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Updated: Jan 15, 2023

-- Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem - Alhamdu lillahi rabbil ala-meen --

What it's really like for Ukraine soldiers and Ukraine soldier volunteers - sounds...:

They're lying (the mainstream), it's very bad for Ukraine right now...:

Col Macgregor: Ukrainian DEATHS Are Staggering The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 79K views Support the show with a contribution: Locals: Patreon: GiveSendGo:

Great Vid! Very informative:

The De-Population Bomb Hoover Institution 3.5M views Recorded on June 14 at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. In 1970, Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich published a famous book, The Population Bomb, in which he described a disastero...

I watched a good amount of this, just um, very information packed, a lot to take in...(~2 hrs long):

Auron MacIntyre • 13K views Author and YouTuber Academic Agent joins me to discuss the idea of the free market and whether economic activity can ever be free from the influence of the state. Apple:

This is so "post-modern" it's ridiculous - "People can't be categorized into groups, there are no such things as "groups" - we are individuals - and will be judged and ressurected that way - " paraphrasing Sheikh Hamzu Yusuf :

Auron MacIntyre • 6.5K views Podcaster and columnist Inez Feltscher Stepman joins me to discuss her new piece on Elon Musk and why the elimination of the woke patronage network might be a critical part in the battle for...

Looks good: Conquest's Laws And The Myth Of Neutral Institutions 14K views 1 year ago Auron MacIntyre I discuss Rober Conquest's laws of politics and the idea of the left as entropy. Donate here: ...


Good articles (featured):

Pentagon misled public on drone strike that killed children – NYT An internal probe blamed confirmation bias for the botched 2021 Kabul attack 7 Jan, 2023 01:34 HomeWorld News - RT

PODCASTS.GOOGLE.COM The Mindset Mentor - 3 Psychological Reasons Why Change is So Hard

PODCASTS.GOOGLE.COM 7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast - Developing the Courage to Stand Up for Yourself In this episode, we discuss developing the Courage to Stand Up for Yourself. Go to for complete show notes. Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and share it with a friend or two!


------------Didn't watch, they look good (skip-ahead) :

Review of 2022 with special mystery guest Blogging Theology 29K views You Can Support My Work on Patreon: My Paypal Link:

The Secret Knowledge About Creation which Lady Fatima ع Inherited | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 8.5K views Q&A Talk Chapters : 00:00 What is the reality of Allah (AJ) creating the universe in seven days? 01:40 How to deal with bad character of jealousy? 06:59 Is the qul of ‘aqel related to...

They Can Hear You in Heavens Q&A 🕋⭐Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities 13K views @00:09 Do we remove the ring when we use the the facility? @02:51 Is the Naqshbandi cone hat necessary? @04:17 Could say expand on nafas ur rahmah? How should a beginner practice breathing...

2 hrs: The Grayzone's end of year stream The Grayzone • 61K views Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss The Grayzone's biggest stories of the year and the latest developments in the Ukraine proxy war, the US occupation of Syria, the ongoing release of the...

1 hr: Will US Aggression Stop Eurasian Integration or Accelerate It? w/ Vijay Prashad BreakThrough News 59K views Why is the US willing to risk a nuclear apocalypse to weaken Russia and China? Our leaders say it’s about protecting the international rules based order from an authoritarian axis of evil....

Looks interesting:

Kedem 16,982 views Premiered Nov 30, 2022 "When did Judaism begin?" is not a naive question. Every answer to this question would require presenting an acceptable definition of Judaism. Not an easy task. There are many definitions. Most (or all) of them are the subjects of fierce and never ending debates. Prof Yonatan Adler of the Ariel University, face this challenge in his new book, The Origins of Judaism, which has already attracted much attention.

In his study, he deals bravely with the definition of Judaism and then determines the time and place of its emergence. On this talk with Alex, Prof Adler presents the methodology of his study, explains his analysis and shares his surprising conclusion: Judaism was probably widely adopted in the times of the Hasmonean dynasty throughout the second century BCE. Now, is this early or late?

Yonatan Adler is associate professor in the department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology at Ariel University in Israel. He is a member of the State of Israel's Council for Archaeology since 2018.


BreakThrough News 26K views A growing chorus of U.S. elites are calling for the U.S. government to prepare for war with China. The strategy hinges on coercing Taiwan into the middle of the “major power conflict” with...

-------------DIdn't watch

Should watch maybe, busy though: US now world's top LNG exporter, as Europe boycotts cheaper Russian gas Geopolitical Economy Report • 10K views The USA has rapidly become the world's top exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), tied with Qatar. Europe replaced Asia as the top market for US LNG in 2022, after pledging to boycott Russian...

Same with this, this channel looks really good, glad I found it: Mitch McConnell And The Iron Law Of Oligarchy Auron MacIntyre • 7.7K views I discuss the horrific leadership of Mitch McConnell and how Robert Michels' Iron Law Of Oligarchy explains why it is so difficult for GOP voters to hold the Kentucky Senator accountable. ...

Nader/Fein | Fein They WILL turn the GUN on YOU Chris Hedges Fan Club • 4.2K views Ralph Nader (/ˈneɪdər/; born February 27, 1934) is an American political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney noted for his involvement in consumer protection, environmentalism, and...

This is where this comes in truly (previous blog post, but watched Thursday Jan 05 2023): They CAN'T hide this anymore, it's all starting to unravel | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 280K views "Germany is now showing a spike in excess deaths. What is behind this? Doctors are calling for an investigation but will we get one? Separately, a new study from the Cleveland Clinic shows...

Chris Hedges Fan Club • 4.5K views

Seems alright, didn't watch much of it - I've been reading and learning on my own: What is money and who rules the world? | Yanis Varoufakis | Escaped Sapiens #46 Escaped Sapiens • 34K views On this episode of the podcast I speak with Yanis Varoufakis about the role of banks and politicians. Yanis is an economist, politician, author and Secretary-General of MeRA25. He is perhaps...


True - really good video from Big Think (very mainstream science-focused media): Male inequality, explained by an expert | Richard Reeves

Big Think 856K views Modern males are struggling. Author Richard Reeves outlines the three major issues boys and men face and shares possible solutions. Subscribe to Big Think on YouTube ►


- We're getting too dumbed down by our mainstream lying news and whatnot AND a lot of people don't read much, especially about political things (politics) and things they don't care about (economics, philosophy, etc. etc.) because our culture is a consumer culture and we have videogames and sports and money to make, things to do, friends, family etc. etc. and we don't truly have a democracy etc. etc. but things have always been going okay, I mean, yeah, we're at the precipice of history in the most richest and one of the richest by GDP countries in the world :

- Not as good a video as I thought it was going to be from the superb Chris Hedges: Why Americans can't debate politics anymore | The Chris Hedges Report

The Real News Network 45K views Nolan Higdon and Mickey Huff join The Chris Hedges Report to discuss their new book, Let's Agree to Disagree: A Critical Thinking Guide to Communication, Conflict Management, and Critical Media...

Can I debate politics very well though? Mm, unsure. I'm not the best talker or speaker. Never have been (speech impediment). Got work to do.


Kim Iversen: The Next Agenda. WEF Climate Lockdowns Could Be Happening Soon Kim Iversen 54K views Thank you for watching the fully independent Kim Iversen Show. Get the FULL SHOW without ever missing a segment here: Become a member of my LOCALS community...

------------------- Saturday --- -- -

Start your day well with nice good things - This vid makes me happy - Love it - Love - - - -

Mr. Scott Ritter - What a man (much love) - awesome - Must see video :

Follow CCB on Twitter: From Scott Ritter's talk at CCB. Watch the full video here: Former UN weapons inspector and US Marine intelligen...

- Interesting video: The Verses that Connect the Bible

N.T. Wright Online • 2.6K views The Christian Bible makes the claim that it tells a single, coherent story, from Genesis to Revelation. In this clip from our course, 15 Essential Texts, Prof. N.T. Wright compares the Bible...

Quite good - :

Blogging Theology 4.2K views Finding Truth in the Age of Fake News: Information Literacy in Islam:

Islamic Spiritual Guidance • 67 views Holding on to the Roots of Islam instead of the Groups of Misguided persons - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf In the perpetual battle between good and evil, how do we avoid the seductions of false gods...

Islam is the true religion - Perfect. Is strong (not so influenceable to social and cultural change) and encourages one to be strong as well...amazing, thinking about the earth and formation of rocks and the interactions biologically with the developmental evolutionary biology...Allah Akbar:

We suppose to take care of our planet. Pick up trash (don't litter) is good, righteous deed and action one can physically do - take part in. Do dikhr. Try to help clean the rust off our hearts. Help the soil help the animals, help the birds. Whole food chain really.

So much trash in America. So much plastic. So much plastic. Just bits and pieces of stuff as well. Really not good. I dislike.


Not good:

- This is an alright (good) video - these guys make really good points especially about the political state of things in western governments and just the simple, dumbed down kind of rhetoric and overall discussion thrown at us: The Tragedy of Ukraine w/Nicolai Petro, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen The Duran 80K views

- Yep - Good - Though really, losing faith - trust in corporations to do anything truly good and righteous and in politicians, especially Democrats: How to Fix Democracy | Ralph Nader Bertelsmann Foundation • 40K views Consumer advocate, lawyer, and former U.S. presidential candidate Ralph Nader believes that democracy is about civic organization, not just public opinion. In his assessment, the American people...

Haven't watched - How to Fix Democracy Season 2 | Richard D. Wolff Bertelsmann Foundation • 51K views Reform and revolution | Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of...

Where is my country? - I have to do something - :

- She's EXPOSING how the deep state mafia controls all of us | Redacted Conversation w/ Whitney Webb Redacted 888K views Journalist Whitney Webb sits down with Redacted's Clayton Morris for a dense conversation about her bombshell new book on Jeffrey Epstein's deep connections to the world's biggest power players....

Good video, much the same as previous ZamZam video I watched - further confirms - is good to work on : AVOID THESE COMMON MISTAKES IN YOUR SALAH One Islam Productions 14K views Produced By One Islam Productions By Mohamad Baajour ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The ONE ISLAM TV APP is now available on Apple devices,...

GEORGE GALLOWAY ⎹ and The Mother of All Talk Shows With guests: Nick Brana of the @PeoplesParty and OLLIE VARGAS of @KawsachunNews 00:00 05:45 - 07:43 MOATS Introduction with George...

" we will be doing our best to defeat him it's Madness not because we hate gay

12:11 people not because we hate trans people not because we are anything other than

12:19 for absolute equality amongst all people as I say I am myself literally

12:27 surrounded by gay people some of my friends are trans people I treat every

12:32 person on this Earth the way that they would want to be

12:37 treated but I have small children you see I have small children at Primary School

12:44 I don't want them talked about sex grilled about sex

12:50 encouraged to explore their gender when their Primary School do you understand

12:57 me Nicola sturgeon now luckily my children go to a Roman Catholic school

13:02 we have certain protections although the churches have all been deathly quiet on

13:09 this most important of moral matters all the churches including my own

13:16 I send my children to a Roman Catholic School partly to protect them from the

13:23 encroachment of woke attitudes to gender and

13:29 sexuality but most people in Scotland are sending their children to State

13:35 non-denominational schools and are now pray and I use that word advisedly to

13:42 these creeps that devise these questionnaires to be placed in front of

13:49 small children who don't even know what they're talking about - my children don't

13:57 even know what a Sparrow is! never mind that transgender person

14:03 a gay person or a lesbian person. Why should they know!? there are only five! there are only eight!@

14:11 why should they know

I don't want them to know and they are my children not yours

14:17 Nicholas sturgeon you don't have any children and as a matter of fact a very

14:24 significant number of your ministers don't have any children and it shows

14:30 and it's a very great pity it's a very great pity for you personally but it's

14:35 an even bigger pity for our country this is not just a Scottish issue because

14:42 kirstalmer odds on to be Britain's next prime minister at least after the

14:48 general election is pledged to take the same low road

14:54 as Nicola sturgeon and the SNP have taken unless Boris Johnson comes back the

15:01 tourist goose is cooked I don't know if Rishi eats Goose if he eats meat at all

15:08 I know nothing about his dietary habits but he is dead meat his goose is cooked

15:16 he is standing at 19 in the public opinion polls



Good video, lots of science, is right, good reminders about, is the correct information by and large I believe and what I know - Your body responds to how you train it - :

Huberman EXPOSES the fitness industry. This is how u grow muscles. Andrew Huberman Rewind 1.2M views Andrew Huberman reveals how to actually achieve muscle growth (hypertrophy) based on scientific studies About Andrew Huberman Rewind 🎥 Science-Based Tips to become the Best Version of...

This video actually I was talking about (haha) :

Science of Muscle Growth, Increasing Strength & Muscular Recovery | Huberman Lab Podcast #22 Andrew Huberman 2.9M views In this episode I describe how our brain and nervous system control muscle tissue and how to leverage that for muscle maintenance, growth (hypertrophy) and recovery. I explain muscle metabolism...


After Skool 486K views Shanna H. Swan, Ph.D., is one of the world’s leading environmental and reproductive epidemiologists and a professor of environmental medicine and public health at the Icahn School of Medicine...

----------Watch (and pay attention):

After Skool 291K views Ralph Smart is a psychologist, author, counselor, alchemist, relationship guide and creator of the popular YouTube channel, "Infinite Waters". To view more inspiring content from Ralph, check...

Wasn't the best ,motivational video, but man, I really like that video thumbnail: If You Don't Respect Joe Rogan, Watch This - Joe Rogan's Emotional Speech

Mindset Mentor 3M views Joe Rogan's life advice might save decades of your life. Powerful motivational video. Speaker : Joe Rogan Special Thanks To #JRE Fair Use Disclaimer Copyright...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunday 1/15/23

PowerfulJRE 2.2M views Taken from JRE #1919 w/Bret Weinstein:

------------ All the rest after this are sub-headline types of news etc. except for... I'll pick up where and am just posting links, not featuring the video in the blog post:

Don't have to or need to watch these, Alexander's video is quite good, they're both good actually but yeah...:

Russia On Brink of Capturing Soledar, Ukraine Bakhmut Defences Crumble, West Rushes Weapons, Ukraine Alexander Mercouris • 138K views Russia On Brink of Capturing Soledar, Ukraine Bakhmut Defences Crumble, West Rushes Weapons to Ukraine Topic 723

BORZZIKMAN • 44K views NATO accepted the Inevitable┃Bakhmut and Soledar are Passing Into the Hands of the Russian Army **************************************** Since January 3, the telegram channels of many military...

BORZZIKMAN 62K views Pentagon's Nightmare Continues┃Russians Captured the Latest American UAV 'RQ-20A Puma AE' **************************************** In the second half of December last year, information appeared...

This is quite an important one - exposes a lot of craziness (mad(ness)) :

The Duran • 109K views

Might watch: Geology of the battlefield -- How rocks changed history. potholer54 • 23K views This is a video I made 12 years ago, which a production company I had worked with tried to sell to TV networks. It never got taken up, so I'm posting it here as it gathers dust in my office....

Good video - Good book he has to, overcoming shyness, but it goes into a lot of different science backed information as well - good guy, good guy - : How Nutrition Can Stop Suicidal Attempts

Mark Metry • 32 views Suicide is a significant public health concern, with rates continuing to rise in many countries around the world. While there are many contributing factors to suicide, research suggests that...

This is quite huge:

It BEGINS! This is how Putin and China's New World order unfolds in 2023 | Redacted w Clayton Morris Redacted 283K views We are watching the new world order unfold right before our eyes as Russia and China continue their fast exit from the U.S. dollar. Peter Schiff predicts 2023 will be the worst year for the...

- Bunch of lies - sad - disappointed the B Corpo certification and rating isn't or can't even really be trusted (has to do with the circular economy, if one knows about that, one will be disappointed as well) :

Why There's No Such Thing As An Ethical Business Under Capitalism Second Thought 161K views Check out the latest episode of my Nebula Original Series, The New F-Word! Get access to Nebula completely free... to see her on Glenn Beck and this (her and her book) getting more exposure:

How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves | Whitney Webb | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 162 Glenn Beck 3.5M views Journalist Whitney Webb has worked to uncover some of the most dangerous stories of our lifetime, and she joins Glenn to reveal just how eye-opening it’s been. Her new two-volume book, “One...

Woke up monday morning, put on this video:

NO MORE EXCUSES | Do It Now - Inspirational & Motivational Video ABOVE INSPIRATION 10K views It’s time to quit making excuses. Excuses give us permission to settle for less than God's best. If we want to be all that God has called us to be we must stop making excuses and take that...

Prophetic Optimism Shiekh Omar Baloch • 878 views Assalam Alaikum, Please make sure to subscribe. Also, join our telegram group Also, consider donating to our cause To get...

Nice: Introducing Geopolitical Economy Report: Multipolarista is evolving Geopolitical Economy Report • 6.6K views We are excited to announce the creation of the independent media outlet Geopolitical Economy Report - an evolution and expansion of Multipolarista. Our team will be growing, and we have exciting...

Great quotes:

Do you know why these 5 quotes are so important right now? Watch this video to find out! Secure your FREE seats for AWAKENED LIFE LIVE at #Earthwaking #JonathanEn...

Posted before but watched - good video:

Surrendered Russians Massacred. Was This A War Crime Committed By Ukraine? | Dan Kovalik Kim Iversen 57K views Thank you for watching the fully independent Kim Iversen Show. Sign up for my FREE email newsletter here: (I will never spam you or sell your info) Become...

Really good video. he speaks truth about how the global economy works - we (the U.S. people) are really in for a rude awakening. What's that one phrase? "People need to start holding truth to power" I believe it is:

Geopolitical Economy Report • 50K views China is advancing the global movement toward de-dollarization. Beijing's central bank is boosting its gold reserves while signing currency swap deals in yuan with countries like Argentina,...

Ralph Nader (/ˈneɪdər/; born February 27, 1934) is an American political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney noted for his involvement in consumer protection, environmentalism, and...

Here it is - does have a few curse words but POWERFUL video:

Jonathan England • 221 views Tired of the "Woke" culture? If so, you're going to love this video. It will also let you find out if you have been infected by the woke culture and have it hiding in and influencing you...

i want to post this video thumbnail : (is a good video as well)

Jake Tran 336K views 💵 Receive your sign up gift & start earning → 😈 Watch exclusive documentaries that are too controversial to ever be released to the public:

I agree with George Galloway and Alexander - Political violence - and violent protests, i.e., rioting, I don't like, is dumb and is dumb for a person to be a part of (get out, get away - no reason to go to jail - everybody has video recording technology in their pockets nowdays - don't be dumb) - Peaceful protesting though - I can support. - Really good is the latter portion of the video in my opinion anyway -

Alexander Mercouris 174K views Russia Claims Ukrainian Collapse, Possible Retreat, from Soledar; Russian Arms Production & Economy, Protests in Brazil Topic 725 *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1...

What? I'm always amazed at some of these stories of drag-time story hours and all this stuff - in that, it's being put on kids? Little kids? WT*.

The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 33K views Support the show with a contribution: Locals: Patreon: GiveSendGo:

Leather Apron Club • 33K views

Ugly modern art is far more than just an eyesore, it is a moral hazard to societies which are subjected to it. This is because Aesthetics, thought of by some as just a philosophical fringe,...

Ralph Nader | How we are PROGRAMMED Chris Hedges Fan Club • 2.7K views Ralph Nader (/ˈneɪdər/; born February 27, 1934) is an American political activist, author, lecturer, and attorney noted for his involvement in consumer protection, environmentalism, and...

GEORGE GALLOWAY ⎹ and The Mother of All Talk Shows With #MOATS guests: Ghadi Francis and Kevin Meagher 00:00 05:36 - 07:10 MOATS Introduction with George 07:35 - 26:32 George's Monologue...

great scheme of things whether Boris Johnson Rishi sunak or the uh what's his

15:38 name kirma the labor leader whoever is the

15:44 prime minister of Britain is going to follow the same policies which are written in Brussels and written in

15:52 Washington the economic policies are written in Brussels the foreign policies

15:57 are written in Washington and the British people's interests come a very

16:03 distant third place because Washington is now calling all of

16:10 the tunes as more and more of public opinion in Europe is beginning to

16:16 realize that's why they have to censor the news that's why they have to make

16:22 sure that you never see the truth that's why you have to keep arguing about

16:27 William and Harry it's why they can conduct these bread and circuses so that

16:35 you will not focus as for example the French people are doing this very

16:40 weekend in turning out in their hundreds of thousands on the streets of their

16:46 country protesting their government and its foreign and domestic policies that's

16:52 happening all over Europe but you don't know about it because RT has been taken

16:58 off the air Sputnik has been taken off the air we are the last man standing

17:06 that will tell you about what's happening on the streets of France on

17:11 the streets of Prague on the streets of Germany we are the last people left

17:16 telling the truth to a mass audience and they have to have it that way because it

17:23 might be catching there should have been a Christmas Truth for the Orthodox

17:29 Christmas which Falls this weekend Russia offered Ukraine a ceasefire for

17:36 Christmas which could have been built upon of course maybe that's why they turned it down because they didn't want

17:44 to build upon it although it's difficult to see why why any Ukrainian leader

17:50 would want to continue with the attrition that is massacring huge numbers of

17:59 increasingly older and increasingly younger Ukrainian conscripts

18:06 either you're in the Army already and with a very good chance of being dead or

18:12 you're driving around in a top of the range Audi in the rest of Europe trust

18:18 me I've seen a hundred of them over the course of the last few months on the

18:24 European continent you've either fled the country if you've got money or you

18:30 thought you were too old to be conscripted but not now men over 60 are

18:35 now being sent into the Charnel house at bachmart right now we are an epic battle

18:43 second only to the battle for mariopa in this conflict so far is currently taking

18:50 place 60 year olds and 16 year olds are currently being

18:58 shipped into the slaughterhouse of Batman and Batman is a very

19:05 strategically important battle and when the Russian forces Prevail as they will

19:11 it may be a massive turning point in the war it may very well lead to a quick

19:18 collapse of all remaining Ukrainian forces east of the nipro river and the

19:25 de facto partition of the country as one Ukrainian Minister put it today we're

19:31 being offered the Korea solution under 38th parallel well maybe so except the

19:39 partition will not be nearly so kind to Western Ukraine as it was to South Korea

19:45 the truth is that the landlocked ramp Western Ukrainian State pray to Nato

19:54 pray to Hungary pray to polish revanchism will be a sorry sorry State

20:01 of Affairs it will be like Kosovo without the laughs it will be like

20:07 Kosovo without anything like the Happy Ending the truth is that Ukraine is

20:15 finished as a state and I say that with a very heavy heart

20:23 I love the Ukrainian people I never wanted this war to begin I did my best

20:29 to raise my voice and win people to my

20:34 argument that the Minsk to agreements signed by the regime and Kiev guaranteed

20:41 by the regimes in Berlin and Paris guaranteed ultimately by adoption by the

20:49 security Council of the United Nations that that means to agreement could bring

20:56 an end to the long War which had already raged for seven years in the donbath

21:04 that it had been implemented but the forces that are keeping the war going

21:11 right now had no intention of implementing that agreement indeed in a

21:17 remarkable revelation remarkably candid revelation

21:22 Angela Merkel the then German Chancellor recently said in an interview

21:28 that Minsk was never intended to be implemented it was to buy time

21:35 for Ukrainian rearmament retraining reinforcement by the North Atlantic

21:42 Treaty Organization and the French government has echoed

21:47 that as a piece of the insucion arrogance

21:54 rendering all further agreements guaranteed by them null and void before

22:00 they are even reached the revelation has not been missed in Moscow or in

22:09 Beijing no agreement with these people is worth the paper it isn't even written

22:16 on

no verbal agreement like the one given to Gorbachev that NATO would not

22:23 expand one inch I'm quoting to the east or the written one in the Minsk

22:30 agreement nothing that these people agree to can be trusted and so from

22:37 Russia's point of view there is really nothing more to begin by negotiating

22:42 with anyone and I suspect that the prospects of a Christmas ceasefire was

22:50 the last straw when the Ukrainian government slapped the Russian government in the face with that offer

22:58 so it's a battle to the death now


23:05 getting on with the show I just want to talk for a minute about

23:10 the Middle East because it's a subject dear to my heart of

23:16 course but because when nobody is paying attention

23:22 to what's happening in the Middle East the greatest dangers lie therein

23:28 the Iran nuclear deal is dead Joe Biden told the camera that just a

23:35 couple of weeks ago although said to the camera we're not going to announce it he

23:42 said announcing it the Iran nuclear deal is dead

23:48 Iran has offered a full comprehensive reset of its relations with the Kingdom

23:57 of Saudi Arabia I hope that that can be achieved

24:02 but the fly in the ointment here is somebody called Benjamin Netanyahu who's

24:09 back in power in Tel Aviv so nowadays probably in Jerusalem in illegally

24:17 annexed Jerusalem and he's spoiling for a diversion a diversion to take the

24:26 minds of his own people who are out demonstrating in significant numbers

24:32 against him in Tel Aviv last night to divert the attention of the world from

24:38 the fact that he now leads a government so grisly that it can be described as a