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Updated: Feb 15

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem - "O Allah, please forgive me."


Adding this page to my site most likely in some way, but condensed and with some of my own words and thoughts typed out first (political)...Hard to remember what all I was thinking this one morning...


Previous things I haven't posted or shared yet:

Email: Mon, Jan 16, 11:46 AM (9 days ago) to me

Ukraine, rife with corruption... Google her name - so called "reliable" "mainstream" news sources -> ---------------- Long article - Wagner Group -

1.24.2022 - We need democracy - real democracy on these issues. Our politics suck (-> Economics at Work - "After the elections, what now?") our democracy is a joke. Obviously, we don't even have any political discussion on these issues. Most everything with a bad look unto the politicians and their horrible politics gets swept under the rug (of course). Personally, am for increasing public transportation with it being electrified and low emissions. Even for more "authoritarian" action that would make high-speed rail lines possible, if that's possible (is hard to do in America - because of our highly built-up environment and infrastructure already in place and property right laws as well.

Actions like these etc. that some would call "communist" or authoritarian. You can call it not nice and authoritarian or whatever, and that's fine but if the benefits outweigh the bad then I think it can be worth it especially when the benefits are so much greater than the small temporary hurt or dislike of some individuals. I mean, one could also say it's not "nice" to be against slave owners back in the slavery days "not nice"..."your hurting me and my business". The Gov. can give money to people so they can move elsewhere and for recompensation of losses. Just common sense and decency regarding that. Obviously investing in American infrastructure and infrastructure projects and industry, sure. Am down on the political spectrum (not authoritarian) but not too libertarian personally...I see more of a problem with protecting people from greed and capitalism, corporations, corporate take over, money being the end all be all...

------------------------------------ Sunday 1.22.23

Continuing...from "A Modern Day Debt Jubilee" Blog post.

This was actually quite important: Russia Offensive Zaporozhye Fast Gains, Ukraine Operational Crisis Bakhmut; German No To Tanks

Alexander Mercouris • 167K views

Russia Offensive Zaporozhye Makes Fast Gains, Ukraine Faces Operational Crisis Bakhmut; German No To Tanks for Kiev Topic 737

ALERT: They're Planning Something Big

Canadian Prepper 04K views

Didn't watch: World Economic Forum War Party

The Grayzone • 66K views

The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the lobbying at Davos for extending the Ukraine proxy war into 2024, the latest palace intrigues from inside Ukraine's government, and discuss...

Very nice, good video, good speech (watched some of it):

The Science Of Soul Saving-2023_Food Shortages&Country Living-Sunday Law Agitations-AWR Unholy Union Messengers Of Present Truth Ministry International 13K views

"God's purpose in giving the third angel's message to the world is to prepare a people to stand true to Him during the investigative judgment. This is the purpose for which we establish and...

Peace be to the good people around the world including China (Allah says, "We created you with different colors, languages etc (races). so you can get to know one another"): I feel it's such a tragedy we're being programmed to be afraid of other people.

"The other". The immigrant threat, the Muslim threat, the Chinese threat, the Russian threat, the socialist threat, the communist threat...

What people are really afraid of is having their ego and their beliefs and worldviews challenged because that makes one uncomfortable because it is like challenging a person about how-who that person thinks that they are.

When actually, we're all capable of change and these things don't fundamentally change who one really is as a person (that is, if a person feels upset towards other or another people or person who doesn't share their worldview, etc. and they don't want to even listen to that person or rejects the person themselves on those grounds).

Inside China’s New Stand-Up Comedy Scene, with Norah Yang and Kate Willett

BreakThrough News 3.6K views

Protests and strikes in France. UK and Spain warn against protests The Duran • 115K views

Protests and strikes in France. UK and Spain warn against protests The Duran: Episode 1491 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL:

Not the best quality video (audio) but yeah, maybe could help some people: "I", "You" & "IT" in Modern Relationships

Shiekh Omar Baloch 2.2K views

Building a military to fight Russia, on the fly The Duran • 111K views

Building a military to fight Russia, on the fly The Duran: Episode 1492 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1

Weapon addiction as Zelensky claims Putin chroma key The Duran • 119K views

I don't even remember this but: they're waking up The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 56K views

Putin and China could DESTROY the WEF and the West if this goes any further | Redacted News

Redacted 336K views

Jeremy Corbyn on Freeing Julian Assange, the Working Class, Brazil, Peru & Ending Ukraine War Democracy Now! 178K views

In Washington, D.C., human rights and free speech advocates gather today for the Belmarsh Tribunal, focused on the imprisonment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has been languishing...

Didn't watch: The Belmarsh Tribunal D.C. — The Case of Julian Assange Democracy Now! 236K views


Islam The Ultimate Peace • 333K views

Some curse words but a good video. Includes additional implications of the labeling of the Wagner Group as a terrorist organization: Is Iran Stepping up Air Defense in Syria?

Richard Medhurst 17K views


Sense Islam 120K views

------ Great videos:


Chris Hedges Fan Club • 3.2K views

This is DISTRUBING and SAD...

Chris Hedges Fan Club • 3.8K views

Shorts: we don't believe... what we don't see#mufti menk 383 views Allah's (aj) Powerful Hand - Reality of Bayat in Islam 3.8K views This is how to experience reality✨ || #shorts 499 views


BRICS challenges US dollar, Saudi considers selling oil in other currencies: Financial multipolarity

Geopolitical Economy Report • 45K views

The BRICS bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) is “developing a fairer system of monetary exchange” to challenge the

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Totality and Capital Democracy At Work 11K views

[S2 E03] Totality and Capital To our Patreon community: thank you for supporting David Harvey's Anti-Capitalist Chronicles on Patreon!

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Human Life vs. Capital Accumulation Democracy At Work • 14K views

[S2 E05] Human Life vs. Capital Accumulation To our Patreon community: thank you for supporting David Harvey's Anti-Capitalist

Looks good: End Medical Debt: The Fight to Stop Hospitals from Suing Patients, Garnishing Wages, Ruining Credit Democracy Now! 45K views

Russia & Ukraine Sheikh Imran Hosein 52K views

Uplifting - for Muslims especially - (it is amazing if you think about a person who does their prayers every day for sooo many years and years - Allahu Akbar - "Allahu Inni Allaha" ("and keep duty to Allah"))

Sense Islam

Lots of knowledge: The Role Of Russia & China In WW3 & The Significance Of Turkey & Iran Sheikh Imran Hosein 582K views

Last Signs For Al-IMAM MAHDI Arrives! 2023

Qewt Elfekr - قوة الفكر • 1.7K views

Lavrov, 'War with west no longer hybrid, but almost real' The Duran • 114K views

Didn't watch: The Seven Stages of Human Development: A Sufi Perspective

The Nine-Sided Circle • 602 views

Yeah... ukraine admitting defeat The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 53K views


3 ways to honor the sacred month of Rajab | Abu Bakr Zoud

Abu Bakr Zoud • 21K views

Yeah...they still put out some good content (Democracy Now) even if their reporting on the War in Ukraine is quite maddening; along with other topics of world affairs and news. I did not watch the above tribunal seeing that it was Amy Goodman leading the tribunal (on Julian Assange) and the fact that it's two hours long and is not going to make a real difference. Go to the courts if you really want to put power to the test...I don't know why or how nobody seemingly does so or can't or how these other courts (in Britain) are even ruling in favor of the U.S. government when it seems basic civil rights and journalistic rights are just being thrown out the window. Is it a bunch of political crap (posturing, "optics") or is it just a real sense of caring and ethical integrity?

That is why I have the question of why, on the topic of Ukraine, do they censor themselves since they call for such an antiwar stance in general and flirt around with the truth (around the issues with the war in Ukraine?) Well, obviously... they're either getting bullied by government agencies or getting paid by government agencies. At this point, there is no excuse for them to be ignorant of the history of the U.S. meddling in Ukraine, they know it; they just won't do actual reporting on this and other issues which is a real disservice to the public and even the safety of the public. All of the institutions that don't report the truth are in a way complicit in death and war one could say, to a degree,.. yes. If you are not for Truth then...(by Allah/God - you have failed - you are lost and your work is for naught - that's the truth. As for believers (whatever religion or faith you have), well, obviously, all of your work could be lost - Allah tells us in the Qur'an S.W.T. - but also that, He is The Merciful and we can work off our sins and be forgiven (work goodness -> humble, righteous and upright) as for the wicked, it seems they are driven (by God of course) to doing more and more despicable deplorable things and having very little light in their hearts (goodness, mercy, compassion for others, etc.) ):

Why Democracy Now sucks The Grayzone • 46K views The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate are joined by activist and comedian Randy Credico to discuss the pathetic state

Looks good: Economic Update: "American Midnight" Democracy's Forgotten Crisis Democracy At Work • 32K views

Shifting from Economic Neoliberalism to Economic Nationalism - Global Capitalism with Richard Wolff

Democracy At Work • 12K views

The U.S. reached global dominance as an advocate of neoliberalism and globalization, a champion of free-trade and open markets. But

-------------------------------Tuesday 1/23/23

Great videos:

The Realities of Sufism (16). Imam Amin Muhammad.

Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City, Inc. • 132 views

The Realities of Sufism taught by Imam Amin Muhammad. Bookstore: Support these classes at:

The Wisdom Behind Adam (PBUH) Getting Sent to Earth - Nouman Ali Khan - Story Nights

Nouman Ali Khan - Official - Bayyinah • 228K views In this BTV exclusive, Ustadh Nouman goes into the tafseer of Surah Al Baqarah, explaining how Adam (pbuh) was sent to earth. Watch

Crotty on Keynes on Competition

New Economic Thinking • 5.2K views

In 2016 James Crotty (Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst) sat down with

Didn't watch:

Who’s Responsible for Africa’s Debt Trap: China or the West? BreakThrough News 5.5K views

U.S. politicians and corporate media blame China for debt crises in African countries, yet African governments owe three times more

It's REALLY Happening (Trans enters female bathroom and this happened) TheDeenShowTV 194K views

It's REALLY Happening (Trans enters female bathroom and this happened) WATCH MY PREVIOUS VIDEO ▶


We will be held to account - "Keep calm, do good".

- A sheikh who withholds knowledge and sharing what he knows and understands of the world, I think, is obviously not right - "be true". "don't be arrogant" either, that's true - but if you know or think you know and truly understand, and work to understand, have worked to have good understanding and still withhold - well that could lead people in the wrong direction then; truly. Fear Allah Most High. Wal Asr...

Real Ulama (i.e., scholars) & The Reality Of The World Today Sheikh Imran Hosein 29K views

Long and good (as always with Blogging Theology) topic about free speech: Blasphemy Laws and Free Speech with Hamza Tzortzis

Blogging Theology 9.9K views

Rallph Nader on how they trick you..

Chris Hedges Fan Club • 5.1K views

Poland is HIDING the truth from the world and it's getting bad | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 613K views

Poland is suffering from the war in Ukraine but are they a willing participant? Columnist Mike Krupa speaks against the narrative of

I like Alexander (thank you, thank you): Russia Begins New Vuhledar Offensive, Advances in Bakhmut, Zaporozhye; Big Purge Strikes Kiev Alexander Mercouris • 148K views

Russia Begins New Vuhledar Offensive, Alongside Advances in Bakhmut, Zaporozhye; Big Political Purge Strikes Kiev Topic 740

Wednesday: ----------------------

Possible cursing:

The End Of The U.S. Dollar Is Here! The Jimmy Dore Show 144K views

Most Americans don’t know what the “petrodollar” is, but the nation’s ongoing prosperity absolutely depends on it, and international events

Russian FM Lavrov: Western Dominance Is Over, India And China Are Powerhouses That Cannot Be Ignored

True inFo • 20K views

Russian FM Lavrov: Western Dominance Is Over, India And China Are Powerhouses That Cannot Be Ignored

Short from yesterday I really like (forgot there were more shorts from the day): Mearsheimer: I'm sorry, but thats not how the world works #shorts 631K views

Interesting, cool video: Ancient Alien Jinn Technology #alien #jinn 5.4K views

Crazy - "They want to enslave us" - : Whitney Webb Exposes Scary Truths About WHO's New Chief Scientist

Kim Iversen 30K views

In this video, investigative journalist Whitney Webb discusses the World Health Organization's (WHO) recent appointment of Jeremy Farrar as its new chief scientist. Webb raises concerns about...

Why we can't have what we want in America...

Chris Hedges Fan Club • 1.3K views

New cold war math: US Fed exaggerates China's military spending with absurd graph

Geopolitical Economy Report • 9.9K views

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis published a jaw-droppingly misleading graph that portrays China as spending more on its

Islamic Humanism on Malcolm’s Pro-Palestine Politics John Hope Franklin Center at Duke University • 8.9K views

Maytha Alhassen is a University of Southern California (USC) Provost Ph.D. Although Malcolm X’s Egyptian Gazette “Zionist Logic” op-ed

Quran Is from God | Omar Suleiman to Lex Fridman Mosharof Sabu • 21K views

Clicked and started watching again, love the opening words of this video, is a good video: World on a Razor's edge | Douglas Macgregor & Scott Ritter

Dialogue works • 122K views

Watched some: Ukraine Proposes Non-Aggression Pact. CAPTURED NATO Equipment Going On Display In Russia iEarlGrey • 33K views

Lukashenko announced Ukraine's proposal to conclude a non-aggression pact: The Kremlin

Want to watch: Go Rin No Sho - The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi (Complete Audiobook) Ancient Recitations • 539K views

The Book of Five Rings is the final work on the art of swordsmanship and strategy by legendary Japanese ronin Miyamoto Musashi.

Other videos, a bunch, not posting (not too important) but these look good, have not watched...:

How slow reading can change your brain DamiLee 988K views How does a world of speed and information impact our brains, our culture, and the architecture that supports learning? Want to be a part of producing these videos? Follow this link: https://ko-fi....

Peru's US-backed coup regime cuts down pro-democracy protesters The Grayzone • 10K views As masses of protesters make their way to the Peruvian capital of Lima, calling for the resignation of unelected coup leader Dina

------------------------- Other things looking at ...(1/25/23) Thinking about the merger of circular economics with Islamic economics....would be very dynamic -> recognizing the fact that things are always changing in reality, that a system only reverberates around equilibrium in a way...and that nature provides clues - take inspiration from nature - circular - theres not waste etc. There is vertical AND horizontal growth (vertical like the self or the nation state) Horizontal in the interconnected nature of things and reality (nothing lives in a vacuum know, we aren't meant to just be all the self but to help each other out. - theres levels as well. The ground level, the surface, the 2nd level, the 3rd level the 4th level...) Muhammad SallAllahuAlihiwasalaam On Tue, Jan 24, 2023 at 8:47 AM Michael Folk <> wrote: Misconceptions about Shariah Law:

------- PFAS news: Eating one fish from U.S. lakes or rivers likened to drinking month's worth of contaminated water To find out PFAS contamination in locally caught fish, a team of researchers analyzed more than 500 samples from rivers and lakes across the...

That should be enough to spur serious action (outrage - for good action, to protect our kids and kids kids futures of a decent life here on Earth and within the United States itself) for environmental clean up and to shift away from non-critical plastic usage (circular economy shift makes much sense).


China chip sanctions - (will only intensify China's own independence and development within...but, it is complicated (of course)):

Interesting: - What gives the United States the right to infer upon all the nations and companies of the world what to do and who to do business and trade with? - Of course, this is an example of the shift from "neo-liberalism" and "free trade" to economic (and militaristic) nationalism. What this also tells you is that the WTO is subservient to the United States (the U.S. makes the rules - and has since WWII, it made the WTO and the IMF and World Bank). When the U.S. bosses the WTO to take an action the WTO says "Yes master". - How otherwise would it be possible for a world trade organization to go along with such sanctions? Is that preferable to world progress, sustainability and peace? - Of course not.


Choking off China’s Access to the Future of AI

Report by Gregory C. Allen Published October 11, 2022

New U.S. Export Controls on AI and Semiconductors Mark a Transformation of U.S. Technology Competition with China


On October 7, 2022, the Biden administration announced a new export controls policy on artificial intelligence (AI) and semiconductor technologies to China. These new controls—a genuine landmark in U.S.-China relations—provide the complete picture after a partial disclosure in early September generated confusion. For weeks the Biden administration has been receiving criticism in many quarters for a new round of semiconductor export control restrictions, first disclosed on September 1. The restrictions block leading U.S. AI computer chip designers, such as Nvidia and AMD, from selling their high-end chips for AI and supercomputing to China. The criticism typically goes like this:

  • China’s domestic AI chip design companies could not win customers in China because their chip designs could not compete with Nvidia and AMD on performance.

  • Chinese firms could not catch up to Nvidia and AMD on performance because they did not have enough customers to benefit from economies of scale and network effects.

  • Because of the new export controls, revenues that formerly flowed to U.S. chip companies will now go to Chinese chip companies, offering a viable path to economies of scale and competitive performance.

  • In the short term, this policy will significantly harm Chinese AI data center companies.

  • However, blocking U.S. AI chip designers from selling their world-leading chips is actually good for China in the longer term because it will strengthen China’s domestic chip design ecosystem.

While the reasoning in this criticism is sound, it does not imply that the Biden administration’s actions are self-defeating. Rather, it shows how the policy as disclosed in September was incomplete. A policy like this would not make sense if that is the only step the administration planned to take. Clearly something was missing, and industry experts have been waiting for the other shoe to drop ever since.

On October 7, the other shoe dropped. The Biden administration announced a massive policy shift on semiconductor exports to China as well as revised rules for how the lists of restricted parties are managed. In recent decades, U.S. semiconductor policy has been primarily market driven and laissez faire. With the new policy, which comes on the heels of the CHIPS Act’s passage, the United States is firmly focused on retaining control over so-called “chokepoint” (or as it is sometimes translated from Chinese “stranglehold”) technologies in the global semiconductor technology supply chain.

The most important chokepoints in the context of this discussion are AI chip designs, electronic design automation software, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and equipment components. The Biden administration’s latest actions simultaneously exploit U.S. dominance across all four of these chokepoints. In doing so, these actions demonstrate an unprecedented degree of U.S. government intervention to not only preserve chokepoint control but also begin a new U.S. policy of actively strangling large segments of the Chinese technology industry—strangling with an intent to kill.

The Biden Administration’s Four Semiconductor Policy Chokeholds

There are four interlocking elements of the new policy targeting different segments of the semiconductor value chain, and all elements must be understood simultaneously to grasp the scope of what the Biden administration plans on achieving. In short, the Biden administration is trying to (1) strangle the Chinese AI industry by choking off access to high-end AI chips; (2) block China from designing AI chips domestically by choking off China’s access to U.S.-made chip design software; (3) block China from manufacturing advanced chips by choking off access to U.S.-built semiconductor manufacturing equipment; and (4) block China from domestically producing semiconductor manufacturing equipment by choking off access to U.S.-built components.

These actions demonstrate an unprecedented degree of U.S. government intervention to not only preserve chokepoint control but also begin a new U.S. policy of actively strangling large segments of the Chinese technology industry—strangling with an intent to kill.

  1. Strangle the Chinese AI and supercomputing industries by choking off access to high-end chips.

The highest levels of leadership in both the United States and China—including Chinese president Xi Jinping—believe that leading in AI technology is critical to the future of global military and economic power competition. China is a global leader in AI research, AI commercialization, and AI-enabled military technology. China’s strategy of “military-civil fusion” is designed to ensure that the best Chinese commercial AI technology is always available to the military and that the military’s linkages to China’s commercial industry are deeply interwoven. As a result of military-civil fusion, U.S. sanctions and export controls cannot effectively target China’s military (which the United States has historically been very willing to do) without also targeting Chinese commercial industry (which the United States has historically been more reluctant to do).

To date, targeted U.S. efforts to allow commercial Chinese access to high-end chips while blocking military access have had weak results. For example, in 2015, the Obama administration blocked U.S. chipmaker Intel from selling its high-end Xeon chips to Chinese military supercomputer research centers such as the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT). While this policy ended direct sales from U.S. companies to the Chinese military, it was completely ineffective at stopping indirect sales to the shell companies that helped the Chinese military evade export controls. China’s NUDT has not only built new globally leading supercomputers after the restrictions went into effect, but those new supercomputers still use the latest and greatest (and banned) Intel Xeon chips. More broadly, examinations of Chinese military equipment of all types have found them to be extremely reliant on U.S. chips.

For high-end AI and supercomputing chips, the Biden administration has essentially given up on trying to thread the needle between refusing to let U.S. technology help China’s military while promoting U.S.-China commercial trade. High-end AI chips can no longer be sold to any entity operating in China, whether that is the Chinese military, a Chinese tech company, or even a U.S. company operating a data center in China. The Biden administration is essentially saying to China: “If your policy is military-civil fusion, then the only realistic way of implementing our policy of no military end use is to end all sales to China, and we are now willing to take that step.”

It took a long time for the United States to get here. After decades of ratcheting Chinese government provocations—including state-sponsored corporate espionage, forced technology transfer, market access restrictions, export control violations, human rights atrocities in Xinjiang, undermining democracy in Hong Kong, the deployment of AI-enabled surveillance megaprojects, and the development of AI-enabled lethal autonomous weapons—the Biden administration is saying, “enough is enough.” This is not a policy of decoupling (yet), but it is proof of the United States’ unwillingness to remain tightly coupled to the Chinese technology sector under previous conditions.


- Okay, so it is alright for the U.S. to do whatever it wants - Occupying Syria, destroying Libya, helping and supporting the atrocities of the Saudi regime and Isreal, having and developing bioweapons (having bioweapon labs in Ukraine), covering up war crimes and prosecuting those who expose them, trying to sanction countries to hurt them so much that their people may start revolutions against governments that the United States doesn't like...

- "A.I. enabled surveillance megaprojects" - The United States itself spies on its citizens. So how can we in the West criticize another country's government, that openly does so and has their own whole different culture and Gov. development and developments. when the U.S. itself covertly spies on all of its citizens and even people of the world? - "people of the world?" - Yes, the U.S. is against restrictions (in smartphones), like they have in China, that limit or would prohibit company's abilities to be spied on by Google (in android smartphones) - pretty sure is the same for Apple smartphones as well.

- Google is trying to spy on you, Microsoft is trying to spy on you, Facebook is trying to spy on you, Snapchat is trying to spy on you, TikTok is trying to spy on you, Amazon is trying to spy on you, Twitter is trying to spy on you...

- Yes, A.I.-enabled lethal autonomous weapons are scary. Why don't we work to ban their usage and development then at the global level?

" Earlier reporting, based on official Department of Commerce letters sent to Nvidia and AMD, assumed that the export control restrictions applied only to those companies and their current model of high-end AI chips. In reality, the rules set a performance threshold for what sorts of chips can be sold to China, and everything above the performance threshold requires the seller to seek an export license from the Department of Commerce. However, policymakers have told all sellers that license applications for sales of such chips to China will face “a presumption of denial.” Thus, this new policy is de jure a new license requirement but de facto a ban. Because the United States is broadly invoking the foreign-direct product rule, this export license requirement applies not only to Nvidia and AMD but to any would-be competitors around the world.

The performance threshold requires two conditions to be met. The chip must be both a very powerful parallel processor (300 tera operations per second or higher) and have a very fast interconnect speed (600 gigabytes per second or higher). By only targeting chips with very high interconnect speeds, the White House is attempting to limit the controls to chips that are designed to be networked together in the data centers or supercomputing facilities that train and run large AI models. China will still be able to buy massively parallel computer chips that are optimized to work in individual computers, such as those that are included in video game consoles.

At present, Nvidia and AMD are among a small set of chip designers in the world with sufficiently advanced technology to make chips in this category, but there are Chinese firms that are not far off. However, in the case of Nvidia, its competitive dominance is based not only on the performance of its chips but also on the strength of the software ecosystem that is based upon Nvidia standards, particularly Nvidia’s CUDA software ecosystem. CUDA makes it much easier for programmers to write massively parallelized software (as all modern AI software is) and ensures backward and forward compatibility so that older chips can still run newer software and vice versa. Any customer who seeks to stop using Nvidia chips has to leave the CUDA ecosystem, which requires solving a lot of incredibly hard software problems for which CUDA already provides free answers. Those free answers reflect billions of dollars of investment in the CUDA platform by both Nvidia and its customers.



Douglas Macgregor: Major False Flag Operation That Set To Hit Ukraine, Full Russian Force Invasion FINANCE MAIL • 121K views

Douglas Macgregor: Major False Flag Operation That Set To Hit Ukraine, Full Russian Force Invasion 🔈 SPEAKER : Douglas

Israel Bans the Palestinian Flag in Public w/ Ali Abunimah

BreakThrough News 3.2K views

As the new extreme far-right Israeli government takes office, Israeli forces have already killed 15 Palestinians in the West Bank in 2023.


Great video, watch: 'World War 3 has already started' between US and Russia/China, argues French scholar

Geopolitical Economy Report • 24K views

Prominent French intellectual Emmanuel Todd argues the Ukraine proxy war is the start of WWIII, and is “existential” for both Russia

Really interesting in that video, to look at that different measuring stick of G.D.P. - looked more real to me.

Thank you much Institute for New Economic Thinking, have learned much...

Can Economics Help Us Save the Planet? Part 1 | Economics for People with Ha-Joon Chang

New Economic Thinking • 22K views

Climate change poses an existential threat to humanity. Can mainstream economics save the planet, or do we need a new

Can Economics Help Us Save the Planet? Part 2 | Economics for People with Ha-Joon Chang

New Economic Thinking • 9.7K views

What are the market-based mechanisms we can use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Will they work? In this twelfth lecture in

Really nice, great video: Ethics & Economics | How & How NOT to Do Economics with Robert Skidelsky

New Economic Thinking • 19K views

In 1983 University of Chicago economist George Stigler proclaimed “The economist doesn’t need ethics; only arithmetic. His task is to

"Keep calm, do good. No to NATO. No to war". : NATO's Tanks To Roll Towards Russia, Putin's Surprising Reaction To The Escalation. US Troops Next?

Kim Iversen 34K views

Nick Brana, Co-Chair of People's Party and Co-Organizer for Rage Against the War Machine joins us to discuss Biden's and Europe's escalation of the Ukrainian war. Join us at the rally on Feb....

Looked interesting, mm, I don't know, watched some but ultimately is all just discussion and analysis, I know enough at this point, doesn't concern me too much : Sanctions and the Russian Economy Center for Strategic & International Studies 151K views

Please join the Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program for a fascinating discussion on the current state and future of the Russian economy

Been wondering, just how big is Russia compared to the United States? :


1.8 times

How big is Russia compared with the USA? The U.S. is approximately half the size of Russia when compared by their landmasses. According to, Russia is 1.8 times larger than America.Nov 22, 2022




How big is China compared to the United States?

United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, while China is approximately 9,596,960 sq km, making China 97.59% the size of United States. Meanwhile, the population of United States is ~337.3 million people (1.1 billion more people live in China).



What is largest country in the world?

Russia The largest country in the world is Russia with a total area of 17,098,242 Km² (6,601,665 mi²) and a land area of 16,376,870 Km² (6,323,142 mi²), equivalent to 11% of the total world's landmass of 148,940,000 Km² (57,510,000 square miles).


Watched this morning (1/26/22):

TANKS, BUT NO THANKS - MOATS Episode 207 with George Galloway George Galloway • 39K views

GEORGE GALLOWAY ⎹ and The Mother Of All Talk Shows With #MOATS guests: @ChrisHedgesChannel and @LoriSpencer Burns Night with George 00:00 05:40 - 07:55 MOATS Introd

This led me to look up, look at Lori Spencer and I clicked this (looked interesting):

Medicare For All: A Debate - Really good video - good people, truthful people and conversation here, is really good.

I agree and was right (IMO) that a mixed healthcare system would be best (IMO). - Quite crazy that in some countries, the State can determine who lives and who dies. That's the kind of so-called "socialism" or "communism" that I don't like. "Authoritorian".

A lot of those European countries, those socialist democratic countries, they're leaders seem quite corrupt and weak as well. That's no good, socialism that uh, produces like too weak of people and leaders, just concerned about themselves and trying to stay in power (obviously). Servants - of money. Of power. Of their own materialism. Not good. By Allah. Horrible. That's not the way. Being owned by corporations (neo (new)- feudalism) - capitalist ideology and rigid holding to ideology can be very detrimental as well..."Be fluid. Flow like water" -> "You have to know when to hold on and when to let go". "Be nice" - "Have good character". Wal Asr...that's the way, it is not easy...we're all humans... :

Lori Spencer • 83 views

I live in the United States and want #MedicareForAll. My Maverick News co-host Rick Walker lives in Canada, has #Medicare coverage

From : Blasphemy Laws and Free Speech with Hamza Tzortzis Blogging Theology


sometimes we have to be positively assertive and you know give people a good Shake right also the Quran says

8:14 say this is my way I invite to God to Allah with Insight with bosira with deep

8:19 knowledge with with with uh with being Sapient right that's what it means

8:24 Sapient deep knowledge and having Insight also the Quran says in the the

8:31 chapter the al-fur Khan uh chapter four Khan I believe chapter 25 when Allah

8:36 subhanahu wa ta'ala says and strive against them be he so the Arabic is with

8:42 it which means the Quran a great striving a great striving so commentaries on this

8:51 include that you're using you're not using the Quran to hit people by the way less than the kind of struggle and

8:56 striving we're talking about if you had struggle is a profound might multi-layered concept and this context

9:03 is using the arguments of the Quran using the quranic values using the quranic perspective and so on and so forth so I wanted to have that as a

9:11 preliminary note which is very important the second always a very important reminder

9:16 the second note is think about it you know Muslims as a matter of aqaeda as a

9:22 matter of creed that we must love the prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam more than our own selves more than our

9:27 mothers more than our fathers and you know there's so many reasons why we should love him but the easiest kind

9:34 of one-line statement is well

9:41 the most loving the prophet sallam is his khabib his his

9:48 his he he loves the prophet Salam right he is the the love of Allah so how could

9:56 we not love that which the most loving loves it's as

10:01 simple as that right there's nothing else that we need to say really there's so much more but from that perspective

10:07 you know we we love the prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam and love includes respect and honoring and

10:13 defending and interestingly there is a prophetic tradition that is authentic that is narrated in tiramidi where

10:21 reported that the prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam said whoever defends the reputation of his brother God Allah

10:28 would defend his face from the hell fire on the day of Resurrection

10:33 sorry I get choked up so what about the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam right

10:39 you know we're not talking about any ordinary brother and we have obviously love and respect for our brothers and

10:45 sisters in Islam but what about the prophet salallahu right what about defending his honor and his reputation

10:52 right which is uh something to think about the final preliminary note is

10:59 you know interestingly the prophet saws he taught us to have the most Sublime

11:06 character and when you look at the life of the Prophet sallam you know we say the person is a mercy to all the worlds

11:14 he was compassionate and kind and wise and brave and courageous and strong and

11:20 he was the best father and the best husband and the best so and so he was the best at everything right in every

11:27 kind of function and in and domain of human activity he excelled and these are not just slogans by the

11:34 way and these These are based on his life and when you consider the the moral variables and the context and how he

11:41 responded to certain situations you're like subhanallah right he passed that test you know it's easy to be like a new

11:46 age spiritualist and say one must be compassionate and loving and kind you know with all due respect they don't

11:53 have the ability to be anything else because they're relatively you know they don't have the physical stature or they

11:58 don't even have the social economic power so you know they're morally naive from that perspective you have no other

12:05 choice but to be nice you know the true test of character is when there is a particular context and how you react and

12:12 we see this with the process in the conquest of Mecca right the conquest of Mecca when there was a general amnesty

12:20 and he there was no Bloodshed and he said this is a day of mercy and when he

12:26 was going into Mecca on his riding Beast right he was overwhelmed by humility

12:33 overwhelmed by understanding that the success was from Allah alone right just like what he says in the Quran when

12:39 Allah says that says indeed My Success comes from Allah alone the prophet salallahu he had the ability

12:46 and one would argue maybe even the legal and moral justification to sort them all

12:53 out because they were oppressing them they they were fighting him they were torturing his his companions and so on

13:00 and so forth but he walked in to Mecca the conquest of Mecca with his

13:06 head you know I think almost touching his the saddle of his writing Beast he was overwhelmed right and he was humble

13:13 now he had the ability to do something totally different but look how he entered Mecca with humility and with

13:20 with rahma with intense Mercy right there was a general amnesty there are other nuances but there's no need to

13:26 talk about them now generally speaking General amnesty and it was it was an expression of prophetic Mercy prophetic

13:34 forgiveness and prophetic humility so he although he had the ability to do

13:40 something totally different likewise when it came to the the Battle of uhud

13:46 right one of the famous battles when in you know many of the scholars they

13:51 discussed this battle and they say this was like a failure it was a loss right and in actual fact it was one of the

13:58 greatest things for the community in retrospect because if we if the Muslims

14:03 were successful in that battle then the lesson would have been actually if you disobey the prophet sallallahu you're

14:10 going to be successful right yeah one of the greatest lessons of that

14:15 is if you move away from obeying the prophet if you move away from connecting with the prophet salaam with obeying his

14:22 commands and understanding them and then you're not going to have success so when you come closer to the Sunnah closer to

14:28 the way of Allah closer to Allah you're going to have success which is very interesting connected to the whole

14:33 concept of love because Allah says in the Quran say to the prophet sallam say if you love Allah then follow me meaning

14:40 follow the prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam and Allah will love you and forgive your sins so following the

14:47 person is actually a key to opening the door of Allah's special love right so in

14:52 the Battle of he the person was injured right he was injured and

14:59 this is uh he he was basically reported that he

15:05 said that you know someone uh it was said that oh messenger of Allah

15:10 pray against the the king the idolaters and the message of Allah said verily

15:18 indeed unquestionably I was not sent to invoke curses but rather I was only sent

15:24 as a messy think about this this is a battle that was lost there was a grave

15:29 mistake where the uncle of the Prophet was was killed and you know Reports say

15:36 that he was mutilated sahaba were killed the prophetam was injured right and you

15:42 just finished battle and when we're talking about Batu here we're not talking about the kind of distance you don't even see your enemies they're like

15:48 ants and you press a button which there is a kind of dehumanization going on we're talking about you know swords

15:54 right we're talking about you know that the kind of uh profound intimacy and I don't mean this in a positive way of

16:01 that time I've got no at no point in the theater was the prophet I said I'm so

16:06 close to being killed uh as he was and during the Bible so it's absolutely immediately after that experience as

16:13 well exactly so and what how does he respond I was not sent to invoke curses but rather I was sent as a messy and what's

16:20 interesting here is is he justified to make Dua and say oh Allah you know destroy the enemies one

16:27 word argue maybe that is the case but in this context look how he responds which shows what the max said what the

16:35 goal of these situations are and the goal of warfare in Islam is not to

16:40 destroy people and to curse people but there is a higher maksad there's a higher goal which obviously you could

16:46 discuss with someone far more qualified on blogging theology in the future so I wanted to mention this because

16:52 when we articulate these things and we want to defend the honor of the Prophet Salam we should do so in a way that is

16:58 in line with the Sunnah in line with the mercy of the Prophet sallallahu aligned with the hikmah the wisdom of the

17:04 prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam and you know we have to understand who are you standing in for and we forget that

17:10 as people who want to share The Message of Islam we think it's just about me no we are standing in for someone

17:16 we are standing in for the prophet sallallahu just thinking about that is

17:21 overwhelming that's who we're standing in for he he passed away the sahaba have passed away the tabian

17:29 have passed away we are standing in for these people just thinking about that as a kind of

17:35 connection between yourself sharing Islam and the best people to have walked this planet that would drastically

17:42 create a paradigm shift in how you should express yourself and how you should be we are standing in from the

17:48 prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam so let's do this


Ash hadu illah Ill LAllahu - Ash hadu anna Muhammad Abdoolu Ra Rasool-Allahu. Allah Akbar Allah Akbar.


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