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The Great Reset : Rise Rebel - Love Live

There are a lot of negative videos in this post (but also throughout our news and media) but this is a consequential time in world history it appears. It really does help to get outside, spend time with friends and family, do good work(s) (exercise, building, fixing, playing, what ever). I would like to help create a better world where negative and divisive views are not the de-facto standard and one sees his work and striving to do good in life as not just selfish endeavors for personal gain (profit) but a more holistic part or endeavor in and for the greater world and ones community, family, etc.

How disgusting...

Is it not? I don't want to be ruled by some computer or my phone (technology in general) and think every one would agree.


Some alarming climate change videos but important, good information: I haven't been keeping up with watching this guy's videos much the past couple of years because I find the topic so disturbing and depressing. Makes one feel so small and powerless. The cause of a lot of my depression. Negativity, anger and apathy combine and lead to bad effects, no doubt.


The ones who have used (plundered) the planet's resources and people the most are the richest in the world and the cause of great misery, death, environmental decay and potential collapse(s) now are using these reasons to push an agenda of even more control and power, oppression and cultivating blind ignorance and submissivity to the A.I. Technology "God" so to speak (seemingly). What a future. [words]...What kind of evil "demigods" against humanity - human culture (human kind). No doubt drastic action is needed for the sake of the planet's environment...that is just historical development - the dominant economic paradigm of linear wasteful capitalism combined with the age and discovery of fossil fuels before much knowledge (science) came into being (consciousness, awareness).

We must peacefully resist. Rise up and create a better world. This is my calling. I don't know about you but I don't like the state of affairs and the world much as is right now and see no good reason why it needs to be this way. Why we allow it - such greed and arrogance, We are all just human beings, here for a time, to live, then we die and all the material possessions we have and all that are for nothing. It's life. Its what make it significant, death. Let's build a better future. ( - lol).


A few more interesting vids here:

"Killer Mike torches 'evil' Jeff Bezos for using slave labor at Amazon" The Hill

Krystal and Saagar: Former Intel Head Confirms Multiple 'Difficult To Explain' UFO Incidents - The Hill

More on the Great Reset:

From Naomi Klein herself:

"In short, the Great Reset encompasses some good stuff that won’t happen and some bad stuff that certainly will and, frankly, nothing out of the ordinary in our era of “green” billionaires readying rockets for Mars. Indeed, anyone with even a cursory knowledge of Davos speak, and the number of times it has attempted to rebrand capitalism as a slightly buggy poverty alleviation and ecological restoration program, will recognize the vintage champagne in this online carafe. (This history is explored in an excellent new book and film by the law professor Joel Bakan, “The New Corporation: How ‘Good’ Corporations Are Bad for Democracy.”)

Through its highly influential Global Competitiveness Report, the WEF has played a leading role in the transnational campaign to liberate capital from all encumbrances (like robust regulation, protections for local industries, progressive taxation, and — heaven forbid — nationalizations). Long ago, however, Schwab realized that if Davos didn’t add some do-gooding to its well-doing, the pitchforks that had started amassing at the foot of the mountain would eventually storm the gates (as they came close to doing during the 2001 summit)."


Why isn't our President of the United States ever mentioning this/these things? Why isn't he doing what he said he would on his website about ending/limiting corporate money and influence in Washington? He has a whole team of people working for him, does he not? Along with a host of other issues like healthcare. Joe knows government and American Government - he said as much just last Thursday in his first speech to the American people. He knows it takes a long time to get things done and passed - a large segment of his speech was on the issue of the filibuster - my proposal on filibusters - limit the time a senator has the floor to 40 minutes - if you can't get your message across in 40 minutes, then too bad, your time is up - I think a lot of people would agree at least decently close to this viewpoint - why can't we, the people, vote on this issue with today's supercomputers being in our pockets? So long as the President wants to bring the issue to bear and if enough senators also agree? Of course, that is how it does work. He could ask a Senator or House member to draft and introduce legislation that then gets voted on - Okay, cool. - and

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