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The U.S. is in Danger - Overcome Negativity - You are Special, You are "Divine" -

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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem (In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful) - truly the Only One who is all divine and all-powerful. The Creator. The Sustainer (of all existence)

Came across:


I don't agree with all of the proposals but I do really like it. Particularly some of the ways in which some things are presented - What I don't like: I don't particularly care for the highlighting of BLM in particular, that is making things about race but at the same time, I recognize, I understand. It is not all bad and it is bold. There's a lot of things that get politicized and turn into these vehicles or pollotical narratives with framing, which divide people and become the basis for two-party politics. Not hard to see through that at this point. Back to reality - there is much injustice done to poor communities (period); and because of the past racial segregation etc. in a capitalist society, capitalist world...

I forget where/how I found this site but I like it alot:


As a Polish-German Marxist, Rosa Luxemburg (1871–1919) devoted her life not only to theorizing about implementing Marxist ideals and principles in a socialist revolution in Germany, but to actively helping her compatriots in their dire conditions of exploitation and marginalization by the powerful elites. While the late-nineteenth century assumption (surviving well into the twentieth century) that socialism would inevitably arise through the forward march of history does not appear to carry much weight in our world today, especially not in the West, a discomforting sense of the fragility of our socio-economic, as well as environmental ecosystems exerts its haunting influence on politicians and intellectuals alike. Some on the left side of the political spectrum turn to Rosa Luxemburg for inspiration.

Michal Valco is a professor at the Comenius University of Bratislava. This article is based on his presentation at the conference “Ho Chi Minh and Rosa Luxemburg’s Thoughts on Building a Good Society”, hosted by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Hanoi Office in October 2021.

I wish to explore Luxemburg’s idea that the working class’s path to emancipation must lead through a thorough mental and spiritual development of the masses. Another inspiring thought from Luxemburg revolves around the idea that the success of a socialist revolution entails (among other things) a holistic concept of economic and technological development.

In the end, I think it would be helpful to compare Luxemburg’s ideas that are relevant to building a “good society” to the latest research findings of human, social, and political scientists. As an example, I have chosen one of the most prominent social psychologists and social philosophers today, prof. Jonathan Haidt, based on his book, The Happiness Hypothesis.[1]


Love it. One needs framing of ideas. You need structure in which to hang your hat upon and to develop one's thinking. - Ideas -

- I wouldn't want to start a revolution of mass protest and indignation that results in senseless destruction but... the cultural apathy that pervades and the moral degeneration (this negative programming, this liberal programming ( - I am weak - I am a liberal - ) especially in our present culture/society can make it so, one needs much push to get people to react to them being driven towards a cliff; so to speak or you know, to take moral stands against what is bad and evil. - Myself included. I am not the greatest, I am not unblameworthy, I could have done more in life etc. - We all need the forgiveness and mercy of Allah, less no one would be left alive (- Quran verse).

Interesting and good knowledge and articles from the internet: › thought-to-be-safe-replacement-pfas-used-in-food-packaging... Thought To Be Safe: Replacement PFAS Used in Food Packaging Are ...

By Green Science Policy Institute April 15, 2023.

- A recent study reveals that supposedly safe replacement PFAS used in food packaging break down into toxic compounds, contaminating food and the environment. This challenges the PFAS industry’s claims about the safety of polymeric PFAS, suggesting that the best course of action is to eliminate the entire class of PFAS from non-essential uses.

-> We need to make a shift towards a circular economic and "new economics". - Good luck achieving that without real science and a "social science form of politics/democracy"

A comment: Sam | April 15, 2023 at 10:26 pm | Reply

When will they learn? Waxed paper worked for centuries. Industry wanted convenience and cheap.

Just now, looking at links on the scitechdaily site:


"Forever chemicals, also known as PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), are a group of synthetic chemicals that have been widely used in various industries due to their unique properties, such as resistance to heat, oil, and water. However, PFAS have been found to have a persistent and toxic effect on the environment and human health.

Exposure to a mixture of chemicals known as PFAS results in changes in biological processes that are linked to a diverse array of diseases.

Researchers from the Keck School of Medicine of USC have discovered that being exposed to a mixture of synthetic chemicals commonly present in the environment affects multiple crucial biological processes in both children and young adults. These processes include the metabolism of fats and amino acids. The disruption of these biological processes increases the likelihood of various diseases, including developmental disorders, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, and several forms of cancer. " › news › 2023-05-salts-cheap-efficient-co2-capture.html Researchers create salts for cheap and efficient CO2 capture -

Researchers create salts for cheap and efficient CO2 capture. Graphical abstract. Credit: Cell Reports Physical Science (2023). › en-us › money › personalfinance › as-the-supreme-court-weighs-bidens... As the Supreme Court weighs Biden's student loan forgiveness, education ...

As the Supreme Court weighs President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, college tuition keeps climbing. This year’s incoming freshman class can expect to borrow as much as $37,000 to ... › dhs-video-series-to-target-peer-beliefs Political Police? New Docs Show DHS Program To Target “Middle-Aged Pro ...

DHS produced an entire line of similar “disinformation”-policing video products.. As with DHS’s Covid speech policing, DHS’s “deradicalization” speech policing does not seek target illegal speech or criminal behavior, but rather seeks to intervene in speech that expresses skepticism

That was older I guess (Feb. 2022), but still, quite crazy. Our first amendment and democracy is under attack. › 2022 › 02 › 18 › politics › dhs-pushes-back-gop-terrorism-bulletin... DHS rejects GOP assertion that terrorism bulletin is attempt to 'police ...

The Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence chief is defending the department’s recently released national terrorism bulletin in public comments and memos this week in an attempt to ... › news › 2023-05-tool-hot-compounding-environmental-economic.html New computational tool finds 'hot spots' where compounding ...

The computational tool, which the researchers call the System for the Triage of Risks from Environmental and Socio-economic Stressors ( STRESS) platform, almost instantly displays these risk ...

- Now this is some great technology that is useful for mankind. I imagine it could be used wherever throughout the world if and when all of the necessary inputs/data is gathered for a particular place.

- We just need a government and governance that actually can maneuver effectively and implement long-term planning (like in which they have in China). - There are all of these examples whereby we have all of this knowledge etc. but our Government is doing nothing. Now, I'm not even a total socialist (some good examples of capitalism are here as well, but that's not to say people would quit innovating to try to solve problems in a socialist, "communist" or different system/world), but...


A computational tool developed by researchers at the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change pinpoints specific counties within the United States that are particularly vulnerable to economic distress resulting from a transition from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy sources.

By combining county-level data on employment in fossil fuel (oil, natural gas, and coal) industries with data on populations below the poverty level, the tool identifies locations with high risks for transition-driven economic hardship. It turns out that many of these high-risk counties are in the south-central U.S., with a heavy concentration in the lower portions of the Mississippi River.

The computational tool, which the researchers call the System for the Triage of Risks from Environmental and Socio-economic Stressors (STRESS) platform, almost instantly displays these risk combinations on an easy-to-read visual map, revealing those counties that stand to gain the most from targeted green jobs retraining programs.

Drawing on data that characterize land, water, and energy systems; biodiversity; demographics; environmental equity; and transportation networks, the STRESS platform enables users to assess multiple, co-evolving, compounding hazards within a U.S. geographical region from the national to the county level. Because of its comprehensiveness and precision, this screening-level visualization tool can pinpoint risk "hot spots" that can be subsequently investigated in greater detail. Decision-makers can then plan targeted interventions to boost resilience to location-specific physical and economic risks.


Interesting: › news › 2023-04-discovery-nervous-evolution.html New discovery challenges our understanding of nervous systems and their ...

New discovery challenges our understanding of nervous systems and their evolution. by University of Bergen. 3D reconstruction of the nerve net, comb rows, sensory cells, mesogleal neurons, and a ... › news › 2023-04-tree-diversity-carbon-storage-soil.html New study finds tree diversity increases carbon storage, soil fertility in forests ...

Keeping tree diversity intact in Canada's many forests over the long term can help increase carbon capture and mitigate climate change, according to a new University of Alberta study.

- Pretty awesome - Permaculture! (practices). › 2023 › 05 › 14 › brics-and-other-countries-push-to-align-against-us... BRICS and Other Countries’ Push To Align Against US Dollar Now ... Other countries raise their eyebrows in alarm and looked differently in our thinking of ways to go around and break with the dollar.” BRICS, which represents the economically-aligned nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, is discussing the launch of a global currency that does not utilize the US dollar.

- › 2023 › 04 › 28 › 24-nations-align-against-us-dollar-as-brics-looks-to... 24 Nations Align Against US Dollar As BRICS Looks to Launch New Global ... A total of 24 nations are now looking to build a strategic alliance that will challenge the US dollar’s decades-long role as the world’s reserve currency. The group of five economically-aligned countries collectively known as BRICS is reportedly on the cusp of a massive › releases › 2023 › 04 › 230420135319.htm Chitin from consuming insects can help both gut microbiota and global ...

Date: April 20, 2023. Source: Colorado State University. Summary: Increased insect consumption by humans may be better for both gut health and planetary health. Chitin (kai'tin) and healthy fats ...

- I'm okay with that, as long as it's clean. No synthetic chemicals please and thank you or nasty other stuff. Makes sense (money wise) that it also could be cleaner "more easier" because insects are closer to the bottom of the food chain and also live shorter lives than large mammals which take many years to grow and produce their protein, especially, organic and grass-fed.

Ugh: › news › press-releases › communities-of-color... Communities of color disproportionately exposed to PFAS pollution in ...

For immediate release: May 15, 2023. Boston, MA – People who live in communities with higher proportions of Black and Hispanic/Latino residents are more likely to be exposed to harmful levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in their water supplies than people living in other

- Black lives matter. › releases › 2023 › 04 › 230418101419.htm Researchers develop carbon-negative concrete -- ScienceDaily

Towards sustainable industrial application of carbon-negative concrete: Synergistic carbon-capture by concrete washout water and biochar. Materials Letters , 2023; 342: 134368 DOI: 10.1016/j ...

- Biochar is amazing. We should implement more industry to produce it. - Recycling? - compost.

Broken: › news › 2023-05-epa-pfas-dont-account-major.html EPA's new PFAS rules don't account for major source of drinking water ...

Citation: EPA's new PFAS rules don't account for major source of drinking water contamination (2023, May 15 ... EPA's new PFAS rules don't account for major source of drinking water contamination.

- Google search: Urban Food Deserts ...This problem, known for years but nothing changes. › new-water-treatment-zaps-forever-chemicals-for-good New Water Treatment Zaps “Forever Chemicals” for Good - SciTechDaily

New Water Treatment Zaps “Forever Chemicals” for Good. PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) are a group of synthetic chemicals that have been widely used in various industrial and consumer products due to their unique properties, such as resistance to heat,

Sounds great - I would definitely support politically, investments to help the poor and clean up the environment. Is a good thing, no doubt.


"He explained that while PFAS are no longer manufactured in Canada, they are still incorporated in many consumer products and can then leach into the environment. For example, when we apply stain-resistant or repellent sprays/materials, wash PFAS-treated raingear, or use certain foams to put down fires, the chemicals end up in our waterways. Or when we use PFAS-containing cosmetics and sunscreens, the chemicals could find their way into the body.

For most people, exposure is through food and consumer products, but they can also be exposed from drinking water – particularly if they live in areas with contaminated water sources.

Dr. Mohseni, whose research group also focuses on developing water solutions for rural, remote, and Indigenous communities, noted: “Our adsorbing media are particularly beneficial for people living in smaller communities who lack resources to implement the most advanced and expensive solutions that could capture PFAS. These can also be used in the form of decentralized and in-home water treatments.”


Web search: styrofoam to activated carbon solution

Web search: Largest countries in the world by area › crypto-albert › cbdcs-road-to-slavery-xzgeped CBDCs: road to slavery? - Publish0x

If CBDCs catch on, you may see these scenes on the streets of your city. Last December, the central bank of Nigeria limited daily ATM withdrawals to NGN 100,000 for individuals and NGN 500,000 for corporate organizations. Scarcity of cash has prompted many Nigerians to buy

- Personally, I don't think Bitcoin is any good but that's my opinion - secularly and religiously. › 2016 › 05 › 15 › zen-the-art-of-living-deeply Zen & the Art of Living Deeply | Creative by Nature

Beginner’s Mind is a phrase from Japanese Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki ’s book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. He uses it to describe an approach to life that is empty of preconceptions and egotism, yet very mindful. “In Japan we have the phrase shoshin (初心), which means


“With traditional arts in Asia much emphasis is put on long-term practice and effort, so as to reach continuously higher levels of skill development. There is a deeper character training happening as well, to reduce the ego’s voice, let go of fears, cultivate mindfulness, increase gratitude and live more fully in the present moment.” ~Christopher Chase


Early Islam had much confluence and mixing with the east...I think a lot of this "modern" spirituality could naturally translate to sufi practices", ways and understanding. The concept of "tawheed" is growing in the West. "There is no god but Allah". Ego and mind can think some crazy stuff. Self-control is also mind control/mental.

-----------After I blogged the above - in real-time, not the past:

Biden's historic geopolitical mistake The Duran • 124K views Biden's historic geopolitical mistake The Duran: Episode 1600 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL:

Didn't watch: How To Change A System| Isabel Cavalier Planet: Critical • 465 views What if the answer is all of us? We need to change the system. But if the system is made up of individuals, should we start there? On this week’s episode, Colombian changemaker Isabel Cavalier...

Imam Saw The Angel Of Death And Died On Camera Quran and Islam • 17K views 🔥 BACK IN STOCK ON HIGH DEMAND🔥 ►100 Heart-Touching Stories To Revive Your Imaan & Faith ► Buy Now: ►Link...

--------------After I blogged the previous blog post: Sensitive content pretty much 18+ but maybe 12+ people should read as it tells much facts about the dangers of this transgender stuff going around. - > "The U.S. is in danger" (I believe in the word of Allah S.W.T.) - The end times are near.

Twitter is a nasty really is right now. Highlighting the worst kind of stuff - so much disgusting Jerry Springer type violence etc. now. Then people think Republicans are going to "save" America and turn things around, with so called "conservativism" that does nothing against corporations and the "corporate-state partnership(s)" and highlighting and politicizing social issues and ills which only causes more division (liberalism) and so, less of a chance for people to unite on common issues to bring to bear on the government and elites to make progress inside of the country - exactly what is being done that I see to scare people against either real conservatism (less uncontrolled, unaccountable government) and "socialism" or that is, sane and sound economic thinking that could help us live happier, healthier lives without so much consumerism and goes towards a peaceful non-warlike state towards other countries and our planet basically.

------------Video Blogging ------------

-------The best videos I will post not just the link, but the video thumbnail/player ---------scroll below -- there are some good ones, especially in sequence, even if it's over multiple days - - can skip the Islamic videos if you are not Muslim. These videos are HIGHLY important though.


Anger of Allah is coming for US in 2 months

Quran and Islam • 46K views 🔥 BACK IN STOCK ON HIGH DEMAND🔥 ►100 Heart-Touching Stories To Revive Your Imaan & Faith ► Buy Now: ►Link...

- Muhammadan Way Videos -

Did I post this already? : You Can Control at least 9 Meters of Matter Around You | Sufi Meditation Center

The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 10K views With the power of high vibration aura and focusing the present, an energy expands that change reality of at least 9 meters around you. Thinking on issues of past and fears about the future...

Can What You Write Manifest? | Journaling can be Spiritually Harmful? | Sufi Meditation Center

The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 5.3K views The Spiritual Power of Writing with Intention. Power of Qalam: the Pen in Quran is Surah 68 and Surah 96. Journaling is Dangerous? Can you Manifest Achieving Your Goals Just By Writing them...

----- "How to not take things personally" - Youtube search. - - - Later thoughts, I'm not sure how great taking this advice is, but , well, it's not bad either. ...everything is situational...relationships between people matter a could be that not taking advice from anyone would be really bad of course - - I'm a practicing Muslim and believe that Islam's guidance and understanding is best, most complete. Everything else is lacking in some manner or somewhere or questionable in ways, I believe...the individual knows, Allah S.W.T. take things personally, don't take things personally, let people judge you...:)

Didn't watch: How NOT to Get Offended (Stoic Wisdom for a Thicker Skin) Einzelgänger 888K views Stoic wisdom for getting less offended. Cuts, voice, footage, script by Einzelgänger. I also used Creative Commons (links below) licensed material from Storyblocks & Pixabay (links available...

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Very good: Why you should not take things personally - The Second Agreement (The Four Agreements)

Self Improvement 47K views Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally. If I see you walking on the street, and I say to you: “Hey you look so stupid”. It’s not about you, it’s about me. But if you...

Didn't watch: How to stop taking things personally and live an anxiety free life Sikeade • 1.3K views Hi Guys, Back with another advice video. I really enjoy doing these actually! LOL Anyways, today I'm sharing some of the tips that have really helped me to stop taking things personally over...

Michael Jordan Took It Personally

BloopersTV • 4.9M views

Good: Let People Judge You (and How Not To Take Things Personally)

Liv UNBOUND • 4.3K views Do you take things to heart too easily? Would you like to know how not to take things personally? ➤➤ Watch a movie on your mind screen! By Olivia Kissper: Time Travel to Timelessness https://y...

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How to STOP Negative Self-Talk | Jim Kwik

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Great, super good, very informative lecture - only about an hour 15 mins long not counting the Q&A: Beyond Neoliberalism: How to Think About Rebuilding the Capacity of the Democratic State

UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose 7K views The second talk in the Neoliberalism as a Global System: Private Power and Public Weakness Lecture Series. Damon Silvers focuses on the consequences of neoliberalism for the capacity of states...

Woah at this comment:

In March 2021 the largest retail investor think tank was born of the GameStop robbery The 1st research paper written by a young accountant & gamer was called “The Everything Short” It highlighted the massive derivatives exposure of the bond market to short sellers like Citadel who was holding 87% of his leveraged billions in derivatives w 83% of this short The next paper “Citadel has no clothes” exposed it further He is one of the largest market makers has a dark pool a private repo market a hedge fund & now a crypto arm after selling a piece to the same VC’s bankrolling FTX We also wrote one that highlighted how Credit Suisse would collapse under the weight of it’s GameStop exposure & that was 2 years ago If u look & want to know it’s ALL available even if u need to b a detective w seriously impressive puzzle solving skills which these gamers have Now we have 200 papers & everything they predicted thus far has been steadily unfolding Hence Y Wall St has inked 100’s of articles calling us every name u can make up - FT called us insurrectionists & Bloomberg called us communists 4 movies portrayed this as nothing more than a random attack on the rich That ignores reality We interviewed many brilliant economists & professionals from Nomi Prins to Michael Hudson Our channel was of course removed from YT & we r not allowed to mention GME on wall st bets which was completely captured by Wall St Anyway - 1M of us r now the 1st to own over 60% of the entire shares outstanding of which billions r held in places like Brazil (Bloomberg terminal accidentally shows us data that they later call a glitch same w the price discovery glitches that show 4500 a share in the dark pools) This stock marked the first time they didn’t get away w bankrupting in tandem as vultures who deliver the carcasses of companies to Amazon GameStop is now profitable in this environment has 1B free cash flow is hiring & expanding its tech arm which has been more successful than open sea or any other NFT platform b cuz of its massive support from gamers They shorted this company for 8+ years printing shares in perpetuity- now they r sitting on a serious bill The fed called us the reason for market instability- I didn’t know simply holding my fav stock for 3 years now is a problem More to come - read Superstonk papers - u will b immensely impressed I R’d the “dollar endgame” or “the glass castle”

Good comment, I like:

@vladdumitrica849 2 days ago

Countries with parliaments (representative democracy) are in fact oligarchies (few lead). In order to be a true democracy, the decisions of the Parliament should be submitted to the approval of the citizens. The "fatigue" of democracy occurs when there is a big difference between the interests of those elected and the voters, so people lose confidence in the way society function. As a result, the poor and desperate citizens will vote with whoever promises them a lifeline, i.e. the populists or demagogues. The democratic aspect is a side effect in societies where economies have a strong competitive aspect, where the interests of those who hold economic power in