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Update! - Videos and Pics

I started this online affiliate marketing group thing and I'm not so sure if I should continue it (seems like a lot of un-honorable work for easy-ish money) but would like to learn how to increase traffic to my site...and I paid a good amount for it. I'll see how it goes...It is a good one I believe though out of all these kind of programs. Takes away from doing other things of course though. Not sure if it's the right path is all.

I was feeling mad and hurting a lot on Friday (back pain - muscle imbalances etc.) and drank for the first time after quitting for 3 months or more actually if counting actually drinking enough to feel buzzed, then it's been, since October. Didn't take much (alcohol)and paid for it the next day and felt horrible about it since I turned Muslim back in Oct. Need to get healthy.

Speaking of health, I saw some blue flakey type of bits in this mouthwash we have and "Googled" it a bit. SO SAD our FDA is seemingly corrupt (just Google (or use a different search engine) "is the FDA corrupt") because guessed it, MONEY. In politics - In government. Get real. The plastic microbeads that use to be in toothpaste and on facial creams etc. I learned can also get trapped in your teeth and then actually contribute to cavities and plaque build up etc. Who allows plastic in hygiene and oral care products in the first place? Plus this issue of Consumer Reports I was reading yesterday talks about how the FDA allows illegal drugs/compounds in medicines - they're basically illegal but not really as these things simply aren't enforced. I saw from one of CR's studies that 43 out of 49 bottled water products has or potentially has traces of plastic in the water. Disgusting!~ How we pollute and treat the environment eventually comes back to bite us - very true in my view - from climate change to plastic pollution (hurting our ocean life, which hurts us or ending up in our bodies), to degrading topsoil and freshwater supplies, etc. I wonder if giving up money and shunning society if it is possibly better, like this guy:

Speaking of Government, that reminds me, I know that President Biden has done some good things so far while in Office (especially for the climate and climate policy, better than a lot of past Presidents anyway), and I don't know everything that the Government knows and all that he does (and knows/gets briefed) on a daily basis but what about his campaign "promises"/pleges that we're on his website for election that he hasn't hit on at all so far? Where is the action on the overturning of Citizens United + more that was on his website? What is he doing? It looks like they are finally going to get a Covid-19 Relief (1.9 TRILLION $$'s) package passed. The "Forever War" on terrorism is seemingly getting hotter again with the U.S. bombing Yemen a bit. Where is the action on the promise of working towards a better and cheaper healthcare system for all Americans? The Hill (news organization on Youtube) seems to be right on this topic but I hope not and that the Biden Administration will hopefully continue to work for the American people and not just on re-election efforts (Many "The Hill" videos on Youtube talking about how not much has happened in the first 100 days and that that is the most important time of a Presidency). I know...I was in the Army, that Government is slow acting. That is why it's important to go hard if you are the President that hopes or want's to accomplish a lot. I wish for a FDR or Teddy Roosevelt type of leadership in America - True leadership and thoughtful, honest men along with FDR's wife who was great as well!, no disrespect towards women at all, I think they can be great leaders, maybe better than men. There is a difference in genders (and all people) but that need not take away from gender equality(ies) and respecting each other (and our differences)(race, sex, sexual orientation (though pushing stuff on other's is disrespectful as well), whatever...).

This stretch routine and info is greatness. For any - body(!):

Here are some more interesting vids:

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