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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Some thoughts on Soon-to-be President Biden's Corona Virus Relief:

I mostly agree with Krystal and Saagar of the Hill: and

I think tacking on the $15/hr. federal minimum wage standard is quite, ridiculous honestly. I think it's a corporate handout and a death-nail for many small businesses while a ridiculous amount (400,000!?) of businesses closed permanently last year (while Wall St. is doing just dandy). It's a mockery of government in my opinion and democracy to lump these kinds of things on to bills. "Add-ons" so to speak, that only have partial relation to the mission and objective of the original bill that is attempting to be passed. It's done far too often in Congress by both sides in my opinion and needs to stop. People might say, (as some other news source I saw was saying on Democracy Now) that Congress already has too much on their plate to go about doing budget refinancing, to pass the $15/hr. standard, and impeachment proceedings and pass the relief package, but I disagree. These are are Lawmaker's full time jobs. How hard is it to write up and agree on resolutions/bills and say "Yay" or "Nay"? (I of course, don't know much about the day-to-day life of Congress people though either but yeah, lot of excessively long filibustering...).

Also, where was the security around our State Capital building on the day it got "mobbed"? Where is our defense? when we spend $740 billion dollars on defense if we can't even stop a few people from ransacking one of the highest ranking buildings in our Country(!), in our Capital?! What???


Democracy Now Headlines for 15 Jan:

2020 being the hottest year on record of just 1.2 Celsius above "standard" levels: Whew!, only 1.2 and the climate and world has changed this much!? I believe, given more time, even if we stop all emissions now, the world is heading for like 1.7 or so at the least in my opinion, due to varying reasons such as baked in positive feedback loops and atmospheric CO2 that's been emitted in the past 20 years, not totally taking it's effect on the global temperatures yet, etc. Even with the downturn in the economy, there was only a 7% drop in global green house emissions. To me, that's quite startling and scary honestly (for the future health of our planet)(

I think we/the world, should make this our biggest priority and problem to solve. There's nothing that even compares in the slightest in my opinion. No, not corona-virus. We (the human race) have faced hard times before (WW1 and WW2, the black plaque, the Dust Bowl and depression, etc.). The world is just so interconnected now (economies, etc.) and we're not as resilient and strong as we use to be. I'm certainly not. We'll make it, but at what cost to the long term health of our planet and our country? How much more in-debt can our country get? How much short term thinking and gain are we willing to forgo and subscribe to at the expanse of the future? I'm no economist but can see that/this plainly enough. I think we as Americans, and citizens of the planet Earth, have to be well aware of these facts and how currency, and the American dollar, are not tied to anything or backed by much of anything except the Fed printing money and relying on other countries to buy American bonds. If you were an investor, would you buy this companies bonds right now? 28 trillion in debt and spending always for the short term mostly? I wouldn't!

Coronavirus running rampart of course right now as well. R.I.P. to all who have passed away and I wish for strength for all their family members going forward today and into the future.


Good video here I watched yesterday as well:

Rand Paul on the Daily Show Feb. 2020 talking about socialism, especially with my/our younger generation. I agree with him pretty much on most all of his points. I think we need desperately to increase transparency and get corporate influence out of Washington to such an extant and even the playing fields for all companies and all Americans.

I'm not so sure if there should even be a Fed. Min. wage. I think it limits opportunity. For example, for those wanting to gain job experience while going to college or recently graduated but willing to work for very little pay. Just an example. I don't know all the rules and regulations etc. employers are forced to obey. I think we fix inequality and fair competition (corporations, business) through having fair systems and a good and fair tax bracket and spending on government programs that can actually provide people with jobs.

Certainly there's much we can work on and improve in our country, instead of just handing out money to people. Feels more like a "corporate handout". Economic stimulus. Of course it helps us poor and working class people though and is appreciated though. There's many of us who, for example though, don't qualify for unemployment and are struggling to find meaningful and good employment, given resources, circumstances, etc. Heroes who are, or have worked their butts off during this pandemic who haven't gotten any of this economic relief money. Just an example and my opinion.

I think merging the relief package into the "green new deal" initiative along with just providing $2k checks would probably be best - given our Countries indebtedness but also given the economic situation (it is bad). With the vaccinations now being given out though more en mass and everything, I think we, as a country, just have to persevere and deal with hardship and reality, and have patience. Patience and balance are key. I think Biden (and Trump) both are politicians who want to "look good" and do what they can (etc.) to get elected - forgoing long term thinking in favor of the short.


Can Skip this, more below \/ \/

Listening to Blue Scholar's "Bayoni" this morning. So good. Nice walk and jog.

Second Chapter

"[Verse 1]

Now from the longest to the shortest, twenty-four in a year

From the verses to the chorus you've been longing to hear

The talk story transmitted through verses we persevere

We the presently lasting future first

From the spear to the sling shot

We rock upon a solid block of granite

We stand over the plan to hold the weapon with the fist

And heal it with an open hand

Feeling focused on the promise of a liberated land

And I'm just a simple man

Getting caught crossing the fire more often than not

The fire crosses us and the cross is on fire

Reminders it's not enough

It's been time to dig and find the diamonds in the rough

And then refine 'em in to weapons

To cut up the belly open til we all fall out

Cause the end of what it was is what it is right now

It's a great leap forward kind of different from Mao

Still drop it on the one like elevators to the ground

Now it's the turning of the page

To the second chapter

A tragedy and comedy so cue the blood and the laughter

To survivors of economic and natural disasters

Living for the right here and not the hereafter

A handful of tracks

Each a snapshot to capture the trials and tribulations

And smiles since you've been waiting awhile

We graduated in style


People of the word gather

Thank you all for your patience


And my people building monuments to weather the flood

I'm a leave how I came screaming covered in blood

Died once born twice both times we knuckled up

Along side our people we gon' struggle with love

And my people building monuments to weather the flood

I'm a leave how I came screaming covered in blood

Died once born twice both times we knuckled up

Along side our people we gon' struggle with love

So struggle with love, struggle with love, struggle with love

Opening Salvo

[Verse 2]

Now this here's for those who choose fights whose fruits might

Never not ripen until after they life

It's not right how they martyr our leaders and target our children

Disrespect the sisters and wonder why we militant

Peace to my third world equivalent

Even if I can't fight beside you

I write what I can

To get our fam in other lands to understand your pain

Cause your beef is mine and we one and the same

And I know about this privilege

But if you're from where I'm from

Then you know a bigger burden comes with it

And that's what I carry when you see me on a hustle

I talking as a walking document of our struggle

Kasamas hold me down and remember that I love you

And Johnny hold your head up if they ever take me from you

And please tell him that I tried, don't cry

Cause no matter where you are, a struggle's near by


And my people building monuments to weather the flood

I'm a leave how I came screaming covered in blood

Died once born twice both times we knuckled up

Along side our people we gon' struggle with love

And my people building monuments to weather the flood

I'm a leave how I came screaming covered in blood

Died once born twice both times we knuckled up

Along side our people we gon' struggle with love

So struggle with love, struggle with love, struggle with love

[Verse 3]

Right now I want to thank God for being me

My soul won't rest until the colony is free

1896 revolution incomplete

Silence is defeat my solution is to speak

Resurrect a legacy of martyrs I beseech

Time to choose a side it's the might vs. the meek

My big brother Free brought the word from the East

Where the bullet in the middle of the belly of the beast, hey

Ordinary Guy


I'm just an ordinary guy, extraordinary time spent

Ordering my life working over-time nights

Holdin' wires and mics under these lights, but besides that

Always find time to get love and give it right back

[Verse 1]

I'm just an ordinary guy, a baby from the eighties

Got a little bit of A.D.D, perhaps maybe

We've been made to be sedated and such

Then we work while they break then they say that we play too much

I ain't known to make it out to every single event

Sometimes I live in my bed, with just a pad and a pen

And a broken ipod I bought stolen from the block

Got holes in the soles of a third of my socks

Neck deep in contradiction in the gut of the beast

If you in debt, then everything you own is on lease

Cause, money dont translate to talent

Money, and talent dont mean you're guaranteed anything, honey

It's funny, when conditions cause anything to happen

Finally got a comma in my check account balance

The 27 year challenge of the curse

Maybe even outlive Janice, Jimmy and Kurt


I'm just an ordinary guy, ignoring all the hype

I let it all pass me by

I got one life, one mic

But i'll try, to always stay humble

With the fist in the sky and a bowl of brown rice

Just an ordinary guy, extraordinary time spent

Ordering my life working over-time nights

Holdin' wires and mics under these lights, but besides that

Always find time to get love and give it right back

Some Other Things as well:

Google and Amazon are now in the oil business": Selling A.I. driven efficiencies/tools to fossil fuel companies: I'm not the judge, it is what is is but yeah, things go deep with all these corporations and their ties. Businesses mostly act as machines but yeah... A google Unionization movement. Very cool.

2020 Broke more than one record: "22 disasters blew away the previous record of 16, killed 262 people, and inflicted $95 billion in damages in 2020, which European scientists say is tied for the hottest year on record." from Climate Nexus < link.

Also: Racism A Barrier For Energy Efficiency Improvements


Improving energy efficiency could have dramatic benefits for businesses owned by people of color, but systemic racism and the exclusivity of the old boys’ club bar many from accessing the capital required to invest, the Energy News Network reports. Energy efficiency improvements can cut operating costs without putting downward pressure on wages. Small business owners of color, however, are often blocked from obtaining the up-front capital required to make those improvements — especially if businesses are in areas of concentrated poverty, which is often the product of decades of racist, redlining-based lending practices. “Capital has become an issue for almost every Black-owned business, small and midsize businesses especially,” Carla Walker-Miller, the founder and CEO of Walker-Miller Energy Services, an energy efficiency company in Detroit, Michigan, told EEN. (Energy News Network)

As I wrote this: The trending channels on my dish network are the "headline" news (CNN and FoxNews) about a man being arrested with a fake inauguration ID and handgun with bullets, how there is 25k troops deployed for Biden's inauguration and how Iran is "ramping up" in preparation of the incoming Biden presidency by test firing long range missiles into the ocean, one hitting about 100 miles from a big U.S. carrier.

Meanwhile on Al Jazeera there's some great news. Especially about internet censorship and the power that Tech companies yield. How Google and Amazon have, for instance, blocked Iranians access from their web services. I definitely believe in a free internet. If our President is to dangerous to use Twitter than so be it. Let it be. That's a pretty bad reflection on America. Period. Rather he gets banned or not but...yeah.

Some interesting news on internet censorship in Tunisia:

Costa Rica's debt problem with many parallels (in my opinion) to America at the moment:

Interesting little piece here:

Ugandan election:

" Museveni, 76, was expected to speak later on Saturday.

The veteran leader campaigned for a sixth tern term, arguing his long experience in office makes him a good leader while promising to keep delivering stability and progress.

Bobi Wine, 38, galvanised young Ugandans with his calls for political change and pledged to end what he calls dictatorship and widespread corruption.

Speaking to Al Jazeera on Saturday, Bobi Wine said the authorities were refusing to allow him to leave his residence and maintained that the election had been rigged in Museveni’s favour.

“He said he had evidence of widespread irregularities,” said Al Jazeera’s Catherine Wambua-Soi, reporting from Kampala. “He did not show his evidence, he said he is going to present his evidence once the internet is back up. "

Me: "Once the internet is back up" "widespread corruption", "calls for political change". - Sound familiar?


Looking forward to the weekend's NFL Wildcard games. Am American and realize a lot of my freedoms and easier good life but can get mad at government and corporations - corruption, etc. Update: 3/17/2021: Doing some editing today, learned I have to quit watching sports, is okay, is better for doing good in our/my life for the world and others.

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