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Ukraine/Russia - And Other Things - Apr. 29 2022

Warning! : Islamic Content; Be afraid!, or not, anyway, nobody gains religious belief just through listening and learning and accepting what they accept from something. These are pretty long...


Some cursing (more secular content)

This one was okay, is long as well:

Left slanted mainstream news - they have some good stories and info, though I disagree with them about Ukraine, and that's okay, it is a sad situation...


Islam : "Islam will come as a strange thing and be like a strange thing in the latter days" - paraphrasing much. What's really good though, I'm blessed, has made me a better person, my heart softer, my mind awake and questioning (my western conception of "strong" especially vs. what's actually strong vs whats actually wise and good, and also, getting to know fear and anger (can cause much regret, but then, can also be kind of justified and good as well...)...anyway, it's not like I expect to change others beliefs (says in the Quran, there is no compulsion in religion - and yes, religion and ideologies can be dangerous (also says in the holy Quran, to do good, not be self-righteous, be humble, incline to peace always and have faith and trust in God/Allah, be upright)

Maybe Putin is ideologically and actually literally dangerous, sure, of course, we should question any man and anybody with such power and nuclear weapons, should be wary of a bit...he's also just one man, we can't control others, just like he can't control what the U.S. and Ukraine does, he's one man - he's not acting alone in this world. The situation didn't come out of nowhere, there's always blame to go around if you want to blame people, ultimately, were responsible for ourselves and should do good to others, be calculated, be wise, correct course if it's wrong. I think we should hold Putin to his words on Ukraine and take extreme care in the matter. I think we should let these nearly cousins (!)(and why would the majority of Russian soldiers, just people as well, just be about killing Ukrainian civilians and all this like our media I guess would have us believe or something), deal with their situation and stay out of it (again). I think if we are worried about further Russian invasions, that we should monitor their military and prepare for defense, defense only!, at the borders of those other countries, to not be too weak and just allow others to be ran over of course, I mean, we spend enough on the military (of course, many will agree with this, and then vilify the Islamic religion for being violent itself, while actually, they accept violence as part of the norm (or reality) in the world)...and that's that. Seems pretty simple, I think if that was what the White House or the Pentagon or whoever wanted the mainstream position to be that that would easily be the mainstream position. There are people dying and suffering all over the world - we don't seem to care much about them. Palestine is a/the prime example. And when people want to talk about religion doing bad or ideological beliefs and/or giving consent for others to do despicable horrible things and oppressing others... Even unbelief is a set of beliefs (says in the Quran as well, people will be recompensed for what they did and have done on this Earth - "so race to goodness" in the words of the Prophet Muhammed SAW). Mankind wrongs itself (I'm no saint either) and the world. - Am glad and thankful for beautiful days, full of life. Glad I'm not alone in the world, etc., etc., Be light (not a narcissist), be down to earth....(we definitely live in a lonely world)...

If you need censorship and force-feeding to enforce your ideas, your ideas are worthless (as well).

I don't like this stuff much - war (especially dark and dreary, sad), these politics in the U.S. (crazy, crazy is quite upsetting, depressive kind of I guess and addicting because of the yuck/muck of it as well) and even around the globe, these effects its having on people today (division, apathy, self-righteous anger - division, etc., - sad). To be honest, I am with more along the lines of "burn it all down" but actually what I believe in more is no, that's not good, but we do need to like drain the swamp so to speak - get new people in. Monitor the pentagon via trustworthy people, question much of the homeland security state and laws, change this, change that...may not be perfect but can try (to fix and implement new rules for Wall St. and economics while doing so not in a manner which would result in total system meltdown, hurt and disarray, etc....). Try to implement socialism. Not comply with any political ideologies, deal with issues independently. Save money. Even militarily I was thinking, wouldn't it be smarter if the Gov. controlled production and made our own ammo and weapons other than outsourcing to private/public corporations (Socialism but yes, that's more state socialism other than socialism for the people, but if voted upon and agreed upon by the people, its still ultimately people-centered, bottom-up top-down socialism)(It is also a militaristic issue, but is just an example of how thinking for efficiency at the National/Nation-state level on one or certain issues)(Also on a military issue - is the issue of wars and constant wars and fighting, which has huge costs(!), and then also keeping and upgrading the actual military equipment and supplies (if we always want to be "state of the art" and ready and all that) its just a perpetual cycle of spending more and more and eventually, of course, it can and could lead to a countries economic downfall...not to mention the hypocrisy of saying one is for the environment but then also having the largest military in the world with such high emissions...unsustainable unsustainable..). We know education is also the key and producing strong vibrant resilient people...

Oh yeah, here are the Islam vids (just sharing! - sharing is caring :)) (I'm not force-feeding, is just a blog, I'm not censoring, just being honest (honesty is truth) and think the videos are amazing):

Longer Podcast like video:

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