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Tears Fall

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Words can't do justice...(too much of the videos in this humble blog post).

"Sometimes the heart needs to be pierced in order to let the light in"


Start off sharing this lighter and interesting video, I saw some interesting news on IFLScience claiming "A solar tsunami could entirely wipe out the internet within a decade - study suggests". ->



Great job Russell uncovering these stories and presenting them so well, thank you for your work sir and the man who wrote the letter refuting this charade of sorts put on by Bill Gates (at a global climate conference, I don't know how this is allowed to happen other than that it's become a celebrity corporate sponsored greenwashing event more than anything serious as well aware environmentalists (people I went to college with for example and professors) would be capable of writing pretty much the exact same letter, and yes, I do think it was perfect:

Hossam Bahgat on the "Full-Scale Human Rights Crisis" in Egypt as Country Hosts COP27 Democracy Now! 10K views Broadcasting from COP27, the U.N. climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, we speak to leading Egyptian human rights advocate and journalist Hossam Bahgat about how authorities have launched...

The Amazing Islamic Economic System. Lecture by Abdullah al Andalusi

Muslim Debate Initiative • 40K views

Did not watch but thanks Jackson for stream/show - False flag is right I surmise, I don't feel the need to go further into it than that but that's just me.

Poland BLAMES Russia For DEADLY Strike, FALSE FLAG?

The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 48K views

People should know - (Zionism =/ Judaism, all this "anti anti-semitism is being pushed throughout the West (and much of the world I imagine) and by whom? Who benefits? So no one can say anything negative about Isreal as a state or say anything negative to a Jewish person? What? - Don't trust it, be skeptical)

Haven't watched, probably pretty good though: Healing Trauma in a Toxic Culture with Dr. Gabor Maté | Being Well Podcast Forrest Hanson • 76K views




For some "lighter" things...

Don't need to watch really but bear in mind when watching the Sergei Lavrov video below:

LEAKED: Pentagon Wants Ukraine Peace Deal NOW!

The Jimmy Dore Show 86K views

FTX Scam Involved Ukraine & Democrats In Money Laundering Scheme Says Internet The Jimmy Dore Show 141K views

Scott Ritter: Ukraine cannot win this war. It's a 'fantasy.' The Real News Network 274K views

Former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter explains why a Russian victory is inevitable, and what it costs the West to

Immigrants to NYC Creates Chaos for Capitalism - Economic Update with Richard Wolff Democracy At Work 4.2K views

Sleazy politicians cause New York City Mayor Eric Adams to run around like a chicken with his head cut off because this economic

Federal Reserve Getting Easy Inflation Coverage from Mass Media - Nomi Prins and Richard Wolff Democracy At Work • 2K views

Chris Hedges | Evil Censorship and Police Chris Hedges Fan Club • 1.9K views

Sergey Lavrov Press Conference at G20 Summit November 15 2022 - Russian with English Subtitles Michael Rossi Poli Sci • 2.3K views



Act - be like, "I'm a dead person" (control bad negative thoughts in head and um, control yourself (this women in this video here, a bit of a fitnah but um, that's the times we live in as Muslims).

Great video :

Good one : (though the use of the word liberal in this context/instance is just a person on the leftist political spectrum - started reading more of the Fourth Political Theory - all these words and ideologies that are very complex and jumbled up with politics and economics - it gets tiring...- just uh, do away with it and be creative and use our imaginations)

General sentiment from the comments: The whole world is fed up.

From the comments:

Rhyceise 2 days ago The real question is, are EU going to buy over priced goods from USA? Surly Russia and China can supply the EU marketings sector. Rhyceise 2 days ago @TheDrewSaga some billionaires investors from EU already moved it's manufacturing in China which would be as great safe deal. Rhyceise 1 day ago @Haley Brown Right on the money of reason TheDrewSaga 1 day ago @Haley Brown

"Add to this, we are getting ready to have another major recession. .Nearly all major European manufacturers already have factories in the US, hence there is no need for more facilities since nobody will have any money to purchase their products.

"I mean, wealthy people will still be able to purchase products, at least until the USD collapses which is increasingly likely and the Recession is a potential catalyst. But if that's the case then European Manufacturers are screwed either way whether they stay or go.

"Nord Stream will eventually be repaired and European manufacturing will recover. The new market will be China and not the impoverished US population.

"I agree with the markets being with China and not with the United States, I disagree that Europe is ever going to recover. If they are deliberately shutting themselves out from Russia and China and treating them as enemies why would they do business with Europe. That's not even counting the fact that the US has Europe under their control until people rise up (and I am doubting that this happens)."But Europe will not forgive the US for nearly having destroyed their industries"Not to defend the wrongs of the US Empire but Europe signed up for it and as long as too many brainwashed people in Europe are against Russia and China I don't see them. I don't see enough pushback from European people against this corrupt machine that is EATING them and their children. Show less Folk For America (I replied with the above - "U.S. sets Anti-China Trap" video)




Things will change, things will get better. Take good action. Things have to change...

Our world deserves better. We can't go on like this. This despotic culture and system(s), monotonic systems with greed being the only driver for all humanity...(No...but of course there's nothing wrong with trade). This U.S. led empire of liberal (focus on the individual's wants and needs) unfair unjust stupid dehumanizing uncaring planet-wrecking blood-spilling tyrannical "rules based order" of lies built on neocolonial debt-based economics they call "capitalism"...Who is with me to take action, to improve yourself (judge yourself, not others), to take responsibility, take action to move towards a better state of affairs for the world, our one and only - Inshallah (Allah willing).

"Islam is my religion, the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) is my role model"

The U.S. (in my opinion) needs to back down, back off(!), let go, and work and man up (work with Putin, work with China), be a real man, accept what is, what cometh, work to better our country, stop being petty (such as the wording in the inflation reduction act that favors U.S. based production and hurts Europe)(Also, wouldn't it be cool if we could recycle our dang trash? How pathetically lazy is that? - The richest country (highest GDP anyway) on the planet). Europe needs to man up as well - Europe is going to be reduced to nothing if they continue down the insane path they are on. Europeans need to mobilize - take back their countries. Europe has always been weak and amiable to U.S. diplomacy even when it so clearly is HARMFUL (mean to say the least; how they remain such good allies is beyond me) (just read Michael Hudson's book "Super Imperialism" - The U.S. not relenting an inch on post-WWI debt's of European countries, possibly causing WWII to come into being (fascism, definition is extreme nationalism) and at the same time, devaluing the dollar (all under FDR) so our exports (grain etc.) would be competitive on the world market (thus making it ever harder to Europe to realize enough surplus trade to pay on the debts they owed to us)).

We should return to a system I believe of ONE central state-owned bank, dissolve all the others into or under the ownership of the Federal Reserve (if still calling it that - it should be dissolved as well and the ownership taken over by the United State of America), make all of those employees then federal employees. Take ownership of all oil companies (stretching it, I know. I also know, we basically have a government that has a lot of control and say over these companies and the use of our resources, I mean it's complicated, it's pretty good what we have, but why not actually just tax these companies, these corporations, very strictly on excess profits at the least anyway).

Get our water rights and land-use rights straightened out (again, we're pretty good here, I think we could use better long term planning, - more planning period (of course I'm no expert on all that happens in this area), actually, better environmental protections (Democrats never seem to fight for environmental laws for instance, that were rolled back under Republicans, nor do they ever roll back changes that give more executive power to the president, it's always, you know, 24/7 headline news, new issues)(eh, I'm unsure about this sentence overall...I'm not qualified/educated enough but it seems there is a problem with ownership being so fixed in place and in a highly capitalistic environment, it just leads to inequality and land not being used to its full potential for either human settlement or land-use (agriculture), but yes, there is the arguments for privatization and conservation. I believe ideally, if people tear down houses or what have you, that they should be held liable - too many people in our country get away with trashing places, which is in my opinion, a crime (just commeon sense and basic decency).

Fix our homeless and vacant housing problems (if people can move into a house, say a house thats been on the market for over 16 months and hasn't sold, or would otherwise just be sitting there rotting, well, if somebody moves in, chances are they might want to try fixing it up). Move towards a circular economy. Upgrade our infrastructure. Increase our democracy - give people a voice and a say on matters. Our big tech companies who already have such large connections with the DOD could be nationalized and free speech should rule along with unbiased search results. We should/could try to de-monopolize industries and break up huge corporations. Sue them if there are grounds - there should be actionable precedent for trials in the U.N. international court of law against corporate crimes committed wherever they may have been, such as Monsanto in India. - You don't have justice, you hurt the soul and spirit of people around the world. How is it, that a corporation has the legal right to cause economic despair and hardship, to hurt people, to kill people, but if a person commits crimes is subject to fines and penalty, jail etc. (of course)? Mistakes can happen, business models could be wrong or bad, governments can make mistakes, hardships happen, but to continue on knowingly and to commit evil acts against people and their communities is simply a legalized form of colonization. If some foreign company came into the U.S. and did that...oh no, nope, not gonna happen, but if it's a U.S. multinational, is all swept under the rug...

Yes, anyway, one central bank, owned by the U.S. (not privatized), going back towards a gold standard - working with Russia and China to bring about a multipolar world order and a new global currency reserve standard. Get rid of the high finance sector. Make a new tax bracket that starts low and goes high - encouraging companies and corporations to invest in R&D, wages, workers, etc. Put a much bigger importance on the health of OUR natural resources (our environment). Cut down the military budget, abandon bases throughout the world (kind of just calm down, the world needs peace - the earth, it's CO2 budget is already bursting at the seams), invest in our education, know...just uh, stop being so crazy and mad (and so consuming - is anyone else tired of the constant liberalized like stench/yuckiness of the capitalist consuming mindset and just like to feel the peace of the reality of the world - thankful for the clouds and the birds and the inherent reality of reality. - Every day is anew - Thank GOD) ...peace...assalaam alaikum wa-rahmatullah.

-Just thoughts ---------------

"Drain the swamp" - how about abandoning the White House and D.C.? (who would want to stay in that old place anyway?), turn it into a national history museum. - Signify a new change. Move the capital to a more isolated place. Maybe somewhere like Idaho or South Dakota. Make it all isolated (the federal grounds), set limits on the population size of the town that develops around it and restrictions about development around the area as a whole.. Make it a nice place with plenty of nature but um, not too extravagant. Professional. For public servants serving for a time...Reset. New beginnings. Serious...wonder what the people of the United States would say (vote) regarding this proposition. Probably wouldn't work too well because of stuff but if we could pass laws that got lobbying and money out of the Government that would be a good easy option to go forward with to leave all that behind; just pack up and move.


Good video that fits well in this post - I hope no one would despair of the mercy of Allah nor should we equate him with anything or anyone else (we shouldn't um, try to identify ourselves with like our nation (though it's okay to have patriotism), should try to be decent and nice to people, have understanding, agree to disagree, stand up for truth even if it's against our liking or even against ourselves, etc., may Allah S.W.T. keep us on the straight path).

From Homosexuality to Straight, Dawah With Quran...Imam Eesaa Woods

Shiekh Omar Baloch • 4K views

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