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Strange Times...

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Islamic video, long one, very informative...Islam/Religion is a strange thing a bit, is like trying to grasp and find God, fleeting, like sinusoidal waves...

Don't be an extremist. Think for yourself...Be nice.


On the "Republican" side on this one...stop pushing your sexuality and morality on me and others. No harm no foul. Keep the rhetoric and talk to a minimum in a educational system especially up till 8th grade or so. Stop pushing sex and lusts etc. as identity. There's no such thing as homophobia in Islam and Islamic countries. Homosexually inclined? and act on it? Hey man, keep it in your house and bedroom, is between you and God/Allah. I got work and things to do...

But yeah, I believe the people should be able to vote and impose their will on these things and people are free to debate and voice their opinions...I think most people, even a lot of the left, would agree to leave these things/keep these issues out of our education system. But a lot of things are being pushed down our throats and minds in the name of _____. "But don't start a union or fight for your rights!"...


I don't agree. Why should we be siding with Ukraine when they may be or have, been committing acts of genocide to try to control their people? Russia is only protecting them. Much like Russia has done in various ways in the Middle East that I've seen...protecting people from militant extremists. And I saw MSNBC and other MSM news saying Trump is supporting Putin on this, and blasting surprise there.

The Dems are losing horribly and know it and are in for a really bad time in the polls this year IMO and trying to justify their position(s) however they can...Culture WAR. People don't like it. It's sad, the Republican strategy as Mitch McConnell said it's not to do much of anything, they don't have to...Really....Sad science deniers propagandists are in such a condition and we have such politics in the great U.S. of A.

To be clear, I do support this (economic sanctions) over war. Thanks President Biden for that. (Edits 3/8/2022: In hindsight, I'm not so sure if all these sanctions are that great, it's a dangerous situation yes, but I feel like fighting for defense of Ukraine or not getting involved at all is more upright, preventing the war in the first place would have been best - is a mess (sad on many fronts)).

Economically, I wonder if the move is even really that great for the U.S. and the West as we are in a ton of debt and this will strengthen Russia-China ties (China doesn't have too much debt) and so, further divides the U. S. And the West...but I believe maybe part of the U. S. strategy in doing this would be to be able to gain a larger market share of natural gas exports to European countries...(was correct on this, which is bad for global greenhouse gas emissions).

Anyways, listened to this on Monday, really great episode of breaking points from Friday.

A great and interesting video on marijuana legalislation and money, profits and the "state". Is on Breaking points podcast, mini-episode this past Sunday...

And a great podcast episode from NPR on cryptocurrency, the future of investing or a scam?

I caught on some mainstream news that Snoop Dogg is starting a record label/company that will be selling NFT's... I see it as a scam basically, and I don't see why we need blockchain technology to buy some art. We can buy music and whatever on Bandcamp for example and the artists are free to make whatever art and sell it digitally as they want.... everything digital and financial is based on the real world. They said we don't trade cows anymore, I say, yeah we do, people raise cows to sell them for money. Period. You, the capitalist and stock to trader, are only playing the system which relief upon the hard work of actual people.

Thank you mechanics. Thank you road construction workers. Thank you nurses and doctors and delivery drivers and police and emergency workers and factory workers and farmers etc etc.

"An eye for an eye (and not more than that) but forgiveness is better!

...on the issue of guns and that freedom vs. the threat of mass shootings etc... is like so much hypocrisy within our liberal society, that's like, were so against this, but then like, would be like, if a big zombie apocalypse or Russian invasion were to happen, would be like the first people to want to team up with the gun-toting armed to the teeth bad@$$ no matter political affiliation 😄😄." Don't tread on me" <----> 🌐🤷‍♂️.


Off to work....Stay free.


Update: 955 a.m.


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