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Ukraine...and a Changing World Order?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022


Good video. - Was thinking, if I was in Russia's shoes I would be, you know, and the reality is, that there is now a war between the West and Russia...If the U.S. was in a war with Mexico and Russia was supplying 17,000 Javelin missiles and Stinger missiles and intelligence (knowledge is power) and cyber defense...Is basically like we're using Ukraine to fight Russia without actually having to put boots on the ground ourselves. It's cheaper than actually having to fight ourselves and costs Russia a lot of money.

So yeah, in my opinion, it is noble and more upright to go and fight and defend Ukraine if one wants to. It's also fine and good to protest, especially against war, and people should always have the ability to peacefully protest on any issue they want to protest about.

Obviously, I still blame the U.S., the West/Nato and the Ukrainian leadership for the situation. You, me, we, DO NOT live in a bubble where we can just do whatever we want and expect everyone and everything to be okay with it. "Oh, is no problem, no worries, there Russia, we just want...". NO. Stop.

Our foreign policy is like a wishy-washy soup of crap that just creates a bunch of problems and instability throughout the world.

I feel felt there is major disrespect and heedlessness on the Western side. Is a lot of wishy-washy crap (Repeat it!). Indecision. Playing with fire. Disrespect. Irresponsible to the people of the world and earth (the Ukrainian people themselves).

- Who am I to say? well, who is anybody to say this or that? Or do this or that (Putin, the U.S., Ukrainian leadership, etc...). Yes, we're all just people and can make mistakes and have differing beliefs. Some things are or have come to be pretty universal though...being smart, doing good, being upright, not lying, respecting others...

Everything isn't all black and white but at some point you do have take and pick a side and there are true differences and differentiation between things. There are these metaphysical truths (truth itself) and rules in which the world and the universe and people ourselves (within and without) have to operate within.


I feel there is NO REASON any country needs to be a part of NATO anymore and no good reason we should even have NATO any more at this point (would be good I think anyway, and prudent for the U.S. to step down trying to police and run the world, is over-reaching and corruption within is eating away at all good - greed is the biggest downfall)- it's just a geopolitical arms force for western power and dominance.

Isn't SOVEREIGNTY about a country being able to democratically (or however they run their government; and ideally the government should be responsible and in-line with the population - that is, a healthy country's people will be happy or decently happy with their own government) make their own choices??? So why would you want to join NATO? For defense? If the U.S. and the West (and NATO itself) is so good and represents such goodness and justice, wouldn't there be a belief that they will do rightly by countries and the world when you know, a country gets invaded or something and needs help? Etc. on that kind of moral judgment and understanding, we as humans should feel towards other humans.

Anyway...depends I guess on the definition of goodness and justice (morals, all) and politics etc.....of course...I think it is simply this: "psychological warfare".

- "Knowledge is power" "knowledge is dangerous" "the pen is more powerful than the sword" -

Music Vid I liked from a Youtube ad while watching:

Bitcoin....we'll see how that goes (already have posted my feelings about it, the potential of blockchain tech is interesting, energy use and creating more money in the world (inflation anyone?!) is negative IMO) anyway, is interesting...made me think in terms of government, the future and security - personal security and data sharing vs. ease and personal power and sovereignty and how that could be used as a means to a more "true" democracy and socialist kind of governance...

Notes: (already had these) Digital IDs: Gov. Security and privacy should be limited to Gov. not shared with other services (FB, GOogle, Apple, etc.). Can use phone biometrics etc. Or not use any of these features at all and be old school - vote on paper, file taxes yourself (should be made free via a government website - simple...), etc.

(Added to notes today):

But should give all choice (and be as transparent and easy to understand as possible) to people in how far they want to go with sharing information for ease of use or doing things manually or old school.

Separate the data sharing and information - protect people's privacy and require a big tech to protect and work alone or make public much data for the overall good of society (stop this monopolizing of information if they truly have the good of society in mind, why not share it with others for information (data) etc., etc. (that, which isn't dangerous and shouldn't be personally identifiable of course anyway).

Then separately, on an issue of corruption with government institutions:

Definitely no private-public partnerships and people going from public duty to private duty IN CERTAIN CASES (common sense, like people going from and having connections while in the FDA and then going to the board of directors at Monsanto or something; which is obviously unlike an EPA leader going to an NGO or something like that of course). I believe if there is suspicion of foul play and corruption that person should be tried in a court of law. (Everyone knows this kind of thing is wrong and goes on with these people who are multimillionaires - somehow - meanwhile, you know, the guy or gal teaching our youth and working in the street paving the roads has to barely get by).

- No manipulation of Gov. by corporate interests that are not within the legal bounds (legal bounds need to be set much tighter and would save our country and these corrupt and sorry corporations money so then they would actually have to use that money in better ways, that's the way capitalism and a free market is suppose to work, obviously...(I believe with pure competition society would progress much faster and better, and if corporations were taxed more, they would/could/should distribute their profits to the employees more fairly as that would reduce their tax burden (obvious)) - the laws need to be changed, everyone knows it's wrong and leads to corruption of our institutions within Gov. that hold much power and makes rules and law (and guidelines for industry or health, etc., etc.).

ABC's. It's easy as 1-2-3.

The founding fathers had a lot right. A lot of crap and corruption has been put in over the years. "In the name of". (deception is or seems to be the name of the game, shh, keep it on the downlow...).

How much money could be saved? Or taxed and put to good use? Our country is on the downfall. While certain people benefit off it (corruption, broken, eating of taxes, inflation, stock market's rising and falling (and fake investing, stock buybacks, options and day trading and all this other crap, yes, I think it's crap honestly - we've been sold lies to an not all bad).

"Have to have some principles and things to stand and be firm upon".

Then, watched these videos (really good and relevant, eye opening):

Hopefully these don't get deleted, I'm downloading them just in case:

Putin's more recent speech:

Putin's whole speech before the invasion:

Put things together....

RT America has been cancelled. All kinds of Russian info is getting blocked and cancelled. Within Russia, there is obvious psychological warfare being deployed by the West against Putin and the Russia Government. The media frenzy and mass censorship (Fyodor Dyovesky getting canceled at University classes - old late 1800's early 1900's Russian writer?)...why all this anti-Russian stuff for years and fear-mongering...why can't we just go our way and they go there's and there be peace after the cold war and promises we're made? GET CORRUPTION OUT OF MY COUNTRY (NO dark money - no oil money, no money from defense contractors, no money from big tech, NOPE) GET THESE CORRUPT PEOPLE AND WAR HAWKS OUT OF THE PENTAGON. That is my summation/conclusions. WIll be in the history books all of what we do and have done. The planet's health and global warming should be the priority, if you want peace and development, BE ABOUT IT.

(Though obviously my views some would say are very leftist, some of them are conservative as well...meh at the labels :) )

All the world is vanity and sport ~:

The Bible: ecclesiastics (though without guidance, is true to a degree - ultimately is depressing but yeah, without knowledge of the world can come sadness, which I think is true).

The Holy Quran 57:20 and to 57:25 is good.


"1. This world’s life here means the material side of life. It is entirely a pursuit of unreality. Individuals as well as nations are, as it were, racing for the transitory goods of this life, for means of adorning the outside, for riches and gaiety, utterly neglecting the higher values of life."

"2: The material side of life is here likened to the growth of vegetation which flourishes for a time and then decays. Even thus we see individuals and nations rising to prosperity and then falling back on evil days. ↩"

"5: The book here means Divine knowledge. Disaster is here spoken of as befalling in the earth or in yourselves"

"6: See 42:17 footnote and 55:7 footnote. Here the measure is spoken of as being sent down with messengers of God along with the Book. Now the Book contains the Divine commandments or the moral code of life, and the measure is therefore clearly the example of the Prophet, who by carrying out the Divine commandments shows how the directions contained in the Book are to be followed. ↩"

"7: Iron has proved of great utility to man and has played an all-important part in civilization. It should be noted that the sending down of a thing also means causing it to grow or bringing the means of it into existence. Hence we find this expression used in the Quran with reference to the clothes that man wears (7:26), and to cattle (39:6), etc. The mention of iron undoubtedly refers to the resistance against the enemy, which as a last resort had to be effected with the sword — that Allah may know who helps Him and His messengers, unseen. This help was rendered by the faithful by taking up the sword in defence of the faith. ↩"


Pondering these little snowflake-type shapes of water today on a side glass door of a truck. How old these molecules of water really are, (billions of years old and in the making, all things...and all life (on earth anyway) based on water or started from water (cyanobacteria and blue-green algae oxygenating the planet and forming the ozone layer) how amazing the Earth is and the clouds slowly moving...the perfectly adapted condition of humans for live on earth (gravity, etc., and how tame nature really is for us on this planet given we breathe in spores and pollen, etc, etc. constantly...)

Sheik Hamza Yusuf's words in a speech that in the Dunya (this world and this wordly life) there is nothing better that one will drink than a cup of water. Such are the signs...

"1: The material side of life is here likened to the growth of vegetation which flourishes for a time and then decays...

"2. Note how Divine forgiveness is constantly mentioned when punish­ment is spoken of, to show that the attribute of mercy is the predominant attribute of the Divine nature."



Anyways...the situation is sad, that's for sure.

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