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Ukraine Invaded

Updated: Mar 5, 2022


The need to watch Vid:


Haven't watched, but reading the comments: Alexander Mercouris Zelensky Complains West Has Betrayed Ukraine, Proposes Negotiations on Ukraine's Neutrality, Russia Agrees, China Supports Russia, Ukraine Reverses: ....

I hope Taiwan is watching and listening to what is happening, better yet, taking notes....Zelensky was played like a radio by the USA....what is new about that....nothing.

Zelensky wanted to join NATO for “security”, and Putin went: “ok I will give you security.”

The description of the invasion as a "soft invasion" is interesting. China's statement might also be called a soft response. China buys a lot of grain from Ukraine. China does support Russia but they want a peaceful resolution and a continuation of the supply chain. One must admit, Ukraine as a neutral state could be a good thing and would end Ukraine being manipulated politically by the West, to a degree.Taiwan, are you watching?

It’s too late for Zelensky. He was given an option and he just needed to provide a written statement of not attempt to join NATO and be neutral. He ignored it and now he’s taking the consequences.

Zelensky has no one to blame but himself. What did he think was going to happen?

Neutrality could well be an option. Austria is a case in point. At the end of WW2, Austria was split in the manner of Germany. Long before the joining of Germany, NATO and the USSR agreed to remove themselves from Austria as long as Austria remained neutral. Consequently, Austria is a member of the EU but not of NATO.


Haven't watched but...watched that guy last night...

Just a lot of stuff and reactions...obviously...we're all human and like to be right. We're not all that different - anyone, everyone around the world...(most all people anyway who aren't "sociopaths" anyway). Emotions are high...

Russell Brand's take:

Another long video (hour plus) from U. of Chicago (haven't watched): "Why is Ukraine the West's fault?"


Comments I like decently:

-He has also kept Russia as one of the few genuine sovereign countries in the world. NATO was trying to encircle Russia with Global Missile Defense Shield which has offensive capabilities also. Zelensky has failed his nation

-He is, in other words, a leader. Anyone else here wish WE HAD A LEADER!!! (speaks to the psychology of people - we like ease and comfort and more quick to admire charismatic and strong people (men or women) (lots of comments on how people really like the WION journalist woman reporter as well).

-West Before war: we are with you.After war: our prayers are with you.

-As an Afghan, my heart is broken for the people of Ukraine. This is exactly what's been happening to our country for the past 30-40 years. May God protect the innocent ones. People of Ukraine, remember no one is your friend nor West, nor Russia...


No doubt he is an interesting guy....May God/Allah guide us to the truth and goodness. I think there's a lot of Western hysteria a bit in a lot of these cases against Russia and Putin and much hypocrisy. It's good and fine to help people and to show support for Ukraine and anti-war of course...all fine and good but in my opinion, not that big of a deal. - I see a lot of self-congratulatory kind of actions but also believe, you know, people are good and want goodness for others as well...

Which country has really killed the most innocent people and caused the most destruction and disruption across the globe???! Putin and Russia? (give me a break).

- I wonder if the missile strike on that apartment complex being highlighted SO much on the news (was watching some live DW news) was actually staged? And the footage of this tank crushing a civilian's war with the person in it, some Youtube comments on that were arguing over whether that was actually a Russian tank? As the Russian Army is not in Kyiv yet, and what would a lone Russian tank be doing out on a Kyiv street by itself? Hmm...I don't know but there's definitely a lot of stirring up of emotions and anti-Russian hysteria in much of the media, that's for certain, without actual military support from the "West" and Ukraine allies/supporters, but, lone men are dangerous (any lone person can be, I suppose and think) and the threat of nuclear weapons was hinted at by Putin...and that's scary. But to say, oh, it threatens all of Europe and to go "wild" over it etc. is kind of dumb to be honest in my opinion...maybe that's because I'm a man and a former veteran who's been deployed so I kind of know how things are a bit...I mean, I think life is a bit like that, it's just like alright...we're all just people, trying to live and whatnot...So much "heroizing" of Zelensky I see as well, kind of like, alright...that's cool or whatever...but don't see people praising the soldiers fighting war's and eating MRE's and toting ammo and water and doing this and that (sleeping in foxholes, etc.) though do you?.....OKAY...yeah...alrighty then...(Allak Akbar - God/Allah SWT knows best and knows everything - (and money and power and all those things are not the only things that matter in life, obviously...-> be nice and kind and humble; es bueno es bueno. You never really know how much good you could be or are doing...).


US’ real strategic color of selfishness, hypocrisy revealed in Ukraine crisis: Global Times editorial

By Global Times

Published: Feb 25, 2022 11:52 PM

Since dramatic changes took place in Ukraine, the US, which had repeatedly promised to protect Kiev at critical moments and continued to "add fuel to the fire" of the situation, has once again come into the spotlight. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video speech complained that Western countries have abandoned Ukraine and left it to defend itself alone. Some Western netizens even asked: Where has the US been which provoked the war and said it "stands with Ukraine?"

However, has the US really disappeared? On the contrary, it is quite busy gaining more "strategic interests" from the flames of war in Ukraine. The latest remarks by the US on the Ukraine situation released by the White House have underlined two points: First, turning Russia into "a pariah on the international stage" through sanctions and other measures; second, NATO has been "more united and more determined than ever" and this is "good news."

As for Ukraine, which Washington uses as a pawn, in addition to reiterating that the US wouldn't send troops there, Washington only simply said it "will support the Ukrainian people as they defend their country," and "will provide humanitarian relief to ease their suffering." Washington has once again displayed its selfishness and hypocrisy to the world. People have seen that after the US pushed Ukraine into the fire, it stood aside, pretending to care about the country and saying "I support you, keep fighting!"

It is fair to say the evolution of the situation in Ukraine until today is a geopolitical tragedy. From the very beginning, it's a bitter result of the US' strategic selfishness and shortsightedness. As early as 1998 when the US Senate approved NATO's eastward expansion plan, the late senior US diplomat George Kennan had foreseen today's tragedy. He said then, "This expansion would make the Founding Fathers of this country turn over in their graves."

However, the arrogant American elites always think they can profit from crises. For years, the US has incited conflicts, manipulated the situations from offshore and reaped benefits. It is accustomed to be the one who adds the fuel to the fire without paying any cost. What it wants is to realize its instant interests. The US shows no consideration for the suffering of the locals pushed into the forefront. When there is a real crisis, the so-called commitments it initially made will only become empty diplomatic rhetoric. Those politicians don't care about the suffering of local people at all, but attempt to attract attention under the guise of "humanitarianism."

This reminds people of when it abandoned the former Afghan regime last year, the US also said on multiple occasions it would provide "humanitarian" assistance to Afghanistan. But shockingly, the reality is that the so-called US "humanitarian" assistance hasn't been provided to the Afghan people, but the US carved up the $7 billion in frozen funds that Afghanistan's central bank had deposited in New York. As the culprit of the Afghan issue, after satisfying its own strategic interests, the US only left the locals "an avalanche of hunger and poverty," leading to the severe malnutrition of millions of children in Afghanistan.

The US often talks about humanity, justice and morality, but what it really does is calculating interests. Washington's strategic selfishness and hypocrisy have been laid bare again and again in international political practices. Reports indicate that at least 37 million people have been displaced in and from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Libya and Syria as a direct result of the wars fought by the US since September 11, 2001. There is even a saying that wherever the US "intervenes," conflicts, chaos and terrorism will appear.

A country is called a major power not because of how strong its ability to form cliques or to realize its own self-interests is. What matters is its responsibility and ability to safeguard international peace. If a country only cares about its own interests, fuels the flames everywhere and constantly exports chaos to others, no matter how powerful it is, it is inevitable its credibility will go bankrupt and its hegemony will come to an end.

For countries and regions that still have fantasies or act as pawns of the US, the Ukraine crisis is a good reminder: A "partner" who announces "good news" when you are in difficulties is untrustworthy.


In other news:

Digital ID's...Great Reset (? really real...?), Fed Reserve planning to roll out a digital currency (real)...

"Technotopia" "Surveillance State"

We see this now in mainstream news, finally the CDC is saying there is in fact a link between Covid vaccines and increased myocarditis risk and prevalence (this is old but yeah).:


Natural immunity is better. It's in the data (old video I posted, about actual protections given various states...)


"9NEWS and Dr. Ricardo González-Fisher tell us if people who have natural immunity from having had COVID-19 should get vaccinated and boosted."

Troudeau (A WEF "global young leader") backing off authoritorean style vaccine mandates amidst trucker protests...

Well, it turns out being a decent human and not trying to separate, etc. people and tear apart based on understandings and beliefs about certain issues is quite a good thing.....sweet...yup. Not you know, "cancelling" people, etc...


Update 2:33 p.m.

Friday (yesterday's Khutbah) - Omar Sulleiman. Really good regardless of religious views.

Then this one:

THIS: Yes, decentralization. Circular Economy - Permaculture Principle, more diversity = more resiliency. Health over wealth.


I just keep finding things :D

Sadhguru explains, we are growing weak at an alarming rate. As technology lulls us into using our body and brains less and less, As technology lulls us into using our body and brains less and less. because we have become weak the next generation will be weaker, unless they really strive. There is substantial scientific evidence to show within a single generation the genetic structure of a particular family or whatever can deteriorate there is enough evidence to show that. it can always be revived, but will revival happen is the question.

I need to get outside! - Comments:

Stefan T

2 months ago

A man asked me a question a long time ago: "Do you want to add years to your life, or do you want to add life to your years?" This was really an eye opener to me. Now I'm outside everyday!

Yvonne Neubauer

1 month ago

This is so true. I grew up on a farm. A friend of our family worked out in a gym everyday and came to help us bale hay. As a 15 year old girl, I could outwork a 25 year old man! People ask me if I work out to stay in shape and I reply that I just “work”.


1 month ago

I've lived in the woods most of my life and have tried living in the city but moved very quickly back to the woods because of the energy of a City and the air and you can really tell a big difference in how people respect each other and the greed is on another level but the sad facts are is even where I was raised at I've noticed a dramatic decline in nature since the development of cell phones in this type of technology it has literally caused the tearing down over half the trees around us at the rate things are going no doubt in my mind technology will be the death of us.

Jesse Aledonis

2 months ago

I'm not following technology ,I'm following the spirit of life.😘


1 month ago

When he said yoga is not about being frail and eating vegetables I giggled. Love his insights and witty delivery of spiritual concepts. 🙏🏾⭐️

t s

1 month ago

As someone who has become weak and is experiencing the issues that this has impacted on me I can 100% agree.

Aurora Australis

2 months ago

Keeping children imprison in the classroom for the first 15 years of their life is a serious matter yes

Marty Sephton

2 months ago

I spoke to a retired navy recruiter in nz, he told me that they had recently had to soften the physical entry test and ease the on going training until the kids have sternghtend there bones which were suffering from shin splints under traditional training which previous generations handled no problem, that's a big worry.

zelen plav

1 month ago

Absolutely True. I am 76 and much healthier than all of my children. Grandchildren think because they have Smart Phones, they are smart. Haha

Suzy Skywatcher

2 months ago

Thank you for your knowledge and understanding of the masses... You have the Power inside, Understand and use it 💫💖

Ana T

2 months ago

I couldn't agree with you more Sadhguru. This modern society hasn't got strong mind to indure and do simple task that requires in life itself without technology. Blessings 🙏 Amen be at peace ➕

Jasmina Abdusevic

1 month ago

I am so happy to hear you talking, Sadhguru, you speak right out of my heart. All the best for you and your team and thank you so much 💓

Pristine Parr

1 month ago

So true! The men in life (brother, significant other, sons) are physically active in their work but the oldest one, at 67, can outlook the younger ones tremendously. He wasn't raised to sit in front of screen at a young age and his vitality and strength is phenomenal. I have noticed my strength level diminishing as well and I am determined to get it back. Didn't connect it to being in doors all the time but I used to walk at least 3 times a week but got out of the habit and I can feel it taking a toll.

Sir Charles

2 months ago

You are speaking out of my soul! That is what I am observing in the civilized world and it is going rapidly fast!


2 months ago

Yes but for just as much as this may be so ..there are many many people moving towards the spiritual awakening which includes the conditioning of the energetic field thru breath and yoga medicine 🌈🌈🙏💜We will focus on that positive aspect😉

Biz Smart World

2 months ago

We have the experience the sun light as it is... many have no issues getting the sunlight as it is... Also important 🙏🏻


2 months ago

He speaks the truth and it should be a great concern to all Humanity.

It's all by Design by the technocrats of transhumanism. The next coming tech trend of the "Metaverse" by Facebook[ and Neuro Link by Elon Tusk will be the nail in Humanity's coffin. So yes, we must do everything we can to break this trend, especially, for the sake of the Next Generation.

Joseph Cobb

Absolutely. Most people will topple with 1 aspect of their life being upset. Very weak. The future is bleak for many. Strengthen yourself now!


Update 9:15:

Love is the answer.

Humanity is not meant to be taken as slaves and used. For people to be thought of as consumers. That money = happiness and enslaving oneself to one's desires and all this other nonsense.

Bismallah, Arrahman Arraheem.

Say, Allah, He is One. Eternal and Absolute. He Begets not nor was He begotten. And There is None Co-equal Unto Him.

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