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Time-Efficiency - "Win the Day" - "Be Weird"!

Great vid - very simply laid out detailing how the global economy and U.S. power etc. works:


Islamic video:

- This month, choose to focus on and the the attention to and be about - "astaghfirullah" ((Islam, literally) In the literal sense, "I seek forgiveness from Allah"; a short prayer of redemption).


Get moving - who cares, be weird, "be different" - be awesome. Awesome mobility vids:

Interesting Elon Musk responded to this guy's Twitter post and how am seeing this talk of civil war within the U.S. only this week:

Islam - Wal Asr - (By the token of time!) - Spend your time wisely in your life -

This again:

Very cool - just sharing, didn't watch again:

Will watch:

Good talk that links to the above video and Surah Asr very well:



Very conspiratorial - but interesting indeed:

This guy sounds like a very seasoned professional and researcher of years on China, so is probably pretty dang good and that college is geared it seems towards international affairs and study, haven't watched all: The US-China Competition: Who’s Winning? Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs • 104K views Join Watson Institute director and Dean's Professor of China Studies Edward Steinfeld for a conversation about China and the U.S. with Watson Senior Fellow Ambassador Chas Freeman and Tyler...

Good interesting stream:

Here is what I wrote while watching and having watched the previous video before this one above:

Politically - Who Am I? (Politically!) : Socialist Democrat to the left of Bernie Sanders but also I like many of the rules of Islamic economics (pure capitalism - no corruption, no interest, reduced role of banks and banking, no speculative financial devices and activities, - businesses, individuals, and any lending must share in liabilities and the potential for loss(es)). That there should be different levels of collective ownership for natural resources such as air/the atmosphere (universal-), land & water (national resource - can give temporary rights to individuals and parties; capitalism does not result in all cases, the best uses and practices - capitalism's assumptions about humans (greed) (-selfish - rational) only perpetuates that evil or dark tendency thus resulting in a greedy selfish-individualist system of perpetual competition reliant though (axiom) thereupon, the consent of (the) people, so consent must be manufactured and spread (so pervasively, to subdue in a way, the masses from rising up and opposing the masters and thinking on a more moral basis, a more just basic, and more creative and outside the box basis ("you're dreaming right"), no I say, look at the masters of the West, look at the autocratic power, legitimacy and performance of China (their gov.) - we don't want that - so why would we or do we consent to the capitalist or whoever it is masters that be? and who get rich off the backs of the poor and working class peoples? If you're okay with a system that ends up enslaving and pillaging the poor of the world and ending in children going hungry, The Fed. creating a digital currency and tacking everything on an individual level, the WHO and these other global organizations usurping (assuming) power and control via a select few appointees - not via the mass of the world's population - even when they fail to listen to top scientists - I...Man... Even when the U.N. fails and has no power - when and if the U.S. opposes something (some measure) in a vote; and fails horribly in implementing and maintaining international law and order (take the blinders off - the scale of justice is severely tipped in favor of some above others - people will oppose! People will and have the right to be, very very angry). - In-ability to act - On the climate crisis should be a wake-up call to all people. How hard is it to impose a fair (for all people) climate tax? That would result in real positive action but yet they don't do a da*n thing. They're okay with the World Bank and IMF integrating climate "solutions/measures" into their national loan programs though (usurp power, plunder and monopolize wealth - keeping people enslaved while keeping and protecting the wealth and power of certain organizations).

39 minutes (in video) "Putin Fires Back" - Alot of these corporate globalists etc. do ascribe to Malthusiastic beliefs, doctrinations, ideologies.

- On these WEF people - If all these people believe this etc. but don't fight back against corporations like DuPont/Monsanto (poisoning the world etc.) and corporations etc. like Blackrock (buying up homes/private housing to turn it even more into a commodity rentier profit market (economy))...

Jackson: "These green fascist groups" - comments: Green energy groups - pushing policies that hurt and can kill people - Am (I) an environmentalist but not a Malthusiast and (not) okay with or for de-development. - That's retarded. We need increased democracy, community, better education, better public transport, freedoms to live more off-grid and sustainable, a decentralized grid, strong police and community protections (against trash, rape, etc.) and support (to end homelessness, drug addictions, child abuse etc.). Need to take care of ourselves, others and the environment. - These people are okay with Capitalist empowerment? and okay with people suffering, suffering to death to help the environment? Capitalism burning through the planet's resources and turning humankind, the masses, - thinking of them as consumers in a system...etc.? (SAD) (Insert picture of homeless man helping a dog)



um so let's get into our first story again if you haven't dropped the like yet I don't

6:26 know what you're doing also if you're not sharing these videos with people sharing it with your with your brother

6:31 sharing it with your friends sharing it with your ex-girlfriend share it with your grandma who's learning how to use her new iPhone I don't know what you're

6:38 doing either because that's what you should be doing this is an information war and you are all we are all soldiers

6:44 in the end well I'm kind of like a general if you really want to think about it in that capacity but I'm like in general in this information war and

6:51 we are all soldiers that are fighting for truth and listen I know I've been gone for six days so you've been

6:56 deprived of the truth for a week now but we're back and you're here seeking the truth and that's amazing so what are we

7:02 going to be talking about today well you know I've had some time to reflect on some stories that I wanted to address for all of you

7:09 and uh yeah so we're gonna talk about we're going to talk about oil Putin

7:14 fires back that is the title of today's live stream so we're going to talk about how Putin is firing back uh in a very

7:21 big way we are going to talk about the reprisals on the uh Orthodox Church in

7:26 Ukraine we are going to talk about the United States military and what extreme low they are now uh resorting to and

7:33 trying to meet their um enlistment standards okay we're going to talk about the European energy crisis

7:39 because it just got worse uh we are going to discuss Dimitri Medvedev former

7:45 president of Russia 2008 to 2012. he put out this crazy Twitter thread that was

7:50 actually hilarious and actually in some cases true and uh and

7:56 um Elon Musk responded to it in a beautiful way so we're going to talk about that uh

8:02 we also have this interview with Andrew Milburn who's the head of the Mozart group or was the head

8:08 of the Mozart group in Bach moot's Ukraine he got drunk like very drunk

8:14 which is fine but he admitted some damning truths for the Ukrainian military we are going to talk about how

8:21 Russia and China are averting Global Financial crap uh collapse and crash yes

8:26 by uh investing in a new commodity as the world takes a turn for the multi-polar order we have some updates

8:33 on that and some words from Putin on the future of Russia we are going to be talking about Taiwan and China maybe

folks let's get into it okay so let's talk about this

10:08 Putin fired back in a really big way today against the West all right we know

10:14 that the West has been waging an all-out proxy war against Russia that's that

10:20 there's no surprise there we know that the West has been waging an all-out economic war against Russia but now

10:26 they're trying to wage a commodities-based war which I guess is kind of an integral part to this

10:32 economic War all right but the commodities-based war puts the United States in the west London Wall Street

10:38 the world economic form G7 EU all these entities and More in an extremely

10:45 um disadvantageous situation I think is probably a pretty it's a pretty uh light

10:51 way of putting just how royally the West is in this given part of the economic War the Commodities were

10:57 because look we've been talking about this for quite some time we are about to go through a Commodities Boom the next eight years

11:04 are going to be a Commodities boom and who are the Commodities producers it's China it's Russia it's India it's brics

11:12 Nations it's SEO Nations okay they're the Commodities producers it's Saudi Arabia it's Qatar it's all these nations

11:18 okay the United States and London have put their bets on hyper financialized

11:24 markets service economies that do nothing produce nothing there is no you know added value there's no Surplus

11:30 value in what we produce here in the United States it's all just bets on hyper financialized markets and it's

11:35 about to collapse okay so the fact that the West who doesn't produce Commodities

11:41 really is I mean compared to these nations in terms of percentage of uh GDP is going to try and wage a

11:47 commodities-based war against the Commodities producing Nations is not a

11:52 good idea why would you do that what makes you think the West that you can

11:57 control come commodities prices if you are not a Commodities major producer the

12:03 answer is they can't and they're learning that the hard way although I don't really know if it's the hard way because again it doesn't take a genius

12:11 to figure this out it doesn't take a a degree in economics from Harvard it doesn't take a degree from you know the

12:18 London School of Economics you don't have to be a malthusian Doctrine and joyer to understand this stuff it just

12:23 takes a brain and two eyes all right and all of you have that so you understood where this is headed now we find

12:29 ourselves at a very interesting point in global political tensions okay because

12:35 right now the West has decided that they are going to place a price gap on not just Russian

12:41 oil but also Russian gas all right obviously that has upset a lot of the

12:46 OPEC plus member states the idea of putting a price cap on Russian oil that's never going to fly over with the

12:52 people who are actually producing the globe's oil but that's exactly what they did and right off the bat we saw a very

12:59 aggressive response from Nations like China China said that they were going to ignore the West Russian oil price cap we

13:06 talked about this trading crude above the 60 limit set by Western countries could mean Moscow is covering Freight

13:11 and insurance expenses and they said no we're not gonna We're not gonna do this We're not gonna do this we also saw that

13:18 India said no we're not going to adhere to this Russian oil price cap this is ludicrous all right what makes you think

13:24 that we are going to adhere to your silly rules that are going to hurt us Saudi Arabia they said the same thing no

13:30 why would we adhere to a Russian oil price cap imposed on the alleged you

13:38 know um the the alleged so-called lovers of the free market they don't love the free market they're telling all these

13:44 nations who produce Commodities what they're going to sell their Commodities at that makes no sense okay everyone was

13:50 still waiting though to see how Putin would respond to the idea of a Russian oil price cap how are you going to

13:56 respond we led the free market so much we're going to tell Russia that they cannot sell oil above 60 per barrel

14:02 that's that's insane obviously that's insane Putin knows that's insane lavrov knows that's insane the question is how

14:09 are they going to respond well we just saw their response today and this is what Russia has decided to do

14:17 breaking news Putin has decided to ban all oil sales to Western Nations that

14:25 are attempting to impose a price cap on Russian oil so you want your price cap you say you're

14:32 not going to pay us for you know what it's worth think about that think about that Russia is saying we are going to

14:38 produce oil and it costs us this much to produce it and the West is saying okay well we're going to buy it at you know

14:44 10 20 below whatever production is why would anyone sell to the West if that's what they're doing the West is saying we

14:51 are going to produce or we're going to buy it and we're going to impose a cap on Russian oil five percent below the Benchmark price Global price Okay so

14:59 on top of that what we all have to understand is that Russia's got to pay for insurance on shipping Russia's got

15:06 to pay for the shipping and how are they expect how are we going to expect them to pay for all this stuff if they're literally losing out on each sale we

15:13 can't why would they subsidize the Glo the Western imperialists that are trying to take down their country it just

15:19 doesn't make sense so Putin said okay you want to play hardball let's play

15:24 hardball let's play hardball oh you wanna you wanna impose your little price cap thing after January 1st 2023

15:31 sorry sorry anyone who's attempting to do this we're just gonna stop providing you oil from the get-go we'll provide

15:37 India with the oil and India will refine the oil and India will sell the oil to you at a you know two to three times

15:44 marked up price of whatever your price cap was going to be and you're going to have to buy it because you have no other

15:49 options if we get India and China on board with this and that's just that that's just that but

15:56 if I stop the story there I think I'd be doing a disservice to just

16:02 how brilliant the Russian and Chinese coordination on this project is China

16:08 obviously saw that uh a weakened Russia poses a significant threat to China's

16:14 own sovereignty and security so they had to make sure that Russia was prepared to

16:20 deal with any of these economic challenges at all costs now for some

16:25 time I've been telling all of you and this is just my speculation I don't know but I've been saying to all of you I

16:31 think that this whole China zero lockdown coveted policy thing was was bogus

16:38 I said I think that there are deeper not just political but geopolitical

16:44 Ambitions here and what they're doing I think they're I think there's a deeper geopolitical play why on Earth would

16:50 they limit the uh you know gross domestic product annually of their own country China in

16:57 this case just so they could adhere to these zero coveted policies which the entire rest of the World by now has

17:03 pretty much gotten over it didn't make sense to me at all and I think there was a few reasons why they were doing this

17:08 but I always circled back around to the preeminent point which was that China

17:13 was doing this in an attempt to coordinate with Russia their increased

17:18 demand and I mean dramatic increase in demand like you snap the finger and boom China's gonna have to cut off all of

17:25 their exports of oil and gas to Western Europe in an effort to maintain their

17:31 own domestic demand uh in supplies right they're gonna have to do that when

17:36 Russia needs them to when would Russia need them to do something like this well they're going to have to have China do something like

17:42 this right when the West G7 and EU member states say that they're going to impose a price cap on Russian oil and

17:49 gas because when the EU and G7 does this they know that Russia is not going to continue selling to them so what are they going

17:56 to do they're going to try to go to China they're going to try to go to India they're going to try to go to South Africa they're going to try to go

18:02 to Qatar and Saudi Arabia and look for these Commodities in those countries but

18:07 if China the number one supplier and demander of these

18:13 Commodities immediately at that same moment decides that they are going to you know reignite their demand for

18:20 domestic oil and gas that's going to put the EU in a very very tricky situation and you would be correct if you pointed

18:28 out that this is likely what China was going to do because now we are seeing that China is deciding to lift their

18:36 coveted restrictions right now as this is all going on as as the EU and G7 states are trying to impose uh oil and

18:43 gas caps on Russian Commodities Global oil prices are climbing to their highest in three weeks on Tuesday is the world's

18:49 biggest crude importer China announced it was ending some of its most stringent covet curbs again this is all

18:55 coordinated don't I you can't convince me otherwise okay well you could but I you know you need a lot of evidence so

19:01 convince me otherwise I guess but I don't see how anyone at this point could convince me otherwise International

19:06 Benchmark Brent crude was up 0.55 to 84.38 cents a barrel again right now the

19:15 West is saying we're gonna cap it at sixty dollars barrel for Russian oil which is insane 25 below 25 below Brent

19:22 crude okay intermediate crude Rose to as high as eighty dollars both benchmarks

19:28 hit their highest price since December 5th the price jump comes as China's national Health commission announced on

19:34 Monday it would stop requiring inbound travelers to go into quarantine starting from January 8th okay so this certainly

19:41 is coordinated this certainly is going to help China it's certainly going to help Russia and it is certainly going to

19:47 royally the G7 and EU member states were attempting to prose impose this cap

19:53 on Russian oil and gas but that's not all that's not all you might be thinking now well okay Jackson uh Russia and

20:00 China are coordinating to try and hurt the EU and G7 as the ung7 took this unprecedented move of placing a price

20:06 cap on Russian oil gas but how are China and Russia's own economies standing up

20:12 to the tests right now how are they dealing with all this because sure they may be hurting the EU in G7 but at what

20:18 cost I'll give you the answer the cost is um it's not dire in fact gas problem is

right so the you know everything the first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth I don't even know how many rounds of sanctions that the EU has

21:36 passed now were intended to destroy the Russian economy and also hurt the Chinese economy

21:42 Russia's economy is great China's economy is great okay MSNBC CNN they may

21:47 try to tell you otherwise but you know they're not they're they're not hell-bent on telling you the truth like

21:52 I am China and Saudi Arabia are deepening their energy ties if you can believe that as well energy cooperation

21:59 between China and Saudi Arabia is said to be strengthened as the two Nations plan to secure Supply chains in the

22:05 sector according to Saudi energy Minister uh Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman

22:10 okay so he was the base guy that basically told the UK press to go themselves in that viral video we shared

22:17 so listen all I'm trying to say here is that this is completely insane the policies that the West are pursuing are

22:24 insane not for any of the reasons that I I I've listed and I pointed out just the

22:29 hypocrisy of being lovers of the free market but truly this is insane because

22:34 of the fact that they are shooting themselves in the foot China Russia they're completely fine they're working

22:40 within the confines of the SEO and the brics Nations which are expanding you

22:45 know month by month you know you got more and more uh Nations that are applying to join bricks formally okay

22:51 you got all this stuff going on they're not hurt you've got this new uh Turkish gas Hub that Russia is developing you've

22:58 got these major uh gas projects that they're working on with the Japanese you've got this major new flow of gas

23:04 and oil to Central Asia and Southern Asia right now Russia and China are fine

23:10 they have a secure grip on the Eurasian Heartland there are of course security threats but they are doing their best to

23:16 avert any actual security risks by way of their joint military cooperation they

23:22 are doing fine Putin has fired back at the West the West decided to impose this Russian prize cap Putin said you like

23:29 that okay well we're gonna ban all Russian oil into your country so get

23:36 it's it's really it's really crazy it's really crazy Okay so we've got a lot

23:42 more to talk about today let me get some water here

23:47 we've got a lot more to talk about today someone in the rumble chat just said it's blue dot versus Belton Road

23:53 initiative okay well the blue dot initiative whatever the Biden Administration crafted up when I saw

23:58 that I I called Samir Khan because Samir Khan follows this stuff very closely and I said Samira what's up with this blue dot

24:04 alternative that Biden is attempting to put forward and replace the Belton Road initiative and she basically was like oh

24:12 yeah they do that every couple years they give absolutely no money to any of these you know Latin American or African

24:17 nations that they try to work with on their blue blue dot belt and Road initiative alternative they give far

24:24 less money than China China just gives these nations money says here here's some physical investment we're going to

24:29 help you develop you know high speed rail whatever you know oil gas infrastructure whatever and the nations are like yes that's a

24:37 lot of money you're just giving us this money for development and uh you're not like trying to strangle us with debt

24:43 like the IMF for example and we're happy to work with you mutually beneficial relationships right

24:48 um the United States on the other hand will say okay so here's far less money than what China is going to give you and

24:55 if you don't adhere to all of the you know regulations and quotas and rules and rules-based Norms that we have said

25:02 about surrounding you know gender politics and trans stuff and you know drag time story hour and Border disputes

25:08 that we have our preferences on then we're not going to give you the money so it's like it really is no competition

25:14 blue dot versus Belton Road Belton Road initiative wins you know 10 out of 10 times in every nation that they go to

25:21 because it's a it's just it's just it's so simple there's no debate there there's no competition there it's not a

25:27 competition okay hey look we got a lot of stuff to discuss tonight but I first want to to say thank you to all of you

25:33 tuning in be sure to drop a like if you haven't dropped a like yet and if you'd like to support the show you can do so

get into the next story because this is a good one and it's actually it's actually related to exactly what we were

26:19 just talking about the changing multi-polar World Order and now Russia

26:24 and China frankly are are they're moving ahead they're beating us and I say this

26:29 as a freedom loving American a freedom loving American I say that as an

26:35 American who you know has the Stars and Stripes tattooed on my back like I love this country I want to see the best for

26:41 this country I want America to win I want us to be the winners you know but we're not right now and it's not because

26:46 uh you know we have a racist Nation it's not because you know we we

26:51 um it's not because we're a God-fearing Nation it's not because we you know know any of the that they try to tell

26:57 you oh you're all racist Americans are all raised they're all transphobic whatever uh

27:03 no sorry just because I don't want my son to be uh you know painting his

27:11 fingernails like Hassan Pike or and you know taking Propecia that turns him into a woman with all these high estrogen

27:16 levels doesn't mean I'm transphobic but you know they say all these things it's like no we we just love American we want

27:22 the best for it and Russia and China their focused on the right priorities their focus on you know where the world

27:29 is added the world is added to this Commodities boom okay it's it's really crazy what's happening

27:36 right now um so let's talk about it so

27:42 Let's uh let's go here let's go here

27:49 the West is a shell of what it once was and if you don't believe me take it from

27:55 Vladimir Putin himself who had some thoughts on this the status the well-being the health of the United

28:01 States of Wall Street of London of all these G7 euwef institutions that are

28:07 rotting to their core okay because I think he puts it better than I could take a listen to what President Vladimir

28:13 Putin of Russia has to say about this matter are armed forces in their combat

28:20 capabilities are growing constantly day by day and this process will undoubtedly build momentum he has to say uh blah

28:28 blah blah blah blah okay continue on our neighbors in Ukraine on the other hand will soon have nothing except

28:35 foreign handouts in the form of cash weapons and ammunition only handouts he says in Russia the

28:43 situation is completely different we have everything I want to emphasize this we have everything we need to build up

28:49 our military power potential okay and we certainly

28:54 are going to do this without cutting any slack

29:00 moreover unlike many other countries we will rely on our own scientific technological and Manufacturing based in

29:07 human resources to do so Putin goes on to say uh oh that's the

29:13 end of the clip here okay so Putin is just laying it out quite clearly at some point yes you know uh Ukraine is

29:21 going to be dead out of luck you cannot rely on the west for oil you

29:27 cannot rely on the west for gas you cannot rely on the west for electricity you cannot rely on the west for your

29:33 electrical grid infrastructure you cannot rely on the west for supplying your country with food you cannot rely

29:39 on the west for supplying your country with whatever you need you know gold silver you need you need these resources

29:45 to build a nation to take a nation from its knees to where Russia is headed

29:51 right now you know to success to economic prosperity for the masses you cannot do that China knows that Russia

29:57 knows that uh people like Lyndon larouche know that Henry Carey knew that

30:04 the history is there we know what works we know what doesn't work these hyper financialized markets

30:11 where you're you're doing I I don't even know what it's like you know they try to explain this stuff you understand you want to know why

30:17 you want to know why no one in America and no one in the United Kingdom understands what's going on with our uh

30:25 economy right now let me give it to you quite simply the reason why no one understands what's happening with our

30:30 economy is because they're making it up as they go they're making it up as they go they

30:36 make up the gender Politics as they go they make up the racial Politics as they go they make everything up as they go

30:41 it's like a giant game that they're playing and they change the rules every five minutes okay because they

30:46 understand they're losing only losers change the rules every five minutes when they see that they're losing a little

30:51 bit more and a little bit more and oh you have another country that's you know aligning with Russia oh geez now Saudi

30:57 Arabia is aligning with Russia oh no now Qatar is aligning with China they understand what's happening they understand they're losing that's why

31:03 they keep trying to change the rules Russia and China understand that the rules are quite clear

31:08 if you have the Commodities needed to build a strong Nation if you have a

31:13 strong population if you have an educated population if you have a population that is committed to securing

31:19 economic prosperity for the masses you will eventually have Prosperity okay

31:25 now the biggest way that China and Russia are trying to subvert Western dominance and influence

31:32 is of course by investing in heavily and uh you know mining for all these

31:38 Commodities things like lithium things like oil gas but the biggest one of all

31:44 the most important one of all is gold okay and if you don't believe me take a look at this right here because it's

31:50 quite clear the bank of Russia not too long ago resumed gold buying amid the

31:55 sanctioned Warfare okay now there's a reason for this the Central Bank of Russia announced it is resuming

32:01 purchases of gold on the domestic market after a two-year pause the move comes after the regulator and this and several

32:07 of the country's major Banks fell under Western sanctions amid Russia's military operation in Ukraine okay so what Russia

32:14 is trying to do is create a new gold-backed Ruble okay they want to tie to 5 000 rubles uh per gram of gold

32:21 something like that the the details don't matter what matters is the reason why Russia and China are doing this

32:26 right now is because they understand that if they achieve a new international currency that replaces the U.S petrol

32:34 dollar they will win they will have complete control over global markets if

32:40 they can manage this okay and they're not stopping there okay Russia holds the fifth largest goal golden foreign

32:47 currency reserves as of today Russian investment in precious metal is continuing to Surge we saw that through

32:54 September uh you know they were reporting that they had a yearly surge of nearly 56 percent according to the

33:00 latest statistics published by the bank of Russia uh when that was reported back in September we also see that Russia and

33:08 China are leading the effort to move to this new gold standard okay in the latest episode of Kaiser reports annual

33:14 summer solution series Max and Stacy talk about government's endless money

33:19 Printing and a global hyperinflation in fiat currency okay this is why Fiat currencies are taking this is why you

33:26 know the petrodollar is tanking okay you're not gonna have the tanking of

33:31 these National currencies in Russia or China when they tie them to a new gold standard this is what Libya tried to do

33:37 this is what Muammar Gaddafi tried to do and this is why they they did what they did to them okay now

33:44 the reason why this is so important today and why I want to draw this up today is because we just saw and it was

33:52 very sad but we just saw yesterday that's Africa which is led by the United

33:57 States announced that they had launched the largest set of airstrikes in Somalia

34:03 throughout the Biden Administration okay the U.S launched at least three airstrikes in Somalia this month they

34:09 killed six in their latest airstrike on Somalia Somalia all these African

34:15 nations this is where the Hub of gold mining is currently taking place so you

34:20 might be wondering Jackson where is Russia where is China where are they getting all this gold well you can talk to you know any Russian who's high up in

34:28 Russian business or on the board of gas prom or they are you know leading

34:33 economists Russian Central Bank and the real reason why they are so concerned

34:38 with maintaining ties with Africa is because a the West ties with Africa are extremely extremely torn and they

34:46 understand that Africa is where the gold lies so if you have access and you can help them uh you know basically mine

34:52 their goals and you're going to be getting a percentage of that you you are opening up a new Doorway to not just

34:58 creating a gold-backed currency for yourself but also creating a new world of opportunity for all these African

35:05 nations all right so take a look at this right now it's not just that they're air striking all these innocent Africans

35:10 Biden faces African resistance on anti-russia stance alright so they see

35:16 that Russia is helping them invest in gold and this is creating quite the Dilemma U.S President Joe Biden has opened uh Washington Summit with nearly

35:23 50 African nations he's pledging increased investment in Aid at a time when he's also reportedly struggling to

35:28 keep the continent's leaders on board with his campaign to punish and isolate Russia over the Ukraine conflict you

35:34 might remember that lavrov had a very successful set of meetings with leading African uh Nations that are trying to

35:42 create a new Africa African Union these sorts of things that Muammar Gaddafi envisioned whereas when Joe Biden tried

35:48 to get African leaders to meet with zelinski like only three of them came it was it was absolutely embarrassing okay


our stream today okay let's move on to a different topic

38:29 because what I want to talk about now is actually it's it's related to something I

38:34 discussed with my brother-in-law actually this weekend Okay so Christmas time just came and passed it

38:42 was so quick and uh during these times you know I take a little bit of I take a

38:47 few days off work I take like a week off work and I reflect on the previous year

38:52 and I think the biggest Revelation I've had this year uh is that the malthusian

38:58 doctrine is really dictating Global power dynamics in the west and this malthusian economic doctrine that was

39:05 envisioned by Thomas Malthus and now adopted by a lot of these new age economists that you know graduate from

39:11 either Affiliated schools of or from the London School of Economics believe that the world would be a lot better if there

39:18 were a lot less people on it I'm talking like 500 000 people on the Earth if you can believe it they really want none of

39:26 you here for the time that you are here they want you to basically serve as Lab Rats for all their various experiments

39:32 Spirit be it you know covid be it uh well I would not say that's an experiment I think that it was an

39:37 experiment in public health policy and the who did a great job at mitigating all you know risk to human life in the

39:43 best way possible and I would never criticize The Who because I don't want to get banned from YouTube I don't want to offend anyone at the YouTube

39:49 Community guidelines team so they are doing a great job and no one should ever

39:54 criticize them and if you do you should be banned from YouTube and uh you know they're definitely not controlled by the

40:01 world economic form they're not controlled by Yuval no Harare they're not controlled by uh Cloud Schwab

40:08 they're not controlled by any of these people okay and one person in particular who's definitely not controlled by any

40:13 of these institutions is this fine woman right here

40:20 Jane Goodall she's just a sweet Grandma she's just a sweet Grandma who loves gorillas and loves apes and accidentally

40:27 admitted exactly what the globalists are trying to push on the masses right now World economic Forum depopulation agenda

40:35 exposed uh let's listen to what what's her name Jane Goodall right let's listen to what she has to say because every

40:40 it's like every liberal's favorite quote-unquote environmentalist turns out she's actually a depopulation enthusiast

40:48 we cannot hide away from human population growth because you know it

40:54 underlies so many of the other problems all these things we talk about wouldn't be a problem if there were if there was

41:00 the size of population that there was 500 years ago we

41:05 so they want um they want the Earth to be where I was at 500 years ago

41:13 uh uh listen that one more time I cannot

41:18 hide away from human population growth because you know it underlies so many of

41:24 the other programs all these things we talk about wouldn't be a problem if there were if there was a size of

41:30 population that there was 500 years ago yeah we we wouldn't have any problems

41:37 you know if um if the you know global population was

41:42 that where it was 500 years ago it'd be completely fine right Let's uh let's just adhere to whatever

41:47 the Georgia guide zone say let's adhere to whatever uh you know National Security memorandum 220 says Henry

41:53 Kissinger let's listen to what they all say um yeah

41:59 yeah you know it's actually quite shocking when you begin to realize that all of these environmentalists whether

42:04 they are consciously or subconsciously doing it they all kind of agree with this same

42:11 principle of reducing the global population to um about 500 million people did I say

42:18 500 000 earlier I meant to say 500 million they want to reduce the population to the point where they don't

42:23 have to worry about anyone Uprising anyone you know saying we want to keep our Farms open anyone's saying we're not going to eat the bugs anyone's saying

42:29 that we don't really agree with this whole coveted agenda that's being pushed upon us we don't agree with this climate agent we don't agree with this stuff

42:35 maybe I'm not saying that's me I'm saying that there's wild conspiracy theorists out there who don't believe that the world

42:42 economic Forum in who is giving us the whole truth and nothing but the truth okay

42:49 um and you know you you begin to ask these questions you begin to say well if all these people are kind of you know

42:57 saying outright that this is what they believe that they want less people on

43:02 the world and they're pursuing policies that are kind of resulting in that

43:10 then don't you kind of think it's our moral duty to fight back against that

43:18 um I don't know that's a that's a question for you the audience I would never ever ever incite any sort of

43:25 direct Behavior action in my audience I would never do that I would never do that

43:31 even in the face of uh Jane Goodall saying that she thinks the global population should be reduced

43:38 at the ripe age of 88 years old she was born in 1934 and she's telling us that the global population should be reduced

43:45 to the point where it was 500 years ago

43:50 a Jane Goodall go yourself and uh Bill McKibben all of you people okay go yourself Naomi Klein go

43:56 yourself and uh we don't want your green fascism

44:02 and I know this is the last thing I'll say about this where I know some of you might be thinking right now but

44:07 is the green energy all that bad I mean I live in California and I I went out to

44:13 the desert this week and I went out to Arizona and I drove past all those windmill farms and it looks fine to me Jackson what's the what's the big deal

44:19 why are you so upset about this didn't you used to be an environmentalist yourself oh that that's just the that's just the

44:26 point that's just the problem I was an environmentalist and I I even people like larouche will

44:33 agree that you need to maintain a healthy stable biome to protect human

44:39 life that's always been my that's always been my principal concern is protecting human life

44:44 and human life for future Generations I think that's not just a noble cause it's like kind of why we're here it's why we

44:51 reproduce it's why we uh you know we we try to be good men to have something for

44:57 our grandchildren and our great grandchildren to Aspire to behave like and act like and leave a legacy for them

45:04 I think that's kind of why we're here and the idea that we would instead

45:09 prioritize the environment in the natural world over human life is where

45:15 we run into problems and that is where the modern environmental movement has gone and to a point where we are now

45:21 saying that we treasure the life of a random bird that we've never heard of or

45:27 you know a Desert Rat that we've never heard of more than a human life and that's not hyperbole that's exactly

45:34 what's going on so I mean you know the term environmentalist has been so bastardized but

45:40 I consider p i mean if you if you read There Are No Limits to growth by Lyndon larouche you know he he literally says

45:47 the the point he makes at the start of the of the book is all about maintaining

45:55 healthy stable environments for human life in in uh you know the Brazilian

46:00 Rainforest and stuff like this so it's not that anyone that you know I I it's

46:05 not that I am anti-environment I'm just pro-human life why can't we be pro-human life why do why do we have to have

46:12 people like Jane Goodall who are leading these major environmental institutions

46:17 and these major environmental institutions like the World Wildlife Foundation and like and the

46:23 sunrise movement are quite literally advocating for policies that are resulting in humans dying

46:32 what is this green energy push that they're doing in Europe 335 000 people could die if there are harsh weather

46:38 conditions this Winter According to the economist as a result of their inability to access stable heating for the winter

46:45 what is that other than an anti-human ideology I don't know I I mean I'm willing to discuss this with people but

46:52 to me that looks like a fundamentally anti-human Environmental Green fascist

46:58 ideology and it needs to stop


Mufti Menk 15K views

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Has cursing:

Nice video! Need to get off screens myself more - use while doing tasks - read more books - super important and great video/advice if one has a family - Wal-Asr! - one only has so much time in our lives:

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First, some health news/info, but then the good is good! (- except that other one (Twitter picture), that one I just find funny...)

May Allah bless and guide - Allah Akbar.


RT news I found of interest:

Some comments:

N.O.T.A.None_Of_ The_Above That sure sounds like the writing is on the wall in the Arab countries: "Adios, Americanos"13 m Shivermetimbers For many decades both Britain and the US have been stealing Arab oil and promoting red scare , communists as atheist godless invaders and ruthless killer dictatorships. Decades later it turns out it was the Americas and British elites describing themselves. MilgramWasRight Seems that the civilized countries of the world have come to realize that the western bullies aren't as strong as they have claimed to's about time.


You knew the Arabs were going to be discussing military ties as well as commercial ones during those meetings, Russia and China have invested heavily in providing security in Africa and the Middle East recently so this isnt new but its moving very fast. South America next.



shif145 War mongers objective is bloodmoney, but how on earth a little island thinks to protect itself from a power Which is capable of demolishing the entire island in the blink of an eye? What a miscalculation!7 m Philosopher Taiwan Ministry of National Defense:......“frequent military operations” around Taiwan conducted by China have “posed a serious military threat to our country.” Your country? Since when? Taiwan or Formosa was, is and always will be part of China. Only 14 insignificant nations recognize Taiwan as a state. The UN does not. Is China going to attack itself? Absurd. It's NOT mainland China that's a threat to Taiwan. It's the western warmongers, the "wolves dressed in sheep's clothing", pretending to protect the people of Taiwan, who you should fear.7 m N.O.T.A.None_Of_ The_Above It should be considered a financial coup to have a part of China dump millions of dollars into the coffers of US armament contractors. What a strange world we live in....8 m John J The US Lizard Cabal want more profits. This might blow up far beyond Taiwan.9 m Salvatore Vitale Why would you waste moneys on weapons that would not last more then 1 day against a giant like China?? I I suspect Typical Bribed politicians10 m James Greenlaw Yup stoking another conflict. The American people will paying for this for decades.20 m Baddy US weapons business must be making tens of billions with all the new contracts with NATO, UA and now Taiwan.32 m William Gill Putin puts up with USA/NATO arming Ukraine, think China will put up with USA arming Taiwan who they consider part of their territory?33 m andrew hayes Did Washington ask "we the people" what their opinion was about this?.. Why are 330 million Americans struggling so much when Taiwan and Ukraine keep being bank-rolled by their hard earned money, why no outrage from them?..34 m Pablo Taiwan is not a country and shouldn’t be allowed to do any type of militaristic deal on its own. They’re choosing the wrong path, being a friend with the USA is not going to pay off. 🇹🇼🇨🇳🇺🇸34 m 800lb USA is going BROKE, these WARS subsidize the US GDP The US National Debt jumped to $31.464 trillions This year the US debt has grown by over $1.5 trillions The interest on the US debt is $1 trillion every year The Pentagon was audited again, and it can’t account for $2.2 trillions in assets... AGAIN!!! Why isn’t this a big story? Because the people getting paid to make it a big story are getting paid by the criminals in the story.Dnd Mcdonnell This is to make us believe the US when they still preach the ' One China policy ' .. USA is the world largest terrorist regime, thus they lie then lie lie again and again.50 m 800lb Warmental USA again increasing friction within China52 m JoeChmo US just keeps on STIRRING P00P UP... How many people are gonna dye if they get this conflict going?!

PatientWrath Biden's masters are becoming desperate in their provocations to destroy the U.S.59 m JoeChmo PatientWrath, US is the one destroying US. Not someone else...52 m Nethrie China needs to realize the noose is closing fast. Either grab Taiwan now, or never.1 hr QuaintBrittain Nethrie, No. China needs to do nothing. Wait a few years and Taiwan will be begging to be part of mainland and BRICS. By that time, america will be full swing into a civil war. China knows this. Anyone who has lived in China and speaks the language also knows this. Taiwanese people can't stand america by the way. Same goes for Hong Kong.


It worked so well for Ukraine against Russia. Taiwan is slow walking themselves into destruction

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