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The Dollar is the...

Chronologic order.

- A lot of videos! I don't expect anyone to watch all these but one can just look at the headlines and pictures....


We can't pay no no :)

Pretty long (haven't watched all)

Will listen to sometime probably, but don't need to:

Great vid.

Have watched some -

Seems like a good one as well, but long, haven't watched all. - I like the joke that Twitter started off as just this little website and was designed to be a thing to do while on lunch break, walking, eating a sub while talking to a friend or something like that HAHA.


Great...(whatever your beliefs, I think these are great, well, the first one anyway, has a lot to it, no matter beliefs) (/\ The above video, not so great, kinda scary...).


Must watch (great!):


Have found a lot of good books.

- My Facebook comments are okay, nothing that great in my opinion...(pretty basic).

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