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Tipping Points (mostly a bunch of videos)

Updated: Jan 2, 2022



Always like their analysis and take on things and calm demeanors.

I don't actually agree that loans should be just forgiven - I think as a possible politician you have to stick to your ideals etc., but I can see her points on a lot of things as well. I believe student loans should just have super-low interest rates and that we could up the federal FAFSA loans to a level where most smaller colleges rates could be paid for and with a UBI especially as well, which is really generous and I am questioning myself more on now, that that would be pretty good and fine. I am questioning a UBI a lot more now I suppose - I'm not sure if it's such a great idea anymore and some of these ideas may be a bit far-fetched. Just trying to implement more REAL socialist type of policies such as workers unions etc. and getting money out of politics and doing what we can to build or rebuild America in the face of climate change and the real powerful forces that seek to support the neoliberal type of agendas are quite a big enough challenge and hurdle in themselves. Would seemingly take like a whole new Washington D.C. it seems like or something, I don't know...

Maybe that is too pessimistic - I did just watch the above video - and I do think Chomsky is too pessimistic but we do have some really really big problems in our country. Maybe we're meant for a downfall.

I have hope.


Covid (omicron has got a lot of people infected and sick, especially last week, was alot, it doesn't seem like it is nearly as deadly though, thankfully):

Good videos in my opinion and scientific and learned knowledge...

Just because they're profitable doesn't mean they're bad...but we should open the patents. Was funded by taxpayer money anyway....anyway, talked about that last post...


Just a lot of stuff, I get tired of it all anyway (COVID)...but anyway:


Some cursing:


Bread prices while shopping yesterday did seem really high, wonder if the above has to do with that...


Sad. Let us stop the madness and wars. Can't we just learn from history and work towards peace?

Watched a lot of RT America last weekend. Was good, I agreed with a lot of their news programming on various issues. That included Russias rights to not want Ukraine, possibly joining NATO, and if they did, NATO countries putting nukes right next door. Who can blame them? About the war crimes the U.S. commits (lots and lots of drone strikes and innocents being killed). About cancel culture (cancel that!) and loss of democracy and people being afraid to voice their opinions about matters (like 70% or something of respondents in the U.K. reported they don't feel safe at work to voice their real opinions) and related to the whole transgender topic...some Jesse Ventura show was good, pretty doesn't take a rocket scientist to be reasonable.

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