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Spin - Spun - Webs of Deceit

Haven't posted in a while. Could have a ton of videos to post, not sure what exactly to do.

Just been working a lot and my mind is seemingly a bit overwhelmed to comment much on a lot of it.

Too much, or getting a bit too de-sensitized a bit to all the shocking kind of news and how fast the world is moving and going. Is quite nice to just be in reality and with people, but at the same time, I'm too "de-sensitized" probably chemically to want to stop (dopamine - stimulation). Learning is good can be and feel a bit just rambling on and these are just my rational logical thoughts on the matter. Overall I'm just, trudging through and things are going pretty well. Moved from my apartment again and been overworking out-of-town much, making some good money, doing some good work.


COMMENTS (I totally like and agree with (was saying the same thing basically yesterday at a family 4th of July gathering)):

" Bio Mechanique 4 days ago It's not about targeting the US. It's about defending against US hegemonic tyranny. 310 REPLY

Hide 31 replies Bio Mechanique 4 days ago (edited) @Patrick P you seem to have an axe to grind. China has built an economy that is destined to outperform the comical Western trade practices. China's success is a direct result of the West's inability to compete on a level playing field. The more obstacles and slanderous accusations the US makes about China the more it shows how dirty they are prepared to play to stay powerful. It's obvious that the West is failing due to complacent and stagnant lack of reinvestment in industry and infrastructure. China didn't do that to them - they did that to themselves.


What The G7 Ban On Russian Gold Imports Means For Gold & Silver Prices 18,480 views Jun 26, 2022



Switzerland isn't a member of the G-7 nations. They just purchased 3.1 tons of Russian gold worth approximately $200M USD in May. China and India are the largest purchasers of gold from the Swiss. It won't have that much of an impact on Russia, only those who want to purchase gold in the West might see an increase in the price.

How does one ban something that is EXACTLY the same no matter where it comes from?

The U.S. is 31 trillion in debt and still supports all their military spending with their baseless fiat currency, so to say that any of these sanctions will hurt Russia is a complete fallacy.

EVERYTHING Governments ban is an acknowledged of value.

Let's see how this backfires on Western countries?

L.J. Silver Austere Privateer 7 days ago Curious question If China, India, Brazil and the other 46 CIPS nations import Russian gold it then becomes their gold respectively, how will this "ban" maintain any efficacy if the western SWIFT nations continue to import gold from these other CIPS nations? Kayne Fryday 6 days ago Correct this is a waste of everyone’s time except the pump and dump artists


Thoughts: Believe this has to do with the fact that the IMF and the World Bank are agent(s) of the U.S. Empire and the system of paper money (petro-dollar) which bans gold and gold backed currency (is against all forms of world-trade and economic machinations which threaten or go against the current neoliberal system (of order and rule).


Need to watch:

Noam Chomsky: Knowing Oneself, Rethinking Governance, and Improving the World. Through Conversations Podcast 9.5K views Chomsky is one of the most influential public intellectuals in the world. He has written more than 100 books in an array of fields including cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, computer...

Read the book: Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms...

Interesting pretty good book started to listen to: Empire of Illusion | Chris Hedges

La-La 11K views

(Complete Audiobook for Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle) We now live in two Americas. One - now the minority - functions in a print-based, literate world...

Very interesting and good:



This is what is brewing - Even from the mainstream news of WION India - they do report some good and true things...-


"In this geopolitical video we'll learn about Kaliningrad - Russia's best kept strategic secret. Why is it important to Russia and why is Kaliningrad at the Center of new Russia - NATO faceoff...."

Bloc's - Economic Warfare - Psychological Warfare - Information Warfare - World in Competition (is not about "democracy" and "freedom" "you can go your way, I'll go mine" - is about hegemony and dominance; -> is leading to a world more divided and more on the constant brink of hugely powerful states going to war with each other ( - while we're greenwashed by corporations who support this and these things and politics and reporting (all the while) which are leading to a more militarized path (and more authoritarian corporate power structure(s) (CAPITALISM!) (and a more climate polluting fossil fuel dependencies path...-> is about profit (but Where and for Whom), not efficiency - in this time of global warming and scientists warning humanity of despair and suffering in the near future, all the while, pushing ESG scores, all the while, pushing back against measures and information that push real data of CO2 emissions reporting out the window)):

420.56 ppm #CO2 in the atmosphere on July 2, 2022 Up from 418.25 ppm a year ago

Monday, June 7, 2021: Carbon dioxide peaks near 420 parts per million at Mauna Loa observatory:

Monday, May 23, 2022: Greenhouse gas pollution trapped 49% more heat in 2021 than in 1990, NOAA find:


CRUX 149K views

Turkey has agreed to Sweden and Finland joining NATO after weeks of dialogues. The breakthrough came after four hours of talks before a key NATO summit began in Madrid on June 28. The lifting...


Makes me sad and angry, this IS NOT representative of American values and of the American People:


VICE News 2.5M views

Haven't watched but am sure its probably a very good round-table discussion:

George Galloway 35K views

Web Articles:

TJ COLES · MAY 21, 2022

"Biden has reversed Donald Trump’s withdrawal of US forces from Somalia and will redeploy Special Operations Forces. It is just the latest move in a long history of destructive US-UK meddling in the Horn of Africa."

----------------------------- Democracy at Work Videos ----------------------

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "If pay for workers increases, won't that increase consumption (unless its stolen back through inflation) and, in turn, America's carbon footprint? I'm concerned...

I was thinking of the same question and thought of the same kind of answer. It still is valid, even if...I also have thought, that things (the world with it's and our problem of global warming/climate change), with technology going the way it is, will turn out okay I believe (with increasing temperatures and CO2 levels, the natural response of the natural environment of the world is more favorable to plants and insects - in the long run, and of course, God/Allah knows the future and has a plan for everything.).

Not surprising to learn of. I would expect the same kind of thing (smears, etc., anything to disparage the opposition with, "can and will be used against you"/one...).

Related related: VIDEO: Ecuador’s indigenous revolt against their neoliberal president THE GRAYZONE · JUNE 20, 2022

"The Grayzone spoke with leaders of Ecuador’s indigenous movements, now engaged in ferocious street protests against the privatization policies of President Guillermo Lasso, a billionaire banker. The activists defended their demands and detailed the brutal repression they have witnessed as their rebellion spreads across one of the last right-wing controlled countries on the South American continent."

[S12 E25] Political Divides Deepen In this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on US's groceries inflation; US teacher crisis; capitalists profiting from guns and protection from guns,...

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "I have always been interested in the idea of what individualism would be like under socialism. Say, for example, some people don’t enjoy working in groups...

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: How Are We "Ruled by Abstractions?" Democracy At Work 11K views [S3 E19] How Are We "Ruled by Abstractions?" In this episode of ACC, Prof. Harvey examines Marx’s use of the notion of abstractions to develop a general theory of capital and his critique...

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: How Do We Break from Neo-Liberalism? Democracy At Work 15K views [S3 E27] How Do We Break from Neo-Liberalism? In this final episode of Season 3, Prof. Harvey talks about the history of Neo-Liberalism and how it relates to post-modernism. Trump's imposition...

- I don't really like the term "post-modernism" - I would say, we are in the Anthropocene age/epoch (starting with the Industrial Revolution, maybe a bit before that) and within that, we had the industrial age, and starting from about the 1970s but I would say, in 1980 you could say, it started to go be in full swing, that I would term it the information technology age. Post-Modernism to me is still probably 100 years out or more (to me anyway, I see shows like "Home Improvement" and the kitchen and appliances used in that show, and how we live our lives, is not all that different from 70 years ago, but we have had a technological revolution and change, that is ongoing and obviously quite rapid in pace (with the internet). At the same time...

Virtually everyone that comes to visit one of our major cities in the West gets shocked to see the rapid degradation of our urban spaces. Those who live in these cities often learn to ignore...

Homelessness seems like an intractable problem that’s just getting worse in every city in America. But you might be surprised to learn which state has adopted a strategy – pioneered in...


-------------------------- Islamic guidance:

The Thinking Muslim 29K views

Shiekh Omar Baloch 42K views

Shiekh Omar Baloch 2.7K views

Shiekh Omar Baloch 4.1K views

Super long but so good! very in-depth, as it should be on such complex issues:


Motivating, for anyone:


Authentic Islam: A Summary Shiekh Omar Baloch 3.7K views Authentic Islam: A Summary

Shiekh Omar Baloch 3.4K views

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