 Surah Al Anbiya by Mishary Al Afasy (iRecite)

M Asif • 771K views

- Alright, I'm going to stop posting my ramadan Qur'an journey - is a private matter - but yes, it is an amazing book - always.


Its legit! ...Didn't watch all, no need to watch but: I Started The Knees Over Toes Guy Program... 😱 Victoria Dorsano • 62K views

ATG Lower Back Series 1: Top-Down The Kneesovertoesguy 92K views Back Ability Zero is our newest program, taking a head-to-toe approach in an effort to address all of the entry (opportunity) points

"Guard your gaze" - I appreciate the videos though and especially Kneesovertoesguy - he's a great guy - very righteous and yeah, the woman in the video seems like a good woman as well - we (Muslim men - believers - still try to do as we should - carry on):

ATG Lower Back Series 2: Hips The Kneesovertoesguy 141K views Back Ability Zero is our newest program, taking a head-to-toe approach in an effort to address all of the entry (opportunity) points we have to regain strength and mobility for the back! If...

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"Meta" -

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------------- a bunch more PT videos etc. not posting. Much ado about anterior pelvic tilt (is a big issue - a lot of people have to work on, even people and women who do yoga even). Weak Psoas muscles...this is an alright video... as Muslims, we are suppose to take care of our body...(remembering the hadith about the Prophet S.A.W. hearing about this man fasting and being so wrapped up in his studies that he was neglecting other parts of his life...hmm...fasting and not over-eating are sunnah and good as well...amazing lecture about fasting later, possibly in a different blog post...)

Stiff Ankles? Try 3 Calf Stretches... YOGABODY 142K views

----------------- - Right, I/we underestimate the calf muscle - is often short or gets shortened, causing ankles to be more immobile. Works its way throughout the skeletal muscular phsycial body - hamstrings, back, shoulders, neck. Issues can go up or down. Whatever the case or origins may be...


An alright video - it is silly and quite disgusting really that America tries to push this stuff and our diplomats are flying around the world and going to such countries - any country - and then talking about what??? It's a disgrace.

Speaker slams Kamala Harris’ take on Ghana’s Anti-LGBTQ+ bill, calls out President Akufo-Addo JoyNews • 595K views Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin has slammed US Vice President Kamala Harris for her comments on Ghana’s position on LGBTQ+ issues. According to him, the US Vice President’s

Think our inflation and economic situation is bad? Look at Ghana's. ...Sad...

---- Subhannah Allah -

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This is really good: The crumbling of international law w/ Rein Müllerson, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen

The Duran • 79K views The crumbling of international law w/ Rein Müllerson, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen *****LOCALS COMMUNITY*****

xpected something completely new uh relative to the Cold War period of

3:16 international uh alone so and there were developments

3:21 which I considered and many considered a positive uh at the end of the 1980s at

3:29 the beginning of the 1919s and

3:35 mentioned my background as a member of the U.N human rights committee for example uh in Moscow uh

3:43 how I became a member of the committee was that I

3:49 advocated ratifying by the Soviet Union Union certain human rights U.N human

3:56 rights treaty and many were against but uh you know a Gorbachev and

4:06 Edwards was then but therefore the minister of the Soviet Union they agreed

4:13 and so my ideas were welcomed and I was

4:18 proposed to become a member of the UN human rights committee from the Soviet Union

4:24 then also so this this was quite uh positive but now what happened already

4:31 in the 1990s probably was that

4:38 there was too much enthusiasm probably quite naive

4:46 and certain developments

4:51 led to and for for first of all I hope to say

4:57 that of course it was not uh that law or attitude towards Lord changed much but

5:03 the situation in the world changed considerably and therefore uh of course this had an impact on uh International

5:11 uh law uh true and it was uh that in my

5:16 opinion now with hindsight of course not then that I had this view that instead

5:24 of international law which is based on balance of power or has been always

5:30 based on balance of power they are started emerging elements of I which I would I would call

5:38 now World law so uh International without any balance but because there

5:45 was no balance of power then no demand foreseeable there was one Center of

5:51 power really this was the United States and the development of for example of

5:57 international criminal or international criminal uh jurisdiction uh a wide use

6:03 of uh in a force allegedly mostly for natural humanitarian concerns

6:11 and interference in Internal Affairs also with her let's say uh positive aims

6:21 usually but this was all uh that one part of international law which one

6:27 famous American Professor Balkan Friedman called international law of coexistence uh was forgotten and this

6:36 international law of cooperation or international law of uh integration

6:42 which was also promoted by Vulcan Friedman this emerged and the basis of

6:51 international law this international law of cohistic exists distance with a principal uh principles of sovereign

6:58 equality of states non-interference in Internal Affairs non-use of force

7:05 the this part of international law was considered as outdated then now and also

7:13 of course although it may be a minor thing in London when I about it after my

7:18 one year in the foreign minister of Estonia I was invited to the London

7:23 School of economics and certainly there was nobody to teach international criminal law and I had written a small

7:30 article once years ago and therefore I was asked to teach it I

7:36 had 10 students Masters Degree students and then with the creation of the

7:44 Yugoslav Tribune was one that rebuild I had hundreds and hundreds of students

7:49 who wanted to study this but I was very skeptical because in India National

7:54 relations which are political in substance there is not so much place for criminal

8:01 law and so and there therefore I have stopped soon when I moved to King's

8:07 College as Professor I stopped teaching international criminal law and but this

8:12 is what uh this enthusiasm about international criminal law uh uh that

8:18 all human rights are Universal and they should be the same in Europe in Iraq in

8:27 Afghanistan and so on this uh has seemed a bit uh too much for me even then and

8:36 this is how international law in my opinion uh became

8:42 undermined instead of let's say building on this

8:48 what was uh existed before because there was during the Cold War even there was a

8:54 this balance of power the arrogance of one superpower was was balanced by the

9:00 error accounts of the other superpower was or should pepper was their Galatians

9:05 and there were certain red lines which helped international law more or less

9:12 exist even during the Cold War period so um and now the situation in my opinion

9:21 is even worse of course uh even during the Cold War the world was not

9:29 built on international law maybe peace was guaranteed more by the mutual

9:38 assured destruction mad Concept in the presence of nuclear weapons but

9:45 nevertheless international law worked so uh and

9:52 now when the situation is in the world has changed since the beginning of the

9:58 1990s especially this was this long

10:04 unipolar period in the world history I I believe a decade a long decade or of in

10:13 the world history when uh there was no balancing against one Center of power

10:20 and now China has become a much stronger

10:25 Russia had came come out of the shock of this of

10:37 the 1990s and therefore there is this uh struggle between two

10:44 different Visions in the world one is the unipolar world and the other one is

10:53 a multiple world and there is a really very little place in for international

11:00 law today this doesn't mean that international law doesn't work at all

11:05 one of the most famous International lawyers also Louis Henkin

11:12 at the end of the 1980s probably he wrote that most of the states

11:19 uh observe most of the time both of their Norms of international law

11:26 it may still be true but it is that some very important States today

11:35 ignore the most important Norms of international law and this is

11:43 the problem with international law there today

11:50 I was wondering if because we mentioned this changed in the 90s but within uh

11:55 World running parallel to international law you have uh well security studies in

12:00 which in the early 90s in the league of all this new optimism we introduced this concept of human security instead

12:07 because international law is you know built around the sovereignty of the states which is the state is The Entity

12:13 to be secured so obviously sovereignty is the key principle but with human

12:19 security looking at the individual as star object to be to be secured uh it's

12:26 It ultimately ultimately comes in clash with sovereignty wouldn't it

12:31 it it comes uh yes uh but uh the problem

12:38 is that uh

12:43 there is no world government and I believe this uh uh idea which was

12:51 promoted by many uh for decades in the past Century it uh it is a

13:00 utopian idea and also I believe like most utopian IED as if uh if somebody

13:09 tries to put them into practice they become very distorted like the community

13:14 there is nothing wrong wrong with their ideas of Communism but when the Soviet

13:20 Union wanted to work with leadership wanted to put it into practice it became

13:27 something different similarly the world government this would be mean that they

13:33 went through its allies or subordinates you know I would call even not allies so

13:38 so much about rule the world that and this would

13:45 be the world government and now we see that there is a backlash

13:50 to this idea of let's say a diminishing

13:55 uh sovereignty or as many uh authors uh wrote Such books with a title the end of

14:03 nation state or meaning the end of State uh there were at least two uh books uh

14:09 by one Japanese and one French author very famous uh both uh who had the same

14:17 title of their books and many many articles were written on it and now we can see that

14:25 the state sovereignty has become more important even in Europe there are

14:31 though probably this is one of the European problems that Elites are more

14:37 Cosmopolitan and most European peoples um at least significant part

14:44 of European nations they don't want to give up their sovereignty and if you

14:50 take seriously the macron president macron is very

14:55 European and Cosmopolitan but he will not give up his uh French

15:03 seat in the U.N security Council with its uh veto uh right of veto

15:12 and give it to the European Union or simply get rid of this principle no and

15:20 we can see that after this uh

15:25 this idea which was very popular in the 1990s especially that the states

15:32 Sovereign disappears or the states disappear at

15:37 all and this was like a Communists or Bolsheviks also advocated this idea that

15:44 under communism the states would disappear about but

15:50 this that didn't happen and I I have even written written several uh pieces

15:56 probably that it is true early to send

16:02 the state into the Dustbin of History so the states are coming back I was

16:10 wondering if I could just go back to the point that you were making about the Cold War and the fact that we had a

16:16 period of stability then in a kind of stability a very dangerous and in some

16:21 ways frightening stability but it did exist and I'm going to say that I've

16:26 always felt about International laws that it has a a

16:32 connection a kind of symbiotic connection to peace the preservation of Peace in

16:40 the sense that in order for international law to function at all

16:47 you have to have a state of peace peace is indispensable to it

16:52 and at the same time without international law you can't really have peace peace is to

17:00 a great extent supported by International or the two as I said come

17:07 together and they support and butter with each other whereas if you get a good state of

17:12 conflict if you get a state of War then eventually what happens is that law

17:18 itself you move into a kind of condition inexorably of lawlessness and I I have

17:25 to say I felt in the 90s that that was lost and that Statesman State political

17:34 leaders especially in the west including by the way in Britain

17:39 stopped prioritizing peace and they weren't so interested any longer in

17:46 preserving peace which had been the main priority during the Cold War

17:51 and they thought that they could reshape things in all sorts of ways and because

17:56 they no longer prioritized peace they no longer were concerned to

18:05 maintain international law as it had previously been understood and existed

18:10 and wanted to shape it also into something something else and

18:17 it all came together for me in a speech which I'm sure you remember which the

18:22 British prime minister of the time Tony Blair gave I think in Chicago in which

18:28 he was basically talking about a completely different system of international law which for me wasn't

18:35 law at all yes are you all right uh

now another speech which was um made by Teresa may uh much their prime minister

18:55 of the United Kingdom also when she was um for a short period uh uh uh uh the

19:03 Prime Minister she was also in the United States I believe it was in the White House

19:09 meeting where the president of the United States and she said that the

19:16 period when the United States Trump was President of the United States than

19:22 Donald Trump that the period when the United States and the United Kingdom

19:27 Used military force in the world in order to promote democracy and human

19:33 rights this period is in the past and then I felt

19:38 more optimistic I thought that maybe this is now they have come to the

19:43 understanding that uh uh that this um uh

19:49 idea of uh including using force and uh economic pressure and sanctions in order

19:58 to uh promote democracy and human rights in the world that uh this idea in

20:06 practicing worked or in many few cases only so and

20:13 um I wouldn't say that the British leadership I have lived and I am not

20:19 speaking in from London and um uh that their traditional leadership

20:25 didn't want a peace but they wanted a different kind of Peace uh just peace

20:32 and therefore even the old religious even idea of just Wars made a comeback

20:41 uh in the discourse not Lee earned the legal but political discourse that that

20:49 the Triumph of liberal democracy and market economy can be promoted and

20:59 there's inevitable Progressive Direction uh can be

21:05 accelerated Sometimes using uh four second certain

21:10 regimes putting pressure on other regimes this probably was what was going on

21:19 in the 19 at the end of the 1980s and in

21:25 the 1990s and so and if interpretation of international law also

21:32 changed accordingly because there was nobody to say seriously anything about

21:38 it during the yeltic period in Russia and Chinese have been silent then they

21:47 followed denzhapping's the sayings to uh remain remain silent