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Stuck...or, stickiness...

I feel and empathize. We get stuck in our own heads too much. Coming to face reality and our true selves is hard. I've had, you could say, economic trauma. I need to move past that. Am I a bit radical and radicalized? I feel I can get that way when I'm stuck in my own head and lonely etc. too much. Then once when you're (or me) out and just talking with people or meeting people as I did as a delivery driver, things and people are okay. We mostly all get along even if we might disagree on politics and things. Not to say that there isn't a lot of stress right now in America and climate change and the environment aren't big deals, etc. We can do better I believe but have to work for change and better ourselves as well. I know a lot of my stuff is a bit arrogant and "radical". Or is it? Think about the economic system we live in and society we live in. Is that radical compared to my thoughts? I don't think necessarily so. Some differences for sure. Can talk about things. Don't fear! Change is hard though. Apathy especially in first world country is hard to overcome. I love playing video games even though they're not good for me and a huge time killer. Addiction. Forgiveness and love, tomorrow, today, all overcome negativity and bad things though.

Perfectionism often gets in the way of progress or "The Pitfalls of Perfectionism" -

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