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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem (In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful) - truly the Only One who is all divine and all-powerful. The Creator. The Sustainer (of all existence)

I don't agree with all of the proposals but I do really like it. Particularly some of the ways in which some things are presented - What I don't like: I don't particularly care for the highlighting of BLM in particular, that is making things about race but at the same time, I recognize, I understand. It is not all bad and it is bold. There's a lot of things that get politicized and turn into these vehicles or "political narratives with framing", which divide people and become the basis for two-party politics. Not hard to see through that at this point. Back to reality - there is much injustice done to poor communities (period); and there has been much injustice done to black peoples in particular.

I forget where/how I found this site but I like it a lot...:


As a Polish-German Marxist, Rosa Luxemburg (1871–1919) devoted her life not only to theorizing about implementing Marxist ideals and principles in a socialist revolution in Germany, but to actively helping her compatriots in their dire conditions of exploitation and marginalization by the powerful elites. While the late-nineteenth century assumption (surviving well into the twentieth century) that socialism would inevitably arise through the forward march of history does not appear to carry much weight in our world today, especially not in the West, a discomforting sense of the fragility of our socio-economic, as well as environmental ecosystems exerts its haunting influence on politicians and intellectuals alike. Some on the left side of the political spectrum turn to Rosa Luxemburg for inspiration.

Michal Valco is a professor at the Comenius University of Bratislava. This article is based on his presentation at the conference “Ho Chi Minh and Rosa Luxemburg’s Thoughts on Building a Good Society”, hosted by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Hanoi Office in October 2021.

I wish to explore Luxemburg’s idea that the working class’s path to emancipation must lead through a thorough mental and spiritual development of the masses. Another inspiring thought from Luxemburg revolves around the idea that the success of a socialist revolution entails (among other things) a holistic concept of economic and technological development.

In the end, I think it would be helpful to compare Luxemburg’s ideas that are relevant to building a “good society” to the latest research findings of human, social, and political scientists. As an example, I have chosen one of the most prominent social psychologists and social philosophers today, prof. Jonathan Haidt, based on his book, The Happiness Hypothesis.[1]


Love it. One needs framing of ideas. You need structure in which to hang your hat upon and to develop one's thinking. - Ideas -

Interesting and good knowledge and articles from the internet:

By Green Science Policy Institute April 15, 2023.

- A recent study reveals that supposedly safe replacement PFAS used in food packaging break down into toxic compounds, contaminating food and the environment. This challenges the PFAS industry’s claims about the safety of polymeric PFAS, suggesting that the best course of action is to eliminate the entire class of PFAS from non-essential uses.

-> We need to make a shift towards a circular economic and "new economics". - Good luck achieving that without real science and a "social science form of politics/democracy"

A comment: Sam | April 15, 2023 at 10:26 pm | Reply

When will they learn? Waxed paper worked for centuries. Industry wanted convenience and cheap.

Just now, looking at links on the scitechdaily site:


"Forever chemicals, also known as PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), are a group of synthetic chemicals that have been widely used in various industries due to their unique properties, such as resistance to heat, oil, and water. However, PFAS have been found to have a persistent and toxic effect on the environment and human health.

Exposure to a mixture of chemicals known as PFAS results in changes in biological processes that are linked to a diverse array of diseases.

Researchers from the Keck School of Medicine of USC have discovered that being exposed to a mixture of synthetic chemicals commonly present in the environment affects multiple crucial biological processes in both children and young adults. These processes include the metabolism of fats and amino acids. The disruption of these biological processes increases the likelihood of various diseases, including developmental disorders, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, and several forms of cancer. "

Researchers create salts for cheap and efficient CO2 capture. Graphical abstract. Credit: Cell Reports Physical Science (2023).

As the Supreme Court weighs President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, college tuition keeps climbing. This year’s incoming freshman class can expect to borrow as much as $37,000 to ...

DHS produced an entire line of similar “disinformation”-policing video products.. As with DHS’s Covid speech policing, DHS’s “deradicalization” speech policing does not seek target illegal speech or criminal behavior, but rather seeks to intervene in speech that expresses skepticism

The Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence chief is defending the department’s recently released national terrorism bulletin in public comments and memos this week in an attempt to ...

The computational tool, which the researchers call the System for the Triage of Risks from Environmental and Socio-economic Stressors ( STRESS) platform, almost instantly displays these risk ...

- Now this is some great technology that is useful for mankind. I imagine it could be used wherever throughout the world if and when all of the necessary inputs/data is gathered for a particular place.

- We just need a government and governance that actually can maneuver effectively and implement long-term planning (like in which they have in China). - There are all of these examples whereby we have all of this knowledge etc. but our Government is doing nothing. Now, I'm not even a total socialist (some good examples of capitalism are here as well, but that's not to say people would quit innovating to try to solve problems in a socialist, "communist" or different system/world), but...


A computational tool developed by researchers at the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change pinpoints specific counties within the United States that are particularly vulnerable to economic distress resulting from a transition from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy sources.

By combining county-level data on employment in fossil fuel (oil, natural gas, and coal) industries with data on populations below the poverty level, the tool identifies locations with high risks for transition-driven economic hardship. It turns out that many of these high-risk counties are in the south-central U.S., with a heavy concentration in the lower portions of the Mississippi River.

The computational tool, which the researchers call the System for the Triage of Risks from Environmental and Socio-economic Stressors (STRESS) platform, almost instantly displays these risk combinations on an easy-to-read visual map, revealing those counties that stand to gain the most from targeted green jobs retraining programs.

Drawing on data that characterize land, water, and energy systems; biodiversity; demographics; environmental equity; and transportation networks, the STRESS platform enables users to assess multiple, co-evolving, compounding hazards within a U.S. geographical region from the national to the county level. Because of its comprehensiveness and precision, this screening-level visualization tool can pinpoint risk "hot spots" that can be subsequently investigated in greater detail. Decision-makers can then plan targeted interventions to boost resilience to location-specific physical and economic risks.


New discovery challenges our understanding of nervous systems and their evolution. by University of Bergen. 3D reconstruction of the nerve net, comb rows, sensory cells, mesogleal neurons, and a ...

Keeping tree diversity intact in Canada's many forests over the long term can help increase carbon capture and mitigate climate change, according to a new University of Alberta study.

- Pretty awesome - Permaculture! (practices). › 2023 › 05 › 14 › brics-and-other-countries-push-to-align-against-us... BRICS and Other Countries’ Push To Align Against US Dollar Now ... Other countries raise their eyebrows in alarm and looked differently in our thinking of ways to go around and break with the dollar.” BRICS, which represents the economically-aligned nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is discussing the launch of a global currency that does not utilize the US dollar.

- › 2023 › 04 › 28 › 24-nations-align-against-us-dollar-as-brics-looks-to... 24 Nations Align Against US Dollar As BRICS Looks to Launch New Global ... A total of 24 nations are now looking to build a strategic alliance that will challenge the US dollar’s decades-long role as the world’s reserve currency. The group of five economically-aligned countries collectively known as BRICS is reportedly on the cusp of a massive

Date: April 20, 2023. Source: Colorado State University. Summary: Increased insect consumption by humans may be better for both gut health and planetary health. Chitin (kai'tin) and healthy fats ...

- I'm okay with that, as long as it's clean. No synthetic chemicals please and thank you or nasty other stuff. Makes sense (money wise) that it also could be cleaner "more easier" because insects are closer to the bottom of the food chain and also live shorter lives than large mammals which take many years to grow and produce their protein, especially, organic and grass-fed.

For immediate release: May 15, 2023. Boston, MA – People who live in communities with higher proportions of Black and Hispanic/Latino residents are more likely to be exposed to harmful levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in their water supplies than people living in other

- Black lives matter.

Towards sustainable industrial application of carbon-negative concrete: Synergistic carbon-capture by concrete washout water and biochar. Materials Letters , 2023; 342: 134368 DOI: 10.1016/j ...

- Biochar is amazing. We should implement more industry to produce it. - Recycling? - compost.

Citation: EPA's new PFAS rules don't account for major source of drinking water contamination (2023, May 15 ... EPA's new PFAS rules don't account for major source of drinking water contamination.

- Google search: Urban Food Deserts ...This problem, known for years but nothing changes.

New Water Treatment Zaps “Forever Chemicals” for Good. PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are a group of synthetic chemicals that have been widely used in various industrial and consumer products due to their unique properties, such as resistance to heat,

Sounds great - I would definitely support politically, investments to help the poor and clean up the environment. Is a good thing, no doubt.


"He explained that while PFAS are no longer manufactured in Canada, they are still incorporated in many consumer products and can then leach into the environment. For example, when we apply stain-resistant or repellent sprays/materials, wash PFAS-treated raingear, or use certain foams to put down fires, the chemicals end up in our waterways. Or when we use PFAS-containing cosmetics and sunscreens, the chemicals could find their way into the body.

For most people, exposure is through food and consumer products, but they can also be exposed from drinking water – particularly if they live in areas with contaminated water sources.

Dr. Mohseni, whose research group also focuses on developing water solutions for rural, remote, and Indigenous communities, noted: “Our adsorbing media are particularly beneficial for people living in smaller communities who lack resources to implement the most advanced and expensive solutions that could capture PFAS. These can also be used in the form of decentralized and in-home water treatments.”


Web search: styrofoam to activated carbon solution

Web search: Largest countries in the world by area

If CBDCs catch on, you may see these scenes on the streets of your city. Last December, the central bank of Nigeria limited daily ATM withdrawals to NGN 100,000 for individuals and NGN 500,000 for corporate organizations. Scarcity of cash has prompted many Nigerians to buy

- Personally, I don't think Bitcoin is any good but that's my opinion - secularly and religiously.

Beginner’s Mind is a phrase from Japanese Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki ’s book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. He uses it to describe an approach to life that is empty of preconceptions and egotism, yet very mindful. “In Japan we have the phrase shoshin (初心), which means


“With traditional arts in Asia much emphasis is put on long-term practice and effort, so as to reach continuously higher levels of skill development. There is a deeper character training happening as well, to reduce the ego’s voice, let go of fears, cultivate mindfulness, increase gratitude and live more fully in the present moment.” ~Christopher Chase


Early Islam had much confluence and mixing with the east...I think a lot of this "modern" spirituality could naturally translate to sufi practices", ways and understanding. The concept of "tawheed" is growing in the West. "There is no god but Allah". Ego and mind can think some crazy stuff. Self-control is also mind control/mental.

-----------After I blogged the above - in real-time, not the past:

Biden's historic geopolitical mistake The Duran • 124K views Biden's historic geopolitical mistake The Duran: Episode 1600 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL:

Didn't watch: How To Change A System| Isabel Cavalier Planet: Critical • 465 views What if the answer is all of us? We need to change the system. But if the system is made up of individuals, should we start there? On this week’s episode, Colombian changemaker Isabel Cavalier...

Imam Saw The Angel Of Death And Died On Camera Quran and Islam • 17K views 🔥 BACK IN STOCK ON HIGH DEMAND🔥 ►100 Heart-Touching Stories To Revive Your Imaan & Faith ► Buy Now: ►Link...

--------------After I blogged the previous blog post: Sensitive content pretty much 18+ but maybe 12+ people should read as it tells much facts about the dangers of this transgender stuff going around. - > "The U.S. is in danger" (I believe in the word of Allah S.W.T.) - The end times are near.

Twitter is a nasty really is right now. Highlighting the worst kind of stuff - so much disgusting Jerry Springer type violence etc. now. Then people think Republicans are going to "save" America and turn things around, with so called "conservativism" that does nothing against corporations and the "corporate-state partnership(s)" and highlighting and politicizing social issues and ills which only causes more division (liberalism) and so, less of a chance for people to unite on common issues to bring to bear on the government and elites to make progress inside of the country - exactly what is being done that I see to scare people against either real conservatism (less uncontrolled, unaccountable government) and "socialism" or that is, sane and sound economic thinking that could help us live happier, healthier lives without so much consumerism and goes towards a peaceful non-warlike state towards other countries and our planet basically.

------------Video Blogging ------------ Youtube Playlist here:

-------The best videos I will post not just the link, but the video thumbnail/player ---------scroll below -- there are some good ones, especially in sequence, even if it's over multiple days - - can skip the Islamic videos if you are not Muslim. These videos are HIGHLY important though.

Quran and Islam • 46K views 🔥 BACK IN STOCK ON HIGH DEMAND🔥 ►100 Heart-Touching Stories To Revive Your Imaan & Faith ► Buy Now: ►Link...

- Muhammadan Way Videos -

The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 10K views With the power of high vibration aura and focusing the present, an energy expands that change reality of at least 9 meters around you. Thinking on issues of past and fears about the future...

The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 5.3K views The Spiritual Power of Writing with Intention. Power of Qalam: the Pen in Quran is Surah 68 and Surah 96. Journaling is Dangerous? Can you Manifest Achieving Your Goals Just By Writing them...

----- "How to not take things personally" - Youtube search. - - - Later thoughts, I'm not sure how great taking this advice is, but , well, it's not bad either. ...everything is situational...relationships between people matter a could be that not taking advice from anyone would be really bad of course - - I'm a practicing Muslim and believe that Islam's guidance and understanding is best, most complete. Everything else is lacking in some manner or somewhere or questionable in ways, I believe...the individual knows, Allah S.W.T. take things personally, don't take things personally, let people judge you...:)

Didn't watch: How NOT to Get Offended (Stoic Wisdom for a Thicker Skin) Einzelgänger 888K views Stoic wisdom for getting less offended. Cuts, voice, footage, script by Einzelgänger. I also used Creative Commons (links below) licensed material from Storyblocks & Pixabay (links available...

Business Core• 1.9M views Andrew Huberman is an American neuroscientist and associate professor in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine who has made many contributions to the...

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BloopersTV • 4.9M views

Liv UNBOUND • 4.3K views Do you take things to heart too easily? Would you like to know how not to take things personally? ➤➤ Watch a movie on your mind screen! By Olivia Kissper: Time Travel to Timelessness https://y...

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Great, super good, very informative lecture - only about an hour 15 mins long not counting the Q&A: Beyond Neoliberalism: How to Think About Rebuilding the Capacity of the Democratic State

UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose 7K views The second talk in the Neoliberalism as a Global System: Private Power and Public Weakness Lecture Series. Damon Silvers focuses on the consequences of neoliberalism for the capacity of states...

Woah at this comment:

In March 2021 the largest retail investor think tank was born of the GameStop robbery The 1st research paper written by a young accountant & gamer was called “The Everything Short” It highlighted the massive derivatives exposure of the bond market to short sellers like Citadel who was holding 87% of his leveraged billions in derivatives w 83% of this short The next paper “Citadel has no clothes” exposed it further He is one of the largest market makers has a dark pool a private repo market a hedge fund & now a crypto arm after selling a piece to the same VC’s bankrolling FTX We also wrote one that highlighted how Credit Suisse would collapse under the weight of it’s GameStop exposure & that was 2 years ago If u look & want to know it’s ALL available even if u need to b a detective w seriously impressive puzzle solving skills which these gamers have Now we have 200 papers & everything they predicted thus far has been steadily unfolding Hence Y Wall St has inked 100’s of articles calling us every name u can make up - FT called us insurrectionists & Bloomberg called us communists 4 movies portrayed this as nothing more than a random attack on the rich That ignores reality We interviewed many brilliant economists & professionals from Nomi Prins to Michael Hudson Our channel was of course removed from YT & we r not allowed to mention GME on wall st bets which was completely captured by Wall St Anyway - 1M of us r now the 1st to own over 60% of the entire shares outstanding of which billions r held in places like Brazil (Bloomberg terminal accidentally shows us data that they later call a glitch same w the price discovery glitches that show 4500 a share in the dark pools) This stock marked the first time they didn’t get away w bankrupting in tandem as vultures who deliver the carcasses of companies to Amazon GameStop is now profitable in this environment has 1B free cash flow is hiring & expanding its tech arm which has been more successful than open sea or any other NFT platform b cuz of its massive support from gamers They shorted this company for 8+ years printing shares in perpetuity- now they r sitting on a serious bill The fed called us the reason for market instability- I didn’t know simply holding my fav stock for 3 years now is a problem More to come - read Superstonk papers - u will b immensely impressed I R’d the “dollar endgame” or “the glass castle”

Good comment, I like:

Countries with parliaments (representative democracy) are in fact oligarchies (few lead). In order to be a true democracy, the decisions of the Parliament should be submitted to the approval of the citizens. The "fatigue" of democracy occurs when there is a big difference between the interests of those elected and the voters, so people lose confidence in the way society function. As a result, the poor and desperate citizens will vote with whoever promises them a lifeline, i.e. the populists or demagogues. The democratic aspect is a side effect in societies where economies have a strong competitive aspect, where the interests of those who hold economic power in society are divergent. Thus, those with money, and implicitly with political power in society, are supervising each other so that none of them have undeserved advantages due to politics. Because of this, countries with large mineral resources, like Russia and Venezuela (their share in GDP is large), do not have democratic aspects, because a small group of people can exploit these resources in their own interest. In poor countries, the main resource exploited may even be the state budget, as they have converging interests in benefiting, in their own interest, from this resource. This is what is observed in Romania, Bulgaria, when, no matter which party comes to power, the result is the same. The solution is modern direct democracy in which every citizen can vote, whenever he wants, over the head of the parliamentarian who represents him. He can even dismiss him if most of his voters consider that their interests are not right represented.Those who think that democracy is when you choose someone to make decisions for you without him having to consult you, are either a fool or a scoundrel. It's like when you have to choose from several thieves who will steal from you. It's like when you have to build a house and you choose the site manager and the architect, but they don't have the duty to consult with you. The house will certainly not look the way you want it, but the way they want it, and even more surely you will be left without money and without the house. It is strange that outside of the political sphere, you will not find, in any economic or sports activity, someone elected to a leadership position and who has failure after failure and who is fired only after 4 years. We, the voters, must be consulted about the decisions and if they have negative effects we can dismiss them at any time, without to wait until the term to be fulfilled, because we pay, not them. In any company, the management team comes up with a plan approved by the shareholders. Any change in this plan must be re-approved by the shareholders and it is normal because the shareholders pay. Show less

UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose • 5.2K views The first talk in The Pre and Post-History of Brexit - Race, Class and Finance in the Making of British Economic Strategy Series explored the prehistory of Brexit and its roots in the post-imperial...

The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 6.2K views Unseen & Secret aspect of Electric Power - Are all our modern technological electrionic devices harvesting some form of energy that drains users of both biological and spiritual functions?...

-- Must watch, but not for kids or the mentally "low", the depressed, etc. - some nasty, cold truth that is very upsetting - it is alright though, you will get over it, but it does inspire the heart to take some serious action and want some serious change especially with the above lecture on Neoliberalism:

Geopolitical Economy Report • 50K views To analyze the conflict in Ukraine, political economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson are joined by economic geographer Mick Dunford. They discuss the aggressive neoliberal reforms being...

0:00 hello everyone and welcome to this ninth geopolitical economy hour the

0:05 fortnightly show on the political and geopolitical economy of our times I'm

0:10 radhika Desai and I'm Michael Hudson and today we have a special guest Professor

0:16 Mick Dunford Mick is professor emeritus at Sussex University and a visiting

0:21 scholar at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and his work focuses on world

0:26 development especially of Eurasia and in and China mix Mick is going to help us

0:33 discuss uh the political and geopolitical economy today of the Ukraine conflict the conflict is

0:40 dragging on the much anticipated spring offensive has started and is sputtering

0:46 Western propaganda is beginning to portray what is what we know is in many

0:51 cases a bloodbath for Ukraine as a Triumph president zielinski is jetting around Europe European capitals

0:58 eliciting very uncertainty Promises of help Western powers are filling Ukraine

1:03 with what somebody recently called a zoo of incompatible weapons and Weapons Systems of different vintages the EU

1:11 continues imposing ever newer sets of sanctions while President Biden continues to Proclaim his support for

1:18 Ukraine's cause as long as it takes to regain its 1991 borders which of course

1:25 includes Crimea so all of this is going on we know there is much that is puzzling about the conflict and today

1:31 what we want to do is follow the money on the conflict Wars are not just fought with arms strategies and tactics armies

1:39 March as they say on their bellies so what is the political and geopolitical

1:44 economy of this conflict while the mainstream press makes it sound as if the West is involved in the conflict

1:50 entirely altruistically standing up for Western values and democracy even as it

1:56 supports by the way and ever more fascist government in give a few critical sources do focus on the

2:05 profits that are being made by arms production but what we we think we will be able to show in the course of this

2:11 hour is that in fact the underlying political economy and geopolitical economy is far more complex so what

2:19 we've decided to do is organize the conversation by country and region so we will first discuss

2:26 points relating to Ukraine then we'll come to Russia then we'll come to Europe

2:31 then we'll go to the U.S then we'll discuss China and then the rest of the

2:37 world so that's roughly how we want to do it and so beginning with Ukraine you know what I find really remarkable about

2:43 the the whole sort of economic situation in Ukraine is that normally when a

2:49 country is at War you'd expect that the country pulls together the government creates policies of that are egalitarian

2:57 you know in the in the course of the conflict in in the Second World War Britain there was talk of fair shares

3:03 and equal sacrifices but what you find in Ukraine now is absolutely the opposite what you're looking at in

3:10 Ukraine is what we may call neoliberalism on steroids the zielinski government as even as it is conducting a

3:18 war which is very often a kind of show War anyway but it is supposedly at War it is fighting a a great enemy meanwhile

3:27 the government is implementing exceedingly anti-labor legislation it

3:33 has banned the opposition that will try to resist that and it is privatizing all

3:40 sorts of State assets in order to finance the war so you're essentially selling of the family silver in order to

3:47 pay for an ongoing expense um and what's more uh the the

3:52 privatizations include the very very fertile land of Ukraine and it is not

3:58 being privatized to ordinary Farmers or anything on the contrary the land is

4:03 being sold off to large agribusiness so every time you hear about you know uh uh

4:10 uh how urgent it is that Ukrainian grain has to get out to World Markets it's not

4:15 the interest of ordinary Farmers that are being protected Ukrainian Farmers on the contrary these big agribusinesses

4:22 must get their their products out for sale so this is what's going on there's and in EV in many other ways as well

4:29 private Enterprise is deeply involved every time there is a a loan being given

4:34 to Ukraine um private sector operators big financial institutions are involved and

4:41 of course the IMF has given uh is a funneling money to to Ukraine in in a

4:47 various ways and so on don't you think Michael isn't that really quite an exceptional state of things

4:54 well it certainly is uh and in the Press discussion every day uh it's obviously

5:00 about the military but the military discussion about whether there's going to be a counter-attack by Ukraine uh the

5:07 military situation is all what they're really talking about is Ukraine has to make some victory so that it can now uh

5:14 negotiate peace with the Russians and and install exactly the neoliberal policy that you've described uh there's

5:22 no way in which that can happen I think we should say at the beginning uh What uh the other side uh has to say and I

5:30 think uh Russia's foreign secretary lavrov uh made it clear uh in May 4th he

5:37 said everyone understands the geopolitical nature of what is happening and everyone understands that without

5:43 resolving the main geopolitical problem which is the desire of the West to maintain its hegemony and dictate to

5:50 everyone and all its will it's impossible to solve any crisis either in

5:56 the Ukraine or in other parts of the world so uh you you can see right now uh

6:03 how the U.S has been preparing for that every day certainly in the New York Times in the Washington Post uh there is

6:10 a list of all of the war crimes that Russia has been uh allegedly committing

6:16 in Ukraine uh beginning with a faked up uh massacres the bach Massacre uh and uh

6:24 all of the attacks so uh the the US is accumulating a bill that now uh the New

6:31 York Times says is about two trillion dollars uh that uh Ukraine uh will have

6:37 to pay the West in order to uh become solvent once the fighting is over and uh

6:42 the U.S says well uh we're already preparing a war crimes trial in the uh international criminal court against

6:49 Russia uh for uh what this is going to be a list of Damages uh to charge Russia

6:54 uh uh so that uh uh Ukraine can begin to

6:59 pay but of course the war crimes trial is going to take years and years and in the meantime Ukraine is going to have to

7:06 sell off exactly the uh all of its assets that you've mentioned it'll have to sell off its agriculture uh to

7:13 Monsanto it'll sell off its gas rights at the Chevron it is it's uh the U.S has

7:19 hired BlackRock uh the Wall Street uh firm to make a Repertory of all of the

7:24 assets Ukraine has and how they will be sold uh to U.S buyers well the whole

7:31 question is uh uh what well uh what will uh happen uh will that really be sold

7:38 off well how can it be sold off if the sellers are a government that was

7:43 installed by a coup d'etat uh a government is uh well actually itself

7:49 has become a terrorist government and the money that is received for uh these

7:54 special privileges are actually uh turned over to uh the kleptocrats uh and

8:01 to the government officials to put in their own accounts uh and uh much of it is actually been recycled into uh

8:09 campaigns for the U.S Congress the U.S senators and uh U.S politicians and uh

8:15 that is sort of a key economic aspect of this that hasn't been a discussed apart

8:20 from Hunter Biden's laptop uh where he promised to pay Hunter Biden and the big man presumably the father uh to act as

8:28 lobbyists for Ukraine uh and uh we know that much of the money that has been

8:33 donated to Ukraine has been unpaid by Ukraine on public relations agencies and

8:38 lobbyists to pay our Senators and representatives but also uh when you

8:44 have Blackrock in charge of neoliberalizing and carving up the Ukrainian economy uh yeah the Senators

8:52 and uh congressmen can expect campaign contributions not only from Ukraine but

8:57 from BlackRock from Chevron from all of the other countries companies that are

9:02 able to buy a killing there well uh what is the response and I think uh one uh uh

9:09 I want to point out is uh there Russia obviously needs its own Criminal Court

9:15 it needs a shadow Court to say yes of course there has been uh the uh the

9:20 aggressor must pay uh reparations the aggressor in this case is the U.S and

9:25 NATO we are owed money we're not the pays and uh this uh these Assets in

9:31 Ukraine especially in the Russian part that are now part of Russia are not Ukraine's to sell uh there are assets

9:39 now they are Russian assets and we are not going to sell them to the west and we are not going to install the

9:45 neoliberal program uh that is uh uh in being proposed by the West so there's

9:52 obviously going to be a standoff for a number of years and that standoff will uh have to go beyond just uh an

9:59 international criminal court by the global majority but a whole set of counter institutions to counter for

10:07 instance uh the IMF which is lending uh money to Ukraine in violation of its

10:13 articles of agreement lending to a country at War lending to a government that is uh uh anything but uh Democratic

10:19 uh to uh to fight the war so I think uh we may have a little back and forth here

10:25 before we finish Ukraine but to get into this uh uh the the fact that uh the

10:31 economic solution can only be settled on the battlefield uh everybody agrees with

10:36 that uh the the U.S is expecting Ukraine to win on enough on the battlefield so

10:43 that they can say let's stop and talk uh and Russia says uh uh made it very clear

10:49 uh we're not going to stop and talk we are going to continue to uh put our

10:54 national security demands up front and uh this is not something that's going to

10:59 end this year or next year or even the year after


11:10 Michael said about the way in which uh neoliberalism is seen as um the way forward from this point in in time and I

11:17 want I want to do that by talking about the way in which neoliberalism the way in which a particular path to transition

11:24 the way in which um a country in which ethnic nationalists came to power through a

11:30 series of successive revolution of color revolutions laid the foundations or many of the foundations for the current

11:35 crisis I'd like um Paul to show a slide if he would

11:42 it's very interesting you know that in 1991 the Ukrainian ethnic nationalists of whom Gorbachev had actually warned

11:49 Bush envisaged that Ukraine would very quickly become

11:55 another France in fact what happened was that Ukraine

12:00 in a sense actually went backwards in 1989 to 91 there were a

12:07 series of transformations in Europe in which many of the communist countries in Europe collapsed and undertook

12:12 transitions to capitalism and in 1989 there was an attempted revolute color Revolution which failed in China

12:19 this chart simply depicts the growth of GDP in a number of these transition

12:25 countries from 1989.


Didn't watch - it's real, it's "an open-air prison" : The Brutal Realities of Settler Colonialism In Palestine | Mohammed el-Kurd Novara Media 38K views Palestinians rarely get to tell their own stories, on the rare occasion they do it's on highly limited terms. Ash spoke to writer and poet Mohammed el-Kurd about the realities of Israel and...

UTICA MASJID • 2.3K views You can support our work on Patreon: For Masjid Contributions ↓ PayPal: Cashapp: $uticamasjid ** If you would like to support...

um the sixth chapter of the Quran is important especially in these times the more and more I read it it's very

0:47 important in these times because sort of the main idea of Surah is that

0:52 religion belongs to Allah is that the faith the dean who has the

0:58 right to talk about what's sacred we have a lot of people throwing the word sacred around these days

1:03 this is sacred and not sacred and this is Holy and that's holy and this is divine and that's the vine you have

1:09 people saying that crystals are Divine and that the horoscopes and the ancestors and everything out there we've

1:16 had an explosion let's say when it comes to the category of what is considered

1:21 Divine or sacred and holy and this has reasons behind it there's

1:28 reasons why people have gone this direction they've gone this direction as an over

1:34 correction and an overreaction to the soul-sucking nature of Modern Life In

1:39 The West which has taken the spirit out of work which has taken the spirit out of family

1:46 which has taken the spirit even out of religion most religion these days you go to the church

1:51 there's not a whole lot of God there's a whole lot of music right it's like a rock concert

1:57 and in order to keep people in the seats and not cause too much

2:03 debate or divisiveness a lot of the Christians have gone down this path of well we're making it more

2:11 entertainment than actually about the spirit and about religion well Islam has a very

2:18 challenging message for that I said no first of all we're not going to go down that path but

2:24 we're also not going to over correct right the the solution is not then to go around and say that well actually

2:30 everything's sacred right you could make an argument and say that

2:35 everything has a degree of respect and honor due to it because it was created by Allah but when it comes to Faith

2:44 when it comes to what is worship and what's not worship when it comes to what

2:50 is inviolable and what is a sign of Allah and the Creator on this Earth

2:56 then Allah has the right to decide that and you don't and I don't we don't have the authority to insert ourselves

3:04 and say well this is Holy because this is my opinion I want to worship God the

3:10 Creator by standing out in the sun for five hours that's not your decision to make right

3:16 religion isn't just about how we feel it's not about how we interpret things it's how are you going to be interpreted

3:22 by Allah is he going to accept and if he forgives

3:27 you because you were stupid and ignorant and you were just kind of doing the best with what you had that's a different

3:33 topic but we're talking about not caring enough in the first instance to even try

3:40 to figure out what that is and if we were to carry this logic forward into other domains of human

3:46 activity then we would surely see that this is just arrogance with a very thin disguise because

3:52 if you were to talk about somebody being in love right young men they have a romantic interest

4:00 time to get married okay wonderful you know her name yeah I know her name you

4:06 know what she's into oh no I don't really know anything about what she's into you know what she looks like nope

4:12 no idea you have any idea her interests like things that might motivate her like what qualities she's looking for in a

4:19 spouse having the faintest clue how do you love her how do you even love her

4:26 the reality is you don't you have this figment of your

4:31 imagination that you've invented whatever that is and you love that but you've created that

4:38 that's not the actual thing well that's what the majority of people in the west are doing today with God

4:43 they say God is love what does that mean God is love God loves yes God is loving

4:48 yes but God is love okay we have people gonna be in the Hell Fire

4:55 forever is that love again it might be we can think about it but punishment for certain things on

5:01 earth is that love again maybe but are you

5:08 really trying to worship God as he is and how he's communicated that he is or

5:14 are you really kind of just making it up all by yourself that's the question that

5:19 Surah asks and the crazy thing is this was this is it has modern manifestations

5:26 today when we talk about horoscopes and Zodiacs and crystals and all this nonsense but it had other manifestations

5:32 back then right they weren't talking about manifesting they weren't talking about uh I don't even know what the

5:39 latest thing is these days I can't even keep keep up with it but back in those days

5:44 the idolaters of the quraish they had their own superstitions and they claimed

5:50 that this was religion they had taboos they said well this type of animal we've

5:55 put this marking on it and it's it's it's Haram you can't touch it you can't eat it you can't do anything with it and

6:02 then this type of animal over here well it's only for the men and then this type of animal over here well it's only for

--- Notice - I may have posted some things - pictures taken from Facebook that are from people of different faiths that are possibly like fortune telling type of stuff - but I don't take that serious, I don't take it as true or anything of the sort and I always think or say "La Illaha Illaha" - but I like some of the content therein, it's just interesting to me. I hope it's not a bad thing. In Islam, it is impermissible to take any type of advice from "sorcery, astrologists, fortune-tellers, etc.". Your prayers won't be accepted for 30-40 days - which is a huge deal. May Allah forgive me.

Allah always follows up these sorts of commands with reminders that he is the forgiving

15:40 and the merciful if there is a situation in which it is likely that this is meant

15:45 to be broken okay if it's a really big deal and if it involves the oppression of

15:52 other people Allah puts other names at the end of the ayat which is something that's very very

15:58 interesting when Allah talks about theft for example in

16:04 most of us are not going to steal in our lifetimes okay and so Allah says that he

16:10 is Aziz right that he is uh yeah when you translate Aziz something that is

16:18 he's he's overwhelming you can't overcome him or he says that in other places that he is severe in punishment

16:25 right so he matches the names at the end of the verses to fit the context if it's something for

16:30 example that is such as backbiting such as accidentally eating something something that many of us

16:38 even most of us will do accidentally or not in our lifetimes and Allah often

16:45 reminds us of his Mercy but if it's something that is Major or something that is very rare he'll

16:52 remind us of his scarier qualities brings a specific example talking about

17:00 the Jews and one of the amazing points of the Quran and how Allah changes the way that he addresses people

17:08 according to if he's about to praise them invite them or call them out

17:15 and so when Allah and you can trace this through the previous chapter as well

17:21 is about to call people in from the Jews and the Christians how does he refer to

17:27 them he says people of the book okay he refers to a

17:35 common identity right you guys listen you believe in Revelation right starting

17:40 with common ground it's very intelligent you guys believe in Revelation here's Revelation believe in it too that's

17:48 basically what Allah is saying when he's inviting them in come to a common word between us and between you and there's

17:53 many ayat that are similar but when he's holding them accountable to something where they went wrong

17:59 then he doesn't call them that he says right or he calls them the nasara

18:07 he changes the things because these are terms that they gave themselves those terms are not you know uh

18:14 did not tell anyone to call themselves a Christian this is something they made up themselves never told anyone to call

18:21 themselves a Jew that was something that came from the kingdom of Judah way down the line right so these are group names

18:27 that they made up for themselves whereas Muslims is something Allah explicitly gives us as a name in the Quran sign of

18:33 approval this is your Dean it's done as well and then here's your name

18:40 and so he changes up here he says and upon those who

18:46 had and there's them in the way that he says it there's blame those who became Jews is kind of like the almost like a

18:54 literal translation we made

18:59 Haram for them we made impermissible for them everything that had cloven hooves cloven hosts means who's that looks like

19:06 this you guys have seen it sheep horses things like that

19:14 and from cows and sheep we forbade for them there

19:20 their fat okay so Allah what's the point of all this he's specifying things that

19:25 were Haram for the Jews that were over and Beyond what were Haram for Muslims or people before them or people after

19:32 them with Christians one of the things that Allah says in uh also in Surah is that is part of what he was sent was to

19:40 remove some of those extra restrictions that have been given to bani Israel so he's going through these other

19:46 restrictions that he had given to specifically to bani Israel as he says

19:52 yes uh as he says at the end of this verse because of their wickedness because of their incalcitrance because

19:59 of they continuously opposed Allah and his messenger at every single turn

20:05 why is Allah bringing this up here not just because it has to do with food and it has to do with animals but he's

20:12 trying to say that you can't use this as an excuse to just call this Haram and

20:17 not Haram and that Haram right that was the concern that he was addressing before the quraish or anybody else making up

20:25 their own religion what if they point to the Jews and say well look they got all these they get

20:31 they have all these things that they can't eat and stuff like that Allah is answering that doubt here he's saying

20:37 the only reason that we made all of this stuff Haram for them he says at the end of the verse him

20:46 that was their recompense that's what they deserved for their Bali for their

20:51 going overboard they're surpassing and trespassing all limits when it came to opposing The Messengers and opposing the

20:58 prophets and surely we are telling the truth

21:04 then Allah he turns our attention to our prophet

21:10 and he addresses him directly he says he says so far he says if

21:18 after all this information we've talked to you about the quraish you talked to you about their taboos we've talked to

21:23 you about the Jews and all the sort of games they used to play with what's Haram and Halal so

21:29 if they deny you meaning these quraish if they deny you

21:36 see then say

21:43 that your lord has Mercy possesses Mercy that is vast

21:49 and his harm his best will not be turned away from those who are criminals from

21:55 the wrongdoers basically A Veiled Threat I said listen like I know that I'm right and you guys

22:02 are going to get what's coming to you Allah then he addresses a doubt

22:11 and like many things I find it interesting because it's a doubt that still exists today

22:16 foreign

22:21 the people who worshiped Idols they're going to say Allah

22:29 if Allah hadn't wanted or hadn't willed then we would have never worshiped Idols in the first place

22:34 clever right not so clever means

22:43 oh three things he said if they think they got it they think they found the gotcha the gotcha argument

22:50 if Allah hadn't willed we would have never worshiped Idols our fathers would have never worshiped idols and we would

22:56 have never made any of these taboos we would have never prevented anybody from eating anything

23:03 listen to how Allah's response Allah doesn't always respond to the substance

23:08 of the claim sometimes he responds to the way in which they got to the claim okay so

23:15 Allah says first of all he turns away and makes a comment foreign

23:25 this is a comment it's not even sometimes and I'll talk to the parents here so that you understand

23:30 imagine sometimes your kid comes to you you're in the middle of an adult conversation

23:36 and they say something that's very very immature or they say something that's

23:42 very rude or something that's very wrong imagine then what would happen what what would be the meaning of your reaction if

23:48 you turn to the other adult and instead of responding directly to the child you commented about what the child just said

23:54 to the other adult you said

23:59 yeah he still thinks etc etc etc there's them in this ustub right there's blame

24:06 there is a criticism Allah does very subtle things like this all the time in

24:11 the Quran so instead of jumping to just react right back to what

24:17 the these people are saying Allah takes a second and makes a comment and the comment has

24:24 is dripping with blame right he says almost like how cute

24:30 like this argument they thought they thought they caught me in something they thought they had this contradiction that they figured out

24:38 this is the exact same way that the people before them denied

24:44 just until they tasted our punishment Burn Right

24:50 big I mean it's it's a big thing that Allah is saying there so these people

24:55 they think that they're so clever they think they've figured out this gotcha moment with Allah and they don't even realize that the thing that they imagine

25:01 that they discovered is the same thing everybody before them has been saying every single group has said the same

25:09 thing and they said it right before Allah sent down his punishment

25:14 they're playing checkers he's playing chess so to speak

25:20 then he actually addresses the thing that they said and he sells the prophet saws

25:29 and again he's intervening at the process by which they arrive to this

25:35 thing not the actual thing it's almost like it's too stupid to even address it directly

25:40 that was saying do you have any knowledge about this thing that you could extract for us that

25:47 you could bring out for us what's the thing here that's hidden because there's a lot of hidden subtext

25:53 in Arabic it doesn't refer to Allah says right so what's the who returning to

26:00 what is the thing that Allah is actually criticizing them for imagining that they

26:06 can know what he's criticizing is they're conflating two things they're conflating Allah's up allowing

26:15 it to exist with his approval right two separate things Allah

26:21 allows things to happen he allows good to happen and from our

26:27 perspective he allows evil to happen he allows murder to take place he allows

26:32 oppression he allows uh theft he allows heartbreak he allows sadness all these

26:38 sorts of things Allah allows it to take place does that mean that Allah

26:45 is pleased with all of that or wants all of that to happen or likes all of that to happen no because Allah said in the

26:53 Quran that he is not pleased with kufur and he allowed that to happen too he allowed people to reject him to deny

27:00 him to make up these stupid little gotcha arguments he allowed it all but that doesn't mean that he is pleased

27:07 with it just because he gave them the freedom he gave them the ability to do this it doesn't mean that he's happy with what

27:13 they did with it and so Allah is criticizing them by saying what knowledge do you guys have

27:20 of this you don't have any knowledge you've looked you've confused two things

27:26 you don't have any idea what you're talking about and then he says to further that in

27:32 tabirona is you're not following anything except for

27:39 conjecture basically what again following the major thing theme of Surah what's the proof that you have

27:47 that if Allah allows something to happen that he approves of it what proof do you have of it

27:54 did you find this spoken about by a prophet did you find it in a book somewhere a

28:00 holy book scripture or are you guys just making this stuff up as you go along just like your taboos

28:05 around food around animals and things like that yes that's really what's going on and that's why he's saying that you

28:12 guys don't follow anything except conjecture speculation

28:17 and you are nothing but people who are far astray foreign

28:30 you guys know that this okay during Ramadan this is one of the most famous uh videos that come out of Ramadan you

28:37 guys see the Algerian Iman with the cat right the cat jumps off on his shoulder right first of all Allahu Akbar what

28:44 dawah right you've got all of these people saying oh Islam this an oppression that and you know all these

28:51 mean religious folks are going to come and take over and Sharia law and you got this big gentle giant Imam in Algeria

29:00 and this cat just comes up and jumps up on him and the way he reacts and he's peaceful

29:05 and he's still reciting the Quran these are the verses that this Imam was reciting

29:11 and the minute he says this is when the cat leans over and kisses his cheek

29:21 say that for Allah is the most conclusive

29:26 proof the most conclusive proof belongs to Allah

29:34 take all your other proofs put them on the Nightly News spread them

29:39 on Facebook fact checked it whatever the most conclusive proof belongs to

29:45 Allah you can't cover this light you can't hide this Deen it is Manifest

29:52 if there's any such thing as manifesting in our time Islam is manifesting Islam is common Islam is growing

29:59 and it's through it's just through the beauty of it and it's all from Allah

30:08 Allah has the most conclusive proof

30:14 and if Allah had willed he would have guided all of you all together

30:20 so he's saying that there's no such thing you can't say that just because

30:25 Allah allows something that he approves of it if Allah wanted he could have

30:31 guided all of you but instead he gave you a choice he lets you decide and the decision really is just

30:38 revealing what's hiding on the inside then he he offers a challenge here he

30:46 says says call your Witnesses okay

30:53 he's going back to the map the things that they said oh this isn't allowed and that's not allowed you can't do this you

30:58 can't all made up call your Witnesses bring all your witnesses to swear by Allah

31:04 that this is something that Allah actually forbid and some books somewhere and some with some Prophet that he sent

31:12 if they actually Bear witness and take this then don't you be one of them that tries

31:19 to Bear witness to this with them

31:25 and don't ever follow what the people who have rejected Allah's signs want

31:32 don't follow what they want they're the wrong people to be following

31:39 second type of people the people who don't believe in the afterlife very very fundamental things okay we

31:47 could say that this is a criticism of materialism because Allah says the people who deny Allah's signs our signs

31:56 he says and the people who deny the afterlife okay

32:01 what does it mean to deny Allah's science what is a sign a sign points to something right and when Allah talks

32:09 about his signs in the creation it means that everything that he has placed in the creation points to something else

32:16 and it points to him and his glory right you see the sun rise you see the sun set you see the alternation of Night and Day

32:22 you see the food it's springtime you see the blossoms you see the trees and the fruits and the variety everything that

32:29 we talk about all the time and Allah talks about all the time there's two types of people

32:35 there's people who say this has to mean something that's somebody who gets the sign who

32:42 understands that it's a sign and the second type of person they say

32:47 yeah it's just random it's just here that's just the way it is

32:54 and this is somebody who has lost the ability to see the sign or who denies Allah's signs denies the fact that

33:00 they're signs at all so Allah says don't follow this type of person

33:05 even if you like them even if you think they're cool even if you have a lot in common with them this person's only

33:11 going to harm you especially your afterlife if you follow them in the

33:16 Dunya the second type of persona and people who don't believe in the

33:24 afterlife we've taught many many times about how belief in the afterlife

33:29 reveals the sincerity of a person because if you believe in the afterlife that basically means you believe in

33:35 being held accountable if you don't believe in the afterlife you don't really believe in accountability

33:41 you don't really think that you're going to get paid for what you do good or bad

so they had this thing weighing them down first thing Allah

38:57 you don't associate anything in worship with Allah

39:03 and to your parents excellence and Allah he pairs

39:10 the treatment of parents or the Excellence towards parents with tawheed

39:15 with worshiping Allah alone because they are very very similar

39:20 we come into this world you did not choose to be born you did not choose to

39:25 be created you did not choose to be named the name that you were given you did not choose to have your diapers

39:32 changed or whatever food you were given as a toddler or all the things that your parents did for you you come into this

39:39 world with a debt a debt to pay and just like the debt that you pay to

39:45 your parents you come into this world with a debt to pay to Allah so practicing Excellence to your parents is

39:50 a transferable skill when it comes to practicing excellence in your worship of Allah

40:00 this is significant because Allah is dealing with taboos so he says okay this

40:06 thing that thing and don't kill your children fearing poverty this is something that

40:11 they used to do okay they didn't have birth control methods back then so they

40:17 were a little bit more honest about it they would have a child but if they were afraid of poverty then they would then

40:23 they would actually kill that child and fanticide well Las Palmas says don't do it and not only don't do it he addresses

40:30 the theological problem behind it he says said we are going to take care of them

40:37 we're going to provide for you and them so Allah look at the mercy he doesn't

40:43 just say like we do as parents I said so right do this or don't do this because I

40:49 said so addresses the reasons he says don't do this we're going to take care of them

40:55 we're going to provide for for you and for them don't worry about it then he says

41:05 and do not even approach and it's significant when Allah changes the verb here and says don't even approach don't

41:13 get near which is different from don't do it don't even get near

41:20 indecency and usually of the sexual variety when Allah says

41:25 included in that is homosexuality included in that is sex outside of marriage included in that is any sort of

41:33 illicit sexual activity in the Sharia don't even get close to it like Allah says

41:40 specifically therefore illicit sexual relationships here it's even more broad

41:46 says any sort of sexual uh indecency don't even get close to it foreign

41:56 what is obvious and apparent and out there and what's hidden on the inside

42:07 and don't kill any soul that Allah has Sanctified or has made inviolable except

42:14 by right except by right it means through valid State authorities right capital

42:19 punishment this sort of thing foreign

42:28 and this is what Allah has left you as it will see you as like gave bequest or

42:33 as a something to inherit this is something he's left for you on Earth to

42:39 practice so that hopefully you would Allah says so you would use your reason

42:46 because there is no contradiction in Islam between a sound mind the sound reason and Allah's commands and

42:54 prohibitions if somebody thinks that there is or they object to Allah's

43:00 Commandments or prohibitions there's usually some sort of going on there's

43:05 usually somebody wants to do something wrong but they need to find a justification for it

43:10 and the shaitaan is always there to provide a justification for it


Redacted 515K views You know those depleted uranium tank shells the United Kingdom sent to Ukraine? Reports say that Russian missiles blew them up this weekend. Footage of huge explosions near the city of Khmelnytskyi show that Russia targeted ammunition stores in advance of the “planned counteroffensive.” The mayor of that city reported that the city itself was not targeted but that buildings were damaged by the blasts and at least 21 people were injured. The military administration in that region confirmed that “critical infrastructure” had been hit by at least four Russian drones. Blowing up uranium is a biological hazard. The UK was warned about this but chose to send these weapons anyway. Now Germany has committed another $2.9 billion in arms for Ukraine and Zelensky has indicated he will not give up power and hold elections as long as his war powers are in place. Which could be forever.

----------Disgusting------------- all right let's get to your news today then shall we let's dive into it the Washington

0:04 Post has deleted uh part of its interview with Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski why would

0:10 they do that apparently they don't want you to see his response to what they asked him and the

0:16 testy exchange that was in The Washington Post like this is a newspaper right it's supposed

0:20 to be democracy dies in the dark as their tagline and yet they're deleting parts of their interview

0:24 hoping we won't notice that it was gone but we did and we will have that for you um and so the

0:30 Washington Post made it redacted they made it disappear we've got a copy of it it's actually

0:34 pretty revealing we're going to go through it in a moment but first some big war update news

0:39 remember all the talk about those depleted uranium shells that the British government were going to

0:44 send to Ukraine well NATO was going to use them against Russia ensuring that every last Ukrainian

0:51 of course would be uh would die that's the goal of NATO instead of starting peace talks because

0:56 they don't care at all about ukrainians they care about money and War and they don't give a [ __ ]

1:01 about ukrainians the poor people of Ukraine who are being walked all over right now because of

1:06 these War mongers depleted uranium renders soil unusable for decades perhaps hundreds of years

1:14 and causes devastating cancers by the way if you want to see what it does to people

1:20 just remember the United States and the UK use them in Iraq

1:25 to horrible effects just Google I'm not going to show you any images of it it's horrible but

1:29 if you want to see it yourself just Google the words depleted uranium Iraq and you can

1:35 see for yourself the horrific pictures of Iraqi children born with all sorts of birth defects

1:40 and of course the British are excited to use these once again in Ukraine remember how Annabelle

1:46 Goldie the British Minister of Defense admitted that they were being they were sending these

1:51 depleted uranium shells to Ukraine for use against Russia in those tanks that they were sending to

1:57 Ukraine she was proud to tell us this she said this publicly so this is not something that the

2:02 internet is creating as a conspiracy theory it came right out of the British government's mouth

2:09 then a few days later it was caught on camera the caught on camera Edition British soldiers in a

2:13 tank training video captured this so these are the still images from this video These are the

yeah that's the massive massive explosion of depleted uranium shells among other weapons that

5:26 NATO keeps sending these you know it's amazing you know that these things wind up in these massive

5:31 warehouses Russia knows exactly where they are and it launches iskander missiles and destroys all of

5:38 them what is the purpose of billions of dollars being sent for this stuff here's another one

5:45 here's another Warehouse another Ammunition Depot that was also blown up this morning yep there it

5:49 is ---------------: Thank God. Destroy them. Disgusting...

and they hit multiple targets no civilian areas this was specifically ammunition Depots

5:56 according to the reports and they're saying you know this is thing NATO created this mess more

6:03 NATO ammunition Depots were just these are the only two that we're showing you but there was

6:07 plenty more tens of millions of dollars of ammunition hit by Russian escander missiles

6:12 money well spent I mean money well spent well you have two options you're going to blow that up if

6:19 you know where it is or you're gonna wait and say oh I hope it doesn't come my way right he

6:24 said exactly what he was going to do and the West still thought that was a worth it type gamble to

6:30 send those and put those there well and we've heard you know we know exactly what the goal is

6:34 the goal is to push back to boundaries pre-war and to topple topple Putin now we've heard that

6:41 right out of the US congress's mouth this only ends with the end of Putin so I think Putin's

6:46 going to sit there and allow depleted uranium shells to be fired against their tanks probably

6:50 not and that was the response what do we think was going to happen that's exactly what happened

he goes you must you're against Ukraine you

20:32 must be for Russia he makes these big leaps of loyalty because he's pushed on something that's

20:38 real he never gives a straight answer now it's an interesting exchange it's interesting that there's

20:44 a journalist willing to push him on anything really and then it's extraordinary that they would

20:51 delete it that we don't get to see it and another big Revelation in this Washington Post piece is

20:56 that there will be no um parliamentary elections in Ukraine so zelinski admits he's getting rid of

21:01 the elections and and yeah let's see here's the Washington Post piece and so zielinski's getting

21:07 rid of the elections in an interview with the post he says the Constitution prohibits any elections

21:12 during martial law the law says that after the end of Martial law I think elections will be

21:17 held in 90 days but right now no we were going to have him in October but we're just getting

21:22 rid of the elections so you know maybe up until August of next year I want to hold on to power

21:29 I'm extending martial law no so we we've gotten rid of churches we've gotten rid of books we've

21:36 gotten rid of Journalism we've gotten rid of Journalism we've gotten rid of media certain

21:40 schools certain schools now we're going to get rid of uh Democratic elections so remember when

21:45 you were told by Kamala Harris at the beginning of this that we are fighting for democracy that's why

21:51 we are spending all of this money in Ukraine is because we're protecting democracy we've had how

21:57 many elections have we had during wartime how many elections have we had you know how many elections

22:03 do we have during World War II how many elections did we have during World War One the Civil War

22:07 like okay you have elections yeah you don't just suspend elections well especially because

22:12 you think of people who are there who weren't allowed to leave who were dragged into battle

22:18 who have lost family members for a battle they do not support and you can't even vote out the

22:23 leader who's dragging you through it meaning you really are truly powerless and this news must just

22:29 feel so devastating because you have no agency in the future of your country yeah I'm trying

22:35 to remember I don't think the United States has ever um have we canceled canceled an election I

22:40 mean even during the Civil War we had an election uh I I can't think of one off the top of my head

22:46 where the United States canceled an election uh certainly during the Civil War Abraham Lincoln

22:51 uh suspended the writ of habeas corpus but that's not the same thing um but anyway let me know in

22:57 the chat what do you think about all this um and let us know because democracy dies in the dark but

23:02 apparently this is democracy and this is what we're supporting in Ukraine thank you so much

23:06 for watching this segment here at redacted we are live every day at 4 pm eastern time trying

23:11 to share the stories that the mainstream media will not cover you should also come


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Consider this, optimists. All the societies in the world can collapse simultaneously. It has happened before.

In the 12th century BCE the great Bronze Age civilizations of the Mediterranean—all of them—suddenly fell apart. Their empires evaporated, their cities emptied out, their technologies disappeared, and famine ruled. Mycenae, Minos, Assyria, Hittites, Canaan, Cyprus—all gone. Even Egypt fell into a steep decline. The Bronze Age was over.

The event should live in history as one of the great cautionary tales, but it hasn’t because its causes were considered a mystery. How can we know what to be cautious of? Eric Cline has taken on on the mystery. An archaeologist-historian at George Washington University, he is the author of "1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed." The failure, he suggests, was systemic. The highly complex, richly interconnected system of the world tipped all at once into chaos.

"1177 B.C.: When Civilization Collapsed" was given on January 11, 02016 as part of Long Now's Seminar series. The series was started in 2003 to build a compelling body of ideas about long-term thinking from some of the world's leading thinkers.

The Seminars take place in San Francisco and are curated and hosted by Stewart Brand. To follow the talks, you can:

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- /\ - Subhannah Allah - consider Allah. How blessed we are to worship him. - -> "Long view" - consider looking at things with a 10,000-year perspective.

good evening my name is Alexander oz on the director here at long now and as you

0:19 know at the beginning of most of these talks we do what's called the long short a short film that in some way

0:25 exemplifies long-term thinking

1:03 civilizations fragility comes both from its interconnectedness and that's also

1:09 one of the things that really make civilization robust

good evening I'm Stuart brand from the long now foundation as you know the long

3:29 now we define as the next 10,000 years which we're building a clock for in the last 10,000 years which we're still

3:36 figuring out what happened part of the

3:42 idea of all that is to sort of calibrate how we think about time and history in

3:47 eternity which doesn't actually play into this at all forever is not part of this story but time has size and we're

3:59 pretty good at the minutes and hours and the kind of stuff we saw in the film here we're still figuring out decades

4:05 centuries millennia so half the way back

4:11 5,000 years ago was the beginning of the Bronze Age we started to get bronze tools and

4:18 weapons and the kind of society that can use those things and that went on for 2,000 years and then it ended much more

4:30 suddenly than it began and we have a speaker who knows more about that than

4:35 anybody Eric Cline

4:45 thank you so much for inviting me here thank you all for coming I'm presuming

4:50 you're out there it's hard for me to see but what I would like to do tonight in the next hour or so is to take you back

4:57 take you back between 4000 and 3000 years ago to the time that is my

5:05 favorite period in ancient history Late Bronze Age 1700 to 1200 BC if I could be

5:13 reincarnated backwards that's the period I would like to live in I don't think

5:19 I'd survive for about more than 48 hours but it would be a marvelous 48 hours now

5:27 this is the period when we have what I would call the g8 of the ancient world



Tis a sad world we live in man. Allah Akbar. 🤧.

It'll be alright - Allah Knows. Allah Knows.


Keep going. Never give up.


Long Now Foundation 27K views "'Now' is never just a moment. The Long Now is the recognition that the precise moment you're in grows out of the past and is a seed for the future." - Brian Eno The Long Now Foundation is...

This is pretty awesome:

Next Level Soul Podcast 1.7M views WATCH Gregg Braden's FREE Video Event - The New Human Story: Awakening Your Evolutionary Potential for Self-Healing 👉 WATCH Free Course:...


Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, researcher, educator, lecturer and internationally renowned as a pioneer bridging science, spirituality, and human potential.

From 1979 to 1991, Gregg worked as a problem solver during times of crisis for Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco Systems, where he became the first Technical Operations Manager in 1991. He continues problem-solving today as he merges modern science and the wisdom of our past to reveal real-world solutions to the issues that challenge our lives. His research has led to 15 film credits and 12 award-winning books now published in over 40 languages.

Gregg is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and is active with visionary organizations, including the HeartMath Global Coherence Initiative and The Arlington Institute. He has presented his discoveries in over 30 countries on six continents and has been invited to speak to The United Nations, Fortune 500 companies, and the U. S. military.

The United Kingdom’s Watkins Journal lists Gregg among the top 100 of “the world’s most spiritually influential living people” for the 7th consecutive year, and he is a 2020 nominee for the prestigious Templeton Award, established to honor “outstanding individuals who have devoted their talents to expanding our vision of human purpose and ultimate reality.”

Please enjoy my conversation with Gregg Braden.

Timecodes: 0:00 - Episode Teaser

1:02 - Who built the Pyramids?

6:28 - Where does the Ancient Civilization come from?

10:55 - How were the stones created?

20:20 - How are Pyramids dated?

29:15 - Greggs discovery about the pyramids

34:11 - What was happening in the Pleistocene?

41:17 - Is there a mother civilization?

49:23 - The implications of advanced technology and what it would mean to our world today. 55:27 - Why the past is so important and why we need to know it?

56:47 - Spirituality / Divinity

1:10:30 - Gregg's Work


Here's what's happening. Archaeological Discoveries now, are, are being made that precede that that 5000 year cycle. So

0:11 when it first started happening, scientists said, Oh, well, these are anomalies. So you know, we've got we've got our history,

0:18 and we're sure it's right. And then here's an anomaly. And we'll put it over here. We'll come back and look at it later.

0:23 Well, now there are so many anomalies, the anomalies are telling the new stories.


1:57 I was taught at that time, what we are still teaching our children today. And that is that civilization began in a in an

2:08 isolated location in what today we call the Tigris Euphrates Valley. And it began its breeding the primitive state and

2:18 evolved in a linear fashion slowly, gradually over a long period of time, to what we have today. The problem with that

2:25 story, Alex is the evidence doesn't support it. And there is still a there's a battle to maintain what is called the

2:35 standard model. When it comes to our history when it comes to civilization when it comes to science. When it comes to

2:42 physics. When it comes to human origins. There. There's a battle to maintain the static story. Excuse me, it is developed, you

2:51 know, in late 1800s, early 1900s, even though the evidence no longer supports it. So the new the new discoveries are now

2:58 telling us that rather than a single cradle of civilization,

3:03 excuse me in the Tigris Euphrates, rather than a single cradle that there now appear to have been at least five

3:10 simultaneous cradles of civilization. And some of those are very familiar to us. There was one in China, there was one

3:18 in the in the Tigris Euphrates that was Mesopotamia. There is the Indus Valley, mysterious technology has been found buried

3:27 in the Indus Valley and what now is India and Pakistan. There was

3:32 a corral in northern Peru there was Mesoamerica there was the

3:38 the area and what we now call the UK and Europe and that part

3:43 of the world. So these five, or depending on how you look at the

3:49 maybe six simultaneous civilizations out and Egypt, Egypt was certainly a part of that. And that's this is a long

3:55 answer to, to your question. They appear to to have been

4:00 simultaneous, there appears to be a communication. There's a continuity of knowledge between these civilizations in terms of

4:10 agriculture, the ability to grow large amounts of food in hostile environments to feed large populations, certainly

4:17 mathematics, certainly architecture, multi storey buildings, it's no easy feat to build these, these multi storey

4:24 structures the way they were built, and a knowledge of the cosmos that was so advanced Alex in many instances, it was

4:33 discounted is myth until the 20th century when our own satellites began telling us more about the neighborhood that we

4:41 live in our solar system neighborhood and, and lo and behold, these ancient traditions have it right on. So the

4:49 question that comes up often is where did these civilizations

4:54 come from? And and I think the answer to that question, maybe the answer to who built the pyramids. So that's where I

5:01 wanted to lay that that foundation. What we know is that

5:07 there. I'm a geologist by degree, and I rarely get to use

5:13 that, that degree anymore. With a strong background and the life

5:19 sciences, math, physics, computer science, cosmology, and an archaeology. And I say that once again, because it's that

5:26 multidisciplinary background that helps me to stay current in many different fields as new fields of science as new

5:34 discoveries are being revealed. And I gotta tell you, what we're going to talk about in this program, it's no secret in the

5:40 scientific community. It is simply there's there's a resistance to embracing it in the mainstream. So mainstream

5:48 textbooks mainstream classrooms, and the reason is because the pushback from the religious community from the political

5:54 community, certainly from the, the, the technological

6:00 community, and, and much more so what I'm saying to you is, is

6:07 peer review that's out there in the in the open literature is just not something that we often hear about. So I'll I'll just

6:16 the mystery is where did those simultaneous advanced

6:21 civilizations come from? And that might be where we want to go with this but I'm gonna I'll stop there and see if and cents

leading if the Sphinx was already existing when the ice

22:36 melted, and if the Great Pyramid was made using technology and

22:42 incorporating mathematics that are so sophisticated, we didn't know it until recently, where did that come from? All of this

22:50 is pointing to, and it's something I've talked about extensively, is that civilization appears to be

22:59 cyclic, rather than linear. So the linear model is what we're teaching our kids, we began in ancient Sumerian Mesopotamia,

23:08 5050 500 years ago. And you know, then you've got, you know, Rome and Greece and, and all of that. Well, all of that happens

23:17 to have occurred within the most recent cycle. That began about

23:24 5000 years ago. And what the mathematics with the archaeology is showing is that our history appears to be closely correlated

23:36 to 5125 year long cycles. And there are five 5125 year cycles

23:48 that make up one big cycle called the precession of the equinox. And I know some of our astronomers and astrologers are

23:55 familiar with that. For 20, it's about 26,000 years, it is

24:01 related to the way that Earth is, relates to the sun and to

24:06 the way that all I don't want to get too deep with all of this, but the our relationship to our solar system and the Milky Way.

24:16 And if those of you that remember the 2012 phenomenon, you know, that's what this was all about. 2012 was the end of

24:25 of the last, the fifth 5125 year long cycle, and the beginning of

24:32 a new age, a new a new cycle that we're in right now. So when

24:39 you plot that out, I didn't know we're going to talk about this, I would have brought some slides when you plot that out on a

24:44 graph when you look at these 5000 year cycles. So here we are today. 2012, the beginning of a new cycle, or the end of one

24:53 that began 5000 years ago. Well here's here's what's happening, archaeological discoveries now. Are are being made that precede

25:04 that that 5000 year cycle. So when it first started happening,

25:09 scientists said, Oh, well, these are anomalies. So you know, we've got we've got our history, and we're sure it's right. And

25:16 then here's an anomaly. And we'll put it over here. We'll come back and look at it later. Well, now there are so many

25:21 anomalies, the anomalies are telling the new story. So you've got places like the Gulf of combat in India, it's a three

25:30 mile long, five mile wide, submerged city, it's under 120 feet of water. 9500 years before present, very sophisticated

25:39 archeology, we've got Gobekli Teppei. In Turkey, that is still

25:45 being excavated, and is now over 13,000 years before present. Now

25:51 that the ice is melting in Antarctica, the satellites are showing complex, massive, complex structures. These aren't

25:59 like little log cabins or, you know, pit houses. I mean, these are massive structures. The ice has been there for 20,000 years.

26:09 So the question is, who is building complex architectural structures 20,000 years ago in Antarctica? Well, when you plot

26:17 those, what you're finding is Rome and Greece and Caroll,

26:23 Peru, that is the most recent 5000 year cycle. So what we've been studying, and what we've been teaching ourselves and our

26:30 children is not the history of the world forever. It's the history of the world in the most recent cycle. Now we've got to

26:37 start looking the 5000 year cycle before that, where we see corolle in Peru, which is now dated, it's the oldest,

26:46 technologically advanced civilization in all of the Americas. It's older than the Inca than the Aztec than the old

26:53 Mac than the Toltec. It's older than anything, we've got to rewrite all the history books. And next to it, another site has

27:01 been found that's even older there. We're told civilization began 5000 years ago, that's when these ended, these

27:09 civilizations ended when we're told that civilization began. So that's a 5000 year cycle. Now you go back, and you look at

27:16 Gobekli Tepe A, so so we've got today back to about 5000 years,

27:22 5000 years to 10,000 years is another 5000 year cycle. And that's, you know, all the things shot tall you can in Turkey and

Wow. ...->

When we talk about

56:58 spirituality, it means different things, different people. And I think there's a deeper conversation that goes beyond

57:04 spirituality to use the term I'll mention, I'll define it, it

57:09 goes to our divinity. And when you when you look up the term and I think we may have talked about this a little bit in our

57:15 last conversation, when you look up the term divinity, a lot of people associate divinity with religion. And I can see why

57:24 religion would have hijacked the term, sure, but the term divinity actually, if you look up the definition, it's

57:30 interesting, it means the ability to transcend perceived human limitations, our ability to not just survive, but to

57:40 become more than to thrive in the presence beyond the limitations that we may have imposed upon ourselves in the

57:47 past. What's happening today is there is a movement, to keep us

57:55 from our divinity, to keep us so that we feel that we are powerless victims of a world that we have no control over.

58:04 And if you're a victim, that means you need a Savior. And the Savior that's being touted is technology we're being taught in

58:12 our young people are being taught, all you need to do you know is to embrace this, you know, this piece of technology,

58:20 this virtual reality or computer chip, there's a proposal now to implant computer chips into the brains of all newborns, to give

58:28 them the edge so they can compete successfully in the world today. What's being missed, is that when our biology

58:37 is replaced, by technology, if you have a computer chip working for you, it means that your neurons think they're no longer

58:46 needed. And your your systems begin to atrophy. If you pump chemicals into your body for an immune response, your natural

58:54 immune system says maybe you don't need me anymore, the systems will begin to atrophy, you don't have the robust

59:00 systems. - This is true - I've learned a lot since becoming Muslim - People in Pakistan for example know a lot about natural medicine and health.

And this is precisely what's happening today. And this is where we lose our our sovereignty as an individual

59:09 because we feel that we need something outside of us to be

59:14 the best version of ourselves and to be successful in life. It's a very, very different way of thinking. And it's being done

59:22 through really slick marketing. I mean, I'm aware of it, and I'm still in awe of how sexy the marketing is when I see the

59:30 YouTube you know, if you watch a YouTube video, you're going to get commercials. You know, why are watching that video. And

59:38 some of those commercials if I if I were you a young person then didn't know what I know. Now, I can see where they would

59:46 be drawn to want to know what's wrong with a computer chip in

59:51 your brain or a special But it goes into that whole superhuman superhero aspect of

59:57 it. You're like the Iron Man you become an Iron Man. And that's conceivably, their position Exactly. But this is this is where this is the battle that's

1:00:05 coming down now for our divinity. Because do you accomplish that? By giving away your humaneness to a technology?

1:00:15 Or do you accomplish that, by developing the potential of

1:00:21 human biology, we don't even know what that potential is. But here here's now this is where the spirituality comes in. When

1:00:29 you replace biology with polymers, synthetics, AI and computer chips, you have replaced DNA. With artificial

1:00:40 technology.

The DNA is the link to our spirituality, the DNA is

1:00:46 the link to our biology because and our divinity because the DNA literally DNA, and the genes that make the DNA are literally

1:00:56 antennae. They are soft antennae that tune us to information in

1:01:03 the field of energy that scientists tell us underlies and connects all things. That is not controversial. Scientists are on

1:01:11 board, there's a field underlying all existence, including us, -> Ayat Al Kursi -

we're in constant communication, non verbally,

1:01:18 through energetic transactions, our DNA is picking up information. That's where intuition comes from. When you

1:01:26 hear the voice in your head that says, this is a good thing to do, or this is not a good thing to do, or when you when you go

1:01:33 into prayer, and you ask for help and guidance, and you receive that you receive that because it is coming through

1:01:41 this energetic pathway. If we give away our biology, to

1:01:47 computer chips, and synthetic technology, it might help in the moment, you're giving away your divinity, your access to your

1:01:56 greatest potential because now you're no longer able to, to communicate through these information pathways that we're