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"Systemic Sponsors of Self-Interest" - Condensed - With Pictures

Condensed and made better. Really just highlighting the videos that need shown and interesting pictures, news and conversations (that I like, agree with mostly) and some cool and nice things (pictures) (timeline as well; though it is still imperfect). Really is a better post than the previous but the previous has some noteworthy things and things I typed up, so I guess I will leave it.

Sunday --- 1.22.2023



--> THE LAWS OF CAPITALISM Coding Debt | The Laws of Capitalism Episode 2 New Economic Thinking • 52K views

The question is not just how the law codes debt, but also why. Our legal code has been essential in the transformation of humble IOUs into elaborate financial contracts, and the creation of...


Cursing probably:

-------------------Woah! ---:


Woah again...yes, quite an important video:

Possibly some cursing:

Didn't watch: Peru's US-backed coup regime cuts down pro-democracy protesters The Grayzone • 10K views

As masses of protesters make their way to the Peruvian capital of Lima, calling for the resignation of unelected coup leader Dina Boluarte and the release from prison of deposed President Pedro...

Didn't watch: How slow reading can change your brain DamiLee 993K views How does a world of speed and information impact our brains, our culture, and the architecture that supports learning? Want to be a part of producing these videos? Follow this link: https://ko-fi....

Economist DESTROYS Neo-Liberal Economics: Ha-Joon Chang's Tasty Ideas Owen Jones 33K views

Rishi Sunak's budget is like English food before the 90s - with its overcooked vegetables - and Liz Truss' Mini-Budget is like bringing back Tex-Mex. Confused? In his new book EDIBLE ECONOMICS,...

-- > Watched & posted before but listening to again (- Knowledge!): ECONOMICS FOR PEOPLE Production | Economics for People with Ha-Joon Chang New Economic Thinking • 32K views

So much of mainstream economics today is focused on market exchange that it’s easy to neglect production itself. In this ninth lecture in INET’s “Economics For People” series, Ha-Joon...



Good one (I like real stuff and understanding systems...I really love studying environmental science in college - things like that) (love our Earth - is fascinating) - :



Love George Galloway - good guests - watched the next morning:TANKS, BUT NO THANKS - MOATS Episode 207 with George Galloway

George Galloway • 50K views

Was looking at one of his (George Galloway) guests on the above show - Lori Spencer wondering who she was, clicked and clicked on one of her Youtube videos that looked a good debate :


Preview of important videos of the next post - yes first one is religious but Allatra TV does not consider or promote itself as of any denomination:

Consider...maybe think more about, what would the implications of a world free from usury be...and in general, men (man - mankind) not trying to devour one another's property or gaining/profiting off of the work of others but a fair and just world (without usury, and a consumer driven economic model/mode of thinking and coded into law), why would there be much of a drive and such rush to just earn money as like the main driver of society and civilization? - Is that what all life is about?

Thursday morning -------------

Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem :) :

Paper Money Ponzi Scheme Shiekh Omar Baloch • 2.3K views


Who Are We: People or Brooms?

ALLATRA TV International • 226 views

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