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Updated: May 16, 2021

What is the "truth"? Is it individual? is it Universal? I humbly believe (through knowledge, experience, lessons, reading, research, etc.):

Universal Truth(s) > Individual Truth(s)

We can always make up excuses for ourselves and defend our self (ego). What we are doing though is lying to ourselves, truly. We shouldn't seek permission from ourselves for excuses. To be happy with oneself comes from within. Be strong! You matter, we matter. Right and wrong matter. "I don't care" and "I don't matter" are my two biggest excuses for "not caring" and lying to self.

Politics...Especially U.S. politics (and the economy - power - control(s)) - has gotten so far from being pure and good and true. - What about doing away with political parties? Would that be a good solution? Maybe but I think maybe not. Nothing wrong with parties but it starts becoming quite a problem when there are only two parties and such division between the two sides. When people, individuals - Americans - who tout such individuality and freedom (American exceptionalism as it's sometimes called) - only voting within party for example. Seems a bit strange, distorted...not judging individuals, I know not (all) nor am the judge and jury. Seems like though we can do better electing leaders and thinkers (those who attempt to consider effects of things and effects for all people, not selfish). People who are strong and stand firm on their beliefs. That's all.

Update ~ 1 p.m.: Just discovered the creative society project. So relieved to see I'm not alone.!

Love this: Video – “The Best Way to Know Allah” Hamza Yusuf.

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