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The World is Moving Quickly

Here are all the videos I've watched the past couple of weeks (or haven't watched but interested in watching and so started to put them in my history so can watch later potentially):

The most important ones (IMO and for the purposes of my blog):

Important news, this is a pretty good analysis and its good to see it from a different angle and perspective:

Three years ago Joe Biden vowed to make Saudi Arabia 'pay the price' for the killing of a journalist. Now, as the U.S. president, he's on

Another take and perspective:



Russia Prepares Big Offensive, Putin Talks to MbS, Ridicules EU on Gas; EU Scraps Food Sanctions, Russian Oil Output Grows News

You may still be worrying about the latest COVID variant sweeping the globe, but have you considered that maybe you should also be

Great video:

Youtube Shorts on Israel/Zionism:


From Mr. Medhurst so might be some cursing but amazing and shocking information!:

Must Watch!: New global reserve currency coming soon - backed by actual resources and "things" - not just a "fiat"/paper money currency (that is tied to / goes off the dominant paper currency, the dollar $, which is based on obviously, Riba/Usury/Debt-Based and just allows the United States to bankrupt their debt (create more and more, just look at the Presidential Future Budget projections - there is no plan to reduce the deficit, its not just Biden neither and the Republicans just work even more for the corporate state, not helping the poor Americans and the society/societal good...).

Notes - Yanis video: Technofeudalism - I also feel maybe I was put on this planet to question the capitalist system. All my life - purpose, isn't there more and a better way and system...selfish system. Yes.

-> Support local shops and more small and homemade products etc.

Woah...~36 minutes. Big corporations are hooked on central bank money (their stock price not being tied to their actual profits - (well, I myself already knew this before but anyway)). Aw. "Post-capitalism" or "hyder-capitalism". Look at the shops and cars (the wealth! so much) at Walmart today (In Wichita, getting it's (Walmart's) pavement replaced - getting asphalt core samples and 5' (two) soil samples - I'm a field technician at an environmental and geotechnical engineering consulting company).

-> 45 minutes. Riba! Inflation while some are swimming in money.

-> "techno-democracy" instead of "techno-feudalism". One employee One Share One Vote. Digital data rights (that's right! - integrity, OUR government(s) should have it and protect us and not sell US out - ideally anyway). Corporate Law (should be subject to finer levels of scrutiny especially if we, THE PEOPLE, endow them with rights).

-> (time) 52:10: I don't really care so much about being a congress member or President. - I want to start a revolution.

- We have a lot in common in terms of thinking...



Fractional Reserve Banking~! Every time you get a loan, money is created. The big banks are allowed to loan out even 10x more than what they hold, as the big central bank(s) (The Fed) makes money (prints) out of thin air.

Notes: Need a transcript. Great. Was thinking reading the headline, 60% of Americans want national abortion rights and the Islamic ruling of not being a heavy handed dictator...and the Hamza Yusuf quote talking about living in America (and the West) and pornography (free-will, self-determinism) and how my Muslim friend likes challenges...does anybody hold a gun to your head and make you watch porn? or make one get an abortion? No. But my vote would be for abortion restrictions. One person one vote. That's democracy. Applies to a lot of areas. Not trying to control and influences ideologies upon the world and other countries as well!...

How crappy is it to push the LGBTQ+(+) agenda stuff on all the world?! "Democracy" - even, don't mind if people disagree with and don't want democracy. That's fine. That's their choice.

In college (studying Lib Arts science degree) thinking/thought what good is studying LGBTW+ studies and those types of things? Really? (I mean, one learns about some of that in sociology, or I did atleast, and one is free to read books etc. etc. on their own of course etc., especially after college but a whole degree focusing on...these feminist studies as well, NOT Philosophy or actual social science or social studies or psychology or anthropology or ____ ____ ____) But Liberal Arts, the real liberal arts, based on real society and science and making one question and think, not just spoon feeding you/one, is great and a balanced education which helps one to understand appreciate the nuancy of life and of art(s). "We as living beings in the world are always at the apex or cusp of all of history...& "culture is made every day by you and I recreating itself making, <- -> (circular) by our actions, behaviors, etc.". (Amazing) always love that, learned in principles of human geography class by Barney Warf. "Your body is sacred" (a temple). The female body is sacred. (-Need to do yoga (stretching - exercises) more like every day/morning!) - Is awesome I get to go out in and on the beautiful earth and do work and earn my living. Al hamdu lillah rabbil alameen.


Islamic Videos:

Just looking up and learning about rulings about Riba and Home buying (options, permissibility, etc.) in Islam a lot...

Not an Islamic video:

I'm not quite sure about Islamic finance still....very complicated topic.

Some of my notes:

Home buying = riba concerns but in the modern world and in the west (you also have inflation in general) you have retirement concerns, renting vs buying, home value (market), net worth ( --> down-payment and equity of a home, and also what is most cost-efficient, and passing down wealth and giving of wealth/charity (Islam)), very complicated...and then in the U.S., the norm is a 30-year mortgage, big houses (especially new constructions (market)), like $200k and more prices, is not like the same as a 60-100k house and a 15 year (mortgage)...But Islam is also still the most important thing.

"Spend in a middle way" "Don't be an extremist" - and well, regarding America and the West, there is a lot of wealth in our country (a lot, a lot) (also a lot of fitnah (tests)) and with more wealth comes more responsibility(ies) and can obviously create more problems with regards to coming to terms with and understanding Islam/Allah's rules for our lives (but it applies to the whole world and for all of time since its revelation and is timeless) does take a lot of $$$. Is nice to have a nice house that isn't a money pit and increases in value, and in a nice town or neighborhood (in some places, is costly obviously cities are more so, a lot of small towns are pretty nice and decent no matter where you live)(cheaper obviously as well)...Should be nice and respectful of all people, not create problems or be envious.


Pretty interesting and overall really good video:

Actually watched it after watching the start of this video: Qur’aniyoon & Liberalism Dr. Hani Atchan: 3 Big Intellectual Blunders Shiekh Omar Baloch • 3.3K views


----> Time ≠ money. What you do with your time. Work = Force (energy) * Distance e = mc^2

Some definitions:

Work is defined as transferring energy into an object so that there is some displacement. Energy is defined as the ability to do work. Work done is always the same. Energy can be of different types such as kinetic and potential energy.

Definition of work (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something: a : activity that a person engages in regularly to earn a livelihood people looking for work. b : a specific task, duty, function, or assignment often being a part or phase of some larger activity.

My mind has so much energy...! Notes: Do not die except in submission to Allah (azzawajazel). Hold onto the rope of Allah.

Problem with inflation and my idea (New Paris Climate Agreement webpage/proposal): At the individual level, one can't just safely save money up without it devaluing over time because of inflation!

(Then watched the Yanis Video, but was before a lot of the above videos).

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