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Been a while since I made a blog post. Have watched a lot of videos and learned a good deal.

Word of the day a few weeks ago (or so):

in·tran·si·gent adjective

unwilling or refusing to change one's views or to agree about something. "her father had tried persuasion, but she was intransigent"

IRAN: Digital Food Rationing rolls out using Biometric IDs amid food riots Ice Age Farmer 197K views

Iran is set to be the first country to roll out a food rationing scheme based on new biometric IDs. Where vaccine passports failed, food passports will now be eagerly accepted by hungry people...

- > Interesting enough. I don't think the Iranian Government is doing this as something sinister or bigger. It's a "socialist" measure to control inflation (supply and demand) in a time of shortage. Is only within their borders. It makes sense. I could be wrong but I don't think the western powers that that kind of influence on the policies of in-country issues that Iran faces and has because Iran has shown resilience for many many years even in the face of economic sanctions. The video has it twisted - I believe anyway.


Hunter Biden Raked In $11 Million From China & Ukraine The Jimmy Dore Show 214K views

NBC News has conducted a detailed analysis of the Hunter Biden laptop, which was once derided by mainstream news outlets as a “classic example of Russian misinformation,” offering further...

Something is ‘deeply wrong’ with America's president: ‘Glassy-eyed and not really there’ Sky News Australia 1.3M views

America is in the midst of a complicated problem where the media doesn’t want to admit something is “deeply wrong” with US President Joe Biden, but the people know there is, the New York...

Who is running the White House? Fox Business 333K views

Florida Rep. Kat Cammack says President Biden's gaffes are emboldening our enemies and creating doubt in the U.S. among our allies on 'The Evening Edit.' #Fox #FOXBusiness Subscribe to Fox...

- These guys are getting really popular - Nice (thats what happens when you tell the truth - builds trust)

What's about to happen in Ukraine should scare all of us | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Redacted 296K views

- Yep - this was on Fox News as well:

This Changes Everything Russell Brand 1M views

At the World Health Assembly next week, the WHO will meet to discuss a “pandemic accord” that would greatly expand its powers. Nothing to worry about there. #WHO #WorldHealthOrganization...

- Pure evil

Military Crisis Donbass, Ukraine Admits Heavy Losses, Arguments about Resuming Peace Talks in DC

Alexander Mercouris • 146K views

- I can't believe I'm actually watching and liking some of Fox News...(never before in my life did I, nor do I really much still but some of their videos etc. now are pretty good - is almost like, the Deep State or "the Kabal" or whoever decided to flip what was sensible from Dem. to Republican and I feel this happens to a degree depending on who holds the White House (Dem or Repub) but never to like, the levels that were at nowdays. The Dems are/have really become the class of the elites and "liberal extremists" seems like anyway...These are weird times...

Tucker: This should make you nervous Fox News 3.6M views

Fox News host torches Democrats' response to those who disagree with them on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

Dark Persuasion - The History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media University of California Television (UCTV) 842K views

Joel Dimsdale discusses his latest book “Dark Persuasion: A History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media,” which traces the evolution of brainwashing from its beginnings in torture..

- Good one!:

She's exposing the truth at Davos | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris Redacted 332K views

She's exposing the truth at Davos | Redacted with NThe World Economic Forum in Davos kicks off this week and is chalk full of "stakeholder capitalists" who will change the world. Or will they?...

Turkey Announces "Military Operation" in Syria

Richard Medhurst 29K views

US Ambassador Admits: "Yes, WE LIE About Ukraine & NATO"

Richard Medhurst 65K views

Biden Says U.S. Will Defend Taiwan as China Accuses U.S. of Forming “Indo-Pacific Version of NATO”

Democracy Now!


- This is us. This is our foreign policy and attitude toward's the world - dollar $$$ imperialism/hegemony, as I'm reading in the book "Super Imperialism". Amazing Coup and system we've (America) has tricked the world into in terms of fair trade on the world level. America doesn't want any powers to threaten it or the use of the dollar ("petro-dollar" - "SWIFT" - The IMF and World Bank). We don't care about "democracy and freedom" or human rights and peace and prosperity for the world (humans and all life on earth) We care about securing U.S. interests.

Debt, Coups & Colonialism in Haiti: France & U.S. Urged to Pay Reparations for Destroying Nation Democracy Now! 217K views

We look in depth at “The Ransom,” a new series in The New York Times that details how France devastated Haiti’s economy by forcing Haiti to pay massive reparations for the loss of slave...

My Thoughts... Russell Brand 722K views My thoughts on the tragic event at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Support The Families:

( Why Choose Islam? - Hamza Yusuf, Jordan Peterson HumbleBeliever •317K

When End Times is a Valid Concern ? Shiekh Omar Baloch 4.4K views )

( Not everyone likes Sheikh Imran but I do, this is great, he's talking with three Christian brothers from the UK:

UK COLUMN INTERVIEW WITH SHEIKH IMRAN HOSEIN - Exeter, UK, MAY 10, 2022: PART 1 Sheikh Imran Hosein 89K views )

- Pretty funny - haha - (sad as well):

Two Russian Guys PRANK CALLED George W. Bush

Richard Medhurst 72K views

Rand Paul: This is the danger of a one-world government

Fox News 2.5M views

Kentucky senator reacts to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on 'Jesse Watters Primetime.'

( Caravan Moves on Podcast 2 (Muslim/Islamic Podcast)

Sh. Omar Baloch on Alexander Dugin & Sh. Imran N. Hosein Shiekh Omar Baloch 6.8K views )

( Hidden Christian Documents That Said The Truth About Islam OpenmindedThinker Show 60K views

- Great! Jordan Peterson and Hamza Yusuf!:

What We Can All Learn From Islam & The Quran | Hamza Yusuf & Jordan Peterson Jordan B Peterson 1.5M views )

Boris Johnson loses interest in UK as economy craters, war with Russia top priority

The Duran 110K views

- This seems like a good talk - I enjoyed listening to her - haven't listened to it all, just started. Is pretty on point, I don't think it tells the whole picture etc. of course, but yeah...:

How Central Bankers Rigged the World: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power (2019) The Film Archives 91K views

Nomi Prins is an American author, journalist, and public speaker who writes about Wall Street and the US economy. Her books:

( The Quranic Design Argument with Shaykh Hamza Karamali

Blogging Theology 13K views )

Tim Pool: This Is Psychological Warfare

Russell Brand 633K views

This is a conversation I had with American YouTuber and political commentator, Tim Pool. We talked about the future of politics and the use of psychological operations and propaganda manipulation...

"Life is not a game", but hey, I've read that if you treat life like a game, it can improve your productivity...It is amazing the "predictions" or prophecies of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings of The Most High Be Upon HIm (SAW)).

( “Islamic Eschatology” As Entertainment

Shiekh Omar Baloch 3.9K views )

What's also amazing is technology and technological advancement. - Was looking up information on this 2022 AMD mobile processor/SOC (looking at a laptop on sale). Playing GTA V on a little laptop and using 7 nm tech, super power-efficient and fast/strong. Amazing advancements we've had and been blessed with. Is up to us to use it beneficially and create a just and good world for all. We shouldn't be using tech to propel us towards hell on earth and for killing people. Things are pretty simple but we humans complicate matters so much and need to be consistently humble (just watching an Islamic lecture today, is really good (will be below) for humbleness/humility is the path of how one best behaves themselves in the world as we go about working and interacting, etc. in our lives AND you have to keep at it. That's the way of success.

Here is that lecture today:


Confronting An Economic Hitman on Our Death Economy | John Perkins Ep. 416 THE JORDAN HARBINGER SHOW 54K views

When it comes to ensuring the sustainability of resources we rely upon for survival and keeping the world in good order to hand off to future generations, we humans can be a pretty short-sighted...

The Snowball Effect by Jacob Dreizin

The Duran 86K views

The Snowball Effect by Jacob Dreizin The Duran: Episode 1293 Subscribe to: The Dreizin Report - Ukraine War & Aftermath Video...

What the U.S. just said about China is TERRIFYING | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Redacted 347K views

Central Banking and Mainstream Economics Has Failed, Says former BoE Governor.

maneco64 11K views

#BoE #CentralBanking #BankOfEngland #inflation #CPI #QE #interestrates #economics #CostOfLiving #EndTheFed #moneyprinting #markets #breakevenrate Today we will look at some recent comments...

Gravitas: Small Pacific Nations reject China's deal

WION 980K views

China has suffered humiliation in the pacific. 10 island nations in the region rejected China's proposed security pact. Palki Sharma tells you how these island nations stood up to China. #China...

The world's worst financial thief Sorelle Amore Finance 177K views

Summit of Americas Collapsing: Region Says NO to Exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua

BreakThrough News 114K views

Ugh - those cops suck. Horrible.

Texas Cops’ Jaw-Dropping Responses to Reporters’ Questions

The Jimmy Dore Show 209K views

The End Of The American Empire Is Here The Jimmy Dore Show 230K views

While the US Government continues to write blank checks for the war in Ukraine and bloats the Pentagon budget to an obscene degree, the collapse at home continues as homelessness, inflation,...

- I mean, really, even as a very low end American (Kansas isn't the most prosperous but its not that bad either), I think we still have it pretty good...Really. As long as you stay out of debt for the most part, its, yeah...there is a lot of wealth and people don't like things of theirs to go down in value but...yeah. I'd be okay with some things falling if its for the good of the overall society - but I don't have much wealth. I don't care to steal or stuff like that (from the rich or whoever). It feels good to earn your money halal and by hard work (...but I don't like getting treated poorly and some jobs, are very unsatisfactory - I think they really should pay more - but a lot of those jobs are going to become extinct probably via Robots here in the pretty near future at least here in our 1st world countries...).

- Haven't watched all of this (who has the time...), seems good, the title looks interesting anyway:

Understanding the war in Ukraine (12) - The New World Order

School of Transnational Governance EUI 81K views

Haven't Watched :

The Return of Inflation - Michael Hudson

International Manifesto Group 12K views

- Inflation really does suck. Especially for the poor and the people who have little. Boom and busts cycles - The Wall St. money managers and people with big money and big investments - Sell and the stock market tanks - the economy goes down - the people with all kinds of money now get to buy up all the houses for cheap now - People losing. Workers who actually make the money - make the world go round - drive the rich people, service the rich - make the world go round - and Allah S.W.T. knows all! - All praise and thanks to the almighty for guidance and we'll see what we reap on judgement day. - I feel like all these Chinese people for example, in factories (doing slave like labor - etc.), heck man, they may be getting some great rewards in the hereafter.


Lots of great videos from Democracy at Work! Been watching and learning.

Abolish Employment - Global Capitalism with Richard Wolff Democracy At Work • 13K views

Prof Wolff talks about Marx's central observation: how employment exploits people in a fundamentally unequal and undemocratic way. Like slavery, we may need a new amendment to abolish this...

Wolff Responds: Taking Positions on Ukraine RichardDWolff 34K views

In this Wolff Responds, Prof. Wolff speaks about the ongoing war in Ukraine. Rather than using black and white language to enforce a “good vs evil” lens, Prof. Wolff explains how we don’t...

Wolff Responds: Elon Musk, Twitter and Free Speech RichardDWolff 19K views

In this Wolff Responds, Prof. Wolff discusses Elon Musk purchasing Twitter for $44 billion and comedian Russell Brand’s comments on the buyout. As yet another billionaire uses his wealth...

Wolff Responds: Is Another Recession Looming? RichardDWolff 18K views

In this Wolff Responds, Prof. Wolff talks about the economic climate of the last 2 years - a major public health disaster coupled with an economic crash has left so many Americans jobless and...

Wolff Responds: Ukraine, Sanctions, and Rising Inflation RichardDWolff 72K views

In this Wolff Responds, Prof. Wolff looks at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine from an economic and historical perspective by focusing in on how nations have often stoked fear of threats to national...


Sweet - awesome news - Starting a list I probably should have made years ago on brands/companies I like (because of actions) - of course I can be and am often wrong about these things and/or companies do change for the worse (Google for example).


Interesting!: Learning!:

Good ones:

The Rise Of Anti-Muslim Parties In Europe With Joram Van Klaveren

Blogging Theology 38K views

The Mehdi in the Quran?

Shiekh Omar Baloch 4.1K views

Not Islamic:

Imran Khan’s Exclusive Interview with Becky Anderson on CNN | 23rd May 2022

ARY News 1.5M views


The Effects of Colonialism In The Muslim World | Imam Tom Facchine UTICA MASJID 2.7K views

Take your land, take your resources and change your religion. You can support our work on Patreon:


Sheikh Imran Hosein 29K views

Inflation | Bradford By Sheikh Imran Hosein 2022 UK Tour

Sheikh Imran Hosein 29K views

Love, Light, Language, & The Loss Of Adab

Sheikh Imran Hosein 16K views

The different effects the Qur'an has on people

Blogging Theology 12K views



Three Reasons Why the US Housing Market Could Remain Strong Bloomberg Markets and Finance 3K views

US house prices have had an exceptionally good year, recording annual growth of 19.8% in February. While some economists are now predicting a correction redolent of the Great Recession, here...

Is the housing market cooling down? Fox Business 46K views

Serhant founder and CEO Ryan Serhant unpacks the real estate sector amid rising mortgage rates and talks of housing market cool-down. Subscribe to Fox Business! Watch...

From my notebook:

06-02-2022: Trying to purchase a house in Wichita here. Almost going through on submitting an offer on this $85k house. The market's high. Decent properties under 100k go quick.! I wish there wasn't all these 3rd parties. All these different people/companies want to dip their hands into the pot - because people are committing to a 15 or 30 year loan with thousands of dollar "on the line". What's a few more thousand? 2% - 3% - 4%- what can we get away with without there being pushback from the American worker/consumer?

I wish I could interact directly with the seller. Person to person. Straight up business transaction. This is how it should be. The seller is the one with the asset(s) and stands to be in atleast a decent position - selling a house for thousands - so IMO it should be on them to get a home inspection and provide that as part of the marketing of the house along with all the normmal information and pictures. Set an/the asking price and go.

The State (& City if necessary) should provide all the standard paperwork widely available to everyone (the public) to use as templates and to be in compliance with all standards and laws. The buyer or the seller should not have to pay thousands of dollars for a third party to provide a few pieces of paper. There should be minimal interference between the buy and the seller. The responsibilities of a property should be upon the owner of the property! Not covering up defects or anything and passing it on to a buyer. - > blah blah about banks, underwriting, inspections/appraisals - I mean, common sense and protections but geez..."housing as a market"/"commodity" is kind of wrong isn't it? A game for economic gains and businesses? Its not right is it??? - at the same time, its okay, the market will shift and sway and everything else but when HIGH FINANCE and THESE GAMES become the dominate, or more or most dominate over ACTUAL PEOPLE PRODUCING AND DOING REAL WORK - SOMETHING IS REALLY MESSED UP (knowledge and info are good, us people with the internet and everything today, we are very knowledgeable about alot of things if you put in just a bit of time into things - and it/the world and the conditions, you have to be knowledgeable about a lot of things but hey, thats the times we live in, people 300 years ago or 1000 years ago had to know how to do stuff or had different challenges etc.).

- A lot of why America and our economy sucks and is unfair. Espeically to the people who work and produce and keep all this up for the people who have (on a worldwide scale, it probably seems even more ridiculous). - Owners - (of land, of production, of people) should not be rewarded to the utmost (exploitation for gain) just for lending (land, equipment, the means to work/produce). - Is a sick system.

- To say that American "laissez faire" capitalism or unrestricted capitalism results in the most "progress" or is most "progressive" - when we've de-industrialized - shipped our manufacturing etc. overseas - that the "service" industry is the pinnacle and the standard of what it means and is to be a first-world country (yes, education is good, but how many engineers outproduce the good of a high school teacher? for example...)...

Youtube - Video: Fox Business - "White House fighting inflation is like an arsonist shutting out fire" :