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Talk is Cheap - Apologies Pt. 3 - May Peace, Mercy, Justice and Goodness Prevail in the World

Traveling this past week and busy working and now is Ramadan, haven't been posting much. Probably won't be posting much this month.

I am an American and will always be, nationalism and tribalism can be good or bad. I am leery of Putin and really, any national leader as I think one should have a healthy dose of concern about powerful people and interests. Is interesting when an issue comes up in the world where, yes, we recognize it to be not ideal or a very good situation, war is bad, that's elementary but then, how does one think about that and respond to it? Three choices I suppose with differing levels of thought and discourse, but sometimes one is forced to make more of a choice in that, is this justified (not necessarily good) or is it not (not necessarily bad)? The third choice of neutrality in these instances and circumstances doesn't really exist, as walking away from the issue goes more to the side of - "it is not justified" or needed, is bad or "I don't care".

- Reminds me of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of the Most High be upon him, and what he and his friends and early converts had to go through with their battles (but people, will call Islam violent and everything, which people can be, and things can be made to appear bad).

Agree so much with Russell on these issues - and yeah, I'm just learning and growing as well (but also some is what I've always believed and have known for a decent while since reading Naomi Klein and some Chomsky):

This morning saw - Reaction is, Oh, this is what/why, most likely, this issue popped up in Pakistan I've been seeing and hearing about from WION news - makes sense now:

An attempt by the United States at regime change in Pakistan didn’t succeed. But they’ll be back George Galloway 38K views

(I have to add links atleast to the video and title so if it gets ghosted atleast I (and you) will know what the heck I'm talking about on some of these issues and videos).

(Maybe I posted this one already (is older) but not the 2nd one below:)

Haven't Watched Yet - Ukraine on Fire - Documentary:

Putin Tells Oliver Stone about his NATO Concerns

372,919 views Nov 22, 2016 Wall Street Journal 3.47M subscribers

President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia could take "counter-measures" if threatened by NATO, in a interview with filmmaker Oliver Stone in documentary “Ukraine on Fire." Image: Getty

- I mean, the fact that the media and even THE PRESIDENT of the United States is calling Putin and Russia this and that.....the whole situation is dumb. If he is so ____ and such a "hitler" or brutal murderer, why would you take the chance? Does one go up to a lion or jaguar and provoke it? The West media coverage is so bad. Yes war is, the images from Bucha are pretty sad. Fighting for one's country is fine and all but what is really going on and happening? hold Putin to account for his words and address to the world.

March 28 2022:

Zelenskiy's Oligarch Connection Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 508K views

Ukrainian presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelenskiy is campaigning as an outsider who will clean up politics, but he's backed by one of the country's richest men. (With reporting by AP, AFP,...

Haven't watched yet either:

Chris Hedges | Glenn Greenwald: Biden's Military & Imperial Goons Chris Hedges Fan Club 31K views

Jewish Group Endorses Nazis In Ukraine The Jimmy Dore Show 133K views

American Who Lived 8 Years in Ukraine Speaks Out on Russia War Cyrus Janssen 454K views


Good videos(!!!) :

/\ Basically, what I said, or was trying to say, on this Reddit forum thread talking about racism, but yes, there is obviously real history and realities ( - ~ environment - culture -~).


Historic Times - Russia/Ukraine Continued --

Mar. 27:

Mar 17 (or so):

Russia VLOGGER Perspective: ALL people are equal, there is no racism and favoritism, don't spread hate and corruption throughout the land! Allah Akbar - he knows all and is the most forgiving, the most merciful as well, he knows what we know and feel - we're all human - is only right to be upset and concerned about what's happening in Ukraine.

Mar. 19: - Aww, people who make sense:

Ukraine - Russia war: A nuclear war Ahead? George Galloway 116K views #Nuclear Are we heading towards a nuclear war over Ukraine-Russia war? NOTE: This debate was recorded during the directives on social distancing and no audience is present. First broadcast...

Islamic Focused Videos:

Very interesting:

Peace be unto the world, I hope we as a human race can move forward with justice, decency, and common sense and live in a more peaceful world with each other with nature and "mother earth". It's not all that crazy to hope for peace and sanity. I think we should (collectively) just move forward and let the crooked and corrupt go free (forward, march!...) and if they so choose to give back and donate, etc. that's their decision and all will be returned to Allah and no one can intercede for another - we are all (singularly) accountable for ourselves.

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