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Time Flying

Bunch of great videos and things. Just learning so much.

This guy has some powerful information and videos.

This is interesting. If you don't know science that well though, just know that nothing is infallible. Everyone has different genetics - those are the baseline and there are exceptions and outliers everywhere in every population of species on earth and that there are billions of people, and science studies can only collect so much information - both from the number of people and from the information people can remember and provide. The environment and environmental history that takes place within the human body - science and humans I don't think will ever know everything that goes on (what comes in, it's effect, the chemical reactions and/or chain effects, etc.). The body is pretty amazing at defending itself from all that we do and inhale and eat etc. etc. but obviously it's not impenetrable.

I feel like plastics and other synthetic chemicals (harmful or possibly-most-likely harmful) need to be regulated much better and treated like the hazardous substances we are learning that they truly are. And if they're harmful to us, we know they're going to be harmful to most species of life on earth such as amphibians (especially), and other complex living organisms (pretty much everything above amphibians or even insects).

Has some cursing but this is really good advice especially in today's society...

I have a slightly different view on climate change (and electric cars etc. but he is a very smart man and maybe I'm wrong?) but he's not wrong of the overall picture in my opinion and knowledge anyway.

The powerful are using climate change to get even more powerful. They are not fools. "Elites" would be called elites for a reason. Very smart on how they can play the different situations to their benefit and shape society. What are the real consequences and effects? The real objectives? Real reality? There is a war of ideologies of governance I feel between democracy and totalitarianism - and individual Marxist capitalism and socialist ideologies. And does socialism =-> communism? or does it have to? I don't believe it need be that way and believe in democracy, socialist principles and ideals, and capitalism to an extent, and government to an extent, as well; -> order, maintenance, direction, levels of gov. and community supports and rules - and a lot of things developing over thousands of years, learning from experiences (human behaviours and tendencies, and adapting to times - the current world, is very...technological and disconnected with all our connectedness - seemingly, I feel or experience and see, anyway...).

Good vid (I've watched a lot of great religious videos recently as well but I know not everyone shares the same beliefs as me, but this is pretty universally interesting and relevant I find/think).

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