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Tribulations (lots of videos)

Just posting a lot of videos and information I suppose...(with this post)

NPR Turns Against Ukraine! The Jimmy Dore Show 317K views

Ukraine has long been considered the most corrupt nation in Europe, and was widely recognized as such by American media outlets – right up until Russia invaded and suddenly Ukraine had to...

U.S. Censorship “Worse Than In Soviet Russia” The Jimmy Dore Show 93K views

It’s always nice to be recognized, so one can only imagine how delighted Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard and Caleb Maupin, among others, must have felt when the Ukrainian government released...

Germany's energy COLLAPSE is part of the WEF's plan | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Redacted 173K views


Trump Comes Up With Solution For Homelessness The Jimmy Dore Show 220K views

Donald Trump believes he has the solution to homelessness, and it involves constructing massive tent camps on the outskirts of cities, then bringing in doctors, psychologists and other professional...



The Timeline of Fitans (Tribulations)- From Now To Coming Wars, From Now To the Malhamah Shiekh Omar Baloch • 15K views

My 10 favourite books with Adnan Rashid

Blogging Theology 17K views

Quran has Declared Russia as the Winner of WW3 - Sheikh Imran Hosein Explained

Dynamic Islam • 47K views


A Biological Lie!Women Empowerment!Gender equality!Shaykh Hamza Yusuf!Latest Islamic Reminder 2021 Uloom E Quran • 18K views

A short reminder from shaykh hamza Yusuf on an important topic of women empowerments/gender equality and the false perception on this topic Thanks For Watching and Don't forget to Like this...

Imam Ash-Shafi'i [RA]

Islamic Guidance 213K views

Umm Khalid: "Women have been lied to"

Blogging Theology 88K views

The End Times (State of the World) MercifulServant 2M views

Everything You Need To Know About DEATH - COMPILATION One Islam Productions 162K views

Not rewatched now:

Good one but I believe I have more knowledge about a thing or two said in the video but overall, I agree and it's on point pretty much.

Petrodollar, Green Energy & The Future Shiekh Omar Baloch • 4.1K views

Petrodollar, Green Energy & The Future

Interesting, yeah, I think it's just people who want to (theoretically) look for any crack or weakness in the wall that they can attack to you know, confirm their own disbelief and/or beliefs; and it's fine to sincerely try to seek understanding and truth. Allah SWT challenges humankind - Find a crack in the Holy Quran or produce something (or anything) like it. Look up in the sky and find a "crack" - your vision will be returned down humbly...- Surah Al-Mulk. And they say and/or will say - why hasn't Allah SWT sent down any guidance, or a warner come to us?

What are the Satanic Verses? | Dr. Shabir Ally Let the Quran Speak • 113K views

The Satanic Verses is a term used in academic literature to refer to purported verses of the Quran which, according to some narratives, were once recited by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon...


Definition of abrogate

#2 formal : to treat as nonexistent : to fail to do what is required by (something, such as a responsibility) The company's directors are accused of abrogating their responsibilities.

Is it abrogate or abdicate? Abdicate means to renounce one's own power or position. Abrogate means to repeal, revoke, or abolish something (as in a law, right, or contract). Both of these words are about eliminating powers, duties, rules, or responsibilities.


Top 10 Mathematical Miracles in The Quran A Rahman Basrun • 172K views

This is a video that shows some of the most amazing mathematical things in the Quran

Haven't watched all:

30+ Stunning Dazzling Miracles of The Holy Quran | Kinetic Typography FreeQuranEducation 571K views

Quran's Challenge for a Literary Equivalent to God's Words remains unmatched even after One and a Half Millenium. And now using the most modern of Technological means of communication available...


TheProphetsPath 35K views



Sense Islam 107K views


Watch these in sequence - -

Scores of Russian soldiers appear to have been hit by biological or chemical weapons from Ukraine

George Galloway • 27K views

"Western liberals spasms of outrage don’t extend to the evisceration of an innocent young woman in Russia Watch the full @moatsTV show at | @GeorgeGalloway"

This Video Will SHOCK You: The Truth About World Politics

Richard Medhurst 63K views


The Daily Reminder 22K views


As Afghan People Boil Grass to Eat, U.S. Refuses to Release $7 Billion of Frozen Afghan Assets

Democracy Now! 31K views

Have good manners - don't call for violence (don't become an oppressor if you youself, we're previously oppressed) (and acting badly only makes oneself look bad and gives the "enemy" easy evidence they can use against you) (also - dont wrong yourself or disobey laws - you hurt yourself and your life)

Authority of Husband, Individualism & Crisis of Bad Adaab Shiekh Omar Baloch • 2K views

What Will You Say When Millions Of People Starve To Death? Epic Economist 52K views

What are you going to do when millions of people start to get victimized by starvation? Are you prepared to see famines emerging all across the globe? The skeptics that claimed that we would...

- - From epic economist, economist - ironic that the world's supposedly best economists are leading/have led the world down this path...yet we are told not to question the capitalistic - money and profits over everything - unsustainable system - and yet, there's a huge green/environmental movement, YET, my phone needs to be replaced every two years basically (planned obsolence - instead of modularity and being able to fix things on own's own and making things better (faster, less energy consuming) over time)

- They know OR at least some know - about the circular economy and principles or at least should - shouldn't they? Yet...what's being done? - is more in line with the WEF's "great reset" agenda (destruction economically, socially, individually) than it is to produce a harmonious and peaceful planet full of healthy and happy individuals and peaceful communities.


WEF is building the world's biggest ARMY to take away your rights | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Redacted 161K views

- + -

Xi Jinping Visits Saudi Arabia....What's Next for US Dollar? Cyrus Janssen 367K views

Xi Jinping is making his first visit outside of China to Saudi Arabia. This is major news and has the potential to change the future of our global economy. Let's break it down in today's important...

China's Rise: Why U.S. Threats & Provocations Will Not Succeed BreakThrough News 68K views

A second congressional delegation went to Taiwan this week, less than two weeks after Pelosi visited. These trips have sparked a sense of outrage among many Chinese people, who demand respect...

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