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Stand Up, Stand Firm. - Israel/Palestine - Economics

Updated: May 18, 2021

Just so much media bias against Palestine, the media trying to take a "balanced" or both sides approach, like the U.S. attempts to try to convey a bit, when, what's reality? what's history? I see a graphic from the U.N. that shows 5,590 Palestine deaths from 2008 to 2020 compared to 251 Isreal deaths. Just watch the above Joe Rogan video...


Awesome Vid:

This is a cool video as well that, I, at least can relate or take a good amount from:




They had that video and information but just a few days earlier was saying not to worry too much about the deficit. I don't know about that too much. I think, just like with climate change, that politicians are putting their gain, like trying to get re-elected, above what the future generation will have to deal with with things like climate, and the deficit.

- Saw - My Economic Ideas are similar to Islamic Econ Ideals? (maybe a bit). Was looking at Islamic Economic principles, just some basics on Friday. Interesting stuff and ideas...

Economics (from Unlearning Economics) Video: "The Death of Economics 101 ft. Mexie"

"How did we lose the universe? When, last month, NASA announced the discovery of seven new Earth-like exoplanets orbiting TRAPPIST-1, a dwarf star only 40 light years from us, it felt strange: not the beginning of something, but the end. The immediate reaction from thousands of people was not “what’s out there?” but “when can we leave?”

This planet is done for, to be ruled from a marble-plated toilet for its short remainder as a life-bearing world. The oceans are acidifying and filling with plastic, the air is clamming up into a soup of deadly microparticles; we’re slowly narrowing down the list of extant animal species until, finally, the only thing we’ll have left to kill and eat is each other. Get me off this rock."

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