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Thursday July 14

Loved the videos, well, some of them, and the sequence of them on this day. - Think for yourself.

Great Show George. Love, loved it. ->

Interesting video, its okay, especially with another video I watched from Redacted on Sunday while driving back home.

Meh, just mainstream news but it is good to know and check whats going on and being said a bit in the mainstream.

Controversial Sheikh Imran - I learn from him and his talks. He has goodly strength and belief and strong on his knowledge and beliefs - Obviously, a lot of his talks are about eschatology. Have to compartmentalize things and know the topic of the subject and not blur or cross lines.

Loved this series (watched over a period of two days). So much good knowledge and guidance - for life and understanding, even if not a Muslim (at the moment anyway, you never know the future).


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