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Updated: May 29, 2021

This is amazing in my opinion...what I made.

Updated today. Refined.

Blocks...connections, refine. Blocks...puzzle.


Update 5/27/2021:

I love it but there would be pushback and probably instant huge inflation. The stock market is where money is at I thought of adding this.

#4. Sweeping changes to the stock market including the responsibility of shareholders - Publically owned companies now are beholden to the world, it's environment and people. - Doing away with stock buybacks. -Mergers and takeovers requiring a public/governmental vote if large enough or from employee votes -Possibly doing away with all advanced trading and placing a waiting period of 10 or __ days after buying a stock before being able to sell it or do any "moves" on it. -Doing away with companies buying stocks/investments in other companies including CEOs making under-the-table deals (but not limiting people from investing, for example in startups and gaining "ownership") = True capitalism. That is servicing and employing people or investing in people and the planet through R&D, etc.

You hear of so many of the smartest people in America and probably the world, graduating with an advanced science degree (physics for example) from an Ivy League school and they take a job with some investment firm playing the stock market because that's what our system of society is, that's where the money is.

People will say if you disagree with social austerity measures such as +$300 weekly unemployment benefits that you are wrong and like "evil" basically or something (Bernie Facebook people). But what if you disagree with it because the Country is in trillions of debt and the wealthiest people and corporations are not paying taxes?! Who is paying then? People like my uncle, a stressed-out overworked superintendent with a teaching wife making 2-300k? the small business people working 6 days a week making 200k-ish? Right? They should have a higher tax rate than a multimillionaire?

When doing my taxes this year, I was at about $14-16k range and adding in W2's from substitute teaching and every little $90, and $100, $800 was dropping my return substantially. Making hardly anything and paying so much. WTH?!? It's stupid, it's wrong. Is a stupid system.

I don't even qualify for unemployment and never have. The first time I ever made over $15 an hour was in late 2019 - other than when I was deployed in a combat zone in Afghanistan. People working as servers at Applebee's probably make more than that. So what though? is about pride and self-respect, no disrespect. I'm not an extroverted people person and don't really care what people think about me, only me and God (S.W.T.) can judge me. Little bus drivers here who don't get hardly any income in the summer who I don't think can qualify for unemployment. There's a lot of people who cant and don't qualify for unemployment for a variety of reasons but who are very poor for American standards. People in Afghanistan living in mud huts at the bottom of a mountain cliff in the middle of nowhere, Now that's real poverty though, and lack of hope/opportunity.

Have to Fix America and these things before destroying it.


Looks good:

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