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United We Stand - Divided We Fall

Bismillah - Al hamdu lillah rabbil alameen( ! :) )

First, some things and pictures that didn't make it into my previous post:

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US media ignores Sy Hersh Nordstream bombshell

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- Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem -

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I should maybe speak a bit about this thoughts...some is simply - for the haters etc. of Shiekh Imran - think about how things have changed over just such a short period of time, the cultural norms, especially and even in, just America. 40 years ago, Shiekh Imran would probably be about my age as a young, middle-aged man (1982-83) and homosexuality was seen even in America's culture and mainstream view, as being something kind of strange and yucky - dirty, in general. Now, it's a norm. As far as Christmas goes and for Muslims, Allah SWT knows - and most people nowadays, don't relate Christmas much to a religious thing but as a holiday and a time of presents and family get together. It's a cultural norm but yeah, obviously it's more of a capitalist uh, holiday to spur on spending etc. It's a huge thing, the fact that like half or more of the U.S. population does some Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping - that is HUGE. Facts...Though Shiekh Imran I think is a bit aggressive yes, that can be off-putting a bit, understandable, but um, I see it also as, us young people being weak and used to weakness in the west. "Truth can cut like a sword - I see how old people and the generation of older people, being stronger and being more experienced and less concerned with the internet type of age and the judgment of others affecting them as like we have now and the "moral superiority ideological complexes" we have now, though people are afraid to speak out against evil and wrong. I need to be strong and stronger in real life - but don't be an extremist or act like a tyrant - It truly can be hard to remain humble and wise when people go against you - to not retaliate or vilify within our own egos/mind or with actual speech and actions - transgressing the limit of what is good and/or best in conduct and righteousness ( -> Surah Wal-Asr).

- "Calling Pakistan Again" - Shiekh INH. - My notes: - Stand up - come together (Muslim ummah) - even if you/we die fighting the oppressors - this is the correct/right way at this point (in history). - The Prophet Sallahu Alahi Wassalem Muhammad's last speech - Shiekh INH's speech on Riba. The Ummah's downfall is because we/they are allowing ourselves to be enslaved by those who eat away at our brother's and sister's property/wealth. (The breakup of the Ummah into sects - all of these things coming to pass - these predictions of the future from our Blessed Prophet S.A.W. - is all true and has or is coming to pass.) Fight for true freedom - a free world, a just world. That would be worth it -> The Mahdi will come - I know, I know. Allah knows best what we and everyone does - the good people and the bad and all the hardships and struggles people go through. Allah is the greatest.


Ewh...viewer discretion advised (has cursing) :

The WHO’s “Health Plan” Is All About SURVEILLANCE – Not Health! The Jimmy Dore Show 96K views The World Health Organization has released a new video starring American doctor Maria Van Kekhove, and the result is a jargon-filled farrago of obfuscation, revisionist history, propaganda...

- Jimmy has nearrrlllyy a sick (weird) sense of humor/comedy...may Allah forgive us, I can't help but laugh and feel disgusted...its a good thing we have humor and can laugh about things though, that's for sure. It's okay to get mad about things we should get mad about and feel disgusted at - it is disgusting! How people sell themselves for the riches of this lowly worldly life! Ugh. I've never liked the materialism and fake niceness of some people who claim to follow Jesus Alayhi As-Salaam..


This is really good...:

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What Edward Snowden just said about UFO’s is TERRIFYING and should concern all of us.

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- Now this is a good air-defense vehicle weapon-system. - America retired my MOS - 14S and the old Avenger (had some problems - very old overall, very old equipment and technology) which has actually made the news recently with some of those systems being sent (our old junk - not total junk" really, still very expensive and useful but it's just the equipment is very old so it has problems) over to Ukraine along with Stinger missiles of course but this is like anti-IDF (artillery, rockets and mortars) and anti-aircraft in one vehicle AND it's armored. What does America have planned to replace the Avenger? - I don't know. - Have heard about using (the development of) a laser-based weapon-system being employed for anti-IDF and prototypes of a new up-armored replacement for the Avenger...:

China Become UNBEATABLE With New Air Defense Type 625E System Race To Space • 38K views China has been rapidly advancing its military with developing short range air defense systems that are capable of detecting and dealing with low flying aircraft such as drones. SHORAD systems...



Bismillah....Words fail me I don't know what to say - watch these Islamic videos please (Muslims at the least) and the next one (everyone). This whole blog sometimes amazes me and this post as well...I don't know what to say other than Al hamdu lillah rabbil alameen.

How To Understand The Plan Of Allah

Islamic Guidance 68K views Check out my Patreon in’sha’allah if you'd like to support the da’wah! [Monthly]: [One Off]: [PayPal]:

Unity Will Bring Victory

Islamic Guidance 5.4K views Check out my Patreon in’sha’allah if you'd like to support the da’wah! [Monthly]: [One Off]: [PayPal]:

Has some unsavory imagery a bit (- Pg. 13, 16 or 18+). Important - understand the traps of this Dunya in these times - follow the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. - Try to be merciful and strong: End Time Series - Part 6 | The World Is Ready For The Arrival of The Biggest Fitnah (Dajjal)

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- To non-believers and believers as well (increase Imaan and reverence/amazement of the Lord):

The Moment of Creation

Rational Believer 93K views Become Our Patreon: Donate:!/ The Moment of Creation المومن الرشید...

"America Is A Failed State Run By Psychopaths" Jimmy Dore Weighs In On The Decline Of The Empire

Kim Iversen 113K views Jimmy Dore host of The Jimmy Dore Show joins us to discuss the current state of America... Join us in Washington D.C. this Sunday February 19 Catch Jimmy Dore...

well the U.S is spending millions of

0:04 dollars shooting down weather balloons

0:06 blowing up natural gas pipelines and

0:08 bringing us to the brink of nuclear war

0:10 with Russia and China Jimmy Dore says

0:12 America is a failed state run by

0:15 Psychopaths and I'm not sure I know what

0:17 you mean Jimmy what do you mean by that

0:21 welcome to the show

0:23 I can tell you what I mean by that these

0:25 people are Psychopaths isn't it amazing

0:27 that all of us you know I remember the

0:30 first time I went on Joe Rogan he was

0:32 talking about UFOs and and I said well

0:35 why do you think they're telling you

0:36 about UFOs now and he was like no Jimmy

0:39 it's real I talked to the pilot he saw

0:41 it I'm like they've been seeing UFOs

0:43 since they started flying and just now

0:45 the military is confirming this why is

0:48 it because they want to spend a trillion

0:49 dollars on a space force why are they

0:51 and they want to distract you from the

0:53 Nordstrom pipeline being blown up they

0:55 also want to distract you from Palestine

0:57 Ohio uh it's it's amazing how you know

1:01 Americans are the most propagandized

1:03 people in the world and they have no

1:05 idea that they are

that's the thing

1:07 that's crazy but anyway that's and and

1:09 the psychopaths are the people who still

1:12 won't give their own people Health Care

1:14 while they're sending a hundred billion

1:16 dollars in bombs to kill other people

1:18 their blood loss thirsty Psychopaths we

1:21 did it to Iraq we did it to Libya 20

1:23 years in Afghanistan we did it to Syria

1:25 we're still doing it to Syria isn't that

1:28 amazing how people can get so outraged

1:30 at Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine and

1:33 but no no even no animosity not even a

1:36 blink of an eye to the United States

1:38 occupying a third of Syria which is the

1:40 oil part so again we're the thing we

1:43 claim to hate America is the world's

1:46 terrorists and now we you know we were

1:48 supposed to be afraid When Donald Trump

1:50 was President because he has his finger

1:51 on the pole on the button and now we

1:54 have demented Joe and he's saber

1:56 rattling with two nuclear powers and

1:58 these are of course economic Wars and we

2:01 look like idiots while we're doing this

2:02 you know like shooting down weather

2:04 balloons pow pow pow pow you know

2:06 weather balloons and then saying these

2:09 are some sort of Chinese Tech or maybe

2:11 UFOs but they're really sort of pointing

2:13 the finger over at China being like wow

2:14 making us look like idiots

I don't know how the rest of the

2:41 world sees it but it's definitely uh if

2:44 the Chinese wanted to do something

2:46 provocative like this and spy on us they

2:49 already have satellites that can spy

2:50 they can zoom Zone in and they can they

2:52 can read my credit card with a satellite

2:54 they don't need to put a balloon that

2:56 you could see with the naked eye over

2:59 our country so again this is the United

3:01 States is uh the world's terrorists

3:05 they're doing it constantly uh I can't

3:08 believe how I mean you know we'll both

3:10 have shows because the the corporate

3:13 news media is so horrible and and they

3:15 won't tell you the truth about anything

3:17 especially War

3:18 but it's just mental now I can't even

3:22 like the news has no resemblance to

3:24 what's actually happening in the world

3:25 and none uh it's I I don't get and

3:29 they're not talking about this people

3:30 are saying that this thing that happened

3:32 in Ohio is like a Chernobyl and uh I

3:36 don't know because nobody will cover it

3:38 nobody will talk about it people will go

3:40 to cover it they get arrested we're

3:42 being ruled by Psychopaths who deny you

3:45 health care in the middle of what they

3:46 call a deadly pandemic they just put the

3:48 vaccines on the the CDC just put the

3:51 covet vaccine on the schedule for

3:54 children now you and I both know that

3:57 children are at zero risk from covid so

3:59 making giving kids a covet vaccine is

4:02 evil it's not just anti-science it's

4:06 literally evil and and Democrats cheer

4:09 it on like they're virtuous people and

4:12 we're some kind of conspiracy nuts

4:13 they're being duped by the biggest

4:16 criminals the world have ever seen which

4:18 is big Pharma we all know they're

4:20 criminals we all know they'll kill you

4:22 for a profit but you weren't allowed to

4:24 question it and now they're poisoning

4:26 children with this yeah it's really it

4:29 is Criminal and you know other countries

4:31 right now are actually Banning it or or

4:33 no longer recommending it or even

4:34 offering it for people under a certain

4:36 age you know under the age of 50 and

4:38 they're saying you don't need this this

4:39 is only for high risk and certain

4:41 countries even uh I think it's Quebec

4:43 actually just recently said that you'd

4:46 have to have not have had covid before

4:48 they're now willing to give you a shot

4:50 so natural they're they're acknowledging

4:52 natural immunity and saying natural

4:54 immunity is better than the shot you

4:56 don't even need a shot if you've already

4:57 had covet and you only need a shot if

4:59 you're older and high risk they're not

5:01 even giving it to younger people in

5:03 their recommendations and yet here we

5:04 are sticking it on the list for kids

they're starting to follow the money and

6:09 they realize that Bill Gates By the way

6:10 Bill Gates is now after he cashed in his

6:12 money that you know he put 55 million

6:14 dollars into uh Pfizer buying Tech and

6:17 then he sold I don't know how much he

6:19 sold but he sold a bunch of it and then

6:20 as soon as he did he started shooting on

6:22 the back

6:26 doesn't stop you from transmitting it it

6:28 doesn't stop you from getting it it's

6:29 not long-lasting they're not good we got

6:32 to get better back all of a sudden all

6:34 of a sudden after he gets his money out

6:36 of it and so people thinking that Bill

6:38 Gates you know they think he's a nice

6:40 person who wants to help people with

6:42 vaccines Bill Gates is a criminal Maniac

6:46 megalomaniac how do you get to be the

6:48 richest person in the world by helping

6:50 people we all know how you get to be a

6:52 billionaire by crushing people and he's

6:54 barely a computer specialist he didn't

6:56 write any of that code that made them

6:58 money he's a monopolist right he knows

7:00 how to uh to to Gin the system and and

7:04 Crush people so Bill Gates because he

7:06 wears a crew neck and he looked sweater

7:08 and he looks like a nerd people think he

7:09 wants to help people he doesn't want to

7:11 help people he wants to control people

7:13 he's a megalomaniac just like everybody

7:15 else why do you think he's funding The

7:17 Who governments are supposed to be

7:19 funding the who you know the number one

7:22 donor to the who is Germany number two

7:25 Bill Gates number actually Bill Gates

7:28 Right and actually Bill Gates donates to

7:30 other foundations that donate to the who

7:32 like he's in charge he also does the

7:34 main funding for Gavi and gavi is a main

7:36 funder for The Who so it's not just the

7:38 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation but

7:40 he's got proxy money coming in so he's

7:42 really even more influential than it

7:44 actually looks like on that list and

7:46 he's got money just coming into these

7:48 organizations through all of the other

7:49 organizations that he funds and that is

7:51 what's really scary he has a

7:52 disproportionate amount of power over

7:55 our Health Care system and he thinks

7:57 he's some expert on I mean I suppose I

7:59 guess he is an expert on viruses right

8:01 uh no sense he's a College Dropout yeah

8:04 well right you know Microsoft viruses

8:07 this virus oh I got you oh yeah I was

8:10 trying to make a joke Jimmy and you just

8:11 I'm sorry

t is sold out but maybe I can squeeze

9:27 you in I could probably

9:30 um I I do want to ask you about this

9:32 about so I have to ask you about Lula

9:35 and Brazil and what is going on down

9:37 there because this is so you have been

9:40 on the Forefront of of promoting

9:43 Medicare for all for a long time this

9:45 has been you know Medicare for all

9:47 Medicare for all and I I've been right

9:49 there with you but I have to say a lot

9:51 of people who have been very Pro you

9:54 know the traditional Progressive of what

9:55 you and I know what a progressive is

9:57 nowadays I don't know what it is

9:59 um but people who are very Progressive

10:00 wanting Medicare for all are now

10:02 extremely hesitant about about about it

10:05 and the pandemic really is what caused

10:08 this hesitancy you know and now you see

10:10 a guy like Lula de Silva down in Brazil

10:13 who is a supposedly Progressive you know

10:16 sort of leader that a lot of

10:17 progressives were behind for a long time

10:20 gets into office and now he's saying if

10:23 you want these social programs you have

10:26 to be vaccinated it's unclear right now

10:29 if he means the coveted vaccine in the

10:33 vaccination schedule that's not quite

10:35 but but he has alluded to it and people

10:38 are very worried because he hasn't

10:39 specified that he's going to include

10:42 coveted vaccines but either way saying

10:44 if you want this you have to do this

10:47 thing that the government wants you to

10:48 do

10:49 I I mean I don't know what do you are

10:52 you still a big supporter of Medicare

10:53 for all knowing that it could be you it

10:55 could be weaponized against us in this

10:56 way?

10:58 so it's all our Healthcare is already

11:00 weaponized against us right so we

11:02 couldn't get it you couldn't go to work

11:04 you couldn't travel you couldn't go to a

11:07 restaurant unless you followed What big

11:09 Pharma said that we had to do so they

11:11 already have control over us because

11:13 they have complete control of our

11:14 government

11:15 so the idea what I try to tell but I

11:18 understand people this covid experiment

11:21 uh making people afraid to give power

11:23 over to the government but we already

11:25 they already have it they already have

11:27 it through and what what I try to tell

11:29 people is the key here is to try to get

11:32 uh capitalists out from in between me

11:34 and my doctor right now there's a

11:36 capitalist in between me and my doctor

11:38 that controls what kind of medicine

11:40 medical care I get I want to get that

11:43 guy out of there because I can't elect

11:45 that guy I can't vote for him I can't

11:46 fire him I can't get him out he owns my

11:49 so what I can at least at least I can

11:52 vote out my representative I can vote

11:54 out the president I can vote out my

11:56 Senator so I have a little bit of

11:57 control over that I want to get the

11:59 month to capitalist out from in between

12:01 I want somebody in the government who

12:03 doesn't have a monetary interest in Mike

12:05 Health Care like big Pharma and the

12:07 insurance companies and so that's what

12:09 Medicare is now if you ask everybody

12:12 can't wait to get if you if you don't if

12:15 you think you don't like Medicare it's

12:17 because you've never been sick because

12:18 if you get sick in the United States if

12:21 you get seriously ill in the United

12:22 States and you have private insurance

12:24 you're going to pay through the Wazoo I

12:25 had the best health care that you could

12:27 purchase individually I got sick with a

12:30 bone disease in a unique way that they

12:32 didn't know how to care for and I went

12:34 bankrupt because it had to take out

12:36 second mortgages and everything to pay

12:38 off bills and see doctors and so uh

12:41 people the people who are most against

12:43 Medicare for all have never seriously

12:45 been ill uh even people like John

12:48 podesta do you remember those when the

12:49 emails got when his emails got revealed

12:52 he was uh he when he turned 65 he's like

12:55 I made it I'm getting Medicare yet and

12:58 that's one of the most powerful guys in

12:59 the country he's excited to begin on

13:02 Medicare so again Medicare could be

13:05 better and they're always trying to

13:07 wreck it and they're always trying to

13:08 make it privatize it which makes it

13:10 worse they're doing that with Medicare

13:11 Advantage so uh we so the price we need

13:15 to to stay vigilant but Medicare for all

13:17 if we could do that that would liberate

13:20 workers uh and that would uh that would

13:23 that would make social Progress way more

13:25 uh able to happen because people right

13:28 now are tied to their jobs because of

13:29 their hey my kids got diabetes I can't

13:31 do this I'll lose my job and then my kid

13:33 loses his day and so we need to free

13:36 workers from being tied to their job

13:39 because of their health care that

13:41 doesn't happen in the other parts of the

13:42 Western World it only happens here and

13:45 it's time and I think when you explain

13:46 it to people like that that we need to

13:48 get a capitalist out from in between it

13:50 was the capitalists that made covet

13:52 happen the government didn't think this

13:54 up you know who thought this up this was

13:55 thought up by big Pharma and fauci and

13:58 Collins that's who thought this thing up

14:00 and they did it and now we're finding

14:02 out that yeah so and built and Bill

14:05 Gates By the way also

14:07 yeah I mean it is unfortunate that the

14:08 pandemic has really shifted a lot of

14:10 people away from uh from Medicare for

14:13 all and even from Universal education or

14:16 um government I hate to say the word

14:18 free education because we that it's just

14:21 where we want to put our tax dollars


rather than blowing up weather balloons

14:24 you know that's where I would prefer my

14:25 money to go is to ensure that we live in

14:27 an educated population and it is

14:29 unfortunate that people are shying away

14:30 from these ideas because they're worried

14:32 that the government will have a lot of

14:34 control over them what they learn or