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Ukraine Ukraine the West the West (rest rest please, peace be)

Curse words but yes:

Man that's awesome she has the courage to come out and say that. It takes some real courage, is true. It takes courage to be different (it can also take goodness to hold your tongue and have patience).

Really good videos:


Back to the war:

Hypocrisy of the west. #freejulian #freespeech #freedomofthepress (our press is crap - want everybody to think real life is Disneyland, money grows on trees (printed at the bank), there is no purpose and point in life, there is no truth except what we tell you and allow). Some cursing in these two Redacted videos but, not too bad, I mean, some things should make one very upset...

Another one, I didn't watch all (lot of videos!...time...): Marjorie Taylor Greene BANNED from re-election bid? | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris Redacted 5.5K views

Can you sue someone for being annoying? That is what a group of voters in Georgia is trying to do to Marjorie Taylor Greene. A lawsuit against her seeks to prevent her from running for re-election,...

What is happening to our country??? /\


Some more videos I haven't watched but look good:

Chris Hedges: The Absurdity of American Empire | #GRITtv The Laura Flanders Show 146K views What happens when you force communities, families and entire ecosystems to kneel before the dictates of the marketplace? You get what Chris Hedges, co-author with Joe Sacco of Days of Destruction,...

NATO Analyst Reveals REAL Reason For The War in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris Redacted 86K views 🚨 We're being censored, and it's more important than ever to have a home away from these big tech oligarchs. That's why we built Please come on over and sign up for...

Watched some of these, the latter especially seems really good.

Robots...really interesting...

What is happening to our country??? /\

LGBTQ+ issues and people going too far with this stuff, way too far. Autocratic and authoritarian-like. I support or would support any bill that does away with exposing kids to issues that adults (even) can get in trouble for, for sexual harassment, etc. or things one can get fired over at workplaces for bringing it up to someone about and them simply taking things the wrong way.

I don't think kids need to be exposed to all this stuff more than they already are with just other kids saying words to other kids (it happens in today's society with all this focus on sexual orientation and everything else especially). It really takes away from a kid's childhood I believe and freedom to grow up in a positive and more natural way.

All this focus about sex is a real problem for teenagers and kids today - we see this in the data about suicides and abuse - abuse can include abuse of the self - self-destruction or self-destructive behavior, look at a lot of the homeless and some of their stories (also taught or was taught to me anyway in sociology class at University along with LGBTQ+ history and Women's rights and feminisist or women's issues in the modern society of today where women often are the ones going to college, making the money, raising the kids, cooking and cleaning - etc. and then having problems and burnout and this is secular knowledge, nothing religious (In Islam its always understood that the men has the responsibilities to go out in the world and make the money, etc. while the house is the women's responsibility along with raising the children as there is a natural connection between the child and the mother and this is the natural and the right way if at all possible, but, yes, times do change and Allah SWT knows the situation and everything - so use your brains and do what is needed but try always to do good and great, anyway, Islam to us Muslims is always the right way of course)).

- Parents should be the ones to be able to raise their kids and their beliefs on some or a lot of issues, education should stay in its lane. Teachers should be respected and be respectful and care about the kids - for example, you need to care enough not to stir up divide by voicing your opinions about everything, like on politics or about a kid's parents, you can't cuss, you can't do this, do that. That's the way it should be and the kids need to respect the teacher and others. Plain and simple. I mean, don't LGBTQ+ people want to be treated fairly and normally? Right? ...Right>? If it's a non-issue then it should be a non-issue right? Has no place in education even up till 8th grade I would say and then it's like, should be not encouraged or allowed by teachers to talk about all that kind of stuff so much and to focus on learning. Craziness...

The mind is a powerful thing:

Humans are special (different):

Such amazing signs of nature and an orderly and infinitely complex universe:

OSAKA -- A Japanese researcher studying a bird common to the country's forests and urban parks has proven for the first time that animals communicate using words and grammar.

Toshitaka Suzuki, a 38-year-old assistant professor at Kyoto University's Hakubi Center for advanced research, first became interested in Japanese tits -- each about 15 centimeters long -- when he was a second-year student at the Faculty of Science at Toho University. In a forest in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, one tit suddenly let out a distinctive "hee-hee" call, and its entire flock took off. This was immediately followed by the appearance of a hawk, the tits' natural enemy, in the sky above.


And Allah SWT says in the Quran (1400 years ago) that the animals communicate with each other, but we (humans) don't understand it.

Amazing (along with many other miracles of the Quran). Also, of course, Usury (or Riba = interest) is forbidden and evil. And Allah SWT knows best. - Just look at the evil being done to the planet and people and how much people and nations get themselves into trouble because of loans...and interest causing whole countries to be in hardship. It's really very sad...

Love is the answer...cutting through to the heart, piercing through all the negative. Light.

- What is the essence of fire? not the nature and the means and ways but what is it really? - Was discussing with somebody on FB, they insisted on the basic scientific answers, (heat is molecular motion, fire is made possible because of this and that and its called combustion)not really answering the unanswerable question...what is a spark? electricity? It can't be classified into matter of having so and so many neutrons (like a metal for example, or hydrogen) - they don't go into such questions in chemistry etc., that I know of anyway, but I'm sure people throughout history have always wondered about such things and looked at the heavens and the trees and grass etc. etc.... - What is light? What is gravity? - Not just the nature of these things? Anyways, I bet people - scientists, question these Google search I just did was quite disappointing though - pointing me to videogame sites or news of fire-related incidents...

Anyway, some good things I saw just looking for this brain quantum computer consciousness science article...


Islam videos (Bismillah Arraman Arraheem):

Super interesting and good...great information and talk:

The spider's web...interesting, pretty cool video anyway and something to think about (Allah SWT knows best of course):

I was an athiest-agnostic before, I understand now (I believe anyway), everything is (everything is...HE IS) gods plan, it's all connected and Muhammed (SAW) is the final prophet and messenger. There is no denying it to me, there are no mistakes, no incongruities, there is no glitch in the universe and the night going into the day so to speak. No comet that will wipe out the earth (unless that's the plan - no E.T. life unless or until He (SWT) wills or is in the plan, The supreme reigns supreme over the heavens and the earth. All will be returned to Allah SWT. Life is not a game. Humans aren't some pieces of meat to be used to fight other's wars. Pacifism could be looked at almost as would fasting for Ramadan (suppression! oppression of the self!), donating one's money to charity and doing good deeds for the sake of others...of course, its not all in vain and peoples actions are not all equal. I'm no Prophet (AS), but it's seemingly like the West would like to vanquish it and have us worship at the alter of the nation-state and man, and self, and whatever idols we hold dear. No dissent. No light, just layers of darkness and binary ones and zeros and whatever...chaos and climate frenzy, but humans are so amazing right and we should care? Well yes, I'm a human...I care...does whoever is running the world actually care? or have they just given in to their low desires as it repeatedly states in the Holy Qur'an? Is religion to blame? Are people and governments (any) actually following the Prophet SAW or the early companions? (just rulers, leaders going out and feeding people every single night etc.? Are people actually following Jesus (AS)?) (well, maybe not that badly, but given the powers that be and the economic situations and reality of the world...could be quite hard...)...(also) with the treatment of our brothers and sisters in Islam, is at such a high level - makes me think that one never knows the position of another in the akhira (the afterlife) - "philosopher kings and queens" (literally kings and queens though) and even the blessed people unto all humanity in this life, such as Tesla and Einstein etc., are definitely blessed and will be rewarded (Allah SWT is the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious) by what they did, and many others (we don't know) and even disbelievers in this life, you never know, Allah SWT could forgive a person of all their sins before their death or their all good deeds will end up being very heavy without any religious belief, so be kind and upright anyway...and of course, the T.V. etc., and all these things (especially when the political starts just going so deep into all aspects of our lives and whatnot) definitely do divide people and we can lose our humanity in a way...I mean, it does that to me, is easy to be all this and that typing on a computer or sitting on your couch but you know, or I know anyway of course, that if it was in real life, your reaction etc. and how you treat the other person is going to be different and more modest...

Was raised Christadelphian...what is that? Well my Mom shared this video: (And do I think it's bad or anything? No, of course not, I feel like maybe understanding God/Allah SWT through Jesus AS and the Bible, and if living it and your beliefs (and beliefs are strong), is nothing bad, sometimes think my parents have more Trust in the Most High than myself and are less worldly but still nice and down to earth worldly (why I like aspects of Sufi-ism along with other thoughts and verses in the Quran itself about religion, (of course, of course...)).

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